The Internet Psyop & The Coming Collapse

2016 3-17 Hawksbill Crag Hike - Boston Mountains (13)(Excerpted from Chapter 13: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation)

As I predicted in 2016 chaos has descended upon America ( via fear-based political polarization which the well-orchestrated Trump/Clinton presidential match up was designed to produce. (

Since that election the wheels of this once-great nation appear to be coming off.

There was the Orlando false flag prosecuted by a Wackenhut agent, countless white supremacist police assassinations of black people and the Dallas response to that, a supposedly populist Brexit which was actually engineered by the City of London banksters ( and, quite appropriately and not coincidentally, a record heat wave throughout the nation.

Rothschild lieutenant George Soros sold his US stock portfolio in favor of a short position on the US stock market, saying that in a best case scenario we are in for a deflationary depression, while at worst there will be riots and a class war in America. He ought to know, since his handlers are fomenting it.

Deutsche Bank – the Nazi-funding Warburg family wealth repository which made a killing shorting the airline and insurance stocks negatively affected by 911 ( – is reportedly sitting on $40 trillion in bad derivative bets and is offering a ludicrously high 5% CD to the public to illustrate its desperation.

The stock buyback machine which has been propping up stock markets around the world is running out of gas. People still aren’t buying anything. Factories are operating at record-low production levels. Personal debt is piling up again. And more youth are living in their parents’ basements, trying to dodge the student loan police.

Another housing market bubble is in its late stages, as the same big banks who caused the 2008 housing crash, then swallowed up those foreclosed houses on courthouse steps across the US, are now offering the same no-money-down loans to poor people now looking to buy houses as they did in the decade that preceded the crash.

Amidst this cultural and economic carnage, an increasing number of Americans are addicted to the internet and all things electronic. They are increasing urbanized and landless and much less self-reliant than their parents’ and especially their grandparents’ generation. Most people, like America, produce absolutely nothing.

Instead they spend their lives hardwired en masse into matrix machines, taken “on-line”, in much the same way a nuclear reactor is brought online – to produce negative, combative and disagreeable energy, this time in chat rooms, Facebook groups and similar social engineering hive-mentality projects of the global elite. This negativity is rocket fuel for the global elite, be they inbred Rothschilds, aliens, the Devil and simply heartless machines.

They are, in fact, all of the above. And you are being used as their on-line batteries.

Kindness, decency and integrity are “uncool”. Spiritual grounding has given way to phony electronic-based fashion shows of all sorts, with the posers trying in very great vain to be the smartest and coolest person in the room.

Everyone seems to talk in the same dispassionate monotone voices, whether their position is open white supremacy (Trump) or scared political correctness that doesn’t much mind corruption and cheating (Clinton).

The Internet – founded by the Pentagon under the guise of “liberating the information flow for a more democratic world” – is in fact creating a world of character-devoid mono-culture machines who think and talk the same and with only the vaguest resemblance to their former humanity.

Petitions are signed, virtual groups are formed, debates are engaged in, yet if the lumpen mass of on-line negative-energy drones were to look out their air-conditioned windows – and most won’t – they would actually see that living conditions continue to deteriorate rapidly, the planet gets increasingly trashed, families are being torn apart by the selfishness and narcissism produced by machine addiction and survival skills do not exist.

Life-experience has been tossed over the side in favor of whatever Wikipedia or Ask Jeeves says about it. Everyone knows everything about…well…everything. People are talk too much. No one listens. The information overload produces indecision, isolation, fragmentation and confusion in people.

All the while the “expert drones” who have positioned themselves as Internet gatekeepers get dumber, more detached from reality, and frighteningly amoral.

The best example of this was the black women in Minneapolis whose boyfriend had been shot by a white supremacist cop during a routine traffic stop. It was creepy enough to watch the cop screaming like the demented psychopath that he is on the video from the women’s all-important “smart” phone.

Far more disturbing was the fact that the woman was so busy narcissistically filming the situation for her fake Facebook friends and sycophants – that she neglected to help her dying boyfriend in any way. He died, but hey, she’s famous. Isn’t that what really matters?

In the coming months there will be a financial collapse that will make the 1930’s look like a walk in the park. The biggest banks will fail due to the aforementioned derivatives, taking down most other smaller banks, the stock markets, commodities (including gold), housing and all else with it.

