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“Big Oil & Their Bankers…is hair-raising and a masterpiece which deserves not less than the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism…  What I like most is that Henderson gets to the point from the first page without unnecessary prologues or digressions.  This book should be a requisite for every American to study.” – Dr. Carlos J. Canggiano, M.D., Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico.

“…an extraordinary expose of the powers and events that are exacting a heavy toll on us, the people.” – Nexus New Times Magazine.  Australia. (Read Nexus’ full review at the bottom of this page.)

“I really have to recommend this important work.” – Len Osanic, BlackOp Radio.  Vancouver, Canada.

“…your book ties more things together than any other I’ve come across…I’ve got a collection of about 300 conspiracy-related books…You’ve gotten to the heart of the matter.” – Steve Dudley, American Airlines pilot.  Miami, Florida.

“Written with an activist’s urgency, Big Oil pulls together a story that is as complex as it is crucial for contemporary world citizens to understand.  At the very least, the story Henderson tells should give pause to anyone who believes the mainstream’s simplistic story of how terror came to characterize our time.  Big Oil is designed to motivate understanding and action.”  – Dr. Bill Chaloupka, Chair and Professor, Political Science, Colorado State University

“This is an important work.  The world needs to know what is behind the Bush Regime.  Dean has done an amazingly thorough job.  He pulls together an impressive array of material from primary and secondary sources to tell a disturbing story that all Americans should read, learn from, and act upon.” – Jennifer Van Bergen, Internationally renowned expert on the USA Patriot Act and author of In the Absence of Democracy: The Bush Plan for America

Full Book Review excerpted from Nexus Vol 12 Sep-Oct 2005:

“The Illuminati’s plan to control the world’s resourced and implement a globalized economy is well on track, although new financial and military alliances may still be emerging as the elite move their pieces on the grand chessboards.  The power behind this centuries-old (if not millennia-old) cabal set on dominating the worlds is a group of “Eight Families” with the familiar name Rothschild at the top of the pyramid, joined by other key European and American banking families.  Certainly many researchers have written at length about their centuries-long power plays, but Dean Henderson assembles a staggering amount of detail in the one place and makes some surprising connections about these power players in Big Oil and Their Bankers…, while acknowledging the contribution of these researchers throughout his commentary and in his endnotes

Tales of conspiracy and corruption are writ large on every page, so much so that it’s hard to single out any particular episode in recent or distant history that is worse than the next.  But the theme running through the book is that of the “Eight Families” who have the “Four Horsemen” of oil do their bidding: these are the giant oil/resource companies Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, BP-Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell.  Henderson, a political activist, organic farmer and columnist with an MS in environmental studies, examines their exploits in securing markets and revenues but with reference, too, to their global networks in intelligence and terrorism as well as in arms and narcotics trading.

However, Henderson goes further (perhaps too far for some readers) to include his takes on the origin and spread of Freemasonry, on the so-called “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and on the Illuminati’s connection with the allegedly reptilian Annunaki “gods” linked with ancient Sumer (and popularized in extreme conspiracy lore by author David Icke).  Over all, an extraordinary exposé of the powers and event that are exacting a heavy toll on us, the people.”


6 responses to “Big Oil Reviews

  1. Is Saudi Aramco, Petrochina, Total, Mitsui Oil considered in the list?

    • First two are state-owned – although ARAMCO actually still falls under the control of the Four Horsemen. Total would be the 5th. Mitsui a bit smaller.

  2. Dean, your book is nothing short of stunning, having read Daniel Yergin “Prize” many years ago….. comes no way close to your brilliant study of Big Oil. Thank you for taking the time to research and author such an informative book.

  3. Proton John

    I continue to re-read all of your writing. Spreading your name to those who listen. The facts you documented and lo and behold I have known some of those fellows has given me new insight. I wish you a long and illustrious life and more books to write.

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