5G Summit: The Agenda Behind 5G

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

32 responses to “5G Summit: The Agenda Behind 5G

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  2. Awesome interview Dean, Josh seem an intelligent man, I wonder why you couldn’t say these things on the 5G summit? People need to hear these things. The more the better. 5G is a chance for humanity to change, for the world to change and for the corruption to go away and for the nephilim to get away from this planet.

  3. Tom Driscoll

    Just finished reading ‘ ILLUMINATI AGENDA 21’ By Dean and Jill.
    Really impressive. Have ordered 2 more of your books.

  4. Hello Dean , what a warrior and hero you are ! than you for being who you are. i want to make 3 points here :

    1. A lot of people are living in the darkness, for a long period of time. and their eyes are adapted to the darkness. now what will happen if you will open the window and the sunlight will go through ? they will scream at you ! to close the window ! because the light is so bright for their eyes 🙂 so their eyes hurt from the sunlight.

    exactly the same with truth. thats why i always suggest to people to start from little pieces of information, of truth. like you are doing wonderfully. with little rays of light. so that way their eyes will not hurt at the beginning, and adapt to the light, which is the truth, the facts, that you are speaking.

    2. all what abusive , ignorant, or heavily programmed ( in subconsciousness) people, all they can is to call you names. its much easier for them to call you crazy, and conspiracy theorist ( which I don’t see nothing wrong in assuming that rich powerful people are involved in crime ) , tin foil hat , etc.
    Its easier from them to call you names, then actually listen to what you are saying, and read your books and try to proove that all your facts are not real facts.

    3. people see in others themselves. so alot of times, when someone saying something bad about you, its because they see in you their own reflection. 🙂

    god bless you Dean. wish you a wonderful day.

  5. abinico warez

    5G not a problem – GMO a problem – don’t get suckered by monsanto’s ploy to divert attention away from GMOs.

    • they are both a big problems. both the telecom industry, and the monsanto and bayer companies and all the GMO companies, are criminals that messing with the holy DNA of living beings on earth. the DNA that was developed for billions of years, this scumbags are destroying the harmony.

      the telecom industry damaging the electromagnetic fields, and damaging the bees, the soil microorganisms, the sea, the plants,all the pollinators, and our living cells, nerves, brain, heart, DNA, etc.
      and the GMO industry is damaging the DNA, and our organs.

      so both are problems that threat humanity. and this problems need the whole attention of all people in the world.

    • Yes, they are not only both a problem but seem to work in tandem with one another to decimate our DNA and immune system.

  6. @mike I have seen comments like abinico’s comments above, comments on the internet that assert that 5G is not damaging, these people are either blind or don’t want to admit the real problem of 5G messing with you DNA, sucking out your oxygen and water of the cell. Dean is right , GMO and 5G working in tandem to destroy our immune system.

    • @Laura just want to support you with nice message : thank you for fighting back , and speaking the truth. in the youtube videos of Josh del sol , the interview that he did with Dean, there are some people that said some bad things about Dean. its makes me mad when after the HUGE research work that Dean did other all this 30 years. there are people that write bad things about him. all they can is to abuse other people.

      one of them wrote in the comments there about Dean :

      ” he is a deep state agent who cleverly mixes truth with deceptive “misdirection ” . In the process they hope to discredit the truth and/or lead the audience down the wrong conclusion. ”

      such comments makes me very angry. and its so ridiculous.

      by the way Dean said that he dont use the term Deep state, his words :
      “its not Deep, and its not a state. ” its the bloodlines. the city of london, etc.

      so thank very much you Laura for fighting them back. respect to you. and wish you all the best in life.

  7. @Mike; thank you Mike for all your kind words, respect for you too, we need to fight for the truth, and Dean is saying the truth, it just makes me mad when I see people discredit those who are doing research. I have read Dean’s work and I know he is saying the truth about the bloodlines. There is one comment that made me mad “a pile of crap”, it makes me mad when i see people protecting royals when we know what they did along history killed, murdered tortured, and people consider them philanthropic. i will attach here a link for you to read about the royals. Respect to you Mike as well and wish you all the best to you as well.

