Electronic Feudalism Is Hive Mind Production

(Excerpted from Chapter 41: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

Over the past 8,000 years or so, this planet has been managed by a bloodline-obsessed oligarchy consisting of just a few families. Though their methodologies of exploitation have evolved, their quest for total control over the planet’s resources and people has never wavered. In the past forty years, utilizing the twin scourges of globalization and technology, the power of these ancient feudalists has concentrated like never before.

If the Sumerian clay tablets are correct, around 6,000 BC hunting and gathering cultures in Mesopotamia were forced into agriculture by Annunaki “gods” from whence these feudalists derive their lineage. For at least a hundred thousand years before that, humans lived in egalitarian tribes, worked around eight hours a week to sustain their simple lives, moved semi-nomadically with the animals and the seasons, and rarely engaged in warfare with neighboring tribes.

With the forced advent of agriculture, humanity was pushed out of its Garden of Eden. With it came surpluses and shortages, the commodification of land, resources and even women. A class system arose beneath a new banker elite, who enjoyed the fruits of the farmers’ toil from their new city states of Babylon and Ur. These lazy idle rich were those of the invader bloodlines. Their hands never got dirty, but were instead soaked in the blood of anyone who challenged their self-proclaimed status as feudal lords.

As the bloodlines migrated into southern Europe, they developed a large navy which they used to sail the world in search of other hunting and gathering tribes they could plunder. Their wealth amassed quickly from this piracy and the Roman Empire was established.

Run out of Rome by the Catholic church these parasite bankers moved into the seafaring city of Venice, where they began to fund a series of wars throughout the Middle East and Europe, often sinking both sides into debt which would then be used to seize real assets. Nation states developed, mostly as a means for the feudalists to divide populations and plunder their tax revenues.

It was these Black Venetian bloodline banking families who signed the 13th Century Magna Carta agreement, establishing their City of London geopolitical power center and later their Banks of International Settlements stolen wealth repository in Switzerland.

Their Dutch East India and East India Company tentacles established slavery and continued to loot their increasingly global agricultural plantation, while leaving producers in Indonesia, Brazil and Ghana destitute.

In Europe they launched their Industrial Revolution, whereby disenfranchised peasant sharecroppers were pushed off their land into factories owned by the bloodlines. Those same bloodlines then took title to the peasant’s lands. All of this was done under the banner of progress.

With factory production came the need to create a new cult of materialism. Humanity was now told to settle into a sedentary existence, work long hours in the feudalists’ sweatshops, surround themselves with status-enhancing possessions made in those factories, and become…well…possessed.

In the early 1900’s the Rothschild-led Business Roundtable hatched a plan which would export their banker/factory industrial enslavement model worldwide. While rural areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America were left as impoverished agricultural production centers for the increasingly wealthy European Crown elite, the cities of these regions fell first under slavery, then under colonialism and finally under the bloodlines’ IMF/capital flight model, whereby a few local elites would be cut into the City of London pillage in exchange for looting the wealth of their home countries.

With the election of Reagan and Thatcher in the early 1980’s came the next phase of feudal concentration of power. Privatization of any remaining public utilities and lands became all the rage. A new political movement of “libertarians” was funded to promote the fascist ideas of the Austrian school economists who the feudalists put forward. This is now known as the “alt right”.

Government became a dirty word in a highly successful attempt to destroy any concept that nation states could retain power in the face of the mercantilist free for all being prosecuted by the City of London and their ever-growing corporatocracy.

Production was moved offshore, mostly to China. Capital followed with the advent of the City of London-controlled eurodollar market. The Bank of England established offshore tax havens where the bloodlines and their corporate tentacles could hide their wealth.

Democracy was replaced by an ever-concentrating money power in the hands of those same bloodlines who began humanity’s enslavement in Sumeria. All major parties came under the control of the feudalists, allowing for the next phase of control to begin.

Not content with the material possession of the masses, the fourth industrial revolution has now begun with the very same feudalists at the helm.  It is known as 5G or the Internet of Everything. Driving the 5G train we find the feudalists’ Crown Agent SERCO. (https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/whos-behind-the-5g-cull-of-humanity/)

Under this latest exploitation scheme, the bloodlines seek to expand beyond producing consumer possessions, to the creation of a global grid which chiefly seeks the production of a subservient and thus further “possessed” hive mind, which will willingly trade convenience for autonomy.

