Natural Creation Vs. Nephilim Abomination

(Excerpted from Chapter 47: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

There are important discrepancies between the Biblical Genesis Chapter One account of the creation of man and the Garden of Eden creation story which have major implications as to our origins.  In the latter Adam (Adamus in the Sumerian clay tablet accounts) was created before Eve and the pair were tempted by the serpent (Nephilim) to eat from the tree of knowledge. Thus, they were thrown out of the garden and were forced into agriculture.

In the Genesis Chapter One version, humanity wasn’t even created until day six. Many men and women were created at the same time. The earth, heavens, animals and plants were created on prior days. Most importantly, the way of life of the humans is portrayed as that of hunter gatherers.

Lakota origin story has them coming up out of the earth, not from some “heaven” in the sky. They too believe the animals and plants were here first. And, contrary to New Age revisionism, the Lakota were not pagans. They held no regard for the moon and did not celebrate the solstices. Wakan Tanka (The Great Spirit) was the creator of Mother Earth.

When you understand that the Nephilim bloodlines were constituted as the Druids and Celts, you will know that paganism, witchcraft and Freemasonry represent the very same belief system of the Luciferians. In this mystery religion of the New World Order, the fallen angel Lucifer is the god of light and Creator (Adonay in Freemasonry) is the god of darkness. They believe Lucifer’s war against creation is more powerful than God’s natural law, which is usurped by the god/king royal bloodline’s artificial constructs of reality as represented by the Royal Society “education” curriculum. AI is a logical extension of this Luciferian mystery religion.

Contrary to the Nephilim agents known as missionaries, who are not the “Christians” they imagine themselves as, there was and is absolutely no need for the Lakota or any other hunting and gathering peoples to read the Bible, where Jesus, who spoke in parables, was also himself a parable for hunting and gathering humanity as it was meant to exist in it’s natural law state. The Lakota had always lived like Jesus. It is the agents who need “saving”.

The hunting and gathering people who lived outside the Middle East region escaped the Sumerian Nephilim intervention and remained pure in God’s image, until the domesticated collaborators of the Nephilim, as represented by already terrorized white European settlers who originated from the Middle East Nephilim DNA experimentation site, came in contact with hunting and gathering cultures around the world and helped to assimilate them into the dominance paradigm/fake science cult of the Nephilim as represented by the tree of knowledge. These colonizations were funded by the Nephilim bloodline Crown.

Rather, the Bible was written for us white folks, since we were caught up in Nephilim intrigues early on. The reason the Old Testament is often discredited is because there is even more history of the fallen angels rebellion against Creator within its pages. This pre-Jesus tome details the horrendous abominations and endless wars prosecuted by the Nephilim upon antediluvian humans. Both the Great Flood and the subsequent Jesus as a parable for humanity story as described in the New Testament were Creator’s answers to not only the Nephilim, but to those humans corrupted into their Luciferian wealth/status/dominance belief system.

Jesus said he was the son of God, but he didn’t say he was the only son or daughter of God. All humans are. Jesus was semi-nomadic (the way), bold in challenging Nephilim authority (the truth) and loving of humanity, nature and especially the downtrodden (the light). He represents the exemplary human who lived according to Creator’s plan. That’s the parable. We are not “saved” by uttering an allegiance to Jesus, we are saved by being just like Jesus.

This was the original Catholic doctrine on which Peter built Jesus’ church. The entire Protestant Reformation is an apostasy, as Luciferian “science” seeped into Christianity, while the Catholic “good acts” doctrine was nullified. Martin Luther was funded by the Venetian Nephilim bloodline bankers. Pentecostal and Evangelical Luciferian cults have taken this negation of accountability for one’s actions to a whole new level.  I live in the Show-Me State where talk is cheap. Jesus walked the walk. So did Crazy Horse of the Lakota tradition.

It makes more sense that we came up out of the earth after conditions were made right by Creator for us to survive. This belief system breeds humility and grounds us to the earth, while the Luciferian version breeds a false intellectual arrogance and a belief that we came from the heavens. This is why the feudalists like to build skyscrapers and fly in airplanes. They are paying homage to the fallen angels who were in fact banished from this earth by Creator so that man could have “dominion”, not over nature but in the stead of the angels. This is why the angels rebelled against Creator. The Lakota call them the Star People.

