Nephilim Markets Fear Revolution

1997 - 2-15 - Honduras - Tegucigalpa - Cops square off to bl(Excerpted from Chapter 33: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

Back in January of 2018, I predicted that global stock markets were about to take a dive. (  They did, but a combination of stock buy-backs and central bank balance sheet-clearing put off the inevitable for another year and a half. Last week the bond yield curve inverted for the first time in ten years. Germany and China announced trouble in their economies. New Zealand, India and Thailand made surprise interest rate cuts. On Thursday the Dow was down 800 points. 

While the Trump tariffs, negative interest rates and various asset bubbles which I discussed in the previous article remain headwinds, another more pernicious trend is emerging, which could shake these rigged Nephilim oligarchy casinos to their core.

What started as the Yellow Vest protests in France have quickly spread to Belgium. Hondurans are raging in the streets against their illegitimate President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who on March 12, 2017 was announced as a loser to leftist Roberto Castillo by AP. The next day he miraculously became the winner. His brother was arrested on Nov. 27, 2018 for drug trafficking. They are part of the Chiquita cocaine ring which still controls this banana republic and explains the mass exodus from that impoverished country.

Despite warnings against conspiracy theorists, more people are choosing not to vaccinate their children, everyone and their brother is suing Monsanto/Bayer over Round-Up poisoning and both “5G” and “Crown” are becoming dirty words. And then there is the “suicide” lie surrounding Crown child procurement agent Epstein, which no one believes.

These are not Soros-sponsored globalist spectacles rolled out to advance the New World Order agenda through divide and conquer tactics, ala Hong Kong. These are genuine militant unifying actions by proud people whose standard of living has been decimated by tax cuts to the super-rich and social services cuts to the hard-working middle-class.

Among the 25 demands of the French Yellow Shirt are the breakup of banking monopolies, banning of GMO crops, FREXIT of the European Union, withdrawal from the NATO war machine and dedication of government money to rent-controlled housing, education and health care.

The first of these demands is the most important since French President Emmanuel Macron is himself a former investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque.

Macron, like Trump and Theresa May, is a Rothschild Crown Agent in action. His policies of privatization and tax cuts for the oligarchs have been the modus operandi of Western governments since the days of Reagan and Thatcher.  Which party was in power did not matter.

It is no coincidence that it was during this same period of the early 1980’s global stock markets began their meteoric rise. Before that stocks had been essentially flat for 40 years. But with the new and fraudulent “trickle-down” theory of economics now in vogue, the oligarchy began to consolidate its global grip.

The intermediary years were filled with “free trade” deals, loosening regulations on corporations and banks, promotion of extremist Austrian and Chicago School of Economics (funded by Rockefeller) libertarian ideology as a “soft alternative” to mainstream neoliberal capitalism and a dismemberment of the radical economic left in the West.

The Yellow Vest protests in France represent, like the Occupy Movement had earlier in the US, a resurgence of the radical left. This is not the fake left of Soros and the Clintons, which seeks to divide people via Tavistock Institute-planned culture wars, all the while discrediting the actual radical left. This is the real deal.

Make no mistake. There IS a left-right paradigm. And it matters in the real world. Citizens around the world would do well to model their own militant uprisings along the lines of the Yellow Vests. If this revolution spreads, the oligarchy’s rigged stock casinos will collapse, while standards of living will swiftly improve for working people everywhere.

Get off your knees & fight! Haven’t you taken this shit long enough!

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

18 responses to “Nephilim Markets Fear Revolution

  1. Right on! I’m wearing my gilet juane for a week now. I always share your perspective … Thanks.

    On Mon, Dec 17, 2018, 2:09 PM Left Hook by Dean Henderson lefthook12 posted: “Back in January of this year I predicted that global > stock markets were about to take a dive. ( > > As 2018 comes to a close, all major US stock indexes are in the red for the > y” >

  2. Today’s world is full of speculators. The incredible monetary expansion of the past three decades has richly rewarded speculators. Every crash along the way was bailed out quickly by governments.The world has not experienced a genuine cleansing.
    We live in an economy based on debt, in a corrupt fiat money system, where Central banks manipulate interest rates, control markets, gold, real estate is a bubble, the debt is so high that eventually will burst, we just don’t know the day.
    The current world is a kind of make-believe. People gain their faith in the fantasy from the last trend. When they wake up, it will be ugly
    Awesome article Dean!

