The Black Nobility’s 5G Kill Switch

(Excerpted from Chapter 34: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

Researcher Michael Tsarion posits that the old European Black Nobility (Hapsburgs, Guelphs, Tudors, Saxe-Gothas, Algobrandinis, Odeschelis, Borbons, et. al.)) and their now well-intermarried Sephardic Jewish banker cousins (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Kuhn Loebs, Lazards) are Nephilim hybrids who were run out of their previous galaxy due to a full array of vile activities.

Tsarion believes these bloodthirsty pedophiles were chased to the former planet Tiamat, which was then attacked and decimated by their pursuers. Another name for Tiamat is Lucifer.

Tiamat was a water planet. The cataclysm which resulted, says Tsarion, resulted in the 40-day deluge upon Earth which resulted in the Great Flood. Along with the raindrops fell the surviving Nephilim, which Tsarion claims launched the evil empire of Atlantis and have run every warmongering empire since.

He believes their attackers locked a Stargate behind them and banished them forever to their Earth prison. The moon was apparently put into place as a sort of key to this Stargate and this explains the oligarchy’s obsession with the “space program”. He says they are frantically searching for a method by which they can open the Stargate and escape this planet, which they detest.

In their search, they figured out that the key to their dilemma is silicon. This goes a long way to explaining the advent and explosion of silicon computer chip technology. Within the span of 20 years, Earth and its human inhabitants have been spun into a worldwide spider’s web created by DARPA  It is also known as the Internet.

With each new generation of silicon chip technology, the net grew faster and its grip over its users grew tighter. The rare earth metals required were stolen from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 5 million people have died due to the permanent war there needed to steal these ores.

Humans took the Nephilim bait. Their IQs plummeted, their attention span dwindled to that of goldfish, and their temperament grew surly and disagreeable. They didn’t know it but they were now worshiping and mimicking their Nephilim captors. Like these Illuminati despots and their Freemason minions, the people also grew to despise Creation, especially humanity.

Enter 5G.

The Black Nobility & their banker relatives can collectively be referred to as the Crown. Most cell towers are built by Crown Castle. The ionized space fence is being built by Space X. Planet X is Nibiru- the ancient home of the Nephilim, also referred to as the Annunaki.

The small cells, the smart meters and the LED lighting used to conceal the 5G cells are built by Crown Agency Corp. subsidiary General Electric, which also built nearly every nuclear power plant in the world, including the one at Fukushima, which is still dumping radiation into the now-dead north Pacific.

911 came shortly after DARPA launched the Internet. It was designed to usher in a surveillance state, a permanent war economy and a climate of fear, false patriotism and obedience among all humans. The security firm which facilitated the attacks on the World Trade Center towers it was in charge of “protecting” was Securacom, a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp. which was run by Marvin Bush, the President’s brother. The Bush family are cousins of the Black Nobility Windsor Nephilim.

A series of fake Islamists groups similar to al Qaeda were rolled out to justify the ensuing wars wherever resources were needed. Trained by the CIA and Mossad, they all emerged from the Saudi-funded madrasas of the Pakistan-based Agha Khan Foundation, a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp.

Lockheed Martin, which runs NASA, administers the new Food Stamp cards, reads the surveillance cameras being rapidly installed in every US city, is building cyborg soldiers with DARPA, and is the world’s largest defense contractor is a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp.

Trump was elected by Cambridge Analytica, a British intelligence front controlled by the Crown. The Crown was behind the Syrian White Helmets and the Skripal gas attacks.

Silicon Valley is funded largely by the Saudis via Softbank. The Saudis have historically funded most covert operations undertaken by the Crown.

It is clear that America and the entire planet are under attack by a force which does not care about trashing the earth in the process. A mass extinction event is well underway and when 5G is fully rolled out humans will be a part of it.

That force is the Black Nobility/Rothschild Nephilim Crown. This force wants you dead and should be considered your enemy in a war of epic proportions which is about to take place.

If the vile Luciferian Crown which has lorded over Earth as its personal plantation for decades wants to get off this planet, as Tsarion says, then it does not care if it destroys it on the way out.

Having found the silicone key to the Stargate, are they now distracting us with petty conflicts and dumbing us down long enough to make their escape? More importantly, could 5G be a giant kill switch for humanity which they will hit on their way out?

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

35 responses to “The Black Nobility’s 5G Kill Switch

  1. one question not to dispute what you are saying as i don’t know enough and understand fully the threat of 5G but if it were a giant kill switch which i do think it is, why would they pull it on the way out? why bother?

  2. Hmm, could be or 5G may alter human reproductive organs rendering everyone sterile, killing off the species. They would likely need multiple generations to achieve their final solution.

  3. Interesting and well pointed article Dean. Who knows, I incline to believe Tsarion. 1. We are not alone in this universe, that is a fact; 2. The Earth is constantly being destroyed, people are being killed; 3.The Black nobility and their Jewish banker cousins keep pushing the AI on people and turn people into batteries.
    As a conclusion Black nobility/bankers are evil hybrid aliens.
    I totally agree with Tsarion theory.
    Awesome article!

    • Yes, we’re not alone in this universe but the other intelligent beings are not aliens but demons, pure spirits that can take on physical appearances, are masters of deceit since they are of a much higher level of intelligence, and ultimately seek our eternal damnation.
      “St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”
      That prayer was composed by Pope Leo XIII in 1886 after he had a vision of the increased power of Satan and the other fallen angels in the 20th and 21st centuries.