The same antediluvian Nephilim agenda is rapidly advancing again today.  Computers, DNA manipulations and Wiccan cults are on the rise. Vampirism, zombies and cannibalism are being normalized. Humanity, as represented by both Jesus and Crazy Horse, is rapidly assimilating into the Babylonian mindset. Those who will not go along are being targeted by the fallen angel bloodline Crown for extermination. Vaccinations, glyphosphates, aluminum chemtrails and Wi-Fi/5G are being used in precise combinations to accomplish this Club of Rome/Georgia guide stones-stated goal.

Most viable opposition having turned collaborators, largely via the CERN-generated smart-phone/Archon open portal interface, the time is near for a major cataclysm false flag event to be followed by an Order out of Chaos Mark of the Beast micro-chipping of humans and the crowning of a world government Anti-Christ Nephilim in Jerusalem.

According to a book published in Spain by Pilar Eyre, King Juan Carlos of the Hapsburg/Borbon/Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines had an affair with Princess Diana of the Bruce/Spencer/Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines. Eyre says Prince William was conceived during this affair.

It seems logical that this was more a breeding program than a love affair and that Prince William has all the credentials needed to be crowned King of Jerusalem since he is a double-crossed scion of the the Merovingians, who falsely claim descent from Jesus himself. Therefore, there is also a good chance he will be portrayed as the Second Coming of Christ.

Fasten your seat belts, remain grounded, become a hunter/gatherer, and dis CERN at all costs. You do not want to go into the AI trans-human cul-de-sac where these fallen angels are trying to lead us. This is a cosmic dead end for your eternal spirit. We are already immortal. They are not and never will be. Faith in Creator, natural law and the true origin/good nature of humanity has never been more important than right now.

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

Juan Carlos photo credit: EAJ-PNV <a href="">Juan Carlos I de Borbón y Josu Erkoreka</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a> 

Prince William photo credit: Defence Images <a href="">Princes William and Harry meet soldiers at Olympics Rowing</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

27 responses to “Natural Creation Vs. Nephilim Abomination

  1. A great article Dean, and you’re right about everything, the Bible has been manipulated, mistranslated, parts missing especially the Old Testament. Finding out that there are two translations of the Old Testament into Greek language, totally different one from the other kinda shocked me. I knew about the New Testament being manipulated before but not the Old one. Did you notice by the way that great parts are missing in the New Testament about Jesus? The scripture mentions Jesus when he was 12 going to church and talking to the priest, and then it jumps at the age of 30 when Jesus started preaching. You wonder why it’s missing….
    As for a new email I totally recommend you I do have an account and it’s very safe. Just as a back for info.
    God protect you and keep you always safe Dean.

  2. Finding it hard in believing what any man (Lakota or Eskimo for that matter), has to say as to what is written in the Holy Scriptures, based on his own carnal interpretation(s). Carnal mindedness is just that carnal, and can not understand that which must be spiritually discerned by the Holy Spirit of the only true and living God… after which that which God allows one to understand of his word and HIM…becomes life and truth. but hey, that’s just me talking…right

  3. Ernie Hopkins

    Good piece in general, although I think you are missing the boat in lumping the Celts & Druids, pagans, witchcraft, Freemasonry, etc. into an organized Nephilim branch. First these groups along with many others have been “defined” by the elite and evangelicals into descriptions that do not fit the evidence. Being very familiar with both the Lakota and the Celts, the similarities are astounding. What I think we have seen with both these groups and many others is an ongoing infiltration and co-opting process. The elite lack imagination. They are incapable of dealing with a blank sheet of paper. When a system comes into being that threatens them in any way, they must then respond either by destroying it or co-opting it. The rank and file are typically unaware and generally unaffected in a direct manner by a co-opting.

