World Events Network: The Big One

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

20 responses to “World Events Network: The Big One

  1. I hear you Dean, when time comes I join to the protesters, I am not afraid to die either. I would suggest to go to BIS in Switzerland, and to Luxembourg, Lichtenstein to the castles of royalties. I have been thinking of this for a long time, to gather about 1B or a couple of millions of people and go there and fight the royals. They don’t have enough army and police officers to put up with 5 million of people or even 1B. Yes, there will be casualties, that’s what happens in cases like this, there has to be sacrifices for freedom.
    The problem Dean is to convince those people who the REAL ENEMIES are, and that’s what I find hard, people are so divided and brainwashed. Organizing a rebellion and targeting castles, banks, is not hard, we people from whole Europe need to gather, and Americans as well.
    I always enjoys your interviews Dean, I love listening to you but we need to do more than that. If people don’t understand that, then we are finished as humanity pretty soon.

    • Yes, the castles!

    • Chris Dealtry

      Laura, yeah, its looking bad for humanity as a whole, maybe. I’ve thought about similar ideas to you. Seems like a take-down could only be planned off-web, not the kind of thing that’s gonna work on facebook at least. Their AI ‘spiders’ are surely designed to alert the heavies at any unified resistance? Maybe e-mails might be safe, for a while? I’m on the insane island, I’ll be on the mainland in a few seasons, maybe we should burn the burner phones on a campfire and see what creative ideas we see in the flames? Yeah, I could be a crown agent, in reality you’ll just know I’m not, and if you’re not sure, bring a cat along. 😉

    • They have seized the castles of so-called “black nobilities ” long ago, including other estates. I am not sure about their alledged partial ownership in BIS (or the Fed) however…

      Queen of England of Holland assets is yet a different situation.

  2. You are so right. Leave us alone, that is exactly right in Indian Country.

  3. i didnt watched yet your interview, but i want to thank you so much Dean !
    for your hard work, your warnings, and the important information about what is happening now, and what are the real reasons of the suffering in the world. if not you and researches like you, people would be living in absolute darkness, and fighting in endless wars and manipulated endlessly ! so thank you so much Dean for being a light in the world of darkness. i very appreciate you. please keep light us ( your followers ) with what is going in the world. thank you again so much.

  4. Chris Dealtry

    Yep, I think you’re right about big manipulations in the very near future.
    Hell-o-ween: last year they played trick-or-trick with zionist prophecy ‘signs’. Soon after, were the California selective fires. Seems like they really don’t like those pacifist pacific people. Hope the current outage isn’t some pre-excuse for another mass-zapp. Then, there’s the abnormal weather predictions for Thanksgiving, very suspicious that they could predict natural weather that far ahead. Just as suspicious: ER (obvious initials) demos followed abnormal downpours here in Bright-an-ea. You-Tube shadowing and mainstreaming of ‘recommendations’ is on the rise too, it would be no surprise if part of their trick-or-trick season involves injecting new levels of AI fakery into their anti-social mediums. That could be a major diverging of paths, as folks either withdraw from the tech or get sucked into deeper fakery.

    This ER thing, fake-crusties with posh accents (not all Thatcherite-rejection traveller culture folks are like them at all), looks like UK middle classes are once again blinded by abstract intellect empire-state-of-mind ‘education’ to do the crown’s bidding, blaming the common people for the fake mess created by the slavery system, and begging for more control, tax attacks and hi-tech cars with leds, scifi wifi and 5g radar (permanently on), the latest driver-sickness induction technology*. The more they connect with virtual windows and mobile hand-sets, the more abstract information they subject themselves to, the less they actually go outside the real windows, use their real mobile roots (legs) and, the more they seem to get dumb and dumber. The song of the native people (echoed by the Nag Hammadi gnostics as you say), becomes more and more obvious: beware of the trickster, all we need is outside and nature is the greatest teacher.

    And yeah, I was thinking about that end-of-life ‘light’ thing, some serious staying put, taking plenty of time to sense what’s going on, asking ‘who the *** are you?’ if some disembodied voice comes along. If the answer is in words, then that sure aint the language of our spirit world. Everything this earth has taught me is that we are very welcome here, always seems that in the wilderness, our presence are presents, kind of a holiday when the humans wander along and join in. Maybe poetry is the best we can get to express the language of the spirit world, the trees, the mounatins, the animals …..

    * There may be a possible upside for us, with the availability of more second-hand patched-up old bucket millenium-falcon vehicles (planned legislation and higher petrol-taxes aside). Keep those old school mechanics from the last millenium in business folks, or learn from them, they could play a part in more folks getting through these freaky strange times.

  5. @Chris Dealtry I would be happy to meet with you, I have linkedin profile, you can link me and then we can exchange personal emails. Search for Laura Marian. I live in Romania, I am not sure where you will be in Europe but I am happy to meet. I am not afraid, I know there are good people on Dean’s site.

    • Chris Dealtry

      @Matthias Good that Know More News is on the case. Even if its a psy-op, its worth spreading the information just in case. It adds up, relatively, we all have a feeling they are gonna pull some stunts over the next few weeks.

      • “Even if its a psy-op, its worth spreading the information just in case.”
        By the way, I wanted to thank Dean for his three books: 5G Apocalypse, Agenda 21 and Big Oil – tons of information.

      • Thanks for reading them Matthias!

  6. Chris Dealtry

    Nice one Laura, err, ok, Linkedin, more professional than me lol. Looks like I have 4 options for you: Freelance Translator / Marketing / QA Engineer or “Referent logistica at Continental Automotive Products SRL” (sorry, I can only count to 5 in Romanian). Which sould I choose? 🙂

  7. Freelance Translator. I noticed you saw my profile great. I deleted Facebook and other social media long time ago, I needed linkedin for jobs.

    • @Laura same here. Deleted them all long ago. Lost a lot of “Friends” but they turned out to be Zombies anyway. But couldn’t scrape LinkedIn off my shoe because of work 😦

  8. Dean you are right, this fight has been going on a long time. My hate for the Crown goes back to my Great Great Great Grandfather who got a one-way ticket to Botany Bay in chains for not paying the Crown’s taxes. F*** Them!

    P.S. Seriously love that shirt. Another Royals Fan!

    I propose to put this bankers mural on each and every Rothschild bank adding there” Don’t print money out of thin air and don’t enslave humanity”

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