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Left Wins Honduran Presidency

Tegucigalpa was electric yesterday and San Pedro Sula partied into the night as a major upset brewed in the impoverished banana republic of Honduras’ presidential elections. Continue reading


Chiquita Republic Of Honduras

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The CIA works hand in hand with United Brands (UB) throughout Central America.  In 1932 when Salvadoran peasants revolted against dismal working conditions on UB banana plantations, the company backed a military massacre which left 300,000 dead and is remembered as La Matanza. Continue reading

Chiquita & The Coca Leaf

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1954 CIA Director Allen Dulles rescued BP by launching Operation Ajax against Iran’s democratically-elected Mohamed Mossadegh. Continue reading

Marcello’s Oil Mob

(Excerpted from Chapter 9: The Texas Oil Mafia: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Bush golfing buddy Walt Mischer is closely connected to New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello.  Mischer’s 71-story Allied Bank Building housed BCCI’s Houston’s branch. Continue reading

The Banana Republic Of Honduras

1997 - 2-15 - Honduras - Tegucigalpa - kid getting nabbed by(Excerpted from Chapter 18: Overland to Costa Rica: The Grateful Unrich…)

Trujillo, Honduras is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  It is wedged between the Madre de Dios and the Caribbean, sitting on a huge bay. Continue reading