    • @Hello Laura, thank you for your message. couple of points i want to make about the comment of someone in youtube that made you angry :
      someone wrote that Dean is a pile of crap, so here are some points :
      1. first of all , when someone wrote in youtube comments that ” Dean is pile of crap ” , its doesnt proof anything. i dont know who wrote this, but i am sure that he cant mention nothing accurate in what Dean say. he doesnt prove anything. if he would wrote exactly a paragraph from Dean book, and say some real argument, then it would be diffrent dissection. but again, all what such people can do is to be abusive and call other people in bad words, like ” pile of crap”

      2. as i wrote before, people see in other themselves. so when this person look at Dean, and all what he can say is ” pile of crap ” then its just means that he is himself, a pile of crap.

      3. sometimes, and maybe even often, the situation is similar to this quote :
      “What Paul says about Peter tells us more about Paul than about Peter” ~ Spinoza

  8. @Mike , another site for you to read

    • Definitely an impressive amount of information and research in this link.
      I just want to mention something that disturbed me in the previous link that you sent me.

      I was very excited at the beginning, i though , what an amazing hard research that has been done here, there is alot of information here.

      so i looked, everything seemed alright, the bloodlines, the royals, the politicians, etc. everything looks logically correct, they are the bad people, involved in crime networks, etc.

      but then i was surprised to see there Thor Bjournson. i thought its strange.. he always seemed like a nice guy, even that he have a lot of tattoos and he is so big and looks brutal in the sport competitions , sometimes or even often, such people are kind inside, so I don’t always judge by the look. he have have a youtube channel, there with his wife and kids, and friends, doing always workout , heaving good time, etc. he also was in commercial for saving the ocean from plastic, which i think its great, but because i never researched him deeply, then i assumed… ” ok .. so he is involved in crime groups……. wow… its .. well…. ok.. maybe some of it possible… ” still kind of have a doubt in that.

      What he wrote about dywane jonson, I can agree with it. Because dywane jonson had a creepy commercial about raping children. And he is deeply involved in Hollywood. so its making sense.

      so i continued reading. then i notices in the category ” Gang of friends ”
      there was Richie From Boston and Call for uprising from youtube.
      now this part, made me look completely different on the author ProfessorZeus.
      this is what made me doubt in other things that he posted website.
      he wrote about Richie from Boston and call of uprising very hardcore things.
      he blame them in cannibalism, trafficking, gang stalking, murder.

      i watched for few years the youtube channel of Richie from boston, and call for uprising. and i dont think at all, that they are involved in such horrible things.
      Richie and call for uprising , are two people that always woke up many people, Richie found over the years a lot of very interesting important information, like CERN symbolism, rituals, etc. Dwave quantum computer, he uploaded a lot of good information about 9 /11. he always warning people about chemtrails.
      i dont see any information that point that he is a cannibal, human kidnapper trafficker , gang stalker, … really its just doesnt seems the case at all. i think that he is a good person, on our side.
      the author who wrote the horrible blames about him, doesnt provide any proof, he just blames. and also its just sounds like nonsense.

      and call for uprising, is a person that always, ALWAYS, exposing satanism, pedophilia, symbolism in movies, events, etc. i dont see any logic in blaming him in cannibalism, satanism , trafficking, etc. because he expose it all, all the time, for several YEARS. With such an effort. so i dont see any sense in such horrible blames.

      it makes me think that the author ProfessorZeus is not legit. at the beginning i trusted him 100% , now 50%. maybe even less.

      i think that probably there is alot of truth in this links . but just after what i read about Richie and Call for uprising, i understand that … its mixed with mistakes or even lies of the author, … or maybe his mental state is not healthy, I don’t know. I really don’t try to write something bad, just… his blames about the two persons , were extremely horrible. Without any proof and without any sense.

      ** but anyway, thank you very much Laura for your effort. i very appreciate it.

      I will be glad to read your opinions.

  9. These are his exact words A pile of crap with a sprinkle of truth… is that how you want to be taken serious?
    And yes, you’re right Mike, before calling someone a pile of crap bring some evidence , arguments. Unfortunately that’s what happens everywhere in the world, with your friends, when you try and explain with arguments, and have conversation based on evidence, people either attack you or just get up and leave. It happened to me several times. This argument made me angry as I know Dean has a lot of background and research over the years, I read his work and I know he is based on evidence. Possibly that person was one defending royalty, and the Crown.
    I just find revolting that people are behaving like this instead of learning. That video should have millions of views, but other shills on internet who never touch the Crown are popular.

