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 NEW RELEASE!       Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse is an indictment of the computer revolution as simply the latest mechanism through which the royal bloodline families seek to control humanity. The roll out of their well-tested battlefield weapons system known as 5G represents the pinnacle in their use of electromagnetic frequencies to literally remote control what these feudalists have for 8,000 years seen as their human herd. Since their intervention in Sumeria, these hybrid fallen angel Nephilim have usurped, steered and plundered all of Creation as self-appointed god/kings. The coming 5G apocalypse represents an opportunity for a great unveiling – the Greek meaning of “apocalypse” – of not only their nefarious 5G deception, but of the fraudulent Nephilim Crown itself. This book is written with the hope that it contributes to this great unveiling so that humanity will seize this moment not just to stop the 5G fourth industrial revolution of the Fourth Reich, but to emancipate itself from its Crown overlords.

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ILLUMINATI COVER FRONT PNG tiny blog bookstore

Illuminati Agenda 21
The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

Illuminati Agenda 21 tells the story of the age-old battle between Good and Evil. The first part of the tale identifies the Luciferian perpetrators, tracing their origins back to ancient Sumeria, and tracking their hegemony over mankind through Babylon, Egypt, the Holy Roman Empire, and on to their modern-day Masonic lair known as The City of London. Part two brings the battle into recent times, where the Illuminati’s Agenda 21 is quietly unfolding in an insidious creep towards global fascism and their long-awaited goal of a New World Secular Order, which threatens to strip us of our humanity, replace us with machines, and destroy all Creation.

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Big Oil & Their Bankers
Big Oil Cover
Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their
Global Narcotics & Terror Network

An International Best Seller, now in its 3rd Edition!

Big Oil… pulls back the covers to expose a centuries-old cabal of global oligarchs, whose hegemony over the global economy is based on control of the planet’s three most valuable commodities: oil, guns, and drugs- combined with ownership of the world’s central banks. Big Oil shines a giant spotlight on the Money Power that secretively rules the world. Nexus New Times Magazine says, “…an extraordinary expose of the powers and events that are exacting a heavy toll on us, the people”.  Read more Big Oil reviews!

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Federal Reserve Cartel Cover smashwords

The Federal Reserve Cartel

A brief, well-documented history of the Eight Families who control the world’s private central banks and most of the planet’s resources. The last chapter is a step-by-step proposal for ending the Fed.


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Matrix Book Cover front small 3x4.5 100 dpi gif

Stickin’ It to the Matrix

This generation’s version of Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book. Funny and irreverent, the book is a practical guide to both escaping and extracting from the matrix. Henderson offers the insights that allowed him to move to the country, write books, and “retire” at 28.


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GU Cover 1280x845 - 300dpi

The Grateful Unrich
Revolution in 50 Countries

Covering 50 countries on 6 continents over a 20-year span, Henderson slashes and burns neo-colonial attitudes, asking the hard social, political and economic questions while vagabonding his way around the world. Invoking the wit and humor of Twain and the curiosity of Kerouac, Henderson discovers himself, humanity and revolutionary politics through his encounters with God’s chosen people – the global poor.

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The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs

Growing & Using Nature’s Remedies

Be prepared for the changing times with The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs. Packed with useful information on growing, harvesting and utilizing 35 of the world’s safest medicinal herbs!  Each herb also has a detailed dossier that includes propagating, growing indoors and out, pests and diseases, harvesting, storing, and using kitchen herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes. This is one book no herb-lover – or survivalist – should miss!

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New Seed Saving Guide cover jpg
The Garden Seed Saving Guide

Easy Heirloom Seeds for the Home Gardener

Saving seed is a skill that every gardener, homesteader and survivalist should have! Written by veteran gardener and educator, Jill Henderson, this small but powerful handbook covers the how-to of saving seed in an easy to understand style.  Find out everything you need to know about saving pure, high-quality garden seeds at home right now and make your family self-sufficient for life!

Buy The Garden Seed Saving Guide at Amazon


The Ozarks

A Journey of Seasons

Take a walk through the changing seasons of an Ozark mountain homestead with herbalist, naturalist, and armadillo whisperer, Jill Henderson. This delightfully inspiring book is filled with nature notes, botanical musings, backwoods wisdom, and just a pinch of “hillbilly” humor. This is one journey you don’t want to miss!

Buy The Ozarks at Amazon

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  4. Tonye Kemabonta

    Eye opening!

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  8. For your “The Federal Reserve Cartel” I would like to look into material concerning its footnote and its list of references. Where to get a glance on what’s in there? (Same thing with some others of yours)
    I mean that they look like what I searched for. But buying one without beforehand getting some evidence, may be the wrong decision.

    • The Federal Reserve Cartel is Chapter 19 of Big Oil & Their Bankers… plus a solution which I propose. Thus all footnotes for the book can be found at the end of Chapter 19 of Big Oil…

      • Thank you Dean! But I wanted to see some samples of footnotes and index material which relate to contents like in chapter 19.
        How to look into it before purchase? Amazon does not offer such view into source material, at least in a useful way in this regard.
        By the way, how to avoid amazon?

      • [809] 10K Filings of Fortune 500 Corporations to SEC. 3-91
        [810] 10K Filing of US Trust Corporation to SEC. 6-28-95
        [811] “The Federal Reserve ‘Fed Up’. Thomas Schauf. 1-02
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        [813] Ibid. p.53
        [814] The Triumph of Conservatism. Gabriel Kolko. MacMillan and Company New York. 1963. p.142
        [815] Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History that Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons and the Great Pyramids. Jim Marrs. HarperCollins Publishers. New York. 2000. p.57
        [816] The House of Morgan. Ron Chernow. Atlantic Monthly Press NewYork 1990
        [817] Marrs. p.57
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        [819] Chernow
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        [821] Chernow
        [822] Children of the Matrix. David Icke. Bridge of Love. Scottsdale, AZ. 2000
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        [828] Ibid
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        [830] Marrs. p.53
        [831] The Temple and the Lodge. Michael Bagent and Richard Leigh. Arcade Publishing. New York. 1989. p.259
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        [872] Ibid
        [873] Ibid. p.77
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        There ya’ go. No way around Amazon as I self-publish

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  10. Hi Dean,
    Thanks for your last answer!
    If I may again ask you about this further-on:
    When I relate your last given data to your text (because I don’t have any other) “The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families”, and therein the first few passages until footnote (3) appears, under ‘Notes’ you give hints to:
    [1] 10K Filings of Fortune 500 Corporations to SEC. 3-91
    [2] 10K Filing of US Trust Corporation to SEC. 6-28-95
    [3] “The Federal Reserve ‘Fed Up’. Thomas Schauf. 1-02
    I ask you: What sources are those two types “10K Filings….”, and where accessible?
    And also: What source, and where to be found, is the mentioned text “The Grim Reaper”?
    Thanks for your patience, kind regards, chapteR

    • SEC filings used to be available on via Compact Disclosure software. Since deregulation, SEC records accessible via Edgar database, which is more tedious & opaque. My research was via the former. Grim Reaper newsletter probably out of print.

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