Love the People, Hate the System

Around the World Trip 2009 438

(Excerpted from Chapter 1: Stickin’ It To The Matrix…)

The key to getting free from the matrix is attitude. Every day we are bombarded with a not so subtle message from the programmers. They want you to hate the people and the planet starting with yourself.

You smell bad, therefore you need our deodorant. Your teeth aren’t white enough, therefore you need our toothpaste. You’re too fat, therefore you need our diet plan. And so on.

Every “program” on your TV degrades your humanity by telling you to screw over your friends and neighbors and “get one over on them”. The not so subtle message in all this is to, “be a good capitalist”.

Most news stories on your local news are about poor people committing heinous crimes. White collar criminals such as the financial parasites who own Wall Street are not so covered. That’s because these criminals own the system, including the TV station you are watching.

If the rich can keep you focused on all those poor liquor store bandits and the Octomom, they can continue to feed incessantly at the government trough and rob billions through the insider trades on the global stock exchanges unnoticed

The broken record which they try to engrain in each of us slaves from birth is essentially, “You are inherently flawed (original sin?), but the system itself is perfect. You are a basket case, but the matrix has no flaws. Hate yourself and worship the system and the oligarchy that owns it”.

Once you begin to see that the system is actually predicated on exploitation, cheating and lies, you can do one of two things. You can choose to embrace the system and become morally bankrupt yourself by working to further the goals of an evil corporation, investing your retirement in their evil stock markets and hoping implicitly that the matrix will get more sinister, more powerful and benefit you.

Or you will see it for what is really is and embrace your humanity. If you do this there is really only one choice. You must distance yourself from the system through nonparticipation and go to war with the matrix at every level.

The two most effective ways to fight this battle are to withhold your own sweat in the form of cheap labor for the exploiters and to close your pocketbook on its big box stores.

The old saying, “Live simply so that others may simply live”, holds true. Your cheap labor & your high-dollar shopping only serve to reinforce the matrix.

I will not further chronicle the evils of the matrix in this book. All the evidence you need that this world is run by a group calling itself the Illuminati, which profits from death, destruction and debt is documented in my Big Oil…book.

Stories of how our rampant consumption of these Satanists’ products in the developed world literally starves out what these creeps call the “useless eaters” of the developing world can be abundantly found in my The Grateful Unrich… book.

My task from this point on is not to convince you that this system is rotten to the core or that you should practice non-participation as a way to both emancipate yourself and the rest of the planet from these takers.

My task is to show you in simple and practical terms, how to do it. This book is for those of you who are already know what should be obvious to any sentient being who has witnessed oligarchy atrocities.

Before one can take action to escape the matrix, one must become a warrior in the battle against it. From that point on one realizes that exiting the system as much as possible requires a worldview that deems the system your enemy.

If you worship the system, or even see it as a valid alternative, you will begin to lose your humanity. You will become cynical as to the motives of your fellow humans and of nature. Paradoxically, if we love humanity and the natural world, we must hate the system with all our heart. We must declare war on it in every facet of our lives.

This paradox has rewards, which I believe can be viewed from either a spiritual aspect I will call “instant kharma” or a scientific aspect known as “every action produces an equal reaction”. In the end these two are the exact same thing.

So while it may seem that “declaring war on the system” will be an arduous and difficult path, what you will find is that once you have embarked upon this road, life actually gets easier.

Liberation is attained through empathy for all life. Fighting off the permeating advances of the matrix becomes a game. And it’s lots of fun.

Your heart becomes light again. Stress is alleviated. Time moves more slowly with the pace of nature, instead of at the breakneck speed of the matrix, which is designed to disorient us, confuse us and deny us knowledge of who we really are and why we are here.

This is not to say that the transition will be without difficulty. The matrix is designed so that every citizen within its grasp wears a thought police badge. Once you embark upon the path of liberation you will encounter family, friends and neighbors who will attempt to police you back into the web.

They don’t want you to leave the system so they will make constant attempts to drag you back into the swamp of misery in which they reside. Their own unhappiness will be the basis through which they attempt to ostracize, mock and isolate you. They are the policing mechanism on which the matrix relies to keep you in prison. So you must be resolute, brave and strong.