    • Definitely the person who wrote this comment is horrible and disgusting.
      He is the one instead , that deserve to be called ” a plie of crap “. in fact he is himself, dont taken serious by many people. because he have no real arguments. and he doesnt show any respect to Dean. a normal person who have a doubt, dont write in such a rude manner.

      maybe he is programmed negatively in the subconscious. so he reject everything that Dean says.

      subconscious is a big part of the human behavior.

      and remember that there are federal operatives, intelligence agencies operators, and even military personnel, that one of their jobs is to discredit people that speak the truth, like Dean speak the truth, their job is to write comments, that will make people turn against them .

      so just remember that.

      and of course, this videos need to have more views.

  10. @Mike Some other thing I forgot to mention you. I was shocked to see people (when I lived in Canada a constitutional monarchy) lining up tents before the Parliament in Ottawa, two weeks before the queen’s/or other royalty’s arrival in Canada and sleeping there , and then cheering, adoring the queen after her speech. I was telling myself “how can people be so morons to bow to royals, how can people swallow that bullshit of “divine right to rule”? I never got my answer no matter how many times I asked Canadians this question. People are equal and you’re not supposed to bow to any authority, that’ s my motto.
    That is why I admire Americans as they fought a Revolution against monarchy, and Americans have civil spirit , they fight against tyranny, this is what royalty is a great tyranny.

    • my several points on what you wrote :

      1. according to the science, and also to Olga Sheean, all people on the planet are controlled by 95 % the subconscious . and only 5 % conscious.

      our brain is the hardware, and the subconscious, is the software, the programs. that control our lives, from birth. and are accumulating from parents, schools, TV, mainstream media, commercials, History, etc.

      so people who are rejecting Dean information, are maybe programmed , so on the subconscious level, they reject everything.

      and the subconscious makes people do actions that are not logical, without any sense.

      so remember that there is a whole world of subconscious. and a lot of people are programmed, and social engineered.

      2. And i definitely agree with you, i dont understand why millions of people give so much power to the royal families, why they consider them as their rulers.

      in some radio show, which i dont remmeber what show, the host said that its like a ” sheeple gene ”

      i think … probably the reason is that the public is programmed through many years, to cheer to the royals. And accept them as their lords. Its like a tradition in UK, to consider them above the regular people. Its reminds me of also India, where poor people believe from birth, that they deserve to be poor. And the rich to be rich. They are programmed from childhood to accept that, so they don’t think to rebel.

      ** The good news is that its possible to reprogram the subconscious . but I am not an expert on that subject.
      Olga Sheean knows better then me.

      3. and about americans, definitely, its so impressive that the founding fathers of America, fighted till death, against the tyranny of the UK royalty.

      The problem is, that the royals are clever, and they used specific laws, and systems manipulations, so till this day, USA, is a colony of the UK royalty, and all the bloodlines, with their banks.

      People need to wake up, they give their freedom very easily to the 5G electronic prison and government.
      They need to remember how much brutal was the war several hundred years ago, against the tyranny. People fighted for freedom even with the cost of their lives.
      But now days, people give their freedom like its nothing. Because the manipulation of the minds began from birth, social engineering , mainstream media, history, etc.

