Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

(Excerpted from Chapter 1: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

I deleted my Facebook account in June 2018. Jill followed suit shortly thereafter. I have also deleted my Twitter account. The damage done to society by these DARPA Mossad psyops can not even be measured. What passes for social media is in fact a methodology developed by the Illuminati banksters to tear long-existing social structures apart.

Through social media and the internet our privacy has been annihilated, our real friendships compromised and our authenticity sacrificed at the alter of the borg/hive mentality. Two camps full of idiots have been penned up by the Luciferian herders.

There are those who think Trump is our savior, that Q-Anon is real and that any day now we’ll be emancipated from our bondage by the billionaire class. Worse yet is the camp full of liberal gatekeeper politically-correct intolerant haters, who are triggered to delirium every time the word “Trump” appears on their precious TV or computer screens.

Those who have not enthusiastically accepted this dumbed down dualistic mental and emotional imprisonment are few and far between.

A corporation called Crown Castle continues to silently erect more 5G towers so as to reinforce and expand the blathering reach of the camp-ridden drones, who are now witting minions of the Babylonian money changer handlers in their quest to create of new Ministry of Truth constructed of nothing but lies.

A corporation called GE continues to install “smart meters” on our homes, while it replaces our good incandescent orange light bulbs with mercury-filled white fluorescents – all under the guise of “saving the environment”.

Both corporations are Crown Agents, working officially for the City of London Corporation – the old Black Nobility construct which was launched via the 11th century Magna Carta Agreement. https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/the-city-of-london/

The final assault on humanity has begun.

To facilitate their demonic victory the bloodline families are using “social” media and the internet generally as a disruptive force to create chaos, disunity, pettiness, reactionary behavior, depression, isolation, lack of confidence and discernment, violence and outright evil.

They are literally constructing a new Tower of Babel. They are scrambling, usurping and distorting our language. With that comes destruction of strong character and real intelligence.

Their chemtrails, smart meters, GMO foods and fluoridated water simply make construction of the tower easier. When people are weakened they make bad decisions.

It’s time for all conscious people to take a stand against the continued construction of this new Tower of Babel. Get off Facebook and all social media “platforms” (whatever that means). There are no good ones, because the model itself is evil. Cut back your time on the internet significantly.

Call and visit your real friends and family more and establish deeper relationships in the real world. Spend lots of time outside, preferably in natural areas. Get plenty of sunlight to counter their fake blue light (special) roll out. You need the Vitamin D to think straight.

We must tear down this new Tower of Babel before everyone goes completely nuts. It’s time to take the struggle to the next level.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

37 responses to “Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

  1. I recall a response to a comment I posted on your site long ago. You pointed out the title of your blog and, by implication, your orientation “back then”. I suggest, Dean, that perhaps it’s time to change the name of your blog — not from Left Hook to Right Hook, but to Straight Punch [to mouth, nose, and head]! Glad to note that you have jumped off the Hegelian dialectic of Left vs. Right, Conservative vs. Liberal, etc., etc. GOD bless and keep you both, Dean and Jill. Great work.

    • Love the Straight Punch idea Alan, although to my mind the Trump trigger crowd are the middle of the road orange haired liberal gatekeepers who help the bankers discredit the actual revolutionary left by being insane. In the same way Alex Jones et al’s support for Trump will help discredit the alt. right – a huge part of what is going on and a whole separate article which needs to be written. God bless you too brother!

  2. Laura Marian

    You’re right Dean, I deleted Facebook 7 years ago, and it took me half a year to be permanently deleted. I saw some videos about how they going to score people and according to what you write, they will ban you from travelling (just one thing who knows what else). Most of the social medias are bad, destroy your uniqueness and friendships, if you really want to keep in touch with your friends, you do it in person, you’re right. Sitting on a beach, swimming, spending time in nature is much better than to computer, unless you do research. It’s time for people to wake up and delete Facebook, everyone should delete it. Great article Dean, you’re very logical, truthful, and straightforward.

  3. Dawn Brosius

    Wow, Dean (I have been following the Hendersons for awhile; but you did what you had to do. Leaving my email below (you already have it, actually). The Brosius family sends you guys peace and blessings (consciousness).

  4. Terry Adams

    Excellent article as usual Dean – THANK YOU for what you do..
    The thing that really concerns me about our “online future” is that it apparently involves very few brick and mortar (much less “mom and pop”) stores. With the exception of their own Wal-Mart, our future seems to include products that can only be shipped to the consumer after they have ordered (and paid electronically) online. Am I the only one that seems a bit concerned about this? What happens when (not IF. btw) the SHTF and services are non existent? How do we get what we need? WE DON’T….. scary times indeed…

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  6. Well said, Dean. Only last month did I delete my Facebook account. Good riddance. And, yes, it’s time for a new awareness, new consciousness as well as a real inclination to take action to prevail.

  7. Don’t use – they lose…

  8. Bluey Morgan

    Finally! The TRUE name of Facebook is revealed.
    That harbor of ‘Babble’, spoken without forethought, then written as an afterthought, and not one Fact on any page whatsoever.
    That being said, it’s easy to explain why this phenomenon has occurred. Ham’s Curse!
    The entire world has been coerced into contracting with Assumptions, Rumors, Presumptions, Innuendo, and Opinions (O = No, pin = Attach, ion = Contract), thereby making sure nobody can agree upon any terms.
    It is very difficult to explain this, as nobody knows what a Fact actually is.

