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The Royal Paymaster

000011(Excerpted from Chapter 5: Persian Gulf Rent-A-Sheik: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Kuwait’s investments abroad have not been without scandal.  They owned two California hotels with S&L crook Charles Keating. [191]  Kuwait is part-owner of the HSBC-controlled Midland Bank, a major player in the Silver Triangle drug money shuffle and clearing agent for the government of Panama, whose board is loaded with ex-Pentagon officials.  In 1981, the same year that the GCC was created, KOC bought Sante Fe International, a US firm with close ties to the CIA.  The company had developed a horizontal drilling technology which the Kuwaitis employed in stealing Iraqi oil. Continue reading


Rothschilds’ South Sudan Slaughter

Around the World Trip 2009 334

Two different UN agencies are warning of dire consequences for war-torn South Sudan, where at least 30,000 people face “extreme conditions…starvation and death”.  The World Food Program and the UN Food & Agriculture Organization said in a joint statement today that 3.9 million people or around a third of the country’s population are affected by the ongoing war. Continue reading

Rothschilds’ South Sudan Oil Grab

Street-side barbers in Nels Pruit.On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the world’s 193rd nation. Less than a week later violence has erupted in South Kordofan, an area on the new border between Sudan and South Sudan which is controlled by Sudan and rich in oil. Not content with the seizure of South Sudan’s oilfields, the Rothschild-led Eight Families banking cartel looks set to push the new border further north, grabbing yet more crude oil from the Sudanese people. Continue reading