Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

(Introduction to Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

For at least 8,000 years humanity has been enslaved, abused and genocided by a small but ruthless group of planetary interlopers. Numerous researchers have chronicled the stories and writings of this intervention in places like Sumeria, Babylon and ancient Egypt. Some call these beings Annunaki, others know them as aliens, and their modern-day equivalent could very well be artificial intelligence.

Through much study, I have come to the conclusion that they are most accurately called fallen angels or Nephilim. They are the entities who rebelled against the Great Spirit, God or Creator when humanity was given dominion over this planet rather than them. Most were wiped out during the Great Flood. There were other cataclysms here to thin their ranks and influence as well.

It doesn’t matter if you believe the Bible is definitive or not. You should know that the foremost Biblical scholars in the world are the Luciferian Freemasons. They know that the history described in the Bible is real and they are very committed to their religion of the seven sacred sciences. The lifting of the veil is happening now and unless you understand what it is that they believe, you will undoubtedly fall for their rhetoric and be herded into their Great Work of Ages New World Order.

The fall of humanity described in the Garden of Eden story which differs greatly from the creation story of humans by Great Spirit in Genesis: Chapter 1 represents the DNA experimentation done by the Nephilim on both humans and animals, the mating of the Nephilim with Eve to produce the hybrid Cain bloodline, and the temptation of mankind to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
symbolized by taking a bite out of an apple as in the logo of Apple Computer.

This ruthless Cain hybrid bloodline were known as the Canaanites, the Tribe of Dan, the Egyptian pharaohs, and the builders of the Holy Roman Empire. They are now known as the royal and Black Nobility (former or concealed monarchs) families who we can collectively call the Nephilim Crown.

Our backs have thirty-three vertebrae. Atop these sits our head. And on a head one could place a crown. It is no coincidence that Scottish Rite Freemasonry also has thirty-three degrees, many including the words “royal” and “arch” (to arch over as in monarchy, patriarchy or matriarchy). Those who reach the highest
33rd degree can then become “illuminated”, representing the head. They consider themselves more enlightened than the rest of us. They were also behind the “Enlightenment”.

What few researchers realize is that on top of the Illuminati head sits the idle Crown, which has to neither think nor do. They simple live a parasitic existence off the toils of humanity, justifying their well-adorned sloth with their divine right of Kings mantra. Jesus was adorned by these Crown butchers with a crown of thorns as a way to mock humanity. And the Hapsburg Nephilim bloodline
possesses the Spear of Destiny used to kill Jesus.

The world’s numerous secret societies exist to guard the secrets which the Nephilim Crown uses to manipulate humanity, consisting of the seven sacred sciences – grammar,rhetoric, logic, arithmetic,geometry, music and astronomy. But the biggest secret they guard is that the royal blood (Sangreal or Holy Grail) is in fact different from that of human beings. This is why the royals have
always been considered “blue bloods”.

The royal bloodlines are “enobled” and their geographic dispersion is global, although most reside in Europe. The family names include Merovingian, Hapsburg, Algobrandini, Payseur, Sinclair (St. Clair), Borbon, Anjou, Cavendish, Pallavicini, Odescalchi, Giustiniani, Plantagenet, Orsini, Windsor, Spencer and
Rollo. Asian families include the Li, Khan, Singh and Yamamoto.

The research of Gary Wayne, Fritz Springmeier and John Coleman tells us that these Nephilim Crown families rule a Council of 33 who give orders to a Committee of 300. Below that are the Priory of Sion and the Rosicrucians. Next down the ladder are the Royal Society and its seven sacred science tentacles, which dictate to the entire world what is “scientific” and what is not. Their
conclusions are fraudulent and meant to bolster the Crown, justify its bloody chaotic history and keep humanity in the dark as to the nature of reality and thus of ourselves.

The Royal Society’s tentacles include the Tavistock Institute, the Royal Geographic Society, the Royal Astronomy Society, the BBC, Haymarket Media, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Society of Medicine, the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Society of Arts, Chatham House and the powerful Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)- parent of the US Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR).

Next down the control pyramid are the secret societies such as the Freemasons, Kabbalists, Muslim Brotherhood, Knights of Malta, Knights Hospitaller and so on. These, headed by Illuminati wizards, handle military, political and media policy for the Crown. Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are important geopolitical power centers for the Crown. The City of London is
their geopolitical headquarters and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland is their banking headquarters.

To prevent exposure, the Nephilim often give up the court Jews (hofjuden) who have historically protected and intermarried with them. These are often members of the Privy Council or Royal Consorts. This is where misguided anti-Jewish hatred comes from. When things get real dicey, the bloodlines use the Red Shield (Rothschild) family to absorb the criticism. This is why the
Rothschilds changed their name from Bauer after they intermarried into the Nephilim via the House of Hesse. The Rothschilds also run the Crown banking arm, as I have described in previous books.

The purpose of this book is to connect this fallen angel Nephilim bloodline to the roll out of computers, the Internet, CERN, artificial intelligence and the 5G weapons system now being put in place across the world to mind-control, weaken and cull humanity.I believe this represents the launching of the Fourth Reich by the same Nephilim “Great White Brotherhood” who brought us Hitler’s
Third Reich.

This time, it will lead us to a One World Government led by an anti-Christ King in Jerusalem. It will culminate with a microchip Mark of the Beast, where those accepting it implicitly worship Lucifer (the most cunning of the fallen angels) and those who stay human (for which Jesus was a metaphor) will not be able to buy or sell within the Babylon system. The very future of humanity and all creation is at stake.

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse


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  1. could you offer an opinion on everyday people who possess the “royal blood” , sangreal/ holy grail, i.e. Rh neg blood type. You mentioned it once (Rh neg blood type) but then took it out of your post.

  2. There is a cosmic war between higher intelligence good ones and evil ones, and the nephilim bloodlines are the evil hybrid tools of the evil intelligence. The AI connection will be done by 2030 according to David Icke. The Bible is a perfect description of this fight between evil and good, and the Nephilim have been carrying out the plan, they have been trying to create a World Government for centuries, many attempts to do it, but they didn’t succeed yet, and I strongly believe they never will, as good will prevail over evil and whoever is patient for the end and fight against it will survive. Be part of the resistance. Below is David Icke’s video

    Great article Dean, I always love reading your work.

  3. I was quite impressed you included the insite that the Merovingian bloodline includes a sea beast . Don’t recall the details unfortunately , only that I had read it on some years ago . and hadn’t seen it anywhere else since .
    May I ask , there seems to be some controversy as to who Princess Dianas’ Father is . The one married to her mother , or the one some claim she may have had a brief encounter with . Which one do you believe it may have been ?

    • Nice Jeff, I am not familiar with Diana’s mother’s possible tryst. Maybe another reader can enlighten us all. Onward down the rabbit hole…

  4. I can’t wait to read it Dean!

  5. Alpha Silex

    The BBC, a tentacle of the Black Nobility, AKA Big Black Cockadoodledoo.

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  7. That message was for Mary Kline

  8. Wheelsafire18

    It was my Bible that got me into researching ancient aliens to begin with, from Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel to the Sumerian writings. I see antediluvian history as something that mankind shared in common. The ancient writings were obviously different perspectives of the same thing.

    There is a lot of disinformation out there, as well as huge gaps that have yet to be filled in. It seems that only about 20% of the Sumerian tablets have been translated so far. I’m looking forward to getting your new book, Dean.

    Peace and blessings!