  11. You’re 100% right Mike, there is something wrong with people nowadays, if it’s programming the reason, but you can snap out of it, like switch button of TV. I have the feeling people lost their logic and critical thinking and yes you’re right they accept everything on a plate, no matter if it’s poison. It’s like I would serve you with a plate of food, wouldn’t you question it? I would.
    Here is a link from Russia today about 5G
    You’re right people gave away their freedom to 5G electronic prison for convenience or for stupidity not thinking about the consequences.
    If we go down to the next level to the bankers, I find the same thing, I keep telling people take out your money, the bail-in is voted in the EU so you will lose your money, and once you put your money in the bank it’s not yours it’s the banks. They don’t care to research, even if I provide them info. They keep believing the bullshit on TV. The same goes for commercials, I say “if a brand is advertised that does not mean it’s good quality” but I keep talking in vain. I find sometimes frustrating, it’s like a constant battle trying to explain to people like to a 2 year old baby who never listens, but at least that’s a baby who does not know much. I honestly admire Dean for his patience to explain and explain with logic answers, it can be exhausting sometimes.
    On the top of these ignorant people I can add the corrupt ones , the minions , who are bribable and they would do anything for the money.
    Mike, I find it a constant battle , and I don’ t have high expectations from people. Most of the people nowadays are interested only in watching tv, sports, beer, having fun, and that’s it.
    As for cheering the royals, I find it absurd, feudalism was in the middle ages, monarchy is obsolete. I honestly came to the conclusion the people lost their mind they don’t think about the costs they pay to these royals , here is the link
    This is insane, if you are a reasonable being, you would think that paying them and supporting royals it makes you poor, so then don’t complain about your life.

    • thank you for your message and interesting links. I wanted also to say to you that there is a brave and strong woman named Katherine Horton. she done alot of work to fight against the crown, the criminal secret services like MI6 , CIA, swiss intelligence, and so on. she fight through a court cases, she really did alot of work, and she is under attack of intelligence that use DEW weapons.

      she have a website, with alot of information. (by the way her website was shutdown recently unlawfully ) the site called :
      stop007 (dot) org
      and she also have a youtube channel, called: stop007.

      its so sad to see how she and many victims live. i hope that she will not be killed from this psychopaths of intelligence service. its such a crazy and hard reality we live in.

      please share her website and youtube channel to your friends and the community of followers of Dean.

      i hope more people will support her, she fight for the sake of humanity and many electronic harassment victims.

  12. @Mike thanks for the info I will check Katherine Horton out. I just noticed your opinions about zeus, I honestly don’t know those guys you mentioned, I found there people on his site called shills, We are change Luke Rudkowski, and that is true, all Luke does is asking for money and then he travels.
    The guys you mention I don’t know them. As for the royals, bankers, Zeus is right, I have done research on them so did Dean. i can tell you one thing Mike, this site of Zeus was deleted at least three times, so there must be some legitimacy in it, why would they delete it then for slandering? Maybe.

    • Of course there is some legitimacy in his site.
      But after I saw what he wrote about people that I follow along time, then now I don’t trust every thing he write. i can trust many things, but not everything.
      I am now more critical to what he wrote in his site, then I was at the beginning.

      when people write bad things about royals and bankers, i can beleive it, because the source of evil comes from them. so i often think that its a high chance that they do all sorts of bad things.

      but what he wrote about those 3 people, if you want, you can check this people , all this 3 people have youtube channels :

      1. Thor Bjournson – i am not his huge follower, but i know that he is a sportsman, i think and many other people think that he is a nice guy, he have nice family, and by all i saw about him , i didnt saw something really evil in him, and no involvment in crimes. maybe im wrong, if you want you can correct me if so, but i dont think he is a bad guy. its just my intuition.

      2. Richie from boston – for many years doing videos about exposing the new world order, chemtrails, cern, 9/11 , lies of government. etc.

      3.Call for uprising – a youtube channel, for a long time he always axposing satanism, symbolism in all modern media, events , etc. he is making videos in youtube about it every week. his channel full of it, he expose it all the time.

      ( 4. by the way also good youtube channel that expose the evil in the world , the channel called : “ Thescariestmovieever “ the guy that run this youtube channel caleld : KJ Ozborne.

      5. Also very good youtube channels : truthstreammedia, , woodwardTV, thirdphaseofthemoon, age of truth TV )

      so if you want, you can look at their videos, what they do, what they speak, and tell me if you think that they are evil, cannibals, murders, horrible criminals .

      just look what Zeus wrote about Richie :