Without a functioning banking system, grocery shelves could go bare, the lights may well go out, the Internet may well go down, the fake election will become irrelevant and World War III – given the current and very dicey geopolitical situation – could easily be started by an unhappy electronic accident.

Preppers who have tried to buy their way to survival will perish along with the others, beside their gas-less generators, rotting freeze-dried food and empty computer screens. The “expert” Internet drones will be helpless, city dwellers will go even more crazy than they already have and millions could well die in the riots and starvation that ensue.

The elite’s drone weaponry – now well-tested on the fake ISIS – will be turned on unruly citizens, all easily located using their tracking device cell phones. Never more exposed due to the “Web”, people’s bank accounts, mutual funds and life insurance policies will be looted by hackers waiting in the wings for just this event.

It will suddenly dawn on many that the Internet really was a “net” and that they have been had. At this point the only thing that will matter is a survival skill set and cooperation – two very human matters which have become nearly antiquated by the machines.

I would suggest brushing up on these two items. You won’t learn about either of them on the Internet. In that vein, I will be taking a hiatus from writing this blog. There are more important matters at hand. Good luck and may the spirit and goodness of ancient humanity be with you.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

65 responses to “The Internet Psyop & The Coming Collapse

  1. allandouglas

    Constitutional fact is the only force (constitutional force) citizens have in the federal government is the ballot box, and only to elect, or not reelect incumbent, Representatives of the House in Congress every two years.

    U.S. government corruption (crime and usurpation) “”””continues””” only with the complicity of the House in Congress (House has the power of the purse, Article I, Section 7, AND the power of impeachment, Article I, Section 2, Clause 5).

    House corruption “continues” only with the complicity of citizen Voters. Citizens elect, or not reelect incumbent, 435 Representatives of the House in Congress every two years, Article I, Section 2, Clause 1.

    America’s major political problem is a constitutionally and religiously ignorant citizenry. I recommend vote out every State and Federal “incumbent” Lawmaker come November, accept no excuses, just do it, and advocate doing it.

  2. fromawaysite

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.

  3. Somany great points you made in this post, and agree with most of them except for “In the coming months there will be a financial collapse that will make the 1930’s look like a walk in the park.”

    The only reason why I disagree is twofold, first its true we are less agrarian today, however we have refrigeration (food) and much improved transportation, essentials that the 1930’s didn’t have.

    Secondly, US Federal Reserve has a great advantage today that the 30’s didn’t, since Nixon decoupled the dollar from the gold standard the US can virtually print itself endless bailouts, and incrementally ease the “crash” into a series of bumps.

    Anyways, will miss your commentaries, until next time Dean, take care and may the spirit and goodness of ancient humanity be with you as well.

  4. Ho-Lee SHIT! Whoa. This and you should be on CNN Prime Time, NBC, BBC … . That it/you are NOT is the preponderance of the evidence beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever that the straightforward truth you speak is honest and real. Take care.

    • allandouglas

      I question the purpose of talking to the public about anything regarding government that citizens can do nothing about. Why talk to the public about a President, if not to deceive. Citizens can do nothing to or about a President. Citizens vote does not elect a President. Electors elect the President since 1804, and electors are appointed by the States.

      The President is not a Lawmaker (Article I, Section 1, Clause 1) and citizen vote does elect every State and Federal Lawmaker in America.

      I recommend citizens gear-up and vote OUT every State and Federal incumbent Lawmaker come November.

      • Stella Corona

        It’s a pageant, just like Miss America. A school pep rally to give the public the idea that it is somehow really making a choice. In fact, if the voters decided to think about what’s going on instead of falling for what they are told, politicians would be running FROM office instead of for office.

  5. Stella Corona

    Sorry to see you go Dean. Take comfort in the idea that there are many of us who get it and live our lives in hopes of reviving all that is human.

  6. speculator247

    Thank you!

  7. You are right ya know.. on oh so many points.. You will be back. We all love ya Dean & your work! From an Ozarkian

  8. Beautifully articulated Dean!!

  9. Well said. Apocalypse beckons.

  10. If you truly “believe” these things will happen, then you must know why.

    I advise that you do not discount the information enclosed.

  11. warky darky

    History repeats itself- nothing new.

