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Rothschild Imperialism, Presstitutes & Refugees

2015 Central America (27) Huehuetenango - bus station and marketAs refugees continue to pour into Europe, coverage from the Western corporate media has been predictable. Rather than ask the hard question of why so many thousands of desperate people from mostly Syria, Iraq, Libya & Afghanistan are leaving lives, homes and possessions behind to embark on a dangerous journey north, the Presstitutes focus on the human tragedy and the treatment of these refugees by various European nations. Continue reading


Iran Nuclear Deal Is Watershed Event

0000 03Last year’s framework agreement between the US and Iran regarding Iran’s rights to nuclear technology marks the end of a 36-year cold war which the US directed towards Iran following the overthrow of the US-puppet Shah by Iranian revolutionaries in 1979. Continue reading

Mossad’s Other 911 Surprise

South America 2008 (252)The film release Innocence of Muslims, which sparked anti-American protests throughout the Islamic world in September 2012, bore all the trademarks of an Israeli Mossad false flag operation. Continue reading

Libyan Epiphany: Tomahawks Trump Teachers

000049With Fukushima nuclear waste destroying still more of the North Pacific fishery and Libya in chaos,  the third week of March 2011 is worth remembering. Continue reading

Lockerbie Lies & Libya

B107 Little girl in airport que, AucklandWhile history-challenged Illuminati-mouthpiece news anchors spent the Libyan bombardment reveling in the revived caricature of “the madman Gaddafi”, their shill reporters regurgitated CIA psyops memos of phony “massacres and bombardments”. The most telling item in their miniscule footage were the red, black and green flags being hoisted by the “rebels” of Benghazi- the flag of the monarchy of Illuminati stooge King Idris. Continue reading