The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part V: The Solution

2008-5 (14)(Excerpted from The Federal Reserve Cartel)

Thomas Jefferson opined of the Rothschild-led Eight Families central banking cartel which came to control the United States, “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day, but a series of oppressions begun at a distinguished period, unalterable through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery”.

Two centuries and a few decades later this same cabal of trillionaire money changers – mysteriously immune from their own calls for “broad sacrifice” – utilizes the debt lever to ring concessions from the people of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and now the United States.

In their never-ending quest to subjugate the planet, the bankers’ IMF enforcer – chronic harasser of Third World governments – has turned its sites on the developed world. To further advance their dizzying concentration of economic power, the whining banksters take a giant wrecking ball to the global middle class as they prepare to eat their young.

No one can argue that the US deficit is not a problem. Much of it accrues paying interest on the $14 trillion debt. Stooped-over Congressional cartel shills with names like Cantor and Boehner argue for slashing entire government departments to satiate the bloodthirsty bond-holders. Liberals argue for higher taxes on the rich and massive Pentagon cuts.

I agree with these latter proposals. The super-rich paid 90% under Eisenhower and 72% under Nixon. Both were Republicans. They now pay 33%. Most corporations and many elites utilize offshore tax havens and pay nothing.

The argument for progressive taxation is that those who benefit more from government should pay more. Cartel apologists propagate the fiction that the poor soak up middle-class tax dollars, sowing division between the poor and middle class. Meanwhile, the Eight Families financial octopus feeds mightily at the public trough be it the SEC (rich investors), the FCC (Gulfstream jet fliers), the USDA (the richest farmers get the biggest checks), Medicaid (insurance fraud, Big Pharma gouging) or the Pentagon (Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Blackwater).

Still, $14 trillion is an insurmountable debt. Increasing taxes on the super-rich combined with a global American military withdrawal from its current role as Hessianized mercenary force for the City of London banksters, while welcome, will not be enough to deal with this monster debt, what Jefferson termed, this “deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery”.

The belt-way dialogue on the deficit remains locked in a tiny intellectual box created by the corporate media and their Federal Reserve cartel owners. But there is another way.

It is a myth that most of that $14 trillion debt is owed to the Chinese or other “governments”. The vast majority – around $10 trillion – is owed to the Eight Families Federal Reserve crowd.

In a June 9, 2011 article for Marketwatch, Unicredit’s Chief US Economist Harm Bandholz stated that the Federal Reserve is the largest holder of US debt with around 14% of the total. This does not include debt held by Rothschild-controlled central banks of other nations – including China, Japan and the GCC oil fiefdoms.

Through the recent QE2 program, the Fed purchased another $600 billion in Treasury bonds. They claimed it was a last ditch attempt to save the global economy from deflation. Instead, the banksters who got the interest free taxpayer-backed money pushed us further towards deflation by refusing to lend their welfare bonanza to potential homeowners or small business.

Conversely and inherent in the printing of zero-interest money, they created inflation – speculating in oil, food and gold futures and rolling this increased US debt on the roulette tables at their various wholly-owned global stock exchanges. Is it any wonder the financial parasite class is now clamoring for QE3?

What follows is a ten-step proposal which President Obama and the Congress could enact to lift the $14 trillion debt from the backs of future generations of Americans. These should be done concurrently as part of a single sweeping financial reform bill. Modeled after last week’s release of strategic petroleum reserves by twenty-seven nations, this measure should be enacted in tandem with as many willing nations as possible. The same Rothschild-led cabal controls the central banks of most every nation and there is power in numbers. If these measures are enacted separately or by only one nation, the Eight Families cartel will use their financial clout to target and destroy the US:

1) Introduce a Treasury Department-administered infrastructure investment fund, which workers should be strongly encouraged to opt into using accrued funds from their private 401K plans. This is important because the banker’s stock market casino will crash due to the next nine steps and workers must be shielded from this event. This fund can be used to rebuild America’s infrastructure, with American workers acting as lenders and receiving a fair rate of interest in return.

2) The US needs to withdraw from the Bank of International Settlements, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the IMF and all Eight Families-controlled multilateral lending facilities. We would save billions funding these banker welfare schemes while freeing ourselves from rules which prevent our financial emancipation.

3) De-link the dollar from all currency baskets and IMF special drawing rights. Ban trade in dollars on all global exchanges. This will create a demand for dollars and strengthen our badly devalued currency. Impose currency controls by fixing the dollar at 1:1 euro, Chinese yuan, Canadian dollar and Swiss franc; 100:1 Japanese yen. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fixed the nation’s currency – the ringit. It was the only currency in the region that did not crash when Rothschild front-man George Soros took aim at the region.

