The Crown’s Alphabet Thought Police

(Excerpted from Chapter 3: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

In the past few months, there has been a major purge of information from the DARPA-net. Anti-vaccine and chemtrails videos and books have been specifically targeted for burning by Amazon. This site has been buried by both YouTube and Google.

As millions of people continue to awaken to the diabolical plot of the Crown bankers to kill off a large chunk of humanity, their City of London-financed Silicon Valley gendarme is desperate to squelch any information which sheds light on this cabal, which of late has been busy scrambling the alphabet in a sort of Freemasonic Wikipedia electronic witchcraft designed to thwart the great awakening. The main tool is aptly named Alphabet, one of the world’s most expensive stocks and owner of both YouTube and Google.

The timing of this purge is no coincidence. On February 16th at the Munich Security Conference, Google delivered a 30-page white paper outlining their strategy for combatting “fake news” on their various internet platforms including YouTube.

Their Orwellian proposals included “giving people context about the information they see”, “making authoritative sources readily available” and preventing YouTube uploads of “bizarre conspiracy theories”.

Google partners in this effort include the First Draft Coalition, the Trust Project and the International Fact-Checking Network. All are front groups for the mainstream media organizations and NGOs run by the global elite.

One of the major players in this internet censorship is Haymarket Media, a London-based group launched only this year and led by former Thatcher cabinet minister Michael Heseltine.

Haymarket has its headquarters in Bridge House, home to Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust founded by Royal charter in 1282 by the City of London Corporation. Bridge House makes its grants through the City Bridge Fund, which along with City’s Cash and City Fund are the three funds managed by the City of London Corporation.

Interestingly, United States Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) is the basis for secure US intergovernmental communications. Many of these communications are contracted and administered by SERCO. Is FBCA being monitored by the City Bridge Fund or Bridge House Estates?

Haymarket is the major media partner with the Trust Project, which will place a “Trust Mark” on those websites which it deems reliable. The Trust Project was founded by Haymarket Media, The Globe & Mail, Hearst Television, The Washington Post and The Economist magazine among others. The Economist is 21%-owned by the Rothschilds. Other Economist owners include Cadbury, the Schroder family which served as Adolf Hitler’s bankers, the Agnelli family, the Lazard family, and Baron Layton.

The First Draft Coalition is also based in London.  Partners include CNN, BBC, ABC News, Facebook, The Telegraph and The Washington Post. Funding comes from the Google News Initiative, Rothschild-lieutenant George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Koch Brothers and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

First Draft specifically targets “conspiracy communities”. Their website talks of the need to “innoculate” against, “conspiracies about global networks of power”, stating, “Debunking or explaining these conspiracies…gives them not only legitimacy but a set of keywords for your audience to use to search for more information… Before the internet, such remote communities struggled to connect because it was so difficult to meet face to face. Now such communities can flourish.”

The third Google censorship partner is the International Fact-Checking Coalition, which is operated by the Poynter Institute. Major funders of Poynter include Andrew W. Mellon Foundation,  Charles Koch Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy and Sor0s’ Open Society Foundation.

The global elites are very nervous. Their Freemasonic Alphabet language scrambling spell is wearing off. They know that people are waking up to the fact that everything they have been told is a lie designed to serve the Luciferian agenda of the City of London bankers. This latest frantic bout of Alphabet-led oligarchy censorship, while alarming, should be ultimately seen as a tactical victory for the great awakening.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

38 responses to “The Crown’s Alphabet Thought Police

  1. Thanks, Dean. I concur with your closing statement, “…while alarming…victory for the great awakening.” Thank goodness for vimeo, bitchute, duckduckgo, and, needless to say, hendersonlefthook.

  2. penniewoodfall

    Thanks..will try to get this out another way,as I have finally been suspended from Twitter for good.Someone ‘up’ there does not like me.Ho Hum.Keep up the good work!

  3. Laura Marian

    Good thing Pennie, don’t worry i closed twitter, it is like facebook , both collect your personal info.
    The elite are trying to confuse us by calling chemtrails conspiracy, they are real thing; usually they delete information they don’t like you to know about.
    Great article Dean love your site as well!

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  6. Hi Dean ;
    Always excellent, and as we are lucky that Resistance 71 translates into French, I complement it at best so that the mougeons (it’s a mix between sheep and pigeons = mougeons) wake up because it’s a bad thing for us, despite that many have donned a Yellow Vest and as you follow it, I presume ?

    At pleasure to read you soon ; Mrs. Jo Busta Lally
    From France
    (French Country side, exactly)

  7. The Belgians are kings on this one, right ?
    This is in comments section under the important file of my blog on smart meters, the 5G network in the goal of French Agenda21, that is, connected cities or Smart-city ►

  8. Hi, Dean. Hope you’re right a great awakening is beginning. We’ve been asleep too long. It is also interesting to see the frantic push to make all vaccines mandatory. Surely people are waking up to the lies and destructive
    practices of the Medical Cartel and Big Pharma! May we take a strong stand against the insanity. I believe you’ve mentioned it before, these people are cowards and will eventually flee before truth.

  9. Dean: Let’s try to keep ahead of freemasonry targets. As we know where they aims are, we should start an international Web network, free from State interference that is becoming an overgrown NSA that bypasses US Constitution and Declaration of Human Rights.

    True democracy and true freedom are at stake. Private property of mass media has already turned into a combined 1%-USGVT dictatorship.

    Inasmuch as you have the right to mail inviolability, censoring communications by a dozen of politically motivated parasitic individuals whose designs are not those of World’s citizens, amounts to bestow a World Government to an unelected and pathogenic minority

  10. Spot on…. Thanks Dean!

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  12. steve kelly

    Finished the book on a trip to Oregon. Great job, Dean! Buy the book, support your local writer.

  13. Dean, you are among a handful or two of people doing deep investigative reporting and analysis who put issues into a historical context. Caitlin Johnson, Steven Greer, M.D., John Pilger, Kerry Cassidy, Linda Moulten Howe, Robert David Steele, Seymour Hersch, and even, I speculate, the compromised Glen Greenwald are others who do great work.

    If you are not familiar with the late A. R. Bordon you might read the profound writings on a legacy website maintained by some of his colleagues. It is the most eye opening, consciousness raising work I have ever read. Bordon was a brilliant scientist and such a threat to the criminal world-wide cabal that he was murdered using an aggressive form of cancer, which is how the cabal tried to murder Dr. Greer and did murder Greer’s colleague Shari. You might also check out Michael Lee Hill’s self titled YouTube channel. Hill has a fascinating personal story and worked with Bordon on some important projects. Start with Hill’s interview by Jimmy Church.

    Dennis ONeill

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