Connecting The Dots: Gatekeepers & Agenda Acceleration

**Update to this video: Josh del Sol has now agreed to interview me next week for a post-5G Summit treatise regarding Nephilim Crown control of the 5G agenda. I commend his courage and apologize for terming him a gatekeeper during this interview.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

14 responses to “Connecting The Dots: Gatekeepers & Agenda Acceleration

  1. This was a great interview Dean. I agree with you that humanity has no clue what is coming. Most of the people don’t even want to go there, whenever I mention royals, or Crown to people or bankers who are the royal’s managers, they just walk away. Some say that’s not true, other say why do you care just mind your own life. The same goes for 5G, people say it’s not true, it does not have health effects, it seems that millions have to die for the people to believe the damage 5G has over health.

  2. Best, Bud

  3. PHD. Perhaps he’s delusional.
    PHD. Probably highly deceived.
    5G huge profits. .follow the money.
    5G weapons systems. .complete control
    AI. Crown block chain. Plantation nations.

  4. only the revelation & understanding of the deeper truths will sufficiently galvanized & unite People to successfully act

  5. Chris Dealtry

    Nice one guys. Here’s a glimmer of hope reminder: their compartmentalisation involves many of their puppets acting differing scripts and this can mess-up the crown a-gender agenda at times. Here is bright-an-ea (rules the waves and slaves), the cop-ticks used to have full access to the car tax attacks database. Now through their puppets being muppets, some of their many layers of black ink magic penned (penning us in) laws, combined with more privatisation sub con-tracting, have resulted in the cop-ticks no longer having access to the car tax attacks database as an excuse to stop-and-search or bust folks (until a few years ago they would check the disc we had to display on the windshield, now there is no disc, its all virtual lol). Small positive from their incompetence. Similarly, they may have teething troubles with erecting streetlamp-radiation boxes, with all the bureaucracy between contractors and corporate scams we have seen over recent decades, where any physical job takes triple the time that common-sense people would need to do it. There may be flaws and mess-ups that, at the worst, result in more survivors (more likely those that ditched their hand-Set). Although pompous Pompey Pompeo has replaced Bolton as swamp-creature supreme, spinning rumours of war rhetoric witchcraft through the media medium, maybe there is another glimmer of hope that they needed to tone-down their craft for fear of obviousness to the masses? If we keep on disturbing their plans, these upper caste actors may lose the plot. If the script isn’t working they aren’t creative enough to improvise. If more people stop playing, the curtain might fall, and that would be curtains for them.
    Stay strong, keep flippin’ the script on them, keep reminding people they are good, and belong in this fantastic natural world, and may the great spirit be with us.

      • Chris Dealtry

        Thanks brother. Hope I’m learning summery summaries fast, time is short, no time to waffle on. Feels like the end of the fourth world is coming and, as you say, we’re pretty agnostic about how. You’re right about the missed chance with the 5g summit, your information style is good for lots of us folks. It sure is time to say our piece in peace, before we all bust our moves for the mountains (maybe camper-van style for me, at first, a couple of things to learn quick and easy in preparation).

      • Thanks Chris, I can fully endorse the camper van option, as I once did it for 15 wonderful months with my wife & 2 dogs. Never paid a single night to a “campground”. Made our own. Remember, you can stay anywhere on a National Forest for 14 days without having to move, unless otherwise posted. And have a blast!

      • Chris Dealtry

        Nice one Dean, on this side of the pond, my first journey’s gonna be following the birds south to the mainland. I’ll check on the length-of-stay rules before blast off though. 🙂

  6. Ralph B. Seymour

    I have always suspected that Bitcoin was just a banker beta test and was happy to hear you agree with me. I suspect that they own the vast majority of it so they control it. And beyond that, I suspect that the advertised magical decentralized nature of it is a ruse, and that a ledger of transactions does in fact exist. They are totally ready to go cashless.
    And at that point we are as good as dead.

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