  9. Just me thinking out loud here….About this thing which has been labeled ASI “Artificial Intelligence”…and wondering if “they” also named this as their yet again, “play on words” >>> being in truth known literally as “fake” or if some prefer “made by man”…whatever… How deceptive and so good at their evil games are they in creeping into the sacred place of your mind heart and homes. Misdirection is still alive and well,

  10. Kinga Barry

    Satan and his powers and dominions are probably advanced civilizations that rebelled against the creative Spirit of God. Life is love, feeling, pain, and suffering and Jesus was vulnerable to it all even unto death. That’s why Jesus speaks of the greatest sin; against the Spirit. All life force has Spirit imbued in it, it’s God in microcosm. Today’s onslaught against humanity and Earth is doing it’s best to sterilize us and all life. Satan cannot create life so he is out to destroy it at all levels via chemtrails, vaccinations, pesticides, leveling of sexes, transhumanism, AI, etc.

  11. “God” is the personal name of what appears to be the primary deity of the Chaldean mystics, called magicians, of ancient Babylon and Egypt. He is identified at Isaiah 65:11. “Troop” = “God”; “Number” = “Meniy”. Both are Babylonian deities.

    • Wheelsafire18

      Yes, that is partially true. Though Egypt and Babylon had influenced the region, the primary source of influence to the Hebrews was the Canaanites. Their primary deity was El. El is listed at the head of many pantheons. In some Canaanite and Ugaritic sources, El played a role as father of the gods or of creation. God introduced Himself to Abraham as El Shaddai. El Shaddai means God Almighty. I’m still researching this but, it seems that El may have been the Prime Creator that the Annunaki prayed to. I believe that the Annunaki were the “Sons of God” (Sons of El?) and origin of the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6: 1 – 4.

      Pagan Origins of Judaism

      The Primeval Tradition Of All Mankind

      • I think you are confused. By your continued improper use of the name, “God”, you make it clear that you do not understand what i wrote earlier. I wrote a short article on this very subject, called “Who Is WHO?”. I don’t know how to drop a .pdf copy here, but i’d gladly send one to anybody who asks me at

  12. Wheelsafire18

    I get where you’re coming from. I’m just saying you are right but there is more to the story. The confusion over the definition of god, gods or God is globally pervasive. In the link I posted, The Primeval Tradition Of All Mankind, clearly states,

    “There is thus a strong case for supposing that Genesis is grounded in a primeval tradition that was once common to all mankind. Man lost that memory only as writing came to replace oral tradition as the medium in which knowledge was handed down. Fortunately, western anthropologists of the 19th and first half of the 20th century wrote down the elements of it before it was lost, performing thereby a task similar to the task the writer of Genesis performed in his own time. What they found was that the rest of the world had much the same memory of the deep past that the Hebrews once had, albeit subsequently obscured by thousands of years of degradation and radical changes in theological perception.”

    That being said, the primary deity of the Chaldean mystics was likely the same primary deity of the Canaanites. Egyptians and Sumerians going back to the very distant past. The confusion lies in the differences of the oral traditions and languages in which these stories were passed down generation by generation. The video I posted, Pagan Origins of Judaism, clearly explained the origins of the Tanakh. The oral traditions were written down and discrepancies were redacted over time by 4 groups, J, the Jahwist source, E, the Elohist source, P, the Priestly source, and D, the Deuteronomist source. The earliest of these sources, J, would have been composed in the late 7th or the 6th century BCE, with the latest source, P, being composed around the 5th century BCE.

    At the end of the The Primeval Tradition Of All Mankind article was a link to the next article, The Tradition In Ancient Sumer. This was an important link that I should have posted earlier. It describes Abraham, Melchizedek, Ur and the Sumerian traditions. It is interesting to me that Melchizedek served in the temple dedicated to the moon god, Nanna. This is the first article I came across a few years ago that linked El to Anu, the Prime Creator of the Annunaki.

    “In the ancient world all gods had names, being in principle knowable as persons. Some had more than one name: for example, the goddess Ninhursag (‘lady of the mountains’) was also known as Nintu (‘lady of birth’) and Belet-ili (‘mistress of the gods’). Likewise Anu, Ea and Ellil were originally different names for the same deity. Anu meant ‘Heaven’, an impersonal synonym for God. His personal name was Ea, pronounced, and sometimes written, as Ay-a (Roberts 1972). Ellil was a duplication of the Semitic word il, as in Eblaite texts, where the name appears in the form il-ilu. The duplication signified that he was the one, self-existent God before all others, the ‘god of gods’, just as Hebrew used the plural form Elohim to refer to the one God. The three names together designated Aya (who he was), god (what he was) of heaven (where he was).”

    I would definitely like to read your short article. Perhaps you can copy and paste the content to a reply here for all to read. The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will allow you to do that. ( ) If you have it published somewhere, perhaps you can leave a link to it here.

    The Tradition In Ancient Sumer

    Genesis 6-11 and other texts

  13. Not looking to get into who or who is not the one true supreme and almighty living GOD, creator of all here…. I will say just this one thing however.. He (GOD) is known by those to whom HE reveals himself to… You can search the scriptures and even memorize them including text chapter and verse… and not come close to knowing the first truth that is written there much less the GOD who has by inspiration given to those who have written which was given them to write… We only know HIM as he reveals himself to us… Here a little there a little… Seek HIM, and you will find him… Hold to that which sure and seek that which is truth… always

  14. I honestly believe all religions that can be named and was named by man, are also man made religions. That is, I think the first mistake man makes every time he begins searching for truth, what is and what is not. Who this Creator is or who in fact he is not. We look to what has already been written, we listen to what has by men(great men, as man refers to himself…too much I think) and from these things we take from that and begin our searching to know of and about everything. In doing so we fail most times, if not all the time in ever being able to come to the knowledge of the truth much less coming to know GOD, himself. We seek those things of GOD, we have heard and read about him, and it is those “things” we begin searching for… and Not the GOD of those things….selah. Because of this we do as children in a candy store…wanting this…wanting that, In this one thing man has continued to repeat in one fashion or another…Every time yet another “religion” comes into existence. Ever learning yes, but never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth simply due to the fact we don’t seek the only one who can reveal that truth to us. We still seek for those things….Not For GOD. I hope at least in this I have made the most important thing stand out above everything else, IF truth and the knowledge of truth is what has evaded most of humanity it is this and as I see it nothing else, the main stumbling stone. In ending I will add, to all has been given a small measure, Don’t build a religion around that, expand your coast brother. GOD is found by those who seek HIM, not the things of HIM.
    Have a great day..

    • Excellent points except for the locus of the focus. G_D is the personal name of a primary deity of ancient Mesopotamia, perhaps THE primary deity. See Isaiah 65:11 (troop). Also, in the words of Albert Pike: “Lucifer is God”! The capital G in Freemason symbology does NOT stand for the “Great Architect”. It represents Lucifer’s stage name: God! The Self-Existing Source of all that is, or ever can be, identified “himself” to Moses by “his” name: YHVH, which means “Self-Existing”. No one else is. I believe “God”, like Satan, is one of the “sons” of the Elohiym. See the Book of Job. Elohiym is the feminine plural of Eloah, aka El. I believe El is the one Yahshua referred to as the Father in “Heaven”, actually Ooranus in the Greek! Yahshua said, “Anyone who blasphemes the Father or the Son will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Ghost, i. e. YHVH, will never be forgiven”! Why? Because everything in existence comes from the Source of all Existence, i. e. the only SELF-Existing one. Either YHVH IS the Source of all that exists, or “he” is a liar and a fraud. Did everything in this incomprehensibly engineered multiverse really spring from the inexplicable explosion of something akin to a “quark”, called “The Big Bang”? Believing in that abject absurdity is the darkest of all religions, one expressly made for over-educated fools!

