The Nephilim Bloodline Command Structure

Landscape, Fantasy, Fantasy Landscape, Dark, Angel(Excerpted from Chapter 48: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

The feudalist bloodlines which control the wealth, politics, “sciences”, military and mis-education on this planet go back at least 6,500 years to ancient Sumeria and Babylon. Their “royal” blood, is the Sangreal or Holy Grail and is indeed different from that of humans. They are hybrids of the Nephilim or fallen angels from the Book of Genesis. Others call them Annunaki. There blood is RH Negative, which less than 15% of the planet have. The highest concentrations occur in the Basque region of Spain and France.

The Sangreal is their biggest secret, guarded closely by their secret society minions. It also explains their obsession with genealogy, genome sequencing and DNA mapping.  At the very highest levels of the cabal, only the purest bloodline nobility become the Privy Council that “handles” every monarch in the world. The Latin “nobilitatis” means “high ranking”.

One very powerful bloodline is that of the Merovingian family, which claims to descend from Oannes, a Nephilim hybrid abomination mentioned in Babylonian texts which came from the sea and was half fish & half man. The Merovingians also claim to descend from the Tribe of Dan, which settled at the base of Mt. Zion, and to Jesus, whom they say was taken off the cross before death, married Mary Magdalene and had three children.

The Merovingians morphed into the French Bourbon kings and have intermarried, as all these bloodlines do, with the powerful Nephilim bloodline of the Hapsburgs. King Juan Carlos of Spain has the surname de Borbon y Borbon, indicating that he is the son of two Merovingian parents. Many of this bloodline suffer physical disfigurations, especially of the jaw. This comes from their obsession with inbreeding to protect the Nephilim blood.

The Merovingians also bred the Smith & Sinclair lineages. The latter is a powerful bloodline which has intermarried with the powerful Bruce lineage and overseas modern-day Freemasonry.

The Plantagenets are another powerful Nephilim or fallen angel bloodline, which intermarried with the Norse Viking Rollo bloodline when the latter moved into Normandy. These Norman hybrids then invaded the British Isles. Nearly every US President descends from the Plantagenet royals.

Other powerful Nephilim bloodlines include the Indian Khan family, founders of Sufism and funders of Islamic terror worldwide; the Chinese Li family, which controls the Triads mafia and claims dragon (“draco” or “watcher”) lineage and the Rothschild family, formerly the Bauers who started as accountants for the German House of Hesse.

According to the excellent research of both Fritz Springmeier and Gary Wayne, 13 Nephilim bloodline families sit at the very top of the terrestrial command structure. A Council of 33 answers to them and a Committee of 300, as described in former MI6 agent John Coleman’s seminal book of same name, answers to the Council of 33. At these level, all members are ennobled with the purest Nephilim RH Negative blood.

Next down the ladder is the Priory of Sion which is the force behind Zionism, since the plan is to crown a bloodline fallen angel anti-Christ as world king in Jerusalem to cement one world government and complete their Great Work of Ages. The Priory was founded in 1080 and consists of only very high percentage bloodline members. The Rosicrucians are the Luciferian spiritual drivers and are also on this level.

Below that are the operational arms. The Knights Templar, officially disbanded by the Catholic Church in 1307, have morphed into the Knights of Malta, who represent the Nephilim moles in the Vatican. Freemasons, Kabalists and Muslim Brotherhood agents run the military and political wing. The City of London and the Bank of International Settlements represent the banking arm. The Illuminati spew out spiritual corruption, creating dark energy and conducting sorcery.

The Royal Society runs the mis-education and fake science departments via their fractured from the whole and thus flawed “seven sacred sciences” formulation.  The Royal Society also controls the Protestant religious sects, which sprang from the Venetian bankers funding of Martin Luther and the Reformation.  Their job is to lie to humans as to the nature of reality and our origins. Sadly, most everything we think we “know” comes from these Luciferians.

Many will be hoodwinked when these Zionists or scions (grafted ones), announce the Second Coming of Jesus, possibly in concert with a fake alien invasion, to take the throne in the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The king will actually be a Luciferian anti-Christ from one of the above-mentioned Nephilim bloodlines who will attempt to bring in a technology-driven New World Order total enslavement of humanity.

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

69 responses to “The Nephilim Bloodline Command Structure

  1. Paul Fendler

    Dean…are there any forces that fight this? Do they have a lineage? Thanks

    • Only those aware humans like yourself, whose numbers are growing daily.

