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Fascism & The Singularity

Wormhole, Space, Time, Light, Tunnel, Black, HoleBenito Mussolini defined fascism as the merger of the corporation and the state. Since he was funded and brought to power by the House of Savoy and other Italian Black Nobility families, his dark vision could more accurately be construed as the merger of a few powerful Holy Roman Empire bloodline families bound together to siphon off the resources of the people via global governance. Continue reading


Royal Parasites & Black Magicians

Queen, Figure, Wave, England, Blue, ElizabethWe live in a world where reality has been subjugated and inverted. The laws of nature have been trampled upon by a clique of parasitic hoarders who have hoodwinked the vast majority of people into accepting a life of hardship and bondage as a result on an inter-generational reign of terror meted out by these well-dressed entitlement-demanding bloodsuckers. Continue reading

Nervous Bilderbergers & Oil Kings

Queen Elizabeth, LondonIt was not by coincidence that yesterday marked the beginning of four different meetings of some of the world’s most powerful, despotic and increasingly nervous bloodline feudalists. In Montreux, Switzerland the 67th Bilderberg Meeting began with 130 participants from 23 countries. Continue reading

Rothschild Redistributed Your Wealth

While most of the world remains mesmerized by and mired in the Babylonian feudalists’ social media civil war-generating psyop, the planet’s wealth continues to be redistributed up the chain to those very same medieval Annunaki bloodline hoarders who operate the casinos we call “stock exchanges”. Continue reading

Electronic Feudalism Is Hive Mind Production

Over the past 8,000 years or so, this planet has been managed by a bloodline-obsessed oligarchy consisting of just a few families. Though their methodologies of exploitation have evolved, their quest for total control over the planet’s resources and people has never waivered. In the past forty years, utilizing the twin scourges of globalization and technology, the power of these ancient feudalists has concentrated like never before. Continue reading

Dogs Of War Turn On Iran

Only the most delusional Trump supporters can now deny that his foreign policy, far from the radical departure promised to the alt right to ensure the needed margin for his election victory, is in fact consistent with the neocon/neoliberal continuity of evil followed by every US President since Harry S. Truman. Continue reading

The Soros Psyop Against The Real Left

Wall Mural in Venezuela- 1993

The bifurcation of the global left has been an important strategy of the fascist Black Nobility bankers for centuries. Whenever peasant farmers, factory workers or anarchists have risen up to challenge the intentional underdevelopment of planet earth by these parasitic do-nothing middlemen and money changers, the Satanic Crown has marched out a long litany of “progressive” causes, which they use to derail any chance of oligarchy overthrow in favor of social engineering projects which only strengthen their global enslavement matrix. Continue reading