Humanity is to be psychologically transformed via cybernetics into a collective hive mind cyborg, which will not only accept the increasingly open bloodline and Luciferian rule of the feudalists, but will help the Satanists keep their family, friends and neighbors in line whenever necessary.

If we allow this to be implemented, humans as we know them will cease to exist. Mobility, creativity and empathy with be replaced by a new electronic feudalism, whereby every individual will construct and pay for their very own electronic prison.

Those who gleefully fill their Amazon shopping carts, rat out their radical neighbors and display total subservience to bloodline fascism will get a high social credit score and the perks that come with it.

Those who make homemade jam, gather firewood, grow a garden or question the feudalist model with receive a low social credit score and will find little inconveniences popping up all around them. Eventually they will be targeted for extermination by the new Fourth Reich.

In the end we will be told to accept a microchip Mark of the Beast. Like cattle being branded, we will be forced to either pledge our total allegiance to the Black Venetians and their Satanic worldview, or be locked out of the marketplace, unable to buy of sell.

Many will happily accept their RFID tag. A small minority of us will reject it all and return to the Garden of Eden, hunting and gathering, navigating the mountains and valleys and searching for other bands of resisters. In the final analysis, a few will choose Heaven and many will choose Hell. And all will have to live with their choices.

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

22 responses to “Electronic Feudalism Is Hive Mind Production

  1. To the damned point.

  2. Laura Marian

    Dean the best summary, exactly to the point.
    Since you mentioned the Black Nobility I will try and do a brief summary of the families, the old papal bloodlines that originate from Rome. There are other royal families to be mentioned but there is no space.
    1. Massimo family the most powerful of the Black Nobility, controls Casa Nostra, (mafia) the Vatican and the Jesuits. They are shareholders in BIS. (Bank of International Settlements). Massimo family has intermarried with the following families: Savoy, Windsor, Osorio in Galicia, Spain, Bourbon. Armancio Ortega serves the Osorio family. All these families together created the nazi, Savoy created Benito Mussolini, and Savoy together with Bourbon family created Franco in Spain to re-establish Bourbon dynasty in Spain.
    2. Aldobrandini family is very influential works with the Vatican and its bank, they had various cardinals and a pope in the Vatican. Aldobrandini is the second after the Massimo, and Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini is married to David Rothschild, the Aldobrandini has intermarried with the Borghese family
    3. Another family is Torlonia who are the main bankers, who supervise the private banking accounts of the Black Nobility, the US Treasury, the Bank of International Settlements; Torlonia and Savoy family rule Switzerland.
    4. Farnese Family established the Jesuits a military order, under the Pope Pablo III called Alessandro Farnese. The leader of Jesuits was Ignacio Loyola. The Farnese governed Parma and Castro, in Italy and today they have authority over the Pentagon. The Farnese bloodlines have intermarried with Dutch, Belge, Luxembourg Royalties.
    5. Pallavicini Family is one of the most powerful that has links in Greece, Italy, Austria. They own companies as Holding Immobiliare Pallavicini S.P.A. Rottapharm, BNP Paribas banking group. Yahya Pallavicini is an IMAM representative of the muslim world and its relations with Europe.
    6. Colonna Family had several popes along with history, Christopher Colombo was paid by them and was a member of this family. They control Columbia Pictures, they own Columbus Knights a Catholic military order that operates on the international level, and federal police are members of this order. This family has influence over the police and organized crime. They have covert commercial enterprises that use their minions to blackmail politicians.
    7. The Orsini Family very known medieval Italian family who had popes along history Papa Celestine III, Pope Nicolas II, Benedicto 13 and had 34 cardinals. Orsini is descendants of ancient Rome, Augusto, Tiberio, Caligula, Nero. Orsini is inbred with Bourbon family. They have connections with Rosenberg and Baden families of Bohemia. Orsini Family of Rome, Orsini family of Austria and Rosenberg of Bohemia control Rosicrucian Order a secret society of alchemists; FDA, drug, and food companies are controlled by this order. They want to depopulate humanity. They control Bayer. Colonna and Orsini work together in this depopulation, Domenico Orsini is their representative.
    This is just the top who rule the world, you never see these people, never heard of them. Whenever the Pope is going somewhere to visit a country, there is a member of these families accompanying him, they are dressed in a suit. People have no idea they exist unless you search for them, and many times the information is deleted from the internet.
    Great article Dean, great summary of the terrible things these people, this Black nobility did to humanity.

