Rothschild’s Syria Oil Play

Villa Rothschild, Nice, France, Garden, Park(Excerpted from Chapter 22: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

In February 2013, guarded by its well-paid ISIS mercenaries, New Jersey-based Genie Energy was granted an oil exploration permit in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights of southern Syria.

On October 31, 2011, just as the City of London banking cartel was launching its war against duly-elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Genie was spun off from its parent IDT Telecom.

Genie was granted its license to drill in the Golan by the Israeli government in clear violation of the Annex to the Fourth Geneva Convention.  It operates in the Golan via its Afek Israel Oil & Gas subsidiary.

Genie Oil President Efraim Eitam was instrumental in facilitating the Golan oil heist.  He is a Brigadier General in the Israeli Defense Forces and a graduate of London’s Royal College of Defence Studies.

Eitam once stated, “We cannot be with all these Arabs and we cannot give up the land because we have already seen what they do there.  Some of them may be able to stay under certain conditions but most of them will have to go.”

Eitam’s bosses are an even more interesting bunch of barbarians.

Genie Energy’s strategic advisory board includes Royal Dutch/Shell owner Lord Jacob Rothschild, former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, Newscorp (Fox News & Wall Street Journal) Chairman Rupert Murdoch, former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, former US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, former CIA Director & Dyncorp insider James Woolsey & former Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

All are investors in Genie as well.

A leaked CIA document from 1983 reveals the Rothschild plan for Syria.  The document, written by CIA officer Graham Fuller,  argues that the West should, “bring real muscle to bear against Syria” by toppling then-Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, replacing him with a pro-banker puppet, and cutting Syria’s weapons supply line from Russia.

This would then pave the way for a City of London-controlled oil & gas pipeline which would originate in Qatar.  Exxon Mobil owns a big chunk of Qatar Gas, whose North Pars offshore gas field contains more natural gas than any other field in the world.  This explains now-former Secretary of State and long-time Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s tilt towards Qatar in their ongoing dispute with the Saudis.

The pipeline is to run north through Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Jordan before crossing Syria and entering Turkey on its way to Europe.  Such a huge volume of gas would help the bankers end Russia’s Gazprom stranglehold on natural gas imports into Europe.

Russia, Iran, Iraq & Syria are promoting quite a different route which would originate in the adjacent South Pars Persian Gulf gas field owned by Iran.  The pipeline would run north across Iran, then west across Iraq and Syria to the port of Homs, where it would be either piped under the Mediterranean Sea or shipped by tanker to Europe.

Even before 1983, Western intelligence agencies had backed Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood in a clandestine war to remove the elder Assad.  (

In 1982 Muslim Brotherhood took control of the city of Hama, before being bombarded into submission by Assad’s air force.  Membership in the Muslim Brotherhood is punishable by death in Syria because the ruling Baath Party stresses unity and the Brotherhood has always worked with its Freemason “brothers” in London to sew division in nationalist Arab nations.

With Genie Oil drilling in the occupied Golan and the race to build a City of London-controlled pipeline continuing apace, one can be sure that despite the upper hand which Assad and his Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah backers have gained in the Syrian war of late, Rothschild and his minions will be serving up more pretexts to keep a war-weary President Trump fighting for their empire in Syria.

It’s up the the American people to back the President’s urge to leave by making it loud and clear that its time for the US to get out of Syria, and out from under the thumb of the City of London banksters.

Dean is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse


30 responses to “Rothschild’s Syria Oil Play

  1. fromawaysite

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.

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  3. Ralph Seymour

    Thank you for the educational post. Hard to get it anywhere else.

  4. david Pilgrim

    I understand there is microwave technology that will crystallise the metal pipeline…this will result in breakages..during the winter months…in other words, it will disintegrate the pipeline. this will happen even when the pipeline is buried….bummer

  5. This explains why Sir Mark Allen wants the Uk’s bombing of Syria resumed which he says was wrong to have stopped. Sir Mark is on the board of BP and former head of MI6. Excellent post Dean. Very educational.

  6. Excellent post. Thanks very much.

  7. Very informative, detailed and logical connections Dean. You are the only one who dares to tell the real truth that’s beneath. No one talks about Genie Oil and the pipelines on the alternative media. That also explains Macron’s visit to the US who is a Rothschild agent. Thank you Dean for this insightful article.

  8. Truth = JUSTICE = Peace

    the moment of truth is now….

    wherefore the fiery furnace awaits those appointed for the rewards
    of bad faith perfidy….TALMUDIC JUDAISM

    all liars and murderers are bound for the ovens of truth

    Matthew 13:39-43

  9. list, location operator, owner, of every oil well

    • Very interesting post. Noted a lot of familiar names like Marc Rich et al. All well known crooks even if they bought their pardons off Clinton. Noted that Volger worked for Exxon and Mobile both offshoots of the old Standard Oil NJ once described as the worlds most corrupt company. Noted also that Genie Energy is based in NJ the same as Standard Oil. Noted also that the CEO of Enron worked for Standard Oil (Exxon) as a corporate analyst for 14 years before leavinng to start up Enron whose original logo was a blue circle with 5 red letters in it identical to Exxon’s. Noted also that PM Bliar (who pushed the WMD lie) was taking his orders from the BP chairman Lord Brown. Even the most menial of the troops taking part in the invasion of Iraq thought it was all about oil so how Volger and his co workers could remain in denial for so long takes some believeing. Lots of dots out there that need joining up. Needs someone with a lot of knowledge like you Dean. Way over my head unfortunately.

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  12. Israel bombing bases in Syria today of Bashar Al Assad troops. That dog of war needs a muzzle and a short leash before it precipitates WWIII. BDS meanwhile.

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  14. What would they hope to gain from drilling in those Golan Heights ? I fully understand the well documented gas pipeline plans and the associated conflicts of interest. But is there profit to expect from prospective oil drilling in illegally occupied territory ?

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  17. archie magoulas

    Thank you, good to hear this perspective, mainstream is becoming evermore redundant and self evident as untruthful.

  18. Oil and gas bonanza in Golan and off coast between Cyprus and Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, … much profit to be made.Apparently, oil also in West Bank. see

    Israeli and Western policy for Golan has been to try to replace Assad with one of their puppets and keep this oil/gas from being exploited by Russians and Chinese petrol companies. Plus, Israel is using the “occupy the land for a LONG time” strategy, until the occupation is an internationally accepted fait accompli, like they did with the Palestinians after 1967. In the meantime, the instability and non-resolution of the Syrian situation simply serves to distract everyone’s attention from the occupation. A future war could be in the works to do the same.

    Having read several Israeli comments, I don’t think the oil and government partnership is interested in sharing the bonanza. I’ve even seen comments by former IDF officer that even oil off Lebanese coast is Israel’s. Sad, so much greed.

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