Once you have endured the ridicule and made it safely to higher ground, you can then reach back into the muck and help your friends and family escape as well.

You must realize that most never will. Creature comforts have trapped them in an illusion of happiness. Many are still trying to gain acceptance from their parents, their neighbors or the town folk.

But some will grab your hand and climb out. In my life there have been many. This is very gratifying and reaffirms the path of liberation.

There will be loneliness on this barely traveled road. The majority of people will never really “get it”. This must be accepted as the price of freedom. But it is a price that is well worth paying.

As you get further down the path of liberation from the matrix, you will meet a growing number of others who are heading in the same direction.  Some of these kindred spirits will become your best friends.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

22 responses to “Love the People, Hate the System

  1. “BEFORE ONE CAN TAKE ACTION TO ESCAPE THE MATRIX, ONE MUST BECOME A WARRIOR IN THE BATTLE AGAINST IT. From that point on one realizes that exiting the system as much as possible requires a worldview that deems the system your enemy.

    If you worship the system, or even see it as a valid alternative, you will begin to lose your humanity. You will become cynical as to the motives of your fellow humans and of nature. Paradoxically, IF WE LOVE HUMANITY AND THE NATURAL WORLD, WE MUST HATE THE SYSTEM WITH ALL OUR HEART. WE MUST DECLARE WAR ON IT IN EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES.”

    Lovely, Dean! I sign this with both hands!

    …And a question, let’s see if somebody can help:

    I’ve been wondering lately on WHY do they – the system – allow, admit…foster? the wide spread of info- about them on the internet these days? Sounds like a paradox, isn’t it? WHY are we able to find and exchange so much info- about them? There should be some trick behind that…hmm..

    • Pandora’s box is open…the internet…

    • Typical American response. Why must everything be “WAR” with you? Why do you always “FIGHT” everything? Look to Mother Teresa, she would march for Peace, she would never march against war. Do you see the difference? To fight against is to oppose with conflict, this only engenders more conflict. To work towards peace, to discuss and find understanding resolves conflict and brings about harmony. Victory brings loss, loss brings resentment and hate, hate clouds judgement and so the sorry circle continues. Discussion in harmony and understanding brings opposing sides together. It isn’t necessary to “hate the system”, understand the system, then reject it and create something better. People like systems, it makes the world go around, if you remove one system people create another one, there will always be a system, the best solution is make a better system.

      And to answer your last question. There isn’t one overarching group in control, it’s a lot of small self serving groups who understand that conflict creates opportunities and they have a loose association that works together to manage the conflict to best effect: look at Haliburton, KBR in Iraq, and Raytheon to name just three. Without war they would be broke. War drives the US and UK economies to a large degree. Information on the internet can easily be countered by yet more information until you drown in a sea of it! It has been well established that Intelligence agencies monitor and flood the net with disinformation in many different forms. This controls and directs the discourse and provides a distraction that sidelines most dissent. Even websites like this one will be targeted with schizophrenic religious rants or bigoted anti jewish statements just to promote more discord.

      • Poor Butterfly

        This may interest you about Mother Teresa, and is only one of many such sites.

      • Thanks for the comment, yes I am aware that Mother Teresa had many failings and her lack of managerial skills was her most prominent. This however, doesn’t detract from her understanding of the suffering of this world and the causes behind it. I used her example to illustrate an alternative to a “War on drugs/cancer/heart disease/poverty/violence etc.” .

