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City of London Haiti Drug Route Erupts

While the Crown-controlled US establishment continues to ratchet up the pressure on the twice-elected Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro, people living in the poorest country in the western hemisphere are calling for the ouster of the corrupt City of London puppet regime which keeps them in poverty. Continue reading


The Illuminati’s “Toxic Masculinity” Salvo

The Illuminati bankers are obsessed with the idea that there are too many people on this planet. ( This is a fallacy which they use to justify their insatiable gluttony of the earth’s resources which has left the planet impoverished and polluted. Continue reading

Crown Attacks Gabbard & The Real Left

Image result for tulsi gabbard imagesThe global oligarchy’s encapsulation of the increasingly narrow and self-censored US political debate continued apace yesterday, with NBC informing us that recently announced Democratic primary candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is a potential Russian agent. Continue reading

The Amazing Mr. Moon

B68 John cutting Mr. Moon's hair.

(Excerpted from Chapter 22: Chiang Mai to Lake Toba: The Grateful Unrich…)

Lake Toba, Indonesia 5-31-06

Lake Toba has been a highlight of the Southeast Asian trail for decades, so there are tons of guest houses and restaurants here. But ever since the 1997 economic crisis and the ensuing unrest, tourism has crashed in Indonesia. Then came the Bali bombings, the tsunami and the Free Aceh Movement. Continue reading

Ode To Skip

My friend Skip Badiny passed over the weekend. Skip had been a cop in California before bailing out with his new bride Mary to hide from the madness in these Missouri Ozarks. But those men in blue wouldn’t leave him alone and he was soon jailed for the heinous crime of growing marijuana. Continue reading

Rockefeller War On Venezuela Continues

Yesterday within hours of President Trump recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as that country’s new president, Venezuela’s duly elected 2nd term President Nicholas Maduro broke all ties with the US, accusing the US of backing a coup against his government and giving all US personnel 72 hours to leave the country. Maduro had only been sworn in two weeks ago. Continue reading

Rothschilds Target Africa

Last week was a busy one for the various acronym-employee thugs working for Rothschild City of London hegemony over the planet. Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for a second term as President of Venezuela, repelling yet another attempt by Rockefeller lieutenant & CIA cocaine laundry Bank of Nova Scotia director Gustavo Cisneros and his fellow Venezuelan Miami-based oligarchs to turn back the Bolivarian socialist revolution in that country. Continue reading