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How To Lose The Matrix Debt Lever

2016 5-27 Dean(Excerpted from Chapter 2: Get Out Of Debt: Stickin’ It To The Matrix)

The first thing that you need to do in order to get on the road to freedom is to get completely out of debt. The main fodder off of which the matrix feeds worldwide and at every level – personal, governmental and business – is debt. If they can keep us collectively chained to their phony fiat currency scheme, they can keep us quiet and subservient to their will. Continue reading


How To Reclaim Your Life

2014 4-18 Kansas City Trip (17) Vandana Shiva(Excerpted from Chapter 7: Sell More Than You Buy: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

We live in the belly of the beast, a declining empire, a super-sized narcissistic complacent nation – long dependent on the sweat, exploitation and resource largesse of the developing world. Continue reading

Flippin’ Banksters

A68 Bus to Savanaket. Laos(Excerpted from Chapter 9: The Power of Compound Interest: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

Every high school in this country should teach a required course on how to save money and, more importantly, regarding the power of compound interest. Continue reading

Shelter From The Storm

2014 6-27 (55) Garden Walk(Excerpted from Chapter 3: Housing: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

A big part of living like no one lives now is to reject sedentary living early and often.  Being nomadic gives you a chance to see different parts of this amazing world, while inculcating a healthy diligence towards the unnecessary and corrosive accumulation of “stuff”. Continue reading

Far Out Radio Interview: Israeli Aggression & Simple Living

2014 6-30 How to braid garlic 2 (3) - CopyClick on Link Below to Listen:


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