  12. rev. harold liggamortio

    a 5% ROI !!? whoa.

  13. Dean: The scenario described seems to be the last stages or the aftermath of the “Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion”. which, by accomplishing
    the dissolution of Nations and national identity, would find us into the threshold of Global domination, as declared by Rothschlid.
    As correctly explained by Allandouglas, there is no true election of political candidates. The US Constitution, by the indirect and representative system
    and on top of it, the Electoral College, has been designed to keep a last resort corrective to any popular initiative with sufficient entity to alter the intangible Freemasonry presence in their dictatorial gradual submission plans.
    Conventions, speeches, debates, accusations and retorts, candidate cosmetics, well taylored garments and musical background plus contributions, cannot deter the fact that theatrical effect, like a Hollywood superproduction, motorize the illusion of making a choice.
    Of course, only those that follow the script are featured. Hardly anyone with a slightly different accent would ever make it to the screen. Plenty of Good Americans can make a different and better administration, and certainly, that´s why they are stigmatized and send into total oblivion.
    Commercial democracy its not democracy at all, but a political swindling to chronically sustain unfulfilled promises to the majority but, always under the power of the Law. Then, the ability to change the formal Law into a substantive and popular kind can only proceed by a pioneering effort harnessing the communicative advantage, other than the dissolutive one, of the Web.
    Your real American panorama, indeed a very clear picture, its the consequence of decades of silently accepting negative downgrading. Called it by means of MSM, social acceptance, conformism, wrong and expensive college education, marital inabilities and oversized psychiatric
    addiction, non of them right path to a successful society, if you want,
    let´s include obesity and outsourcing. but in any case description abounds only lacking are solutions.
    I as many of us would like to see another of your excellent renderings. . .

  14. …..SPARE us your INCREDIBLY short-sighted, judgmental pronouncements, Henderson – MANY such as myself, are trying HARD to provide empathy, perspective, insight into what’s really happening (in a statement, technological attrition – but that DOESN’T justify attacking those who rely upon technology in the LEAST; rather, we should be making sure that MORE of it gets into their hands so more of our lives can be taken back than EVER before, as the employer-employee relationship ATROPHIES…..

  15. Thank you brother Dean, one of a few true Americans that are left, peace.

  16. White supremacist? White supremacism? Three references in just one blog article. But not a single use of the words: Communism, Jew, Marxism, or Socialism.

    I was following Dean’s writing years back, when he first got showcased on Jeff Rense’s sight, and have commented here many times. I know that Dean and his goodly wife have traveled internationally, including China.

    Therefore, I also know that Dean is one of the more intelligent bloggers around. So why the fixation on White Supremacy?

    Are we ever going to agree on who is actually to blame for all of this? Why is the White Man always being fingered by white men and women? Do you want us all to accept blame for the obvious failings of the Negro? Do you want us all to accept blame for the obvious failings (and endless lies and frauds) of organized Jewry?

    We were put on the rails that have taken our collective train to this sorry and conflict ridden destination during the latter years of the Second World War. And most of those decisions were taken in the USA; not by genuine ‘White’ males, but by people pretending to be ‘White’. They were in fact, and by their own admission, ‘Jewish’. Recall the Bretton Woods fiasco.

    The Second World War was a total victory for International Judaism, of exactly the kind Adolf’s National Socialism set out to oppose directly, and without compromise. Ultimately, they had to attack Bolshevism (not Russia!) … which is a ‘Jewish’ invention. For Third Reich Germany it was either attack first, or wait to be attacked by an overwhelming force.

    Dean knows full well, because he has said so, that much of the social and cultural mayhem being provoked now, both in Western Europe and in the United States, has been cooked up by financiers, or people connected to high-finance and the TBTF banks. Jews like George Soros … the uber gofer for the Rothshild clan.

    White Cops who shoot feral Negroes dead know what they are up against. They know what is actually being done by these Negros down at the street level. I absolutely do NOT condone the shooting of anyone in cold-blood, or for any reason other than self-defense and the protection of others. But it’s time we all grew up. The Negro does not belong in White Society. This experiment has come to a natural end. It was a failure from the beginning, and continues to be a failure. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    POTUS Johnson destroyed Black communities right across the USA by making it a Federal responsibility to nursemaid generation after generation of Negro communities. And what is that policy’s greatest achievments? Black on black crime running rampant, millions of black children without fathers, and black single motherhood a badge of pride.

