Minions Feeding Vampires

(Excerpted from Chapter 9: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

The Trump dog & pony show – which encompasses both the triggered outrage at it and the blind enthusiasm for it – can only exist within a Satanic system where the vast majority of the population have become robotic vampire-feeding minions cued on by an artificially-constructed and fully internalized code of conduct which they firmly believe to be a set of values, but which in fact acts to perpetuate and further their own enslavement in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Stepping back from the most recent divide and conquer movie, one observes that in their every day affairs most people have never been busier bowing down to the self-proclaimed authority of the day. It has become now a simple reflex. This cowardice transforms into guilt, shame and depression, making for thousands of sick minions who are technically alive, but spiritually dead.

Those of us who regularly have a go at the vampires who rule this planet with their Babylon money-changer scheme are seen my most of these minions as simple food which they can feed the vampires to keep them away from themselves. Thus the ostracization, silence or outright contempt we get from the minions for our efforts to free them.

As the old saying which best describes this inbred-bloodline Beast system goes, “Shit rolls down hill”.

That’s how the Luciferians designed it. And that’s how the vampire-feeding minions seek to keep it, convinced by the shriveled old on-screen ventriloquists that if they do not, shit may actually start to roll uphill, landing squarely on the heads of fear-filled bystanders and minions before continuing on up the hill to mash some vampires.

Understand that the roles which the vampires, minions, silent bystanders and rebels play are just that and have been pre-programmed into the system by the system.

How many times have you heard people blaming some poor sap for his of her plight in life, while remaining completely silent as to the evil nature of the vampire matrix which plunged them into their dire straits?

But the Beast system has one serious flaw in it and this problem is no small one.

It is all a perception management lie which has no basis in reality. In fact, natural law (aka reality) contains no hierarchy, no role-playing, no guilt and no shame. No amount of Freemasonic Royal Geographical Society propaganda can change this.

This is where real power lies – in natural law. The puppeteers have usurped nature’s (God’s) authority and staked their claim that they are it. But they have no power. Everyone simply has the choice to either accept their phony authority or reject it. Even if the minions gladly grant this, they still have no power.

Perhaps the most important task at hand today is to reject this magician lie and to start living in accordance with natural law. Practice having empathy for and fighting for those crushed by the Babylon system. Practice warfare against the global oligarchy and their slaver proteges. Practice rolling the shit back up the hill from whence it came.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

12 responses to “Minions Feeding Vampires

  1. Amen! Such erudite thoughts have great utility going forward, indeed! John Irving (Hotel New Hampshire) had characters repeating the following mantras: “Keep passing the open windows” and “Don’t kick against the pricks”. To this day I took the implied guidance “Do not despair of living one’s Life” and “Spare yourself for bigger, and less pointed, battle(s) to come”.

    As suspect and oft maligned as the New Testament seems today, teachings of the Master Jesus still hold sway for me — as do teachings and work of other Masters. Unless we seek and secure a solid foundation in the Real, here and now, and have developed steadfast faith in principles anchored in natural law, we be but reeds bowing and kow-towing whichever and wherever winds might blow about us.

    Whether one soul at a time, or through communities of those of like mind, it seems well past due to circle wagons, light a campfire, and pass along Truth as best we can to others. I hope that those who already pioneer such pathways not only show the way but also leave good markings to those of us who trail behind. Millions need to follow!

  2. Thank you Dean! In this maze of deception it’s such a relief to find someone who tells it like it is and I appreciate your efforts. Your Illuminate/Agenda 21 book is next on my list and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’ve been familiar with your work for a while and I appreciate your genuineness. All the best to you sir! Walk in peace brother.

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  4. You are a truly gifted person Dean! I love your work… It absolutely rings home to my exact thoughts and is always a highlight of my day to see a new post from you!! Jill and your new book is great! I’m buying another copy to pass along at a local book exchange….

    NO ONE speaks more clearly and true to humanity than you!! Keep it up!!

  5. Laura Marian

    Unfortunately Dean there are too many minions worldwide, each country has its own minions who are willing to play along with the banksters and feeding their empire. I personally consider these minions more guilty than the bankers, as they are so greedy and self-preoccupied than they are capable of jumping over the bodies of others. The only thing these minions don’t realize that once they finish their work they are annihilated by the banksters. These minions are expandable assets. The worst thing for us as humanity is that we are deprived of all our wealth and even our existence is threatened, we need to fight on our own and defend ourselves.
    I like your writings Dean and as Matt said above NO ONE speaks more clearly and true to humanity than you! Other people turn their head away and leave.

  6. The voice of reason provides encouragement for the rest of us to carry on. Vampires can suck it!

  7. Joe Hutcheson

    Typo: “my most” should be “by most”. (No need to publish this note)

    Shit floats (a literal truism); that is, shit rises to the top.

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