    • Thanks Ernie, yes infiltration is everywhere. I do know that before Queen Lizzy took the throne, she took part in a Druid ritual. I think these pagans – also the way of the corrupt Roman Empire – are mixed in with the animistic people as a way to confuse “progressives”. Just my take on it…

  4. Wheelsafire18

    I’ve been following your work for a very long time, Dean. I would encourage you to reexamine your statements regarding the Catholic Church and the Reformation. You need to apply the same due diligence in researching the origins of the Catholic Church as you do with your other fine work.

    The Roman Empire could not kill Christianity in the arena so they decided to usurp it. They knew their empire was dying and needed the “religious” element of faith to keep it alive. The Apostle Peter had little to do with the formation of the Catholic Church as it is today. The name Peter (Gk., Petros) means “rock” or “rock-man.” In the next phrase Christ used petra (upon this rock), a feminine form for “rock,” not a name. Christ used a play on words. He does not say “upon you, Peter” or “upon your successors,” but “upon this rock”—upon this divine revelation and profession of faith in Christ. Saint Peter was recognized by the Catholic Church as the first Bishop of Rome appointed by Christ. Peter was crucified in Rome, by the Roman Empire, and was never a Bishop of Rome. This was just one of many examples where Catholic traditions distort the truth. The Edict of Thessalonica made the Catholic Church the state religion of the Roman Empire. Many popes were installed as puppets by Roman Emperors in the fourth century.

    From the formation of the Holy Roman Empire to the modern day Catholic Church, you’ll find numerous atrocities performed in the name of Jesus which are completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Take note of Jesuit Pope Francis calling for a one world government. Also take note of the rampant pedophilia being covered up within the Vatican ranks. By saying that the entire Protestant Reformation is an apostasy is to broadstroke the subject entirely. The Crown was using the Protestants to bring down the Holy Roman Empire. The Committee of 300 still controls elements of the left and right spectrum through the World Council of Churches and Christian Fundamentalism to divide and conquer the Reformation movement. However, there are still remnants of christians that follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to become Christlike, myself included. Pope Francis is obviously supporting the very people who are ushering in the neofeudal New World Order. You will know them by their fruits. An example of this would be George Soros.

    George Soros is a multi-functional Luciferian who serves primarily as a political agent of disinformation. He unites various nations and companies in deals that will benefit the Satanic hierarchy and the treasonous New World Order. Soros is a member of the Committee of 300. Soros works under direction of the Catholic Church and is very close to the upper echelons of the Occult. Much like Henry Kissinger, he has a very special role as a proponent of Zionist Israel, and is promoted heavily by the Zionist media with regard to his views on foreign policy.

    I have warned you many years ago that Crown Agents have usurped the left to use as useful idiots to advance their endgame agenda, neofeudalism. What does Pope Francis have to gain from all this? He will likely preside over the coming one world religion.

    The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church

    • Right you are and I think the Council of Nicocea was where the infiltration began. But it has to be understood that the doctrine of “good acts” is what the Nephilim-sponsored reformation set out to destroy and is still at war with. Knights of Malta are the major moles within the Catholic Church. King Juan Carlos is one of them.

      • Wheelsafire18

        If you are referring to the First Council of Nicaea, it was convened and overseen by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 325 A.D. The agenda of the synod included:

        1) The Arian question regarding the relationship between God the Father and the Son (not only in his incarnate form as Jesus, but also in his nature before the creation of the world); i.e., are the Father and Son one in divine purpose only or also one in being?
        2) The date of celebration of Pascha/Easter
        3)The Meletian schism
        4) Various matters of church discipline, which resulted in twenty canons

        I would say that this was akin to the blind leading the blind in matters that far exceed human understanding. That being said, the four pillars of the teachings of Jesus were life, love, truth and the “Golden Rule.” These teachings are antithetical to the Nephilim agenda.

        The ruling elites claim the right to rule over humanity through their bloodlines tracing back to the Anunnaki, who persumably created us. This is also a lie. They created genetically modified hybrids from the ape like creatures, that were already here, to be slaves to mine for gold. I have been researching this topic for the last few years. The Anunnaki prayed to a Prime Creator, also known as the Pre-existent One.