      • So is there any solution? I don’t see humanity waking up to this, on the contrary, even many of those who call themselves ‘awake’, lose themselves in all kinds of spiritual quagmire. And how do you, who know the real situation, keep your motivation and inspiration going? I have to admit it overwhelms me at times and being pretty isolated in my perspective doesn’t help either.

      • I know how you feel, but the fact is we have already won. We are the immortal ones and will live with Creator in eternity. They, in their ignorance, will trap their souls (which they don’t think they have) in a computer program and will cease to exist. The solution is faith my friend…

      • As I grew up in an atheistic family, fell from my 40’s into many New (C)age traps, Is really appreciate some suggestions for further reading as know upon which I can base my faith. I’ve fallen for so many deceptions – and luckily woken up to them being a deception – I have a hard time knowing what is real truth.

      • Yes, we all have. Discernment is the key. Read some books by David Icke & Jim Marrs for starters…

      • Kerth Barker, fwiw, says there are indeed Illuminati Reformists working inside as well as Anti-Illuminati forces, primarily Christians, secretly working to undermine and dethrone their power. How much success they may be having is another matter altogether.

    • Paul, I have on pretty good word that there are indeed light beings fighting this mankind is or will be receiving spiritual boosts. Not saying we are all going to be saved but we do have powerful beings behind the veil on our side.

  2. Daniel wasserman

    Greetings Mr. Henderson.
    On this issue I regret that I cannot accept what the researcher has so-called exposed. There have been many writers that have commented on the Nephilim. Jesus NEVER mentioned any of this and He was given all authority. Apart from that the text if read carefully clearly shows that the Nephilim were already Giants before any sexual intercourse took place .between these angels. and the daughters of men .
    Why would God The Creator allow the Gulf of DNA within His Creation create hybrids. Jesus Himself when asked by the scribes and Pharisees about a woman who had any number of husbands whose wife would she be in heaven. Jesus answered that angels cannot procreate. So how can these fallen angels (demons) procreate with human females.
    I don’t accept it..

    • Cellular DNA manipulation and reintroduction through artificial insemination. Might have been asking a bit much of pre-Noetic people to understand that.

  3. Kevin Schaffer

    Thanks Dean…another great article, It’s good to see in just the last few years a deeper awareness of the situation humanity is in and who the drivers are behind it. It’s the work you and people like yourself are doing to help the ones that are choosing to step out of the box to join the dots and hopefully with perseverance, avoid the shocks…thanks again.

  4. The Bible says humans were given dominion over the earth. It does not say Aliens or human-alien hybrids have power. There is no evidence human-alien hybrids are in any power. There are bloodlines with wealth but these are human, but much of the problems are not caused by those bloodlines, many problems are caused by the general public.

    • Ah! John you forgot about Goliath and and the giants on Earth also the excluded human races outside Eden ie Sumerians and Egyptians etc etc…..

  5. HI Mr. Henderson,

    Awesome incredible article about DNA. You are way ahead of the others here in La La Land. My name is Mike Boryla. I am a former Stanford University All American quarterback and former Pro Bowl quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. I am now a playwright and stage actor. I performed my one man play The Disappearing Quarterback forty times in Philly a few years ago. My best play is about Joseph from the Book Of Genesis, his mummy was found in 1905 and his DNA was tested in 2010 by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. He is the grand father of Akhenaten and great grand of King Tut and my DNA Y chromosome is identical to Joseph’s and King Tut’s. Yours is probably the same. It is the Celtic Y Chromosome from Western Europe R1b…

    Mike Boryla

  6. ” And humans were given ” Dominion ” over the Earth ” For A Time “….
    Not permanently…

    And in this time “Now ” they have broken every law with cross and inter-breeding

  7. Laura Marian

    @John Unfortunately many of these problems are caused by these bloodlines who are hiding, and humanity is brainwashed to think they are good persons. Humanity is stupid (majority of them) brainwashed and not willing to accept.
    @Daniel The Nephilim are the offspring between the daughters of men and the fallen angels. Genesis 6 goes into much detail about what happened between the mixing of the angelic and human seed. The Book of Enoch also acts as a companion guide to this story and explains the detail about how angels and demons operate in the lives of men and women on earth. Once the children of the fallen angels and women (Nephilim) died their spirits could not return to their heavenly habitation but were forced to make their abode in the aether in between heaven and Earth. This is also where we get evil and tormenting spirits from because they wonder to and fro seeking rest and finding none. The only please that these disembodied spirits receive is when they have a human host. A willing vessel that they can influence to do their bidding even if in subtle ways.
    The new testament also goes into much detail about these demonic and unclean spirits. About 90% of Jesus’s ministry was dealing with the foul entities and leading people back to a state of true freedom and influenced by the fallen spirits. In the book of Matthew Jesus also lets us know what happens to the spirits once they leave a persons
    By the way Dean, great article as usual.