  2. …cryptic, as usual…

    …??…something more specific?…thanks 🙂

  3. Glad I found you (again). You might enjoy

    Have met Daniel and know that he is real. His life style is not one that I would chose, but can respect. -Bob

  4. they are doing a fine job of convincing people who give a chit to unplug and lose use of the tools the system provides to ‘everyone’ – if some elusive ‘they’ can use it for ‘evil’ we sure as hell can use it for good … there is a disease in the machine, the machine itself just needs malware removal and some better IT folk

  5. Chris Dealtry

    Thanks for the smoke signals. We get the message, there’s a safer place, closer to the earth, not so far off. Good pass-age: between the hard places, away from the demon system, over the pass, and back home, to our life on earth, with the earth. The first few steps are tricky, its a rocky road and you might stumble, then they’ll tell you the pass is a mirage, that there’s no escape. Yet, its just like any walk in the hills, get the right boots, take it easy when your feet hurt, take the boots off, give yourself a little time, the pass gets closer, and when you reach the top, you’re halfway there, its all clear in front of you. From then on, coming-down from the nightmare, your feet wont hurt and it’ll be a cruise.

    I’m glad your perspective gets through the gaps in their net, so many complicated abstract theories are dancing around amongst people wanting to resist the system’s insanity.

    The complicated stuff is the bag of tricks we call the may-tricks, mostly mind-tricks, a few poisons, electrical weapons, and, depending where you are, crazy cops, bandits or soldiers.

    The real-life, living closer to the earth, really isn’t so complicated, no abstract theories needed. We can easily learn and teach each other without college degrees of seperation or being certified with other certificates. No thousand points-of-light pyramid-system the-ology and en-cyclops-peadophilia britannica lie-brary to read for a thousands years. If you care about your garden, its gonna be a good garden and you might even wander off and learn about the wild garden that’s already been here.

    Love humanity – could this be the moral com-pass: north, south, east and west, we’re all the best? Usually seems to get me a pass when the good people I meet can see that I really feel it.

    We’re earth people, we’re welcome here, and maybe that’s what the birds have been singing all along?

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  7. No-Tittytainment

    I give you my comment in French my native language, which gives you the freedom to read it … or not

    Sortir de la Matrix: Un peu de commentaires et humour.
    Capital l’humour la situation est tellement ridicule que sans humour on finit par la prendre au sérieux, c’est n’est pas sérieux d’être sérieux dans un monde qui ne l’est pas.
    Soyons sérieux :

    L’auteur parle de ma grande spécialité, la force d’inertie, la non-participation et le sort “Evanesco” (Harry Potter) .
    Aucune vertu à cela, aucun travail, je suis comme ça depuis tout petit. Je n’ai jamais appris à reculer, ni devant un, ni devant cinq, ni devant mille, je ne sais pas ce que le mot “impossible” veut dire.

    Pour ne pas être sociopathe et ne pas névroser donc nécroser comme un sociopathe, il faut ne pas participer à l’entreprise / société sociopathique, la No-Society (Christophe Guilluy) .
    C’est aussi simple que cela.

    A-Société des élites nains sociopathes crétins , rats qui se prennent pour des aigles, des nains perchés sur les épaules des géants de 6000 ans d’histoire).
    Ces tares de l’humanité sont si prétentieux, si égotiques qu’il suffit de parcourir nos rues pour constater qu’elles portent uniquement les noms des nains sociopathes des deux derniers siècles, complexés qu’ils sont des 1323 ans qui les ont précédés.
    Complexés à juste titre …
    Effacer la grandeur de leurs prédécesseurs leur permet, pensent-ils, d’échapper à la comparaison, casser le thermomètre.

    Minuscules personnes se rêvant géants, en guerre contre leur propre peuple parce qu’ils sont des nains reconnus comme tels et qu’ils se rêvaient des grands.
    Les grands nains ne peuvent briller que par leur petitesse, il est donc normal que leur œuvres ,soient bassesses, plus c’est bas, plus c’est petit plus c’est à leur mesure.

    Il suffit de regarder le spectacle de Minus et Cortex, les êtres humains n’ont pas à se prendre pour de minus personnages de dessin animé, laissons cela à ceux qui ont été élus “grands nains”…
    Nains du nain porte quoi, n’importe quoi, rien ne leur importe….

    (ce qu’il a écrit le fera rire plus tard..s’il ne rechute pas dans le sketch ) :

    Sans critiquer l’auteur, un marqueur prouve qu’il débute dans la démarche, à la fin du texte :

    -“Il y aura des moments de solitude sur ce chemin peu emprunté. La vaste majorité des gens ne le “comprendront” jamais vraiment. Ceci doit être accepté comme étant le prix de la liberté. C’est un prix qui vaut la peine d’être payé.”

