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Deep Truth Conference: All Roads Lead to the City of London

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


Deep Truth Conference This Weekend

Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out
Online Video-Streamed Conference
June 8-10, 2018

Coming to you live from across the U.S.,
Spain, Scotland, England, and Russia
Friday, June 8, 8:00-11:00pm EST

Mockingbird 2.0: Propaganda, Fake News, Fake History, and Outright Censorship
 Mark Crispin Miller – The Silence of the Left
 Ray McGovern – Russiagate: How It Started, Morphed, and Now Threatens Us All
 Gerry Docherty – How History Gets Memory-Holed: An Eye-Opening Case Study (pre-recorded)
 Alison Weir – How Pro-Israel Thought Police Are Silencing Americans (pre-recorded)
 Suzie Dawson – Julian Assange: Censored to Death?
Saturday, June 9, 11:00am-1:30pm EST

Confronting Oligarchy: Resisting Full Spectrum Dominance
 Dean Henderson – All Roads Lead to the City of London
 Jonathan Revusky – Reality vs. Simulation: Deconstructing “Roger Rabbit” Narratives
 Jeremy Rothe-Kushel – We the People Power Politics: Principles, Practices, and Proposals
 Cynthia McKinney – The People vs. Empire: Calling For a TransPartisan Movement
Saturday, June 9, 2:30-5:00pm EST

False Flags: Mass Psy-Op Events as Pretext for Wars and a Surveillance State
 Barbara Honegger – 9/11: Gladio Brought Home to the U.S.
 Michael Springmann – Weaponized Migrations: Fueling Europe for False Flags
 Ole Dammegard – Find the Clues and Connect the Dots
 Kevin Barrett – Guyénot on False Flags: Zionism, Psychopathy, and the Hijacked Provocation
Saturday: June 9, 6:00-8:30pm EST

Triple Blockade: The Israeli Attack on Gaza, Free Speech, and Democracy
 Alison Weir – A Prequel Appraisal: My 2001 Visit to Gaza
 Ziyad Shihadah – Being Gazan: Transcending the Psychological Blockade (pre-recorded)
 Samir Salem – Documenting Gaza: A Visual Catalog of Brutality and Resistance
 Kathy Shihadah – Invisible Blockades: Impediments to Peace in Gaza
Sunday, June 10, 10:30am-1:30pm EST

Dark Technology: Geoengineering, 5G, Smart Meters, and Other Faustian Bargains
 Elana Freeland – Our Ionized Skies: A Threat to All Life on Earth
 Peter Kirby – Weather Modification: The CIA and the New Manhattan Project
 Patrick Roddie – Stop Spraying Us! Exposing—and Ending—the Global Chemtrails Program
 Jerry Day – Smart Meter Trojan Horses: 24/7 Surveillance, Radiation Sickness, and Other In-Home Dangers
 Kevin Mottus – The Perils of 5G Wireless: Resisting Ubiquitous Electromagnetic Radiation
Sunday, June 10, 2:30-5:30pm EST

Understanding Zionism: Deconstructing the Power Paradigm
 Kevin Barrett – Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Judeophobia: Let’s Define Our Terms
 Philip Giraldi – How Jewish Power Sustains the Israel Narrative
 Gilad Atzmon – Truth, Truthfulness, and Palestine
 Alan Sabrosky – The Impact of Zionist Influence in the U.S.
 Jeremy Rothe-Kushel – Talpiot and Unit 8200: The Global Cyber Agenda for Kill-Switch Domination