    The ‘Rules of English’ have recently been proven to be 100% Wrong, as well as Fraudulent. However, the U.S. took it upon themselves to bastardize their own version of the English language and thereby failed to Stop & Correct the problem…Voila!.
    Years, and years, and years…of Fictitious Conveyance of Grammar and Language on contracts, treaties, trusts, and constitutions, meaning?
    No document written in US history says anything, will say anything, nor ever said anything, and therefore continues to say nothing!

  9. Dave Phillips

    I deleted my FB also two weeks ago. As you know, they make it very hard to leave. It’s like a crazy ex-lover who can’/won’t let go. Get off FB, and go outside and play.

  10. Q sounds like Benjamin Fulford

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  12. Glen Davidson

    I left Fakebook 2 years ago after the “chosen ones” started attacking me over my dislike for Zionist. Even-though my mother’s side of the family has Hebrew blood line; and Facebook passes all of your information to every Jewish organization in the world. And they start to phone you, email, name it they do it. Every one should get off Ziobook.

  13. You, The World & Dog might know it but with Few realising it, “Facebook”/”The-Joker” might as well Keep Doing It. Which is …… The “Point”/Problem with “Evil”/The-Joker/Malevolence is NOT about those attributes but The Real Problem is The Malevolence within Humanity. When “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul”/Sefishness is how The Human Universe “spins”, then, there is seemingly neither Rhyme nor Reason for being “selfish”.

    For example, many might imagine that “Truthing”/Preaching/Moralising is how Truth “Wills Out”, but NOT when Truth is never about “Truthing”/Ownership-Issue but about becoming Truthful. A good example is when Fairness is “standing-by 24/7”, The Vast Majority [TVM] prefer to merely “Trust”. Would you blindly accept-reject Another’s tale about “A Pot of Gold” [APoG] Ovar-Thar? NOT when APoG is at stake, of course. Yous Gottas “To Make Sure”. Shorely.

    As such, the real problem is not with the likes of “Facebook” but with sacrificing personal “data”/information when setting-up a “Facebook” account – which according to Da Data-Miner, aka the self-certifying of Anti-Evil, is For “Keeps”/Ever. One reason why “VPN” , aka The Proliferation of anti-Data-Mining “, is the principle driving The Multiplicity of Choices. That of The Delusion-Illusion of having, say, 100-pairs of shoes when the individual is able to wear ONLY a pair at anytime. You know, by “subscibing for 200 TV-channels” when the individual is able to view only one channel at any one time.

    “But hey, Boyo, at least eyes haffs 200 TV Channels to “record”, Ja”? So why don’t most have 200 shirts in the closet? Beecuz they cannot afford it? More likely because most wear the same-ish shirt day-in, day-out. When “Freedom” was “Gifted”, that sort of Freedom is merely The Other “Face”/Half of Enslavement. Like it or not, Real freedom is not only Free, Real Freedom is actually innately-provisioned within.

    Why is it that only A Very Few have The Desire to become Real – by becoming Real – and why is it that TVM only have The Desire for all sorts of Frivolity & Nonsense – including “Telling Da Truth” as opposed of being Truthful?

    It is self-benevolent to finally REALISE that Reality is Of-Self whereas Relativity is Of The-Other. In order that Truth is not ownable but by Being-Thereof, Truth is NOT about “Truthing”/Ownership-Issue but about Becoming/Being-Of-Truth. It is like A Raindrop merging with The Ocean, said Raindrop not being The Ocean other than having the opportunity of being A Part of The Ocean. Believe it or not, The Ultimate of Evolution is for Lifeless-Rocks to becoming The Power of Divinity. Not having some kind of Power To Cast “Thunderbolt & Lightning” but becoming A Channel for Reality in the manner of One Candle Enlightening Another. For that role, NOTHING Negative will be able to affect those who are able to become A Channel for The Divine.

    As such, the likes of “Facebook” merely exist to forewarn those desiring Reality/”Purity”, just like A Beggar-Thief exists to forewarn about there being Consequences to Begging, which is merely The Other “Face”/Half of Stealing, said Begging being The Cunning/Grossly-Feminine/”Underly”/”Depressive” Face of Thieving, with Stealing being The Clever/Grossly-Masculine/”Overly”/”Aggressive” “Face” of Begging.

  14. How to permanently delete your facebook account…


    …hope this helps. I’ve never had one. Gave me the creeps from the get go.

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  16. Before leaving FB, have fun annoying them with politically incorrect topics. The censoring will confirm you have no privacy on the platform.

  17. I and my best half deleted Farcebook in 2015. They make it almost impossible to get off!

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  19. Never had an account, I don’t buy product from any company that calls its customers “Dumb Fucks!”

    Interesting story, I live in the SF area and had an acquaintance that worked at Facebutt. He used to invite me for lunch once al year. Every time I visited, being an old RF engineer, I brought an Electo-Smog RF meter with me. The amount of radiation at their campus is ENORMOUS! It’s in the 0.5 W/sqr meter range over the entire body. I felt sick every time I went there and it ain’t just the food (lots of fancy fare nothing organic). 4 Years ago they we testing 5G 20-60 GHz antennas on the Main Street. And the antenna were at Head Height WTF! My acquaintance was only in his late 40s and had gained 30 lbs and gotten an ulcer working there for only 5 years.

    He was from Serbia and liked to travel so I gave him my copy of the “Grateful Unrich” haven’t heard from him since.


  20. Désirée över

    Education (as well as medicine, psychiatry, Hollywood, banking, media and everything else) has been in the hands of members of that same old tribe that for ages has been sowing misery in the whole world, so they can have the ultimate power.
    Their tenacity would be admirable if it weren’t so utterly creepy…

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