    Marqueurs sémantiques trahison de l’expression :

    Si l’auteur se sent seul c’est que ce n’est que le début du chemin.
    Il a abandonné les vieilles habitude, les relations superficielles, les faux semblants, la pièce de théâtre des fausses relations où tout le monde est ensemble pour ne rien se dire, pour se mimer, pour être une somme d’individualité qui se fondent en Globi-Boulga, ne rien faire et ne rien apprendre.
    Accompagnés pour être seuls à plusieurs, l’illusion.


    -“La vaste majorité des gens ne se comprendront jamais vraiment”
    Là aussi marqueur du début.
    Est-ce que les gens ont vocation à comprendre individuellement 7 milliards d’individus ? lol
    La phrase trahit le besoin d’approbation, le besoin d’être compris pour être validé par les autres.
    C’est une étape classique mais elle est malheureusement le marqueur qu’il lui reste beaucoup de chemin.

    Qu’est-ce qu’on en a à faire d’être compris par des lobotomisés de BFM-WC ou de “Touche pas à mon poste” sérieusement ?
    Qu’est-ce qu’on a à faire d’être “compris” par les collègues de l’enseignement national qui vivent dans “le meilleur des mondes” en sont clairement les agents ?
    On ne peut pas respecter ceux qui ne se respectent pas et ne vous respectent pas, on ne peut pas respecter l’intelligence de ceux qui n’en font pas preuve .
    (ils sont inintelligibles, perchés, bisounours, ils vivent avec les pieds qui ne touchent pas le sol)


    “Ceci doit être accepté comme étant le prix de la liberté.”
    La phrase marqueur d’une souffrance, ne pas être mal accompagné est pour-lui un “prix à payer”, pour d’autres c’est un pur bénéfice, je qualifie cela de “tri sélectif automatique” c’est écolo ! sic

    Ce qu’il déplore c’est ce qui lui semble être une facture, un prix, une souffrance.
    C’est tout le contraire, pour le moment il révulse ses veilles habitudes, ses anciens “contacts” et c’est normal car ils ne le connaissent plus et lui ne se connait pas encore.

    Pour l’instant il est à cheval entre deux mondes, l’ancien, le monde où il avait besoin de tuteurs, de référents, de gens enfermés comme-lui dans la dystopie pour lui dire “tu est un bon petit robot” .

    Il manque encore de confiance en lui, de confiance à ce qu’est la vie hors dystopie depuis 6000 ans.
    C’est comme s’il était un poisson (poisse-on, on poisse, la poisse) commençant à marcher sur terre, ça l’effraie il a besoin de savoir s’il fait bien ou s’il fait mal.
    Pour le rassurer qu’il prenne un marqueur très simple, tant que personne ne hurle “aïe tu m’as marché dessus”, il ne fait aucun mal à personne . ^^

    Bien sûr il aura toujours une foule hallucinante de jaloux et de détracteurs au début.
    Les animaux d’élevage dans la cage du zoo détestent regarder les grands félins courir dans la forêt sous leurs yeux.
    C’est normal ça les renvoie à leurs choix, ça ne va pas dans le sens de la validation de leurs choix de vie, donc ça les titille
    En plus ça les fait passer pour des cons et des faibles, eux qui se prenaient pour “des aigles de la route” sont juste des petits moineaux peureux en cage…cage de luxe ou bas de gamme, peu importe..

