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Stealing The Oil & Making It Worthless

(Excerpted from Chapter 12: The Gulf Oil War: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

While Saddam was preoccupied with the Iranians, the Kuwaiti government busied itself slowly moving its long-disputed border with Iraq northward into the area containing the massive Rumaila oilfield, which the Four Horsemen now knew to be one of the richest in the world. Continue reading


The Iraq Cash Cow: Part II

1992 China (21)As City of London mercenaries now known as ISIL – their previous name ISIS apparently being too obviously creepy – soften up Iraq for partition, the geopolitical energy derby continues apace.

The plan was always to seize the Kirkuk oilfields in the north by declaring a new nation of Kurdistan.  The partition of Basra in the south will also be required, for here lies the giant Rumaila oilfield – the biggest prize of all.  Baghdad and the middle of the country will be left to the Iraqis – impoverished and war torn – with the phony Sunni/Shia split fully exploited.  There is no oil here.  Continue reading