  4. Always enjoy your insight, knowledge and sharing of what we are all up against. Tsarion is an awesome researcher, kudos to you both. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Calvin Davis

    Livin up here in the Oachitas, surrounded by the majesty of existence, I can’t help but subscribe to the belief that everything that is, is a vital, living part of that majesty, and its living manifestation of eternity. I can not judge, as at best a witness, other than to seem to accept gratefully, that gift of consciousness.

  6. frederic kotowitz

    There is currently technlogy that exists in the form of a holographic app for your smart fone which renders all EMF’s from your fone and/or from 5G … safe … I am quite certain that this same technology can be designed into much larger scale elimination of the ill effects of 5G … contact Thunder … WWG1WGA

  7. I have not read Dean’s blog in quite some time. Realizing reading here today how powerful the message. Sad world. It appears we do what the Taoists did and T’ai Chi energy til the gross, dense, coarse unrefined chi alchemys into subtle. I have very young grandchildren. Thanks Dean for this much needed bell ringing.

  8. Petunia Wigglebottom

    I note several very Un-Cathar attitudes here. I’m aligned with the Cathars, and I say good riddance to the realm of the demiurge when I’m gone, but I can’t call myself Cathar. They’re supposed to be nice, and I’m as obnoxious as Hell. I also refuse to follow the diet. Vegetarian yes, vegan, NO! (It is said they at fish, but I wonder. Actually, I don’t believe they did. I’ll find out when I get my Akashic Library Card on the Otherside, whenever that is.)

  9. Great piece; says it all precisely and concisely.

  10. We must not fall for the other world stuff, these too are inventions of the Annunaki, made here, never been anywhere else; just so happens when the SHF the first time and long ago, they, these, were in position to take advantage; well, their ancestors did, and so we have them and us today and the us is not doing very good, really.
    Nothing magic or god like about it, a bunch of poopy pants human beings whose ancestors managed to get on top; when the leadership back then, caught their hats, and cut lose across the Ice Wall from whence they came; went back to their homes on the other side; so these killers in charge today, their blood line, their tribe, if you will, have never let go since then; so we have today and them, tomorrow; we, our children, will have their children ruling over them and us, and, they too, the children of the elite today, will probably roll with laughter as our slave children, wonder, where did they, the children of the ruling elite, come from, and, or they human, or not.
    Yes, they are human and they do die, which eliminates any ideas about them being any different than us. They do in their system of things own everything, even us other humans, and, they will if we don’t stop this dual citizens in the Leadership, where they nest, crap, the Federal Reserve by which they have robbed us blind, and, 5G, a murderous plan, to rid the Earth of us; if we fail our children again and allow these killers to continue to rule over us and even wipe us out with their 5G and other killer tactics; GMO’s, Fluoride, Chemtrails, poison in our food, poison in our water, poison in the air, and, the frequencies, meant to kill us.
    Oh, right, say it is from outer space that way you absolve yourself from any responsibility to your self, to your wife and children, oh, I get it now. Poor old you, what can anyone do about space men they are so much smarter and stronger, right? Guess we’ll all just have to die.

  11. Eileen Kuch

    Thank you so much for enlightening us on the Black Nobility.

  12. which tsarion videoare you referencing Deanwe want to check it out

  13. Winston Smith

    Joseph Farrell also talks about this Tiamat theory. My guess is that the truth is very close to this.

    Maybe they can already come and go (wormholes, CERN….) and are just warming up in toying with us.

    Earth is the bordello of the galaxy.

    Good luck to all.

  14. George Jansch

    It tears me apart. I drink too much. I can’t explain to my family how their beliefs are bringing about the retribution that is coming, just around the corner. Speaking of silicon, it is the achillies heel of this so called modern world. It is vulnerable to electro-magnetic pulse. The sun emits emp, when it produces solar flares. Here, I know what I am talking about..I’m an electronics engineering technologist. I have operated as an electronics technician, an electrical technician, and instrumentation mechanic, as well as a computer tech. I have a journeyman’s electrical ticket, as well. The shielding that the powers that be will be insufficient to prevent the whole world from shutting down. But I am still just a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

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  16. I wasnt able to get a response email, to let me know Im on your mailing list. I dont think your web service is sending them out. I dont want to put my regular email here but you can put my secondary email on your list. thank you

  17. Petunia Wigglebottom

    Well, the flood didn’t work; so Enlil is using his brats to try to get rid of us by 5G? (Read Epic of Gilgamesh. It basically says Jehovah is Enlil. After all, Enlil/Jehovah was responsible for the flood. So I’ll assume everyone in the Abrahamic religions is worshipping Enlil, since they all originated from the same Sumerian root. The demiurge as the Cathars and other Gnostics called him?) I’ll stick to recognising the Urge as Source, thank you. Wakan Tanka by any other name.

  18. cazzograndissimo

    Thank G*D we are immortal, infinite beings elsewise this would be bothersome report. ” I am not a body, I am free I am still the way G*D created me” …

  19. Dean, there is evil in this world for sure. I still cherish your past exposes of the oil business. But lately your proven powers of analysis seem to have gotten lost in some kind of fantasy paranoia inspired by Icke, who, I think, bumped his head on one too many goalposts..No need to evoke extraterrestrial malevolence for what’s happening – we have plenty of that commodity among ourselves.

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