  8. Laura Marian

    @John something else: look at the royal families, look at their acts, look at what’s happening on this earth, Do you think a sound normal person could cause such a mayhem? I don’t think so, humans are only brainwashed but not wicked. Look at the pedophilia for example, present in all the bloodlines families prince Andrew a top pedophile, and you tell me the bloodlines are good right?

  9. This all sounds pretty far-fetched.

  10. Well Mr Henderson the part about Jesus not dying on the cross is a dark side invention, He did rise again to ascend and yes, He did have children with Mary Magdalene whom fled to Gaul, present day France.
    The progeny of which, did marry into what became the Merovingians and the Norse.
    You forget to mention that within these bloodlines there have been a constant battle between the negative and positive, Jesus and Lucifer if you will.
    The crusades were at the beginning a pushback by the good guys essentially, trying to end the constant abductions in Greece, Italy and France, even as far as England by muslim raiders.
    The Templars were essential of course, Mathilda of Tuscany was important, they had a alliance with the Norse, the Normans.
    After the Templars almost annihalition at Hattin, the dark forces of Lucifer struck back hard, it started with the attacks on the Cathars continued with
    the sack of Constantinopel. Later the total slaughter (around 800 000 people during 50 years) of the Cathar culture in France.
    Then came the big hand of God with the plague, killing off a lot of the royals and city people and the controlsystem built up crumbled..
    The same networks origanally behind Mathilda and others (De Medici) then ushered in the renaisscance …Its been an ongoing battle since.
    Were approaching the end game however. It really is the last days. A few decades at best I believe..

    • Yes Henrik, that part is a necessary tactical lie so that a Merovingian can be crowned the anti-Christ because they are from Jesus’ bloodline. Dan Brown is their shill who has popularized it in the public mind with The DaVinci Code, etc. Good historical additions as well and all true. Thanks!

    • Hi Henrik, interesting reflections. Are you too from Scandinavia? Sweden here.

  11. Eustace Mullins presents an interesting perspective in his book The Curse of Canaan.

  12. Mike Boryla

    HI Mr. Henderson,

    All the top political leaders in Europe and here in La La Land are psychopathic. They are not human. They have lost their human souls. The Bible refers to them as Wolves In Sheep Clothing or Unreasoning Animals in 2 Peter… The recent discovery of the Catscans of the brains of psychopaths shows that they are not human… I know this first hand because my father was a psychopath. He had no conscience, no sense of guilt or remorse… I always thought of him as an ogre or animal… Not fully human… I was right.


    Mike Boryla
    The Disappearing Quarterback

  13. It is good to understand that literal bible translation misses the true message of the metaphorical stories (examples). King James tried his best to hide the natural (God’s) law and substitute man’s law. It is the story of law, not the characters themselves that cannot be “inverted” of erased with proper reading and study of the (natural) law. It’s not a one-off moment, or a one-day-a-week affair, but a way (path) to live each and every day. Man-made law — every word of it — is in opposition to nature, and supreme law. Pure deception. Much more here:

    • Yeah good points Steve, if you read the Bible as a history book it’s epic. Jesus told us he was the way (simple living with nature), the truth & the light (good vibes). And he didn’t just tell us, he walked the walk. All day, every day…

  14. Paul Adams (@eRepublicUSA)

    Thanks for this! How is the Mormon church connected in all this? Are there mutual defense treaties signed among these Luciferian movements? I was a Mormon for 47 years and am launching a class action and FBI investigation into the overt fraud since the Mormon cult incriminated itself.