4) Nationalize the Federal Reserve. According to a London barrister I have been in contact with, under the Federal Reserve Act there is a provision that allows for the US government to buy back the Fed’s charter for $4 billion. We should pay this fee, revoke the Fed charter and launch a new US dollar issued by the Treasury Department. With the dollar fixed, the vampires cannot crash it.

5) Cancel the $10 trillion debt to the Illuminati bankers. Debt obligations to foreign governments and small bond-holders should be honored at par.

6) Arrest the perpetrators. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all fraudulent transactions involving the Fed cartel. Send the FBI to the New York Fed. Seize all documents. Confiscate the world’s largest gold reserves which are stored there. These were stolen from various governments including from our own Ft. Knox reserves.

7) Forget just repealing the Bush tax cuts on the rich. The top tax rate on people who make more than $1 million/ year should be raised to 75%. People making more than $500,000/year should pay 50%. All tax brackets below $75,000/year should see tax cuts. If you get more from government you need to pay for it, instead of soaking the middle-class and blaming it on the poor.

8) Slash Pentagon spending. Shut down all US military bases on foreign soil, including those in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Withdraw ALL troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Use the savings to pay off government and small bond-holders.

9) Outlaw offshore banking by US citizens and corporations. Bring your money home and pay taxes on it or surrender your US passport/corporate charter. The dramatic increase in tax revenue would be enough to pay off the remaining debt to sovereign governments and small bond-holders, while keeping our obligations to the Social Security trust fund.

10) Introduce single-payer health care and price controls on prescription drugs. The current corporate for-profit health care bonanza depends upon sickness and ill health for its hefty profits. In 2006 Canada government spent $3,678 per person for free single-payer coverage for all its citizens. The US government spent $6,714 per person covering the insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital and AMA cartels. The savings attained from eliminating insurance/pharmaceutical/hospital chain/doctor-perpetrated Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security fraud will save the US Treasury billions. It is the only solution to skyrocketing and unsustainable health care costs.

Using this methodology the US could wipe out both its deficit and its debt within a year. These measures should be planned in secret and introduced swiftly and in rapid succession. Social security and Medicare will be saved. The middle class will see their tax rates go down, while their retirement fund finances the rebuilding of a 21st Century America. Manufacturing jobs will come home, since the Chinese yuan will have seen a dramatic appreciation. Our national security will be enhanced by withdrawing from the role of global policeman.

If we keep thinking inside the banker-manufactured beltway box, our children have no future. They will live in a Third World country which produces nothing, lorded over by debt-collector parasites known as the “financial services industry”.

The wealth-destroying Eight Families banker elite are the perpetrators of the US debt crime. Should a woman who is raped serve the sentence of her rapist? That’s absurd. Then why should Americans or any other nation pay a fraudulent debt foisted upon them by con-men? It is time for Obama and the Congress to get a backbone and force the criminal Federal Reserve cartel to make the “broad sacrifices”.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

32 responses to “The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part V: The Solution

  1. as if Do you seriously think this could ever happen? Not in our lifetimes.

  2. Brilliant!

    You forgot one thing…indictments and gallows for the Cartel owners..

  3. Awesome work.

  4. I agree with everything you’ve thought out except the excessive taxation. There needs to be another approach. Perhaps a flat tax or VAT. All Americans are overtaxed. The government needs to be starved of all this tax money. It’s being squandered on unnecessary defense spending that’s rife with abuse, graft and theft. As well as on wars, the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, NSA, CIA shenanigans, meddling in other countries, black ops, secret space programs, Israel, and the list goes on and on. Stop it. Reduce the amount of money that the government extorts from its citizens and streamline the government spending to things that serve much more beneficial purposes than American aggression and hegemony. Put it in to education, technology, renewable energy, medicine, helping people where help is needed. This can all be done for far less than what the government currently collects and wastes with far less taxation.

  5. the only problem i see is the fact that the government is in bed with these crooks. at this point i dont have hope that this country has any intention of governing with the best interest of the people in mind. if that were the case, monetary policies like we have now wouldn’t exist in the first place.

  6. Great Ideas. But how do you KEEP the Parasites from Infecting every aspect of this plan? They are like cockroaches. They are everywhere.
    I KNOW!
    Develop an Anti-Parasite VACCINE!
    Also, Please figure out a way to hold these mega GOONS accountable for their very clever crimes against humanity and the entire planet EARTH.

