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Freemasonic Reality Inversion

The City of London/Bank of International Settlements owners have perfected the art of projecting a false reality upon the people of the planet. Most people have internalized this reality and do not even know it.

The advent of television made this pacification of the masses via propaganda much easier. These Black Nobility oligarchs had their underling intelligence agencies – MI6, CIA, Mossad – hire a slew of psychologists to fine tune their new television megaphone for maximum impact.  Edward Bernays was their guru. Continue reading


Chinks in Oligarchy Armor

The streets of Paris have become a war zone, as militant yellow-vest protestors clash with police over austerity measures and a series of middle-class tax increases announced by the Rothschild-peony Macron government. Already Macron has had to call off a fuel tax increase, which the protestors know is an Agenda 21-inspired attempt to make working people pay for the oligarchy’s trashing of this planet. Continue reading

Plasma Physics, Saturn & Energy Vampires

While completing my MS I rather ironically developed an instinctive disdain for pretty much all that was passing for “science”. It wasn’t that I hated science. It was that most “scientists” were drunk with arrogance or simply wanted to coast along with the smug majority, which meant regularly mistaking theory for proven fact while ostracizing pioneer scientists who dared to put those tenuous theories through rigorous academic tests. Continue reading

Boycott Black Nobility Friday

The dizzyingly modern KOMTAR Mall in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

The Dow opened down another 600 points this morning amidst a major outage at Facebook and Instagram. Yesterday tech stocks were crushed, with the NASDAQ down over 3%.

As the telecommunications industry pushes ahead with its demonic 5G rollout, there are signs that people are beginning to realize they’ve been had. The DARPA-created Internet was the bait in a trap set by the alien/AI-connected Black Nobility bloodlines who have lorded over this planet for thousands of years. Continue reading

Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors

If the steady stream of television “smart phone” ads featuring androgynous demon actors haven’t made you scratch your head as to the direction artificial intelligence (AI) is taking humanity, and you still refuse to listen to “crazy conspiracy theorists” per insider advice (wink, secret handshake, silly real humans – from the Ministry of Truth, then maybe you will observe the actions of the almighty Silicon Valley guru glitterati who have invented this spell under which most of you have sadly fallen.  Continue reading

Caravans, Narco-Oligarchs & The Soros “Left”

A sea of destitute economic refugees continue their sojourn north through Mexico City on their way to the US border, where Trump has pledged an extra $220 million and a military presence which he says will meet rock throwers with bullets. Continue reading

Zimbabwe Defeats The Crown…Again

Despite numerous attempts to destabilize the revolutionary government in Zimbabwe, the country’s July 30, 2018 elections saw ZANU-PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa declare victory. Mnangagwa had taken the reins from long-time City of London nemesis Robert Mugabe, who stepped down on November 2017 at the age of 93. Continue reading