Rense: Crown Rules

Royal Wedding, England, United, Kingdom

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse


6 responses to “Rense: Crown Rules

  1. I agree with what you say Dean, Agenda 21 is here in two years, people need to be aware and discern and fight against the chip especially, NEVER TAKE IT. Great interview Dean

  2. What are globalists going to do with all the people left jobless by AI? Self-checkout lanes at stores, order kiosks at McDonalds. Now robot delivery with Fedex. Fedex jobs pay fairly good wages. Now McJobs and good paying jobs are under siege not just from offshoring and immigration (legal and illegal) but from AI. How will people survive? I guess the powers that be will use turn us into soylent green or something. Re: Richard Nixon. I was in elementary school during Watergate so was not fully understanding what was really going on. Years later, I find this was more like CIA overthrow of a US president. BTW, didn’t Obama do the same thing? Spy on opponent, well not his opponent but opponent of his fellow Democrat (Killary) who was running for president? Why hasn’t GOP made more of an issue about that? Probably because the GOP achieved more of their fascist agenda under Obama than they did under one of their own party. From what I hear about legislation under Nixon (EPA, Clean Act/Water Act), he’s looking pretty good compared to what came after him. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t he propose something similar to Medicare for All?

    • Chris Dealtry

      Yeah good question. Looks like AI will replace tea-drinking middle managers that pretend to work and just write new rules and waffle new-management-speak empty nonsense. The AI will just run the rules, in the commercial sectors, it will reject all complaints and replace the robotic call-centres (no offence to the workers there, they are paid and bullied to read from scripts and follow flow-chart procedures etc). Then there’s more physical robots they might bring in to stock supermarket shelves, cook plastic food etc.

      Will they just zapp / poison billions of workers as per Georgia guidestones (or are they deliberately spreading more fear than their actual plan)?

      If there’s less work, and they introduce this minimal global income thing, how are they gonna waste everyone’s time if folks aren’t spending most of their time on the money-earning-racketeering-treadmill? What kind of alternative slavery do they envision?

      No doubt they’ll have folks spend even more time clicking, swiping and typing on their dumb devices, loads of unnecessary administration to waste time, distract us from the natural world, and add stress, administration to add-menstruation?

      Maybe they plan to lock people inside their smart houses with just tell-lie-vision / the web-of-lies distraction entertainment nonsense, not allowed outside if they put too much plastic (that is forced on them) in their smart bin? You can envisage folks being forced to be couch potatoes: not being allowed to exercise too much as, the media medium will falsely rationalise, as that will require too many joules of energy, leaving too much of an anti-carbon ‘footprint’. Folks literally being locked inside smart cages full of scifi wifi, as determined by the smart devices measuring every movement, every breath and heartbeat, and the AI calculating, and enforcing, relative solitary confinement. Maybe they’ll even force euthenasia pills on folks when they complete their lifetime total of AI-allocated lifetime heartbeats, aged 32 or 33 no doubt.

      Whatever their vision, it aint nice.

      Some of it, they might engineer big events to herd folks there, and some of it they may sneakily tip-toe towards (like trying to get us to use dumb phones for travel tickets on coaches, trains and planes, and the robot check-outs in shops – good to see folks resisting, willing to wait in the queues for the human tills).

      Whatever it is, its something along the lines of ‘Brave New World’ (1980 film version in my head, not seen others or read the book, yet).

      So, maybe we can break-away. They’ll call us ‘savages’. We’ll be happy and welcome any escapees.

      Other scenarios are available.

      We’re getting ready for it, whatever is coming, without panic, learning to have an open mind to the earth and the great spirit, closed to their witchcraft, shaking our heads at their weird lies and technocracy, and ready to help others around us, especially other ‘savages’.

      In 1977, when we were little kids, some of us not even born, in the opening scene of the suddenly futuristically-presented film, a princess with a Hopi-hope hairstyle spoke of “our only hope”. We’re flipping the script, we know Obi-Wan isn’t coming to save us, nor some other messiah.

      Maybe the earth and the sun will bring great changes. We know, we, the ‘savages’, are our only hope. Like the birds that find new nests, some of the ‘savages’ that live with the earth and the sun may survive.

  3. MAGNIFICO spread, reach and got it readership.

  4. Ciaran Boyle

    The top video on the impeachment isn’t working Dean

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