    GRAVE :
    Soumis volontaire et demandeurs du jugements des autres, être valorisés ou dévalorisés par les autres, ce dans la parfaite ignorance de leur propre jugement vis-à vis d’eux-mêmes, comme si ils n’existaient pas et que seuls les autres existaient .
    Comme si eux-mêmes n’avaient aucun jugement, aucun goût, aucune référence propre, mais que seul le groupe, la masse, la communauté des lobotomisés, les autres, avaient un jugement valable. lol
    L’effet troupeau donne l’illusion de la solidité, hors face à un prédateur, les moutons sont tout aussi mortels à 50 qu’individuellement, et face à un loup chaque mouton espère que le loup bouffera son pote.
    Aucun mouton du troupeau ne pense à mordre le loup, “les autres ne le font pas c’est que c’est pas possible”

    Que l’auteur se rassure, quand il aura passé les étapes il ne se sentira pas seul, au contraire, il sera un puissant aimant, très attractif pour les moutons, un vrai mystère …
    Les moutons détestent le mystère, ils aiment les étiquettes de la viande en barquette, ça les rassure car “c’est vrai parce que c’est marqué dessus !” .

    C’est alors qu’il rêvera d’être un puissant répulsif mais ça ne marchera pas comme ça.
    Il ne cherchera pas le contact car les conventions le forceront à jouer au sketch de la pièce de théâtre de ce qui est acceptable ou non pour la bienpensance .
    D’avance il saura qu’il est plus facilement accepté d’être un terroriste muz que d’être un “malpensant” à l’esprit critique, donc étiqueté fasciste, nazi, monstre etc… (c’est hilarant)

    Seulement ça ne marche pas comme ça, les moineaux sont attirés par la baleine, ça les rassure, ça les intrigue.
    D’instinct ils chercheront le contact pour se nourrir, c’est la nature .
    Attention ils ont l’estomac fragile donc il faut leur laisser prendre mais pas leur donner une ration, ils en crèveraient d’overdose !

    C’est là que tel la baleine il faut vivre sa vie et rester cool.
    C’est rigolo un cormoran mais ça bouffe n’importe quel animal en état de faiblesse, un naufragé, un poisson, un autre oiseau. Mieux vaut le savoir, c’est leur nature, il n’y a rien de la à ça, c’est des éboueurs pas de patients cultivateurs. (nomades VS sédentaires)


    “C’est un prix qui vaut la peine d’être payé.”
    La phrase pour se rassurer, s’auto-convaincre car il a encore besoin d’être rassuré, il cherche encore une approbation extérieure, un “papa”, un “référent”.
    Plus tard il n’aura pas besoin de le verbaliser “ça vaut la peine”, ce sera implicite, évident, aussi évident que “le feu ça brûle et l’eau ça mouille, les oiseaux volent dans le ciel”

    Le mot “prix” disparaitra totalement.

    Est-ce que l’aristocrate dit “ne pas vivre avec des gueux vulgaires et grossiers c’est le lourd prix à payer” ?

    Est-ce que Aristote disait “Ne pas vivre 24H/24 avec des lobotomisés c’est une souffrance quotidienne , le prix à payer ?”

    Pour l’instant l’auteur en est à l’étape du questionnement, de l’incertitude, de l’effet de manque des habitude, de la petite perte de repère qu’implique l’absence de l’approbation et de contact des moutons.

    Passé quelques années la fréquentation des moutons sera une punition mais quoi qu’il en soit on ne déteste pas les moutons, aucun orgueil, un mouton c’est beau, c’est gentil, c’est amusant de les regarder dans leur enclos.

    Ne jamais oublier que le mouton se moque de vous, il bêle, il s’insurge, il objecte, il relativise : “mais, mais, mais, mais ….”

    Laissez le bêler en paix ” Mais je vole avec les libellules, avec les loups sous la lune je hurle”

    • Chris Dealtry

      That whale video is a great example of our friend in the natural world co-operating. Just as Dean said sometime recently, the ‘illuminated’ media medium nature programmes paint a darwinist fake reality. The witchcraft of selective information edited into a narrated narrative on a screen, creating fake fear of going outside and stepping-off the tarmac road, literally.

    • Chris Dealtry

      Merci. Je vais relire (ca fait longtemps a ne pas lire en francais). Ce qui me frappe c’est l’observation de la ‘moutonnerie’, une metaphore cachee dans la langue anglaise (p.e. ‘penned’ = ‘ecrit’ (en stylo) et, ‘en taule’), declaree dans l’eglise et symbolisee dans quelques hieroglyphes du ‘pere’ (pere-seigneur?).