      • You almost lost me at the “locus of the focus”… However, as for the identifying of “lucifer”,( bright morning star…) which is not capitalized in original text or later ones which I have read, is not the name of a person or some deity, and for that matter, is not referring to Satan at the “so called falling away or falling out with GOD, and thereafter being cast to this earth” either as many may think. And for the way I think, (not that it’s all that important), I don’t believe Satan was ever at any time a “good angel”. He was created evil and is the “Father of Lies”, he is and was created evil, For which cause(s), the depths of that surpasses at times my understanding. The EL, YHVH is by definition(I think), the “Hand of GOD”, in numerology being the #5, 5 being the number of Grace. Hence God’s hand placed upon man giving grace…( I will not elaborate much here and become a bore) In all of this and so much more the only true and living GOD without beginning or ending…amazes me and I am humbled in his presence and indeed before him tremble, finding myself in the presence of such a pureness never known before, ( I could not even mention the name GOD) fearing in that I would in some way dishonor that name and HIM, the brightness of HIS holiness surpasses anything we could use to identify his true Pureness and indeed his Holiness…
        Truth is for the seeker, Revelation of that Truth is from GOD
        Enjoy reading these articles/notes from all..
        thanks to everyone, Enjoy the journey in this life we have been given


  15. It is not unusual for even the avowed seekers of truth to ignore completely the reality of what i’ve presented above in re the identity of the pagan deity named G_D. Even linguistic scholars trip over this little truth. Prejudice rarely has anything to do with racial identity. You are very wrong about the capitalization of Lucifer in the ancient texts. In both the phony “Hebrew” (actually Chaldean) language and the real language of the Israelites (now called Paleo Hebrew), ALL characters were caps and no vowels existed. There were no lower case letters, so “God” was written from right to left as GD. It would have been pronounced God, Gad or Gawd, but no one really knows because no one has spoken either Hebrew or Chaldean from that era for thousands of years. We do know that Lucifer was the personal name of some sort of intelligent entity because “he” was addressed by name at Isaiah 14:12. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but “God” is a devil, an evil, deceitful bitch headed for the cleansing fires of Hell.

    • Before I attempt to address further what is or is not GOD, who is or is not Satan(the Devil) or for that matter what was and is the meaning(definition) of the word lucifer and to whom Isaiah was referring to,… (and I will not argue with you or blatantly say you are wrong)… Whom do you say the Almighty is? Whom do you say the Creator of all that is created is? And lastly whom do you say is the Son of God and please sir, if you can, If this is known by you then the most important(as from my stand point) From where did you obtain this knowledge and from whom gave it to you ??? Perhaps with these questions answered there may be a base from which we can have a discussion and in so doing afterwards neither of us will pat ourselves or one another on the back…(so to speak)…?
      Always seeking after the Truth that gives life and not words of man that has forever brought death and destruction to not only they who adhere to such, but to this our Earth wherein we live…
      Once again I appreciate the interest you display by conversing in these matters.


  16. Only the truth is what i seek. I’m sorry you cannot tolerate being wrong about something, especially when it is something so easily verified as the fact that the ancient Chaldean language, incorrectly called Hebrew, NEVER had anything but capital letters. There still are no lower case letters or vowels in that language, although the specious “scholars” of today rely on the little dots invented sometime in the 3rd century for vowel signification. Those are facts, not my opinion, and yes, your claim that “Lucifer” was not capitalized and that it was not a name and that it did not refer to any living being was absolutely WRONG. You made a mistake. We all do so more often than we’d like to admit, but apparently it’s too traumatic an event for you to accept without feeling battered and betrayed. Some of the answers you requested were already given in my earlier writings here. The rest are available in the little essay i prepared a few months back, entitled “Who Is WHO?”. It’s in .pdf format, but i don’t know how to drop it on here. Charlie suggested i simply cut and paste it, so i will attempt to do so as soon as i post this response. For the record, i have no intention of belittling anyone and did not mean to hurt your feelings.