      ” Richie from Boston is a ruthless cannibal and terroristic pig. Richie runs a massive national gang stalking cult that gang stalk people to death and then they traffic their genitals through the occult networks that have infiltrated hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes. Richie from Boston also travels to the South West and is involved with burning children alive in the desert. Richie is one of the most evil shills on the planet and his entire defense is pretending to be a humble Christian which is a front and is what Luciferianism actually is. ”

      i think its very hardcore blames. its crazy. i dont think that Richie is even close to what Zeus wrote. cannibalism ? terrorist ? gang stalker ? traffic genitals ?? burning children alive ???! my god, what is wrong with Zeus ? this is not alright.
      correct me if im wrong, but i dont saw anything this horrible things in Richie. not even a clue to such horrible things.

      and this is what he wrote about the Call for uprising youtube channel :

      ” Richie works closely with A Call For An Uprising another Christo-Luciferian cannibal who gets paid to lie everyday while pretending to be against the evil he works for. Richie from Boston works under the Boston crime family and their owners the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. ”

      Again, so much hardcore blames about people that for years are exposing the evil, that give the public important information and awareness. people that I and hundred of thousands of more people are follow them for several years, and all this blames are without any proof.

      ** so if Zeus has such a style of writing and reporting … then what about other people that he write about ? i can’t trust now every word he says.

      but about his other posts, its looks better, with links , some proofs.

      * and i am sorry Laura for my long message. i try to write short, but sometimes i dont succeed to do so.

  13. @Mike I just want to add if those guys you mentioned on Zeus’s site are part of Hollywood, then Zeus is right and the site 100% legitimate. Hollywood belongs to the royals and they manipulate humanity through music, movies ,magic. I am not familiar with these people you mentioned but most of the actors (except a few) and singers are manipulated by the bloodlines by mind control, one egg is Tom Cruise being part of Scientology cult.

  14. I will check these guys Mike for sure. I believe what he says about royals and bankers and also some actors. I used to love Arnold Schwarzenegger and I find out shocked that he is NWO agenda, tied to some families, I saw pictures of him and Rothschild, the same goes of some singers rappers and I find out on Zeus’s site that they are all connected to Illuminati, Rhiana is one of them, and many more. I used to listen David Icke I still do sometimes but searching among his books I never found proof of the real bloodlines, he never mentions Aldobrandini, Orsini, Massimo (all the bloodlines Zeus mentions); David is listed as a shill by Zeus, maybe he is , but the fact that David never mentions the bloodlines makes me wonder. The same for other alternative medias they never mention the Crown, the bloodlines, the real evil, they sometime mention the bankers, and then they complain about demonetizing. Bottom line, Dean is the only one who is always mentioning the bloodlines.
    I don’t want to be so long and take Dean’s space on his blog here, maybe we can communicate somewhere else, if you wish.

  15. in my reply below, i wrote exactly about what guys i talked about. each of them have youtube channel , i talk about 3 youtube channels :

    1. Thor Bjournson ( my little mistake, his name more accuratly : Hafthor Bjournson ) – he is not a hollywood actor, he is a sportsman that lives in iceland. and his youtube channel is also called Hafthor Bjournson. he did acting in the past, but he is not a hollywood star. i am not sure if he is really involved in some crimes, i never did deep research on him, but i dont think that he is a bad guy. he have a very nice family, he seems kind, people around the world love him, he always workout, he lives in iceland, not in america, so.. i dont think that he is a bad person.

    2. Richie from boston – the guy who run this youtube channel , his name is Richie, and he is definitely NOT a hollywood star.

    3. call for uprising – its a youtube channel. i dont know the person name who run this channel. but he is legit. and he is also, NOT a hollywood star. the opposite, he expose hollywood. he is not part of it.

    so as you see, this 3 guys, especially Richie and call for uprising, are NOT hollywood actors at all.

    * and also above in previous message i gave you more good youtube channels, i will write them again :

    age of truth TV,
    scariestmoviever KJ ozborne
    oh …. and : Jason liosatos outside the box.

    and if you love to learn about ancient archeology, ancient technologies . there are also a good youtube channels :

    ancient architects
    Brien foerster

    and by the way, i already know for several years, that hollywood is controlled by the royals and freemasons, so its not new for me at all.

    thank you for your message and effort.

  16. Thank you for the sites Mike, i will check them

  17. https://royalmasonicmafia.blogspot.com/?view=flipcard
    this is another part of Zeus’s site , that is legit about royals
    Nice talking to you Mike and have a great day!

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