  7. TREASON is Crime against America.
    Lets start “THE WAR ON TREASON”

    • I believe Americans will hang Rothschilds, et al, known as “international bankers”

      U need to know the SCOPE ofvthe conspiracy (all facts, high treadons, deaths, wars, deceit, manipulation, terror, lies, crimes, child molestations, etc. Etc.)

      All people responsible in-between might get the same treatment by the US population (including FBI corrupt treasonous people at top who made this happen, the media people who remained silent all along, ..

      Including corrupt “treasonous judges” who decided not to apply the laws and U.S. constitution..(oppression/discriminayion, lies, tyranny)

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  9. open season on stupid and the economic vampire parasites
    Jesus describes in John 8:44

    in fact when the “Language” becomes pure a thorough
    reading and understanding of Matthew 13:39-43 will
    become laser beam specific….for those with eyes that see
    and ears that hear

    the rest will be just logical normal course of events

  10. Imagine if the US, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, and everyone else did this simultaneously, say, by the end of 2015…the world’s problem would be solved

      • So many solutions proposed above except for one:
        Collective prayer.
        If every day, each one of us would intensively and emotionally vocalize the thought:
        …”Please, Creator of the World, free us all from the enslavement of the world’s oppressors, and restore the world to the pristine state it was meant to be! PLEASE!”
        …then that might move mountains way more than the bad guys manipulate economies and weather.
        …Why is it that nobody ever proposes this? It’s the missing key!

  11. Thanks for the great series of articles. The measures that you suggest would certainly end the Rothschild control. The Rothschilds have safeguards to prevent this. They are firmly in control.

    Some of the measures you suggest will be implemented, at least partially, because it has been planned for and it benefits the Rothschilds. It is difficult to understand, because the people are so steeped in it that they can’t possibly see what is going on. As Shakespeare said, – all the world is a stage. Everything is scripted. Everything is deception. Layers upon layers of deception.

    As Noam Chomsky’s said about the masses, “[they] don’t even know what’s happening, and don’t even know that they don’t know.”

    The current events are all planned and everything is right on schedule. The Rothschilds and their Illuminati are firmly in control. It was planned to use the USA as a tool and deplete its wealth to bring in the New World Order.

    The Pope will visit in October. He will arrive late in the day, – as a symbolic gesture of the decline of the US. The Illuminati love symbolism. In the following days he will address Congress and visit the United Nations. Do you see many Popes visiting the UN?

    Have you heard that the Pope remarked that the sun rises East of Rome and the sun is setting West of Rome? He was making a symbolic comment about world power. That power is shifting to the EAST, – China and Russia and their allies.

    His UN visit is the symbolic and subtle passing of power from the US to the UN. Also in October, China will announce that it has been granted Special Drawing Rights and that China’s currency is now the “World Currency”, – likely backed by gold. The US dollar will no longer be the World Currency. The power is being passed, as planned. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an international investment banker is the personal handler of china’s leaders, including President is Xi Jinping. Ever hear of the Illuminati firm Kuhn, Loeb & Company?

    It’s problem, reaction, and solution. The NWO will have nice solutions. A new US President will be elected to make things right and “restore” America. The public will cheer as it “appears” that corruption is finally cleaned-up. It will be unknown to the public that this is all planned.

    Eventually the Federal Reserve will be audited and “problems” will be found. The public will cheer. The Fed will be abolished in a grand spectacular show. The public will be entertained, satisfied and completely fooled.

    All currency operations will be transferred to the Treasury. And why not? After more than 100 years of corruption, bribes, blackmail and assassinations, the whole government, including the Treasury, is now completely controlled by the Rothschilds. They no longer need a central bank. Central banks were only an intermediate step.

    The public will love it and beg for more. They will welcome the NWO as a solution and savior. And then, the screws will be tightened. Currency will be eliminated and all purchases will be tracked and documented, – as a necessary step to maintain the new fairness, prevent the return of corruption, stop terrorism and etc. You see, it’s for your own good and protection. Questionable purchases and unapproved activity will cause your accounts to be closed. You will not be allowed to buy or sell and no one will be allowed to help you. You will be ostracized and cast out to starve, for failure to go along with the crowd and the NWO.

    But remember that the masses welcomed the NWO and begged for more. That is how the NWO has always advanced. The Illuminati loves it that way since they are only giving the people what they asked for, leaving the Illuminati blameless, at least in their own view.

    These details will be quickly forgotten by the few who read them. October is a long way off and the public has a short memory. The public will be surprised by China’s announcement and will be oblivious to the symbolism of the Pope’s visit. The symbols are all around you, as the Illuminati subtly announces its plans. So the public will continue cheer for the NWO and be drawn to their own demise.