  17. Critical Thinking – Who is WHO?
    © 2019 Steven Charles Hance, all rights reserved
    Solomon said, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all
    your getting, get understanding”. Clearly he is suggesting that wisdom can be had apart
    from understanding, which might appear counterintuitive at first. Biblically speaking,
    though, the two words are distinctly different. Wisdom and understanding are not the
    same thing, nor does one necessarily include or preclude the other. The word translated
    here as ‘understanding’ means to separate mentally, whereas wisdom tends to indicate judicious
    discernment, the ability to provide protection and guidance. Wisdom might instruct
    one not to place a finger on a hot stove, yet lack understanding of the science of
    electrical resistance when passing through a burner element, causing it to become hot.
    Clearly wisdom, in this instance, is the principal thing if one is only interested in protecting
    flesh or just boiling water. However, understanding the science of electrical resistance
    possesses one of a greater capacity for learning and is far more interesting. So, Wisdom
    might keep you from burning your finger, but Understanding could lead you to great discoveries
    and useful inventions, like kitchen appliances.
    In my previous exploration of various subjects, as they pertain to critical thinking, i
    only began to plumb the depths of those matters, and that’s OK because my purpose has
    always been to illustrate how critical thinking can open things up for better understanding,
    and wisdom, too, of course, as they appear to be drawn from the same font of knowledge.
    For the purpose of more clarity, let me say that, although it is obvious that wisdom
    and understanding are plainly different concepts, they are related on various levels, and i
    think maybe that was on Solomon’s mind when he penned the above quote.
    The subject i wish to pursue in this writing is one that is generally ignored and usually
    avoided in open conversation, equally by religious folks as well as those not so inclined.
    The title, “Who is WHO?”, refers to multiple beings found within the pages of the
    compendium known generically as The Bible. Generically, i say, because that label has
    been applied to more collections of writings than most religious folks would care to acknowledge.
    You know who they are. They are compelled by their indoctrination to believe,
    or at least to claim to believe, that The Bible is perfect, literally perfect in every way. But
    of course the Bible is not now nor has it ever been perfect. Not only is it not perfect, it is
    not even the same book known and loved by its adherents from generation to generation.
    For example, the books known as “The Apocrypha” have been included, then excluded
    over time, and there have been, by some accounts, more than forty different books deliberately
    removed from inclusion in what various tribes of scholars and religious pundits
    deem worthy of the label “Inspired Writings”. There are books referenced or quoted in
    The Bible that do not appear within its covers. For example, there is the Book of Enoch
    and the Book of the Wars of YHVH. Besides the books themselves, there are several personages
    mentioned within that are identified by labels, terms and names that do not bear
    up under scholarly or even logical investigation. For example, everyone knows about angels,
    but how many know what an angel is? The truth is, almost no one. In fact, the word
    thus translated in the so-called Old Testament simply means ‘dispatched, as a deputy, a
    messenger’. The Greek word, angelos, means the same thing, so anyone could be an angel
    except for the fact that some of the Biblical characters identified as angels were reported
    to be capable of remarkable feats. They could appear and disappear from sight, blind an
    unruly mob, for instance, but the term was never used to identify a certain class or race of
    1 of 11
    beings called ‘angels’. In other words, although the various beings that were “dispatched,
    as deputies or messengers” were all called ‘angels’, there is no indication that the term
    was meant to identify a specific race or species of being. The author of the Book of Hebrews
    quoted “someone” as saying that man was made a little lower than the angels, so it
    is safe to conclude that there was some qualifying factor to being dispatched as that particular
    type of deputy or messenger, some class or race of beings that were created a little
    higher than mankind. In Job 38, YHVH asked Job if he was able to “bind the sweet influences
    of the Pleiades”, an interesting question in itself. The fact that Job or anyone from
    that era even knew the Pleiades existed raises a number of perplexing questions. In the
    same passage, though, Job was asked about Orion, Arcturus and the power of the entire
    Zodiac in its dominion over the earth. Could the inhabitants native to those star systems
    be possible candidates for the status of ‘Deputy’ or angel? Are Pleiadians or Arcturians
    similar species or even in the same family as Orionites? The problem is that without understanding
    to whom it is those labels, terms and names actually refer, any wisdom one
    might gain from such a study would certainly be limited, if not actually tainted. So, in determining
    Who is WHO, we’ll be examining gods, God and GOD, angels, demons, devils
    and The Devil, Satan, the Serpent, the Dragon, Lucifer, the Father in Heaven and the Holy
    Spirit. Once we have sorted through this list, many of the reasons for confusion and disagreement
    among religious sects and denominations will begin to diminish significantly.
    Although i am confident that this exercise will remove the confusion caused by incorrect
    translation of various words, the causes for the rancor and lack of unity among religious
    people are not likely to yield to anything less than a sincere change of heart. People must
    choose to stop bickering over things that don’t really matter and cannot be proved anyway.
    For example, a prominent TV evangelist, now deceased, was long known for saying,
    “GOD is a good God”, or maybe it should be written, “God is a good god”, or even “GOD is
    a good god”, but it’s impossible to know which would be correct, simply because of the
    fact that almost no one has ever seen fit to try and work out the confusion caused by the
    lack of understanding of why this one word is so often used in the Biblical texts with so
    many different grammatical inflections. Try this exercise to see if it makes sense: Replace
    the word ‘god’ with its inverse, ‘dog’. How silly does it sound to say, “Dog is a good dog”?
    How about, “There may be many dogs, but there is only one true Dog”? Why did the
    “translators” choose one form over another in all the various places? Is there a clue within
    the context why one was used to the exclusion of the others? Does one choice derive from
    a completely different word, and if so, why didn’t the scholars translate it differently instead
    of merely altering the word’s capitalization? It is expected, at this point, for the
    reader to be wondering why it really matters. By answering these questions, as they pertain
    to each of the above listed terms, labels and names, we will begin to dispel ignorance
    and maybe provide insight into both Solomon’s wisdom and his understanding. In fact, we
    will see, by a preponderance of the evidence to be provided, that the “translators” were no
    more doing their jobs than modern day mainstream media “reporters” are doing theirs.
    Like the fake news of today, those disreputable scholars were putting the desired “spin”
    on things to please their masters and to promote the specified agenda of their day. Let us
    embark then on our quest for understanding, and perhaps we will also get some Wisdom
    as we go.
    For many centuries, Wisdom has eluded religious leaders and laymen alike regarding
    this one simple word: god, God, GOD. Depending on how it is spelled, these pundits
    2 of 11
    will tell you that each one means something entirely different although they are indeed
    the same word, but essentially, they all agree the meanings vary from “false deity”, to “the
    real deity”, to “Personal Identifier”. Although a common understanding persists, few are
    willing to dig beyond the surface and challenge not only the inaccurate choice of words
    used in the translations, but also the hidden motives of the ancient scholars who were
    called upon to translate the sacred writings of antiquity. Identifying those hidden motives
    can best be achieved by exposing the blatant errors of translation and the consistency
    with which they occur. Is “god” synonymous with “deity”? That is the presumption upon
    which almost everyone agrees, but once you’ve examined the ancient texts with common
    reference works, like Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, it soon becomes clear that it is
    not. Is “God” a proper name or a title of some sort? The reader may be surprised by what
    is easily discovered with even a cursory examination of the facts. What is it about the all
    caps “GOD” that sets it apart from the other versions of the word? Why is it different, or is
    To begin the study, one must be familiar with basic reference works. The gold standard
    for serious Bible students has long been Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance with
    Greek and Hebrew/Chaldean Dictionaries. With this one book, virtually every word in the
    King James Version (KJV) of the Bible can be identified by the actual word in the Hebrew
    (Chaldean) or Greek language found in the most common ancient texts available. In this
    manner, the student can see what word actually presented itself to the translators, and also
    see more clearly what that word literally meant. Generally this affords the student with
    a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of any particular passage of scripture.
    It also provides evidence of incorrect translations at times. More importantly to our
    purpose here is how critical thinking can enable us to compare the literal distinctions of
    the words used by the ancient writers with those chosen by the “translators”, and thereby
    acquire some understanding. It is also imperative that we remember that even the oldest
    of all the ancient manuscripts, are only copies or transcriptions, at best, and may actually
    contain interpretations of words and phrases that may not have been perfectly accurate or
    possibly even completely honest! Uncovering the truth revealed by this process will inevitably
    pave a road to the ultimate goal of Solomon’s recommendation: Wisdom, the principal
    thing; and the wisdom thus gained will allow us to discern the motives hidden within
    the fraudulent translations. Then the real Law of Reciprocity will induce the flow of additional
    currents of Understanding, if we can employ an allegory. The balanced power of alternating
    current. Wisdom and Understanding, Wisdom and Understanding. As Tesla
    proved long ago, an alternating current is not only more potent than direct current, but it
    travels long distances more efficiently because it alternates its direction of flow. Wisdom.
    Understanding. So the brain’s energy also functions like that. Our brains are essentially
    hardwired this way. Wisdom is the principal thing, but when we change direction and seek
    Understanding as well, we gain more of both, and they come to us more easily because of
    the new mental efficiency gained thereby.
    To begin our examination of the word “god” in all three of its permutations found
    within the pages of the Bible, we’ll address specific examples of scripture. Take this one,
    cut from Rick Meyers’ electronic version of the Bible, called “E_Sword”, and pasted below,
    complete with the words’ links to the pertinent dictionary record:
    1Sa_5:7 And when the menH376 of AshdodH795 sawH7200 thatH3588 it was so,H3651
    they said,H559 The arkH727 of the GodH430 of IsraelH3478 shall notH3808 abideH3427
    3 of 11
    withH5973 us: forH3588 his handH3027 is soreH7185 uponH5921 us, and uponH5921
    DagonH1712 our god.H430
    Note that every passage of scripture examined in this study is from the KJV simply because
