Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors

(Excerpted from Chapter 31: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

If the steady stream of television “smart phone” ads featuring androgynous demon actors haven’t made you scratch your head as to the direction artificial intelligence (AI) is taking humanity, and you still refuse to listen to “crazy conspiracy theorists” per insider advice (wink, secret handshake, silly real humans – from the Ministry of Truth, then maybe you will observe the actions of the almighty Silicon Valley guru glitterati who have invented this spell under which most of you have sadly fallen. Google’s Ray Kurzweil, darling of the military-industrial complex, continues to push his “singularity” thesis, whereby he states that by 2030 the “nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate”. The implication is that we will soon be trans-humans “enhanced” by AI.

His CEO at Google’s parent company Alphabet – which also owns Youtube – Eric Schmidt has stated that “true anonymity is too dangerous”, when asked to address the privacy concerns of people using his search engine. “We are all subject to the US Patriot Act,” says Schmidt. “It is possible that information could be made available to authorities.”

At last month’s Samsung CEO summit at The Masonic in San Francisco tech insider Regina Dugan stated, “I think it’s impossible to know at any one point in time what all the unintended consequences will be. What are the bad things that could happen and what are the mitigating strategies?”

Dugan must have felt right at home at The Masonic – also home to the Grand Lodge of California. Dugan headed DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration) from 2009-2012, before becoming a Google executive. There she worked at the Motorola Mobility subsidiary developing an electronic tattoo (one of which she sports proudly on her forearm) and a vitamin authentication system, where a person takes a pill which becomes battery-powered by stomach acid to produce an 18-bit internal signal, making the person’s body a password.

In 2016 Dugan left Google to head Facebook’s Building 8 project, which has been compared to the old Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. Dugan headed the “brain-computer interface project” for Facebook, which translates a user’s thoughts onto a computer screen. This has become the creepy Facebook Portal project. Dugan moved on early this year to disrupt a yet to be revealed something else.

It is interesting that these Silicon Valley tech messiahs love the word “disrupt” since the elusive Planet X or Nibiru was also called The Disruptor by the ancients. Are these mad men and women channeling the Nibiru-dwelling Annunaki reptilians via their demonic behavior? Quantum or D-wave computing as done by CERN is finding some very interesting portals into other dimensions indeed.

Has a life spent behind computer screens turned these video-game junkies turned tech prophets into cyborgs, now commissioned by the mother ship to proselytize the merits of trans-humanism, “singularity”, intellect worship and Luciferian amorality to those who remain human?

The most demented of these badly damaged cyborgs has to be Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, whose latest act has been to tell us repeatedly that he warned everyone that AI was going to subjugate the human race but no one listened. Musk says now it is too late and his answer (the old Masonic problem-reaction-solution or Order out of Chaos) is to market his Neuralink technology, which will link the human brain to AI.

If you’ve never heard Musk talk, check out any of his interviews. This is a person whose heart chakra has been completely closed, who revels only in being “right”, complete with the use of the biggest words his stunted brain can conjure up. His attitude towards the AI apocalypse which he continues to bring to fruition is a coldly cavalier, “if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them”.

DARPA created the Internet. Silicon Valley is a military enterprise well-funded by the City of London Rothschild bankers and Europe’s Black Nobility. Musk, Dugan, Schmidt, Kurzweil and the other tech sycophants are serving these Annunaki bloodline lizard kings in this frontal assault at enslaving and destroying humanity.

All human beings face a choice. Your decision seals your fate both in this world and beyond. Those who defend the heart of humanity by exposing and walking away from this unfolding techno-fascist electronic control grid will be rewarded with eternal life.

Those who stay plugged in and spellbound will help the cyborg slowly marginalize and kill off the messengers of truth. These will accept the mark of the AI beast, be well-fed, over-entertained and commended regularly by the mother ship. In other words, they will “fit in”. The only problem for these cowards will be their hijacked destiny. Where I come from they call it “Hell”.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse


12 responses to “Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors

  1. If you or any of your viewers saw the movie I, Robot with Will Smith, it definitely portrays the AI’s power over humanity, it shows how the robots can kill you, and take over the world, so AI robots are not to be trusted.
    You’re right Dean, those who accept to be chipped are doomed. It is always better to fight and not accept the chip, run away and be part of the resistance group.

    • Here it is again and I make no apologies for repeating it!!!

      ” Our battle is not against human forces but against the rulers and authorities and there dark powers that govern this world. We are struggling against the spirits and supernatural forces of evil.

      Ephesians 6 12.

      Great listening to you Dean and also to Neil Sanders on the Richie Allen show.
      Neil seems to be confirming your suspicion that this Brexit circus Far from freeing England from the EU ( not ideal as it is) will only serve to make things worse for them.

      It will always be a heads I win tails you loose situation for the elite if people remain hypnotised by them.

      With that in mind, after a 26 year wait you will be glad to hear you have another joining the General Strike.

      Read “who am I” ( Ramana Maharshi) for a graphic and detailed account of what the meaning if the “24 elders seated around the throne of GOD” actually is.

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  3. I’m watching the battle of the bulge.
    One of my good friends was in every major European that’ll that ended the war eventually walking into Germany. When he died in 1992 his mom had kept the pictures that he brought home from the majority of those battles even one with Mussolini dead. The reason I write this is because this is the point of where we are fighting the battle of the bulge here now. I wrote to Rense and told him enough of talking we need to organize like Dean said. This is the time to put up or shut up like the sheeple. It’s ready and game on to hang these pricks who f@#$%! up this country and world. It’s over otherwise🔥

  4. sanderella57

    I lack intelligence therefore, can’t leave a profound comment but I do want to let you know I have that little voo-doo man in your picture that stands in the corner of my kitchen. He’s a lovable creature, black & red. And I do love your work. But can’t understand why you support Donald J. Trump while I’m watching his Gottlieb FDA Director destroying man kind with every article I read. CDC increasing vaccines. But then, it’s really none of my business. So I’ll keep my disgust & hatred for that man to myself. Thanks you Dean.

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  6. I thought this might be of interest to you and share with others as well

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  8. Ciaran Boyle

    Very good Dean. Loved the book

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