Our Farm Is For Sale

We’re offering our 41.7 acre self-sufficient farm with 2007-built 900 sq.ft. open-floor-plan house for sale. Asking price is $150,000. If interested use the “Contact” tab to reach me and I will email you back.


11 responses to “Our Farm Is For Sale

  1. Happy & sad all at the same time thinking about this. I want throngs to be interested in buying it but on the other hand….it means you are leaving. sniff.

    Love, Jerre

  2. I am sad to see you go Dean, but I think it is safer to leave the States.

  3. I hope all is well.,. and wherever your life is bringing you I can only hope that you continue to be the bright shining light of the real truth!!

  4. i thought you had decided to stay. 😦

  5. Glen Davidson

    Something must have happened so soon. External entities mus be involved.

  6. Dean…so sad, to see you leaving, but happy you are going somewhere safe. I hope you get queues of people wanting your home. Big hugs, Vee – Scotland

  7. How sad you’re going. A lot of love must have gone into your life there.
    Wish you all the best for your move and the future. Frances, uk xxx

  8. Janos Guncsaga

    Happy to leave was always the way I viewed a new location. I can look back now and say it was always the right thing to do. I’ve been wanting to leave to, but God puts a path which challenges occasionally for a grander purpose. But soon I’ll be in the place I choose of my own free will. As an friend of mine who wrote and sang ” I’m learning to fly and ain’t got wings” Bless you man and your wife.

  9. Dean: Hope you’re cashing out and splitting before the Fit hits the Shan here in Amerika! Best of Luck Wherever!

  10. The Fit could well hit the Shan if you’re long the market. Riviero suddenly moved to Illinois (or was it Pennsylvania?) Makes the rest of us jumpy

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