    that is the version relied upon by James Strong’s team of linguists. Also, this passage
    contains two examples of the three permutations of the word under examination.
    Each of the superscripts identify where in the related dictionary the word can be found.
    The ‘H’ signifies the Hebrew/Chaldean Dictionary, while the ‘G’ pertains to Greek. As one
    can plainly see, both examples are exactly the same. They both were derived from #H430,
    elohiym. Yet they are translated differently, and not just differently, but an entirely unrelated
    word is used. Elohiym does NOT mean ‘god’, although Strong’s team of linguists fell
    into the sloppy habit of using a colloquialism instead of the etymologically correct word. If
    you follow the etymology of elohiym provided below, you’ll find that an honest and more
    accurate rendition of the word would be ‘strong ones’, as this term is the plural form of
    eloah and is generally deemed to be feminine in character. This reveals the subtle prejudice
    at work in the minds of the scholars, or perhaps the prejudice was a matter of protocols
    established before the project was begun by those in a position to exert such untoward
    influence. As you will see, the word developed from the root that means “to be
    strong”. As the language progressed, it came to mean anything strong, like an oak tree, a
    pilaster or even a ram. It is easy to see how “ul (ool)” could grow to “ahyil”, then “el (ale)”,
    “eloah”, and finally “elohiym”, at which point it was used to refer to deities in general. It is
    vitally important, though, to realize that the word was also commonly used in deference to
    magistrates, because of their political strength. In other words, the word has always
    meant “strength”, from its original root throughout its etymological development. As we
    continue the study, it will become clear why the word was purloined and could never be
    legitimately translated as “god”. Furthermore finding out what ‘god’ actually means from
    the Biblical record will undoubtedly shock every reader and possibly cause undue mental
    strain for some.
    הים אל; ‘ĕlôhııym; el-o-heem’
    Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus,
    especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of
    deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: – angels, X exceeding,
    God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.
    Total KJV occurrences: 2601
    ה אלו ה אל; ‘ĕlôahh ‘ĕlôahh; el-o’-ah, el-o’-ah
    (The second form is rare); probably prolonged (emphatically) from H410; a deity or
    the deity: – God, god. See H430.
    Total KJV occurrences: 57
    אל; ‘el; ale
    4 of 11
    Shortened from H352; strength; as adjective mighty; especially the Almighty (but
    used also of any deity): – God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might (-y one), power,
    strong. Compare names in “-el.”
    Total KJV occurrences: 242
    ל אי ‘ayil ah’-yil
    From the same as H193; properly strength; hence anything strong; specifically a
    chief (politically); also a ram (from his strength); a pilaster (as a strong support); an
    oak or other strong tree: – mighty (man), lintel, oak, post, ram, tree.
    Total KJV occurrences: 185
    אול ‘ul ool
    From an unused root meaning to twist, that is, (by implication) be strong; the body
    (as being rolled together) also powerful: – mighty, strength.
    Total KJV occurrences: 1
    Since i am writing this as a student and not as a linguist or even a scholar, it is important
    that we not lose sight of our purpose here, which is to clarify the actual meaning
    of certain words in the Bible that have not been properly translated and therefore have
    not been able to deliver to students and casual readers alike correct knowledge. This in
    turn means that without correct knowledge, understanding is essentially impossible, and
    without understanding, any wisdom one might derive from study must be suspect, at best.
    Notice how often elohiym is found in the ancient texts: more than two thousand, six hundred
    times. Almost always this word is translated as either “god” or “God”, but if it is considered
    without the presumptions of tradition, and examined strictly from an etymological
    perspective, the word actually means “strong ones”. It is also generally considered to be
    feminine in character. Plural and feminine! What does that revelation do to the Creation
    Story, as it has been told for centuries? If one has a history of Sunday School or any kind
    of religious training, that history is replete with arguments about how many “gods” there
    are. It was common knowledge in such arenas that ‘true believers’ comprehend only one
    true “God”, and that only heathens and pagans would ever utilize a plurality of such a title!
    Consider the following quotes:
    Gen 1:1 In the beginningH7225 GodH430 createdH1254 (H853) the heavenH8064 and the
    Gen 1:26 And GodH430 said,H559 Let us makeH6213 manH120 in our image,H6754 after
    our likeness:
    Growing up in the USA after WWII we witnessed the rise of “godless” science claiming
    that the universe simply came into existence accidentally with no outside intelligent
    influence. Perhaps the most absurd statement ever made by otherwise intelligent and
    even erudite people! The great question of the day was, “Did ‘God’ really create the heavens
    and the earth?”. Later in our studies of world religions, we were asked to consider if
    maybe there were many “gods” who shared the glory. If we understand that elohiym refers
    to a multiplicity of entities, NOT a single Creator, as the above familiar quote clearly implies,
    we can begin to set aside some of our most basic traditions and myths and perhaps
    5 of 11
    start gaining real knowledge, and the understanding that comes with it. The very thought
    of doing so will probably be too difficult a challenge for many who read this, but if fears of
    heresy can be sublimated for just a short time, this knowledge and that yet to be revealed
    will open new vistas of possibility as well as provide defenses for other fears not yet exposed.
    At long last, it can be said with certainty and genuine understanding that the use
    of the plural in the Creation Story was NOT a reference to the Trinity Doctrine, nor was it
    a mistake. We can now say with authority that “God” did NOT create the heavens or the
    earth! In fact, God didn’t create anything. God is a created being and probably one of the
    “sons” of Eloah and the Elohiym, like Satan and Lucifer. It was YHVH, YaHWeH, YaHoVaH,
    Yah, the Self-Existing, Source of all that is or can be, including evil, who authored the existence
    of the Elohiym, who in turn created the heaven and the earth. “And Elohiym said,
    Let there be light”!
    Almost everyone who ever contemplated spiritual or even religious matters has
    been presented with the idea that “God” and Satan are at war, as though there existed
    some level of equality between them that might render the outcome of such a conflict uncertain.
    Indeed the Book of Revelation declares that there was war in Heaven, but it never
    said who was fighting whom. As new understanding emerges from this study, there may
    prove to be more truth to this common misconception than we realized. Perhaps “God”
    and Satan are at odds with each other as much as Republicants and Demoncrats or Pharisees
    and Sadducees of two thousand years ago. Maybe Conservatives and Liberals are
    just flip sides of the same coin. Maybe “God” and Satan are entities cut from the same
    cloth and their true nature has been deliberately hidden for thousands of years. What if
    “God” is really the personal name of an ancient Babylonian deity, possibly the primary deity
    of the Chaldean Mystics known as magicians in Biblical parlance? What if the ancient
    servants of “God” were the actual cult of magicians that Moses encountered at Pharaoh’s
    Court? What if that same cult still exists today and represents the power structure of what
    Biblical prophets called ‘the rich men of the earth’? What if that cult is known by other
    monikers, like ‘Illuminati’, or ‘New World Order’? Consider the truth revealed in the Book
    of Job as related to our current study:
    Job 1:6 Now there wasH1961 a dayH3117 when the sonsH1121 of GodH430 cameH935 to
    present themselvesH3320 beforeH5921 the LORD,H3068 and SatanH7854 cameH935
    alsoH1571 amongH8432 them.
    Here we see that not only do the Elohiym have “sons” but that there exists some protocol
    for these personages to “present themselves” to yet another being that we have yet to
    identify. Since elohiym is generally considered to be feminine in character, what if eloah is
    not only singular but masculine in character? Not to suggest that eloah and the elohiym
    had physical intercourse at times, is it beyond reason to comprehend that their relationships
    somehow created or fostered the beings that the scriptures identified as “the sons of
    elohiym”? Is it then natural and logical to conclude that eloah represents the entity known
    in Biblical terms as the Father in Heaven? Typically rendered in all caps by the “translators”,
    YHVH was misrepresented almost seven thousand times as LORD or GOD! It means
    הו הי; yehôvah; yeh-ho-vaw’
    6 of 11
    From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: –
    Jehovah, the Lord. Compare H3050, H3069.
    Total KJV occurrences: 6521
    הי yahh yaw
    Contracted for H3068, and meaning the same; Jah, the sacred name: – Jah, the Lord,
    most vehement. Cp. names in “-iah,” “-jah.”
    Total KJV occurrences: 49
    הו הי yehôvih yeh-ho-vee’
    A variation of H3068 (used after H136, and pronounced by Jews as H430, in order
    to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce H3068
    as H136): – God.
    Total KJV occurrences: 302
    ה הי hayah haw-yaw’
    A primitive root (compare H1933); to exist, that is, be or become, come to pass
    (always emphatic, and not a mere copula or auxiliary): – beacon, X altogether, be (-
    come, accomplished, committed, like), break, cause, come (to pass), continue, do,
    faint, fall, + follow, happen, X have, last, pertain, quit (one-) self, require, X use.
    Total KJV occurrences: 3502
    א הו ה ו hava’ havah haw-vaw’, haw-vaw’
    A primitive root (compare H183, H1961) supposed to mean properly to breathe; to
    be (in the sense of existence): – be, X have.
    Total KJV occurrences: 6
    Notice the highlighted sections above, how the translators were influenced by their
    traditional misuse of the word “God”, as though its meaning supersedes the etymological
    facts. H3068 is almost always translated as the all caps LORD or GOD, but in reality, it
    should be translated as some variant of “YaHWeH”, YaHoVaH, etc., or its actual meaning:
    “Self-Existing”. Also notice the root word, H1933, means to breathe. Breath is always
    connected to spirit. Remember how Yahshua passed on the Holy Spirit to his disciples? He
    breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’! He also said, ‘Whoever blasphemes
    the Father or the Son will be forgiven; but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will
    never be forgiven’! For this reason, i believe the truths revealed in this study tend to support
    the idea that the Holy Spirit is the all encompassing entity identified by the Name
    given to Moses, YHVH, the Self-Existing. Consider the following verse where the Self-
    Existing is translated as GOD, which indicates a different entity than the Elohiym of
    Gen_6:5 And GODH3068 sawH7200 thatH3588 the wickednessH7451 of manH120 was
    greatH7227 in the earth,H776 and that everyH3605 imaginationH3336 of the
    thoughtsH4284 of his heartH3820 was onlyH7535 evilH7451 continually.H3605 H3117
    7 of 11
    When Moses was pressed into service by the Spirit of Yah, he was told this:
    Exo 6:2 And GodH430 spakeH1696 untoH413 Moses,H4872 and saidH559 untoH413
    him, IH589 am the LORD:H3068
    Exo 6:3 And I appearedH7200 untoH413 Abraham,H85 untoH413 Isaac,H3327 and unto-
    H413 Jacob,H3290 by the name of GodH410 Almighty,H7706 but by my nameH8034 JEHOVAHH3068
    was I notH3808 knownH3045 to them.
    It’s interesting that the translators got the Name right this one time. If you expend the