  3. Bank and Bankers Are Parasites And Not Part Of The Real Economy. Governments are saving the bankers colluding with them. The Financial sector are parasites very true, don’t contribute to the real economy, added value.

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  5. I wonder if these uprisings coupled with the collapsing economy will cause the oligarchs to kick off world war 3 in a desperate bid to retain power.
    Great article!

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  7. The world can do ONE thing to prevent the Rothschilds from even having a say in any matters of money, however, the world is too lazy and stupid to do that ONE thing.
    The ONE thing?

  8. Vegan Jules

    Um. Where do we meet for this revolt? In Nyc here.

  9. Even if legitimate, the Yellow vests risk being taken over by provocateurs. The Oligarchs seek to sway public opinion by justifying retaliation for acts committed by their own.

    These traitors must be exposed for who they really serve in order to put an end to this tactic used for all types of conflicts including starting wars.

  10. Too organized to be non Soros. Everything is funded and planned. This will lead to a perfect excuse for war…

  11. I’d be careful about calling the Yellow Vests protests as “radical left”, especially with the absence of any visible signs of leftist and militant union participation.

    The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninists) came out with a comprehensive statement in support of these protests against neo-liberal policies as a “…movement are rank-and-file workers and in large part unorganized and low-skilled workers.”

    On the other hand, the Communist Party of Greece, which also supports them, describes it as a “mass mobilisation”

    On the other hand, Marine Le Pen also came out in support for them from the far-right.

    Coming from what appears to be a National Bolshevik perspective, Israel Shamir describes the Yellow Jackets as:- “The GJ is a native French movement, mainly middle class, of people who live in small towns and villages.”, which according to many other reports is also true, since the rural middle class who are dependent on having to drive are being additionally burdened by the hike in fuel tax.

    Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global came out in support of the Yellow Vests:-

    One the other hand, also on Global is communist Russian journalist and author Andre Vitchek who take a third worldist view, that the Yellow Jackets are fighting to regain the benefits and concessions which they used to receive from their imperialist bourgeoisie who used to share with them some of the spoils of imperialism extracted from the super exploitation of the land, resources, labour and markets of their colonies and neo-colonies.

    However, I read somewhere a few days back, though I cannot find the link, an article which suggested that Washington is behind these Yellow Vests protests to oust Macron, because he had visited Russia or has gone against the interests of Washington.

    The article regards the EU as on the one hand being an ally of the U.S. and on the other an competitor economically and that the U.S. wants to break up the EU, so that it can economically and politically dominate the countries of Europe, whilst Macron has shown signs of wanting to grow closer to Russia to lessen Frances’s dependency and subservience to the U.S. or something like that.

    So whilst I support the Yellow Vests’ protests for now, however I remain cautious as to the possibility that U.S. imperialism could be instigating them, just as it did the “Arab Spring” uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt to replace their respective leaders with ones more compliant with U.S. interests and that U.S. imperialism is not entirely satisfied with Macron.

  12. We’re in debt to the Wazooossss! Vive Le Guillotine, or as we say in America-Lock and Load!

  13. Look at the hermit tarot card on cover of the Economist 2017 magazine. A sea of Yellow jacket protesters marching through… This is a controlled operation.

  14. I like the ‘nephilim markets’: it’s really 100% on target.

  15. The US, UK, Zionist terrorist state of Israel troika is in free fall decline which has been the fate of every single criminal empire on earth. Criminals are by definition really dumb losers and they always, without exception, on multiple levels fail. Irrespective of whether the Yellow Vests are a genuine protest movement or controlled opposition, it’s one more indication, among numerous desperate false flags like 9/11, Sandy Hook and several other deep state acts, that the hard core criminal scum who are working diligently running earth into an abyss are losing. A. R. Borden and his group prevented the cataclysm of so called Planet X’s or Nibiru’s return to our planetary system which was the preeminent depopulation hope of elite criminal scum. They murdered him but he won, and they lost. They’re losers and they’re desperate.

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