  8. Chris Dealtry

    Merci. Je vais relire (ca fait longtemps a ne pas lire en francais). Ce qui me frappe c’est l’observation de la ‘moutonnerie’, une metaphore cachee dans la langue anglaise (p.e. ‘penned’ = ‘ecrit’ (en stylo) et, ‘en taule’), declaree dans l’eglise et symbolisee dans quelques hieroglyphes du ‘pere’ (pere-seigneur?).

    • No-Tittytainment

      I’m sorry for the innumerable word games of my comment, if you find a good English-French translator you will understand that it’s about telling truths through humor.

      This long comment is an exposure, a testimony, an encouragement.
      The road is long but it is wonderful.

      As for the metaphors, I confess to be a fan of Language of the birds.
      Do not trust its apparent vagueness or ease, it contains several layers, the language acts on our as the Neuro-linguistic programming has demonstrated.
      Words have a deep meaning and it works in all languages.

      Thank you for your article, you will see that in a few times your article will be fun as you will have taken a step back from yourself and others.
      Be patient and confident, what seems complicated at the beginning of the exit of the matrix is ​​precisely what becomes a pure happiness afterwards.
      (Silly example: At first I suffered from no longer having a car, a few years later I am happy to no longer have a car: I enjoy being driven by the bus driver, to be able to look at the landscapes.
      I feel like a blind man who has regained my sight, I no longer take my car to travel 15 kilometers to go for a walk, the walk begins as soon as I leave home. I enjoy watching everything I did not see before. This is an example but I have thousands like that.
      Everything is like that, more we advance more what initially seemed a problem becomes a pleasure)

      I really appreciated your text, it is extremely rare that I comment on the internet but your text deserved it.

      • Chris Dealtry

        Oh crap, I replied as a general comment again.


        A deux mains, et a deux pieds.


      • Chris Dealtry

        Summery summary:

        Makes sense to me to share our explorations of land-witches, and as we kind of hear with dis-spelled ears a little, then it would be cool to do that by phone sometime.

        Typing is cool for some purposes, but when it comes to exploring lots of stuff, it takes a lot more horus, oops, hours, than direct speaking-and-listening.

        Donc, si tu veux, on pourrait echanger nos numeros par e-mail, ou un truc comme ca.

        Il va de soi qu’y’a pas de soucis si tu veux pas.

        A plus

  9. Chris Dealtry

    Thanks for your friday (‘end’ of the week) friend-day reply my friend. I may well turn to the silicone translator, although minimally, as learning more and reinforcing my french neurology seems like a nice part of the road I am on, 🙂

    Yeah, NLP, I have no idea what the ‘professional’ courses teach about the witchcraft, yet the mean meanings and con words, seem pretty obviously manipulated to bring us down, twisting the neural trees (of understanding-sense) together for con-fusion. For example, in english, full-of-awe has a wonderful sense to it, which (witch) is messed-with due to the phonetic neural link with the inverted, negative sense of the word ‘awe-full’ (changed, ‘spelled’, to appear as ‘awful’).

    I’ll be right back soon – I typed a whle load of stuff about multi-lingual dis-spelling, just gonna look afresh to see how it reads first (its been a few days of weakening weakened weekend work etc).

    (And maybe, soon, I might figure-out the simple lesson of installing a microphone and posting links to aural comments – speech might be easier for this kind of thing, whilst text is good for a book etc)

    And, I loved the comments about walking, and the birds.

    Shine on


  10. Thank you for the article, this was definitely the push I needed to take action in my search for my truth. I would like to comment on the person that said why must everything be war. In my understanding it is because we do have few universal laws that apply. We exist in a world of duality. So if you want to go as far as to escape the madness you must be willing to go as far as the extremes it will take to get to the escape. Which equals war. Then after you win the war you find balance. Harmony. If that resonates with anyone. Like love and war being the same spectrum you love yourself you have to hate and declare war on what is trying to hinder you from the greater good for yourself.

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