    energy to count how many times they deliberately translated the name incorrectly, you
    will find it is nearly seven thousand! Another interesting fact found in this example is that
    #H430 elohiym is speaking to Moses, which leads us to wonder what the correct translation
    would be in this instance. Should it be as a proper name, ‘Elohiym’, or as a descriptive,
    like an adjective, ‘a strong one’, or maybe as a superlative, ‘The Strong One’? One
    can only speculate in circumstances such as this. What does seem apparent here is that
    the one who Exists apart from all others and all things, the very Source of all that does
    exist or ever has or ever will, has a Name, and that Name says all that needs to be known
    of that one Great Personage: Self-Existing! The very Patriarchs of the Israelite nations,
    Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, only knew him as El Shaddai, The Almighty Strong One. The
    significance of this revelation is inescapable. Now that the Israelites are to be miraculously
    freed from four hundred and thirty years of bondage, they are to know the personal
    Name of the One who called their ancestors out of their homeland and made a covenant
    with them to create a nation of nations, a nation of kings and priests, and his Name says
    all there is to say about him. He alone is Self-Existing. All deities, planets and peoples
    derive from the Self-Existing One, the Source. His Name isn’t “God”. He isn’t a god or the
    god. He isn’t a deity or the deity. As he said to Isaiah:
    Isa 45:7 I formH3335 the light,H216 and createH1254 darkness:H2822 I makeH6213
    peace,H7965 and createH1254 evil:H7451 IH589 the LORDH3068 doH6213 allH3605 theseH428
    Now, for what may well be the most closely guarded secret in Biblical history: The
    actual identity of who “God” really is and why his name has been used to deflect people’s
    attention from the depth of reality that is revealed once his scam is exposed. It usually
    takes quite awhile for this truth to set in, but once it does, so much about the Bible and
    religion in general begins to make a lot more sense than ever before.
    Isa 65:11 But yeH859 are they that forsakeH5800 the LORD,H3068 that forgetH7913
    (H853) my holyH6944 mountain,H2022 that prepareH6186 a tableH7979 for that
    troop,H1409 and that furnishH4390 the drink offeringH4469 unto that number.H4507
    גד gad gawd
    From H1464 (in the sense of distributing); fortune: – troop.
    Total KJV occurrences: 1
    גד gad gad
    A variation of H1409; Fortune, a Babylonian deity: – that troop.
    8 of 11
    Total KJV occurrences: 0
    י מנ menııy men-ee’
    From H4487; the Apportioner, that is, Fate (as an idol): – number.
    Total KJV occurrences: 1
    We also need to consider the naming of one of Jacob’s sons, Gad:
    Gen 30:11 And LeahH3812 said,H559 A troop cometh:H1413 and she calledH7121 (H853)
    his nameH8034 Gad.H1410
    גד gad gawd
    From H1464; Gad, a son of Jacob, including his tribe and its territory; also a
    prophet: – Gad.
    Total KJV occurrences: 71
    Take careful note that H1408, H1409 and H1410 are exactly the same in the ancient Chaldean
    language. There are no vowels in that language, and no lower case letters, but the
    little dots that “Hebrew” scholars will tell you are vowel significations were invented literally
    thousands of years after the quoted texts were written! What that means is simply
    that no one can say with certainty what vowels actually belong in any words written in
    that language at that time. Any “scholar” who says otherwise is either lying to you or is
    not a scholar at all. The point of this is that whether the word is seen to be a name or not,
    it means ‘a troop’, but we know for sure that ‘G_D’ was used as the birth name of a son of
    Jacob because his arrival increased the number of Leah’s sons to a small company, a
    troop, in other words. From the context of the passage quoted from Isaiah, it is clear that
    the words, ‘G_D’ and ‘Meniy’ refer to ancient Babylonian deities that the Israelites had
    taken to worshiping. To “furnish a drink offering” and to “prepare a table” are clear indications
    of ceremonial worship. That is the reason the prophet was directed to prophesy
    against them! Idolatry was one of their most common sins. So it makes no difference how
    one chooses to pronounce the name, Gad, Gawd or God, we can state categorically it was
    the same word in the original tongue. The other fact we can determine from this exegetical
    process is that regardless of how the name was pronounced in the original tongue,
    today it is spelled and pronounced “God”. Far from being a generic term for any deity and
    especially for the Self-Existing Source of all that is, or the Creators of the heavens and the
    earth, aka the Elohiym, “God” is clearly the personal name of a prominent Babylonian
    deity that was worshiped by the people of Israel at the time of Isaiah’s ministry.
    If we can agree that Satan and Lucifer and now “God” are all evil, we also must at
    least consider that YHVH, the Self-Existing created them as surely as “he” created good
    and all of the personages that we generally consider to be good. YHVH, The Holy Spirit,
    Self-Existing Source created the Elohiym, Eloah, all the “angels”, whatever they are, and
    all the “devils”, as well. As the prophet recorded YHVH’s own words: “I…create evil”! Not
    only has YHVH provided us with love, joy and peace, but their respective antitheses: hatred,
    despair and war! That realization brings new meaning to the statement, “My ways
    are not your ways. My ways are higher than your ways”.
    9 of 11
    Thus are we provided with a useful segway to my next thought, that being of “Ascension”.
    Ascension, whereby it is postulated that vertical integration of the species is a
    literal rather than figurative reality. In this context, the term ‘species’ is applied to the
    various, largely bipedal, inhabitants of not only other planets, but outlying star systems
    and even other galaxies as well; but also it refers to the higher frequencies at which those
    species exist. Their vibrational norm is said to establish their location on the vertical
    scale, which is measured from low to high. Each level is also refered to as a density or dimension,
    if my understanding of the subject is correct. I do not pretend to be an expert on
    this subject, nor do i claim to be an adherent to its tenets. Third density, where we mortals
    exist and have our very being, pertains to the three dimensions to which we are physically
    bound. Beyond those boundaries lie time, space, and light itself, areas of existence not
    limited to physicality at all, where the higher frequencies provide for greater flexibility in
    conditions of existence. Perhaps this is one way of expressing a realm heretofore known
    as ‘spiritual’. Cutting edge research is continually revealing new information regarding
    the role that frequencies play in every aspect of our physical world. Healing modalities
    have long been known to destroy every form of pathogen in situ by simply matching vibrational
    frequencies to those natural to the various pathogens. In a night vision, circa 1980,
    i was told by a bearded old man in a homespun robe, sitting across a rough sawn table
    from me, “We found that to cure cancer, we had to speed up the molecules”! Upon awakening,
    i imagined a device that would use a form of microwave energy focused with a pyramidal
    structure for that purpose. Later i called my cousin, who finished his doctorate at
    MIT bombarding neutrons in a machine he designed and built. I timidly asked him if he
    ever heard the term ‘speed up the molecules’ in his work. Of course he said, yes, it’s a
    term he encounters often. With a great sigh of relief, i asked him what it means. He told
    me that molecules are sped up when they are heated. They also are heated when their
    vibrational frequencies are raised. That encouraged me to pursue the matter at its source,
    the Holy Spirit, where i was certain the ‘dream’ had come from. As i prayed for more information
    on how to speed up the molecules, the Spirit asked me a question: “How does a
    comet speed through the universe?”! Understandably frustrated by the question, i said, “I
    don’t know, Lord. YOU know! So HOW is it done?”! With no hesitation at all he said, “By
    magnetic propulsion”. That was nearly forty years ago, so the knowledge within the scientific
    community regarding these matters has grown by orders of magnitude. Being that i
    am only a carpenter, i had no way of pursuing this revelation, but i’ve guarded the knowledge
    in my heart in hopes of seeing it transmuted into reality some day.
    My purpose here is to establish reasonable grounds for advanced understanding
    and improved wisdom regarding matters generally considered too difficult to ponder, if
    not actually heretical in nature. What we have uncovered here would seem to be in agreement
    with the former references made in this study, with “angels” being a little higher
    than earthbound mankind, and putting the Holy Spirit at the top of the existential scale.
    This also seems to lend some credence to Messiah’s post-resurrection instructions to his
    disciples not to cling to him because he had not yet ascended to his father. The problem i
    have with current theories of Ascension is how they are almost fanatically connected to
    evolution, either Darwinian or Buddhistic. The Darwinian version is too absurd to give any
    attention, and it is the Buddha’s brand that seems to prevail anyway. Simply stated, it is
    believed that one’s soul (spirit?) travels from times past through numerous incarnations
    until one has learned the great lessons of life, to love others as oneself, to live a life of service,
    and therefore has ascended from the lower levels to the higher until one has reached
    10 of 11
    Nirvana. So, what is Nirvana? It is the condition of nothingness. Now, surprisingly, this is
    very true to the actual meaning of the word. Evolve literally means to become nothing. A
    ball of yarn held by its end and rolled down a long incline is evolving as it goes, until the
    ball no longer exists. Once a candle has been lit and allowed to burn out, it has evolved
    completely. According to some who have studied the subject of Ascension, there are at
    least thirty-nine levels or densities to which one may aspire. Each level or density appears
    to be related to achieving a higher plane of existence. As one progresses from the lower
    basic nature of the animal kingdom to realms of enlightenment, unity consciousness and
    love for others, one’s vibrational frequencies are raised accordingly, and vice versa as
    As stated earlier, i am neither a protagonist nor antagonist to this subject matter, as
    it is essentially new to my way of thinking. However, since i have discovered the concept
    of critical thinking, my approach to difficult subjects has changed considerably. The number
    of babies i have not thrown out with their bath water has increased significantly in the
    recent past. Those ideas may not have been as clean as i would have liked, but perhaps
    with a bit more effort, i will be able to make them more agreeable to their older ideological
    family members. I am perfectly at ease with the idea that the “angels” dispatched to
    any of the key figures in my favorite Bible stories were actually fifth, sixth or higher density
    beings who were, and probably still are, domiciled in some exotic far away star system
    like the Pleiades. Their “sweet influences” have changed the outcome of many such
    tales. Take Daniel’s experience with the lions or his good friends, Shadrach, Meshach and
    Abednigo, for example. All of them avoided untimely deaths because of the beings who
    were dispatched for their benefit. The hungry lions didn’t eat Daniel because their mouths
    were shut by the “angel”. The three brave young men were thrown into a super heated
    furnace for refusing to worship the golden image of the Babylonian king, but all that got
    burned up were the soldiers who threw them in and the ropes that were used to bind
    them because of the fourth “man” who was seen walking around inside the flames with
    them! Sweet influences, indeed.
    11 of 11