    • Thanks Paul! The Mormons are a mystery school Christian sect and Joseph Smith was both a 33rd Degree Mason and, as noted in the article a Merovingian bloodline progeny. Brigham Young was also a 33rd Degree Mason. They are very much part of it and all these groups, though compartmentalized, work towards the same goal…

      • You didn’t mention the Jesuits. Do you think Loyola was one of the Luciferian illuminati? Blavatsky and others claim the Jesuit elite possessed secret occult knowledge and practiced black magic. As to Luciferian influence in the Vatican, the Jesuit (from whom the present Pope is drawn) might be more significant than the Knights of Malta, although both orders are probably controlled by them today. I wonder what Francis’ removal of the previous Grandmaster of the SMOM (the Englishman) was really about.

  15. i posted this article on a rh negative blood group & the following is the response from one woman: ” The article is not really correct in everything. Rh negative blood has actually nothing to do with the Nephilim, but has its origin in the Oraphim. Oraphim (Rishi) is in the hierarchy of the soul origin the highest level, which springs directly from the source: God recognizes himself through the experience of manifestation: Rishi – Avatar – Oversoul – Soul – Incarnation”

    • Yeah, that’s Illuminati propaganda Mary. Any time you hear anything about “avatars” or “ascended masters” it is coming from the Nephilim. Good chance the New Age movement is the New World Order “religion”…

  16. Hi Dean,

    I understand there overall global percentage is low, but what are the implications for the members of the “general population” who are Rh-Negative?

    • Well I’m no expert, but I would think that either these were part of the DNA experimentation which were noted on the Sumerian clay tablets, or they are descended from these bloodlines. Either way it doesn’t mean those people who have it need embrace the Nephilim agenda as we all have free will to decide…

  17. I just found your website, my y DNA is r1a1a eastern European. My military dog tag says I’m O – , through my mom’s dad I have Norman Knights, an English crusader, a French Norman guy who was married to a daughter of the king of the Scots, and I had found that my Granddad was contacted in the 1940’s two give up his U.S. Citizenship and he would inherit a castle. His ancestors came to America in 1643 so how they found him I don’t know. I saw the silver lapel pin he was given, it had a red lion and a castle on top and a castle and lion on bottom. The lion was on its back legs so what ever coat of arms I don’t know. He did have 2 huge Masonic books. Glad I’m not a full blooded descendant. But being O- any one can take my blood but I can only take O-. I had surgery in the Navy they told me that I had an extra rib they had to remove.

  18. Thank you Dean.
    How do Enki & Enlil factor into human history, do you think?
    John Doran

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  21. Great article! After circling around in the rabbit hole for years looking for truth, I came to the conclusion as verbalized here:
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12
    See this video:

    As we live in a free will universe, Source creator is not coming to humanities rescue unless we ask for partnership and guidance. This simple prayer goes a long way:
    ‘Source creator, partner with me to keep me focused on love each and every day, receiving and giving, both to me and to all those around me.’
    Please read this (and everything else on this site)

  22. ‘t is a very good article, and the integration of the Nephilim into it all is needed, and in line with what has been becoming known over the last years. Hence also the great ‘Nephilim Markets’ phrase.

    I doubt not that we fight the fallen angels and their spiritual wickedness in high places.

    I do wonder however, about the Jew/Gentile dialectic in all this. The Protocols describe how when they first encountered the Gentile Kings, that they had some knowledge of Government (Kabbalah), that they had passed on from father to son, but that they were no match for the Learned Elders.

    The Jews, no doubt, got their knowledge during their exile in Babylon, where they learned all about the magick of the Giants (or direct successors) that had ruled there.

    Undoubtedly Gentile Kings claimed the divine right to rule, based on their (pretended) lineage to the men of reknown of the past. But were they always on the same team as the Jews? Or were they willy nilly coopted?!

    It is also more than noteworthy that Jesus fought the Jews: the Pharisees and the money lenders. Why not the Roman Empire, that ghastly animal of Usury and genocide? Clearly, in Jesus’ eyes, the Jews were the higher priority.

  23. I also have an interesting tidbit related to all this Dean:

    You probably know about the Bronze Age collapse, and the ‘mystery’ this entails to mainstream science: civilizations around the Mediterranean that had existed over a thousand years were suddenly brutally wiped out, but supposedly ‘nobdoy knows’ how. It happened around 1180, within a few years.

