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Venezuela Before Chavez

(Excerpted from Chapter 16: The Ghost of Hugo Chavez: The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries)

Caracas, Venezuela 12-9-93 Continue reading


Left Wins Honduran Presidency

Tegucigalpa was electric yesterday and San Pedro Sula partied into the night as a major upset brewed in the impoverished banana republic of Honduras’ presidential elections. Continue reading

Venezuela Stands Firm For Revolution

1993-12 Venezeula (6) Isla de MargaritaSunday night President Nicolas Maduro announced that over 8 million people participated in the election of a new constituent assembly in Venezuela. Despite violent protests launched by the the country’s Rockefeller-beholden oligarchs, cheered on by the US media, the people of Venezuela voted to bolster the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution begun by the late Hugo Chavez. Continue reading

Hugo Chavez & Zapatista Horse-Slayers

(Excerpted from Chapter 16: The Mexican Fast Track: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

With anti-Western sentiment on the rise in the Persian Gulf region in the wake of the US war on Iraq, the Four Horsemen looked closer to home for fresh supplies of crude oil. Continue reading

Venezuela Defiant Towards Bankster Aggression

000042In a fiery speech yesterday Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatened to sue the United States over a State Department decree declaring Venezuela a “national security threat”.  The decree has been used as a weapon to damage Venezuela’s economy. Continue reading

Did The CIA Poison Hugo Chavez?

1993-12 Venezeula (19) Sierra Navada Nat'l ParkJust hours before announcing the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the country’s then vice-president Nicolas Maduro was holding a press conference announcing the expulsion of two US diplomats accused of spying on the Venezuelan military. Continue reading