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  19. Amazing in so many ways, man forever learning yet never being able to come to the “Knowledge of the Truth”…


  20. Max;
    That is your response to literally hundreds of hours of thoughtful study and careful analysis of genuine scholarly works? Are you really that small minded that you must resort to meaningless arrogant jabs? If you are so full of the “Knowledge of the Truth”, please provide just one sensible rebuttal to anything i wrote. Careful though, because your ignorance will quickly be revealed, as it was when you said “Lucifer” was never capitalized in a written language that has NEVER had anything resembling LOWER CASE LETTERS! For thousands of years, everyone with any knowledge at all on that subject would never have made such a truly stupid remark! Yet you have such little regard for the intelligence of the members of this group that you puff up your little chest and crow like a silly rooster challenging the rising of the morning sun!
    So, if you are even able to do so, please dispense with the arrogance and haughtiness long enough to answer me with just a modicum of the vast “Knowledge of the Truth” that you claim to possess.

    • You thought it was I making the statement I relayed here in response supra? Again you are mistaken. As you are also mistaken as to my being the one who made insulting remarks it the initial comments… It was you sport who jumped out with the demeaning remarks… Finally, That which I wrote in commenting was, I assure you in quotation marks…That implying or should have at best made you aware it was not I but simply a restating of someone else’s words and not my own…hence the “………..” Regardless, as to any of that however, it is most of all transparent to me that you feel ok with criticizing anyone who thinks differently or whose opinions (you think) attacks what you hold to be sound factual proven data, you now adamantly call truth. Not to mention the attacking and name calling of that individual. “forever learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth”, is found in that book you claim to know so much about. And furthermore, I, sir, am open to learn of many things of which I would be the first to say, I know little to nothing about, without ever being ashamed in doing so. You have again in your comments judged me wrong from the beginning… And whether I said it…or I have simply restated that which someone else said, is of no consequence, that which is true is true, Wherefore I say again, “Ever learning yet never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth”… If you are or were offended by those words,( which obviously you were and are), then reread II TIm.3:7. and argue your point(s) there not with me. And as for any discussion(s) we possibly could have had it seems obvious as well to me, you sir are sold out of your own carnal knowledge and that of others who think as you do, that within the minds (carnality) of men are found knowledge and wisdom.. Adding here once again… You never bothered answering my question to you…? why was or is that? Wasn’t asking nor am I looking to argue anything herein, it is assuredly futile to do so when opposing individual(s) seem to have it all worked out and they themselves have arrived to the place of “All Knowing”… That which is carnal minded will never know or be able to receive that which must be spiritually discerned . The enticing and as well the multitude of words spoken fails to prove much if anything….ever.