    In my opinion, the only black leader to talk any sense at all is Louis Farrakhan, Sr. The intelligence and maturity that Mr. Farrakhan keeps displaying has disappeared completely from Washington DC. And while he would acknowledge the existence of “white supremacy” here and there throughout the 50 States, you will never find him pinning all the blame on such abstract and misleading nonsense.

    If you want to know what supremacy is, then study more closely the Jewish literature, watch the tenor of their meetings, and listen to the comments made by so-called ‘Jewish’ leaders and opinion formers. Because THERE you fill find the true supremacists. Those Jews may look superficially ‘White’ … but by god they are no more authentically ‘white’ than dog litter.

    We will never solve anything by hating ourselves, and accusing each other of “White Supremacy”. You can take it from me, there are many people around the world who have become impatient at the endless apologetics being voiced … even by astute ‘white’ people like Dean Henderson. For balance, me thinks its time for some of you Americans to do research into just how many Whites are now living in squalid Squatter Camps in today’s South Africa.

    Utopia will never exist. Get over it. Either the “White Race” will survive on its own merits, and without issuing any more apologies to anyone … or it will die off. The time to choose … ladies and gentlemen … has already arrived.

    • Perhaps good ole Dean was paid to write this load of tripe and hes not the man he used to be anymore. Think about it. And hats off to ur excellent comment.

      • No Christinne, “ole Dean” doesn’t get paid to take abuse from those whose parents didn’t love them enough and thus spend their days insulting people, though you are certainly welcome to send a donation anytime. I won’t hold my breathe…

  17. Erratum: I was following Dean’s writing years back, when he first got showcased on Jeff Rense’s site …

  18. When the masses begin to realize they no longer have access to this drug called life and withdrawal begins to take over, billions of people are going to be faced with a choice they never anticipated. When their minds start to emerge from the brain fog that comes from generations of humanity being strung out on self, their stark reality will be bound up in two choices, truth and lies.
    I’m afraid truth will be such a shock to the system most will not even consider it as they once again attempt to immerse themselves in the dying, putrid but familiar, feel good, guilt free, responsibility denying, narcissistic drug called life; the end of which is ruin and damnation.

  19. Since the KING commanded us to Watch, the net HE is allowing us to have, makes it possible to Watch! All of this is prophecy, so if any believer is in dismay right now, they are not studying scripture properly! Remember the wars and rumors of wars portion, is not the end yet, only when they cry peace and safety, then sudden destruction happens! Why, because by then satan as anti-christ will be here in the flesh so-to-speak, and foment fake peace, fake prosperity, fake everything! When fake global peace comes upon us, then the real party starts!

    • allandouglas

      “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” —John Adams

      Amendment #1, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

      “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Benjamin Netanyahu.

  20. If it was not for you many WATCHES on the WALL who are on social media, I would be in the dark about world and spiritual events. The news should be preached in season and out of season. Come BACK Brother we need people like you.

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  22. You not only rock Dean
    You are a rock!
    I’ll not worry about you

  23. “ountless white supremacist police assassinations of black people and the Dallas response to that”

    U are either lying, either stupid. All of them were distracting/dividing hoaxes.

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  28. Dan Foresman

    Hi, I would like to spike the punch you throw with some observations. Life principles (behaviors) must emerge from the principles of life, (biological). Cells themselves use passive functions for cycling to conserve energy in their complex transactions.
    Are we a nation with a worthless currency, or a worthless nation with a currency? There should be a moratorium on production until the parasitic interface is removed, otherwise the banks wind up owning everything we do anyway. We borrow money to set things into motion, I am in construction in California, working in Oakland all week, and the goodness and badness I see everyday both taxes my heart and strengthens my resolve. See beyond, reach beyond, and by the way, dont buy freeze dried food, buy a freeze dryer. Harvest Right makes one that rocks, you do have to be a little hands on with it, changing oil on a vacuum pump between cycles, not for the all thumbs crowd, but, amazing when combines with a Weston vacuum bag sealer. I was looking into off grid solar backup and saw that its nothing to keep the lights on, its the fridge and washing machine and freezer that sucks the juice. So think in passive low energy consumption oriented patterns for structuring your life rythmn.
    Merino wool is antimicrobial, (wash less), wicking beds are great for watering less for veggies, less production, and no interaction with the bloodsuckers (as much as possible (AMAP)). Shrinking is part of a healthy response system to overgrowth, rather not have a fire decide what you get to keep, eh? I spend a lot of time in Lake County, it inspired the growth of my brain cells this last year. All the best.
    Repectfully yours.