    But the Bible, Deutoronomy, clearly describes how Israel destroys the Kingdoms in Canaan (Palestine) AND the Hittites, a key Empire in the Bronze Age, located in Anatolia, modern day Turkey. These are these famous texts in which YHVH shows his genocidal side, commanding his people to kill everything that moves. Clearly, this was war against Nephilim Empires, not against hapless people who had done no wrong.

    After this, the first political entities that arise in Canaan are Israel and Judah, around 1000 BC.

    So this is an interesting obfuscation of mainstream history, pretending they don’t know Israel did it, even though both the scriptures, and the historical record clearly suggest they did.

    A key point here is of course that Israel is NOT the Jews of today: Israel had 12 tribes and they still exist, we just don’t really know who they are. The Jews are Judah, or say they are, they really are Edom,

    • Interesting info. all of it Anthony. Thanks!

    • Hee Anthony, grappig je hier tegen te komen ;-).
      I’m not well versed in the Bible, and besides of course the scribes scribbled untruth and mistranslations in the final version, but Gary Wayne might offer an interesting perspective on your question:
      Groet Laure

    • The french reptile

      Very interesting… The war against Nephilim Empires is resumed in Greek mythology : it is the war of Zeus against the Titans, the Cronos sons. The Titans are Nephilims who bring knowledge to humanity. They are the Serpent of the Bible. Descendant and humans hybrid of them are know like the tribu of Dan (her emblem is the serpent). The serpent is a symbol of wisdom, deformed into a evil symbol, to afraid humans. Who want to afraid humans ?Isn’t it a jealous God ?…

  24. When Osama bin Laden’s hiding place in Pakistan was allegedly discovered in 2011, they claimed that amongst the books he kept at the time in the compound were included these titles: ‘Bloodlines of the Illuminati’, Springmeier; ‘Conspirator’s hiearchy: the Committee of 300’, Coleman; ‘New Pearl Harbour’, Ray Griffin (about 9/11 truth); ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’; and a report on the Project MKUltra.

    Considering how doubtful it is that they assassinated the real Bin Laden in 2011, what are they hinting at here? You guess.

  25. I just thought i would share what i found. i looked up the blood types for the last 14 presidents including Trump. They were all RH- except for Reagan. And i heard from another researcher that he found that Reagan was RH- also.This cannot be random it is statistically impossible. i cound not find all the blood types for vice presidents, and the wifes of both but, the ones i did find were RH- also.

    and of course the queen of england is listed as RH- ALSO.

    thanks dean

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  28. I’m RH-neg. What does that make me?

  29. You seemed to have left out a more significant section of Genesis,
    3:14-15, 14So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. 15And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” Genesis 6 is important but I believe G3 is more so..

  30. Good article, thought provoking. I was reading about “chemtrails” and made that realization and it changed the way I look at everything. When I connected the dots about 911 I shit myself. How could that happen to my country? Short of killing everyone in DC the damage the Bush’s did is irreversible. I’ve been connecting dots for 10 years now on everything and nothing is what it seems. The ultimate control mechanism is Religion so I’ll start there. The Romans knew about Buddhism and Judaism and realized that Paganism wasn’t controlling, however Judaism IS, and Buddhism practices self restraint. The Romans got out of politics and went into Religion (who were the Flabians??) with the construct of the Bible. The Gods of the Jews is not the same as the God that Jesus speaks of, a deliberate dichotomy. Pros and cons, good and evil, rich and poor… mental and spiritual juggling act.. TPB don’t play in it, they control it which is the point. Psychopathic behavior is the nemesis of consciousness and true consciousness is void of constraints. Thus the war on indigenous peoples and us because TPB would not exist if we did not EMPOWER them and all we mentally masturbate about is empowerment for them. When you need to really feel good , do you go to your brother or take a walk with Mother nature? Thus the War on Mother nature and our very physical and mental existance.

  31. I just finished reading Nephilim Crown… & have started reading Big Oil…
    I’m well pleased: huge amounts of info in a relaxed & easy to read writing style. Great value.
    Cheers, Dean.
    John Doran.

  32. I am Rh- but I am not well connected at all! Where is my golden spoon? I should complain to the committee of 300. On a serious note. I do agree that the “leadership” are displaying a lack of any good governance qualities. Evil actions cannot create an utopia. Only an ascension of consciousness. Good Rh- people have a role in the future.

  33. Lisa Moschetti

    King Juan Carlos of Spain was purported to have had 5000 lovers – so one can only speculate on how many illegitimate offspring may carry the bloodline

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