    • Thanks for this info. People can look up these names (and others( also in Wikipedia. However back nobility don’t seems to compete with their false-jewish countetpart it seems. (Yes, intermarriage exists like Rothschild in France). My view is Catholic nobility are a declining bunch. May be i am wrong (sources are needed like BIS ownership, etc). I saw a report on Swiss tv some time ago but these people seem well off but so weak in many senses. (May be i am wrong?)

  3. Dean: I’ve recently red (RT 5/17) about the “Archimides Group” which following the Psy-Group trail, has as a line of bussiness, a so called “coordinated inauthentic behaviour ” or elaborates a ‘change-reality according to client wishes’ product, and which It is not by accident that Archimides its based in Israel and under the command of a “palestinian under another flag” named Elinadav Heymann.

    NSA over redundant connection with Israeli’s army Unit 8200 plus Google, Yahoo and Facebook tributaries are already the network operating as an
    electronic CENTCOM but with worldwide reaching tentacles.
    Different from London HQ its the fact that, although working in concert,
    there is a skimpy chance to have intelligence leaks as proven kosher operatives are constrained by blood binding, community ties and often,
    convinced to be an exeptional breed.

    At the present stage, we can see a combined effort to move another echelon as general surveillance has accomplished the goals of detection and ID of resistance pockets. Next, spectral induction would convince us to pick one of the several “trained managers” to move to the oncoming planned phase: national budget 100% to pay banking usury interests, paralell
    zero social benefits, gradual elimination of individual private transportation,

    Then comes the time of compulsion, Constitution abrogated, police state and microchip implanted unless sweared and certified freemasonry membership.
    Few seem to awake to the fact that the communist planned a hyper police regulated society but now, the same fellows with different clothes but with integrated circuits are behind the same goals refurbished under the globalist banner.
    Thanks Dean.

  4. The idea of the collective unconscious means that there is a point in your mind where you are connected with all the minds around you.

    This mind is collective, it is not just your own.

    And the collective mind is like a continent.

    Everybody else is involved in it, not only the present people, but centuries that have passed and the people who have lived, all have left impressions on the collective unconscious.

    This idea of the collective mind has to be destroyed completely, otherwise in some way or other we will continue sacrificing the individual…

    View at Medium.com

    • Essential. Hive is psychopathy. Normal is autonomous / independant. All globalists are line breeding psychopaths. The goal is to flip the world population into sociopaths so they can surface without being lanced. Their paranoia is unmeasureable. That desperation has driven them for centuries.

      • If “Globalist” means satanic bankers, it is bad. One world governmnent is NOT bad *by itself*. ACTUALLY IT MIGHT BE THE ONLY SOLUTION going forward. I am ready to debate it with anybody who accepts facts, proof and is open-minded (i.e. with no prejudice about the topic).

        To be honest i think satanist themselves propagate this idea that ALL form of worldgov is bad, so NOBODY in the so-called “opposition” gets to think about it ( and therefore only THEIR SATANIC FORM OF WORLD GOV. WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE END – Because NO alternative will exist/has been presented or debated in the collective concious mind)…

        Think about it! I DO HAVE THE EVIDENCE 🙂

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  7. Probably your best article Dean….
    Whoa, whoa, whoa.
    I completed it with ad hoc and related PDFs.
    Especially on the RFID implant that is being promoted in a television program newspaper, which I have therefore put in PDF format as proof, because even in a Yellow Vest, some people sleep badly in France.
    It is really a pleasure to read you in French, thanks to Résistance 71 who translates you. Looking forward to it ; Jo


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  10. Statistics matter

    Actually so-called “black nobility” (if it means descendent of the old catholic aristocracy and some jesuits) have significant power today. Read the protocls of zion document below:



  11. Dean you must be crazy!! Who would want to live in Nature and be self reliant, only working 8 hours a week to meet their basic needs? Then spending the rest of their time in family and community?

    I’d rather be a COPPERTOP powering the Satanic Elites with my Loosh.

  12. Fr.John Sommer

    Dean: I’m with you on the “blackout”. We already know enough and what to do. Stay positive and keep the Faith. Love to meet you someday and share a cup. Fr. John

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