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  30. fraser buchanan

    Scotland says we need to know more dean. Don’t leave remain.

  31. I wonder if you are a bit depressed about Bernie Sanders supporting Hilary?

    I am reading this book and getting a buzz about speculating about who’s who behind the scenes, Jewish banksters of course, Masons, Jesuits.

    The Revolution was not what the Americans thought it was, the Republic even if a good thing from the start, even if not a controlled affair, even if not only to have the whole shebang corporatised anyway….
    still, General Howe (who assisted the rebels more than did his job for the British) might have been a good guy. but if that was so, he was working for someone else wasn’t he. same thing going on in France… who the Americans sought help from.
    The sociopaths have been doing it long before chariots and arrows millenia ago and paraphrasing Mark Twain, rumors of a total NWO takeover are much exaggerated…. though like Cher’s Greatest Hits, so far.

    something to read whilst offline..

    and a big thank you from me for the internet, warts and all.

    perhaps the AA creed applies, to accept the things you cannot change (like mass opinion). If a blog/bloggist got so popular, like Twain said of Democracy, if it worked, they wouldnt allow it.

    • allandouglas

      U.S. Citizens best do America’s children a favor and gear-up to vote OUT every State and Federal Lawmaker (President is NOT a Lawmaker) come November.

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  33. Darn. Tarnation. Sorry to see you go; Dean; common sense analysis is so rare to come by these days. I might not always have agreed with your words but you got full respect because of your clarity and innate honesty and straight-forward style. Thank you for all you have done and sacrificed over the years. Your time off is well deserved. Personally, I have reached the point of… preferring a walk in the forest or an ice cream cone to my previous dedication to sharing information. Things are in full swing; we have done all we could and know this in our deepest being; it is time to simply enjoy what is left to us….

  34. We believe we need to have the Federal and State Governments in the first place. We are already free. Freedom is. Bills of Rights end up restricting freedoms. A government cannot grant you freedom. You already have it. The Constitutions are meant to define the governments and are not meant to define your freedom.

    Government means mind control. We have to believe we need it and we have to continue to pay our taxes. The news and history is fiction script with the intent of continuing the racket we call government. We have been lied into consenting to a system that does not serve us.

    The USA is a corporation that serves the British Royalty who are part of the Holy Roman Empire and are a German Family. We live under a neo feudal system

    • allandouglas

      U.S. government corruption (crime and usurpation) “”””continues””” only with the complicity of the House in Congress (the House has the power of the purse, Article I, Section 7, AND the power of impeachment, Article I, Section 2, Clause 5. The House is the most powerful branch of the federal government.

      House corruption (crime and usurpation) “””continues””” only with the complicity of citizen Voters. Citizens have the “exclusive” power to elect 435 Representatives of the House in Congress every two years, or not reelect the 435 incumbents, Article I, Section 2, Clause 1.

      U.S. citizens best gear-up to vote OUT every State and Federal Lawmaker come November – President is not a Lawmaker.

  35. Eugene Lutz

    I was surprised by the comment in the article about the “narcissistic” woman who recorded the shooting of her boyfriend that cynically suggested that she was so concerned about her own fame that she didn’t help her boyfriend. What could she have done? If she had made any move to help him, the deranged officer might have shot her too. He’d already been shot, so what could she do? In my opinion, she did us all a big favor, and I doubt I’d have had the courage to even record the incident, I’d have been so freaked out.

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  42. What was Philandro Castille’s girlfriend supposed to do exactly, with a gun pointed at her?

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  44. “in the coming months”
    well it’s been 3 years now, still waiting for the doom and gloom to show up. i’m sure something will eventually happen but every past catastrophic event has just been a blip in the over all human timeline.

  45. Hell is real, and you might go there! Choose the narrow path towards the light-PERIOD!

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