  12. not controlled opposition

    a federal reserve note is a private currency,
    and you pay a fee called an income tax to use it.
    Your Freedom Starts Here:
    Irrecusable Obligation
    Redeemed 12USC411
    Bank Refusal 12USC501a
    All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308
    Down the rabbit hole we go
    web search: lawful united states money goldlike
    web search: you are a corporation
    search glp: corporation
    everything is about contracts
    You must go thru all of the older posts of GLP the gems are in there

  13. Sometimes a picture is helpful, so here’s Robert Lawrence Kuhn mentioned in my earlier post:

    Kuhn is the keynote speaker about the Chinese Dream. Odd that a Jewish international investment banker would be explaining the Chinese Dream to the Chinese? It is until you realize that he wrote the script for the Chinese Dream.

    President is Xi Jinping adopted the “Chinese Dream” as his slogan in 2013, The paragraph beginning near the bottom of Xi Jinping’s photo notes that: according to Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who is an international investment banker and the author of “How China’s Leaders Think: The Inside Story of China’s Reform and What This Means for the Future,” . . .

    So Kuhn knows how and what Chinese leaders think! Amazing! Well not so amazing, since Kuhn and the Illuminati tell the Chinese leaders what to think.

    Here’s another photo of Kuhn and you can click to enlarge it: Why isn’t that President Xi Jinping on the cover?

    Kuhn’s bio says that, “Dr. Kuhn is frequently in China, working with senior leaders, ministers and officials in Beijing and Party secretaries and governors in the provinces.” “Working with” means that Kuhn is telling them what to do.

    BRICS is not exactly what it looks like. Nothing is in this world. It’s all fake. All deception, – and BRICS is deception too. One group is played against another. The crazy war-mongering West is used to drive nations into the safe and loving arms of BRICS. China offers BRICS as a safe alternative to the West, but who owns China and controls China’s central bank? The Rothschilds! So who owns and controls BRICS? The Rothschilds.

    The Rothschilds also own Russia’s central bank. Putin is hailed as a Christian hero who offers a multipolar world instead of the unipolar world of the evil West. That’s exactly what the Russian and Chinese people want to hear. But it’s not multipolar, as in reality it is owned and controlled by one family, – the Rothschilds. So it’s really unipolar. All nations are under Rothschild direct control excepting a few like Cuba, North Korea, and Iran.

    BRICS was started way back in the 1950’s by the Rockefellers. You can read the initial concept in the Rockefeller book titled, “Prospect For America”. Here is an informative article:
    China is under Illuminati control. It was the Illuminati that engineered China’s rise to economic and military power, while causing America’s decline.

    Here is the Illuminati’s Kissinger with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1971:

    And here is the Illuminati’s Kissinger again with then Vice-President and now President of China, Xi Jinping 2012:

    Here’s the Illuminati’s Kissinger with his other BRICS partner, President Putin (3rd photo down):

    Are the photos helping you to see the connections?

    The result is to trick and deceive all nations into joining the NWO, even if the average Chinese or Russian citizen can’t see what is going on any better than the average American. The Chinese will welcome and cheer the NWO just as much as Americans will. The Chinese and Russian people will believe that they are in control of the NWO.

    It is difficult to put all the pieces of the puzzle together because the pieces span centuries, while our lives are short and we only see what’s going on now, if we even see that much. Plus all this deception and trickery makes your head hurt, so most people don’t want to think about it. That’s exactly the way the Illuminati like it.

  14. Close down the Fed by transferring the balance sheet to the treasury. Instead of doing or trying to do complex things in the peoples name explain that without the Fed in the picture SOCIAL SECURITY becomes solvent forever! The Fed interferes with the economy by hoarding the countries capital in the hope that you forget its there AND CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE TO WORK HARDER TO SOLVE YOU GIVING YOUR WEALTH AWAY? your an asset to the Fed and a liability to your OWN treasury!

  15. Just look at social security! You work and put into it as a collective all your life just to be told ” we will have to raise taxes on you and your offspring to pay you a benefit”!! FORGETING YOU PAID HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS INTO THE SYSTEM? CLOSE THE FED TRANSFER THAT BALANCE SHEET BACK TO THE PEOPLE TO STOP THE LOOTING FROM OUR FUTURES!