  21. Max;
    you are so full of shit you don’t even know you are constipated. you are a liar and a dissembler. i answered your specious questions, but you continue to spew offensive and meaningless comments without ever offering even one reasonable rebuttal to anything i wrote. i showed twice why you were wrong about Lucifer, but you refuse to step and show anyone where i’ve made a mistake in my writings. so, continue your silly pontificating or don’t. it won’t make any difference to anyone with half a brain.

    • Damn, sport, again with the blatant name calling, Is this your defence mechanism that pops up whenever you feel threatened??? And NO, You did not answer my question!!! I ask YOU…Who do you think/believe GOD is??? All I got from you was rhetoric of what some other man you gave reference to and what they had written or said… I am asking you again,WHO DO YOU THINK/KNOW (your own personal revelation from the Almighty GOD, besides of which there are no other, only false gods) Or have you not been given any understanding by HIM to know anything that is given to man if they simply ask. Is that for you hard to wrap your carnal mind around.??? If so we definitely have nothing further to discuss here. How did you come to know the true and living GOD, and in that revelation what truths and life including light was given you??? Is this beyond your comprehension? Or perhaps you will defer and mouth off more filth in attempts to do what..? make me to feel bad that you say I am full of shit…? you carry yourself as a child and your actions in your previous comments has proven such…. Answer or be silent, as for me I am tired of your much words amounting to gibberish and have no life or benefit to anyone…. That which was spoken by GOD has and always well be spiritually discerned and the natural minded man will never be able to come to the knowledge of the truth.. IF that bothers you I suggest you seek GOD who is the only one that can give you true understanding of who and what HE is… Can you hear me now, I don’t need words to belittle or in any manner put you down, you are doing that rather well on your own.


  22. blah, blah, blah. i expected no less and no more from you. you say nothing because you have nothing to say. i wrote very clearly and did not stutter. all the answers you keep demanding are in the words i’ve already given you. you still have not offered one word in rebuttal to anything i’ve written. one little statement of yours exposed you for the fraud that you are. so, for the benefit of all those you’ve apparently fooled until now, please explain how a name, any name, could be capitalized when written in a language that has NEVER had lower case letters for thousands of years! or just keep on crowing, little rooster.

    i know too well who “god” is. as albert pike wrote: lucifer is god! piss on god, you devil worshiper!

    • You neither know or are known of by him…you are carnal minded and the filth out of your mouth is as trash….DEAD. I AM DONE WITH YOU
      BE GONE you are as dead as the words you speak…. You have no understanding and that which you think you know….Go comfort yourself tonight when you look into your mirror.
      Pathetic as looking into that mirror as you do…seeing what…?
      Nothingness…and for all your searching of what has it benefitted you..?
      Obviously nothing as well…. But….If I asked you about that damn Goat in your room jacking off on your ass….you could define that rather well could you not….Continue with your own vain searching…You will find as you have already…It has profited you NOTHING
      THROUGH with you that thinks he knows and knows nothing of the truth that gives life and happiness with love towards all the creations of GOD.

      You neither know GOD and sport are not known of HIM either…YOU DO YOUR SELF HARM…and don’t even know that….
      respond if you choose….I am done with the likes of you… Your dead yet you can’t even realize that…

  23. Wheelsafire18

    And here we go! In my humble opinion, it is better to love and respect each other rather than getting into a pissing contest over semantics, gentlemen. We all come from different backgrounds with different perspectives.

    Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
    Romans 12:10

  24. Charlie;
    If you look dispassionately at the exchanges above, it will be clear that i tried to be considerate, but Max cannot present anything except in a manner approaching invective. He is clearly out of his league when engaged with someone who cares more about truth than ignorant platitudes. He can’t discuss things with knowledge and insight, so he uses rancor and superstition. I got his goat on the silly claim he made about Lucifer not being capitalized, and he couldn’t let it go. Apparently his pride got the best of him and prevented him from even reading what i wrote. Maybe it was asking too much to deal with the irritating formatting issues caused by the cut and paste. I will gladly send a clean .pdf copy of the article to anyone who asks. Simply send an email with the word Copy in the subject line to: Also, i’ll gladly engage anyone in a discussion of what i consider the most important subject i ever encountered.

  25. Wheelsafire18

    I have, Steven. Believe me, it is more constructive to simply say, “I will agree to disagree with you” rather than let a conversation get out of hand like this, bro. We all walk in the light we have. Max is coming from a more traditional christian perspective, much like my christian friends whose eyes glaze over when I talk about the Annunaki. I don’t berate them for it. I also know that, for all the research I’ve done, I still have a lot to learn. So do we all, my friend. BTW, The Lost Book of Enki describes the civil war that broke out among the Annunaki. You can find The Lost Book of Enki in pdf form online. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament alludes to it.

    The Lost Book of Enki

  26. Perhaps you are right and i should try harder to be more conciliatory. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to be there. Some folks just have a way of pushing my buttons. Thanks for the download. I’ll check it out That sort of thing, telling old Bible stories from a different perspective, is what Who Is WHO? was written for. Unless we can clear up all the deliberate obfuscation that is built into the Bible, we can never get a true picture of what we are meant to learn from its pages. Sorry if i’ve done more harm than good here.

  27. Wheelsafire18

    I learned a long time ago that communication is not only what you say but how you are perceived. As I said earlier, the confusion regarding the definition of god, gods or God is globally pervasive. When I said El Shaddai meant God Almighty, that was from a traditional source. It also means other things, too, like God of the Wilderness. The term God, in this case, refers to what He is, the Supreme Being. From Wikipedia:

    El Shaddai is conventionally translated as God Almighty (Deus Omnipotens in Latin) but the construction of the phrase fits the pattern of the divine appellations in the Ancient Near East and as such can convey various types of semantic relations between these two words: El of a place known as Shaddai, El possessing the quality of shaddai, or El who is also known as Shaddai – exactly as is the case with the names like “’El Olam”, “’El Elyon” or “’El Betel”. Moreover, while the translation of El as “God” or “Lord” in the Ugaritic/Canaanite language is straightforward, the literal meaning of Shaddai is the subject of debate.

    That doesn’t mean that I was referring to the personal name of a Babylonian deity when I said that. As I said earlier, the primary deity of the Chaldean mystics was likely the same primary deity of the Canaanites. Egyptians and Sumerians going back to the very distant past. Even the Islamic name Allah is a title, meaning “god of gods” or “the god.”

    As with any “religion,” it’s followers can be misled into occult practices, like the Chaldean mystics. The Jews had their mysticism in the Kabbalah and King Solomon’s Seal. I would never go there because I don’t need to manipulate the universe with incantations or numerology. I believe that Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with Him.

    I know that the Illuminati seeks to control the pulpit. The Committee of 300 controls the World Council of Churches and Christian Fundamentalism. I’ve also witnessed New Age doctrine creep into the Charismatic Movement. My relationship with the Holy Spirit keeps me grounded in the love of Jesus. I pray for the love of Jesus to flow to you, through you and out to others, my friend.

  28. Dean, you get it.

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