  16. I think you should add No:11 to your list, Dean:
    Batten down the hatches ready for events perpetrated by the usual hidden hands which will make operation Gladio look like a picnic…

  17. Dean, that was a great 5 installment piece. You are communicating dangerous truths, and I, for one, am very appreciative of the work that you have done so far. I think the system is gone already, but hope for humans as a whole is still there, on a smaller community basis. No reformation, only finding a new, more harmonious way of living outside of the control of the system that’s infiltrated every single facet of our lives at this point, even affecting the seeds placed in the Earth’s soil for growth.

    Mitch, your 2 posts were excellent. Thank you for the conceptual link of the East to Robert Lawrence Kuhn. It’s difficult to see the puppeteer pulling the strings of Russia and the other members of the BRICS bank and the rise of China into mainstream focus. Of course, the focus is just the narrative that the Invisible Hand directs the media to communicate out.

  18. I would suggest restarting the system from cero because most of you still do not understand how money is created and on which model of equation it should turn. No offense, I have thought about it for years and there is no possible reform available but a new suit for old trick games.
    There is no debt and no interest to be paid to the cartel boys once we agree and prove the criminal background of fractional banking, no matter how many policies of corrupt politicians helped to build worlds utmost giant mafia cartel, no matter the nonsense they talk to protect that system and the economist they buy to sell it: Basel, IMF, Worldbank, BoD, BoE, EZB, FED, they all got to be locked down and facing jail forever. Before this is not achieved the world will not come to a rest and to human prosperity it deserves after 250 years working like animals.

    • The American system has a few men who put up nothing to start with owning everything by a way of interest debt collection. Paper money is used to buy solid resources and then the resources are foreclosed on and taken by the Money Changer’s. Paper money for hard assets. Actually, what the Bankers have taken from us, the nation, illegally, and everything they do is illegal, should be regained by force if necessary and returned to the nation. Trouble is the Money Changer’s have involved our Politicians in their criminal racket so now the controller’s of the Law are as filthy criminal as are the Money Changer’s. How do we overcome that is the challenge. Without Representation we are a ship floundering in a sea of greed and murder.

  19. Great series of articles and solutions. One thing that we don’t realise is the private FED corporation pays no taxes and hasn’t since 1913 or for the buildings they house or the employees at the FED and the IRS or the FICA or retirement accounts of their employees. That’s one heck of a business to own and no costs.Another solution is the CAFR accounts held by local and state and federal goverments; hidden in plain sight and holding vast sums of cash and nobody but the parasites know about this account.

  20. In this world people are going to have one of two forms of government: 1) a government run by Politicians or 2) a government run by bankers. There are no other choices, bankers hate dictatorships because they menace the bankers style, the dictators hate the bankers because they menace the bankers style; two examples: the dictator in Libya had to go because he was giving the productivity of his people back to the people; the dictator in Venezuela had to go because he was giving the resources of his nation back to the people. I have no examples where the Bankers did anything but loot the nations they are in charge of. Dictatorships, Communist, Socialist or Democracies, Republics, Parliamentary forms of government. Neither is better than the other except when the Dictator is bad or when the Politicians are blackmailed or bribed, we have examples of both of these kinds today and all of it is bad. America has been unable to get its Politicians to rise above the greed all around them; by this we could say the nations where white people are the majority have been unable to get their politicians to rise above the greed all around them. So, our form of Government is badly flawed and murderous because of the greed of the people running it. The challenge is as old as humanity, how to get representation that is not self involved and diseased with greed?

  21. Dean, fantastic work, as usual. One point of clarification: I think your $14 trillion national debt figure is low. Granted that you wrote this piece back in early February; however, still then I think the national debt had been more like just under $17 trillion. Now (in early June), if I am not mistaken, it’s approaching a staggering $20 trillion.

  22. You’have to wonder if there is any gold at the New York Fed…..after September 11, 2001….some say ther is a tunnel……either way sending in the corrupt FBI is futile. An attempt to prosecute the criminals in courts they own and have bribed and blackmailed judges is also futile. Example,
    Bernanke stole 9 Trillion minimum. Testifed to it in front of congress. Time made him person of the year.

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  24. There’s more very crucial information to consider regarding this very important task of canceling central banking/ claiming back what’s been stolen/ redistributing wealth etc. at the link here

    It’s going to happen whether the banksters like it or not:
    King of kings’ Bible Enoch 59:6 That day has been prepared for the Elect as a day of Covenant; and for sinners as a day of inquisition.
    59:7 In that day shall be distributed for food two tigers (redistribution of their wealth); a female tiger (Rev. 17:1), whose name is Levi-athan (church) dwelling in the depths of the “sea” (Ps. 65:7), above the springs of “waters” (Rev. 17:15);

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