        I believe that the Prime Creator may very well be God, the Creator of All. Since the ruling elites have abused their power and declared war on humanity, they have set themselves up for destruction. They cannot build a sustainable society based on a tower of lies. Humanity has been given the choice between slavery and liberation. It’s no wonder that Christianity spread quickly among the slaves of the Roman Empire. Rev 21, brother!

        13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati

    • Baha’is fit the bill of a “one world religion” imho…not necessarly the harlot of the book of revelation either,

      • Wheelsafire18

        The Bahá’í Faith is certainly the oldest movement that came out of the Middle East, having been established in 1863. The Bahá’í International Community has offices at the United Nations in New York and Geneva. They are calling for a one world government and cerainly will be a part of the coming one world religion, should it be established.

        The Theosophical Society was an organization formed in the United States in 1875 by Helena Blavatsky to advance Theosophy. The Theosophical Society in America is headquartered in Wheaton, IL and its international headquarters at Adyar, Chennai (Madras), India. The society’s initial objective was the “study and elucidation of Occultism, the Cabala, etc.” They claimed Lord Maitreya would emerge as a world teacher nearly a decade ago. I haven’t heard much about him in awhile.

        Then there is Alice Bailey, who wrote more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects. She was one of the first writers to use the term New Age. Her work is a variant of Blavatsky’s. Alice and Foster Bailey founded the Lucis Trust in 1922. The Lucis Trust runs a blog, “World Goodwill”, which focuses on defining new Sustainable Development Goals for humanity and works closely with the United Nations.

        In my humble opinion, Lucis Trust has the most influence at the United Nations. The Pope has called for a Unity Movement to combine world religions. Should a one world religion be established, I’m sure the Antichrist will emerge openly on the world stage as the Maitreya. I have found that the difference between true Christianity and other world religions is that God reached out to humanity with salvation through His only begotten Son, Jesus (aka Yeshua). He will freely give spiritual gifts through the baptism of the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Other world religions are man’s attempt to reach God and will lead many astray. Yes, I found Christianity to be quite an overwhelming maze when I converted over from atheism more than 40 years ago. The Holy Spirit has led me through it all.

        Spiritual Gifts: Unity in Diversity
        There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.
        1 Corinthians 12: 4 – 11 New King James Version

        The Whole Armor of God
        Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.
        Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
        Ephesians 6:10-13 New King James Version

        The Bahá’í Faith

        The Theosophical Society

        Lucis Trust

        Lucis Trust: The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations

    • I don’t think Fracis will be the head/patriarch of the new eorld order since budhism and islam nor judaism will accept him (as likeable he is in my opinion)

      Look east at the fraudulent Baha’I institutions ( fraudulent only because they are under thev control of satanists today, unfortunately, like the Vatican – teachings are commendable imo) who will lead the charge , all staged by illuminati like rothschilds, european royals and even people in iran, russia or china.

      Read the protocols of zion at…kind suggestion

      I am ready to re-consider based on fact, proof, logic, chronology and verifiable reliable source..

      • Wheelsafire18

        I have read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Keep in mind that Zionism and Pope Francis are obviously controlled by Crown Agents, who use different factions to their endgame advantage. I can’t speak of things yet to come. I can only postulate on things that will likely unfold based on history and current events. Future events are fluid and hard to control by the Illuminati. Should the proposed 5G network be established, they will have much greater control to predict future outcomes.

        As I said, Pope Francis will likely preside over a one world religion and will likely secede power over to the Antichrist, be it Lord Maitreya or the Jewish Messiah Ben Joseph, once he reveals himself. Orthodox Jews and a remnant of Christians will never accept a one world religion. The rest will likely accept the coming one world religion through the very disinformation campaign mentioned in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

        What we do know is that the Pope has called for a one world government.
        He has also called for Unity and now allows Muslims to pray in Catholic churches. We also know that the Catholic Church helped create Islam to take control of the Dome of the Rock, which they did. However once taken, the Dome of the Rock was never delivered to the Pope as promised. Pope Urban II, at the Council of Clermont, called for a Crusade in 1095. Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders in 1099. Thus, the Verse of Sword was written in the Qur’an declaring war on the “infidels.” Fast forward to the present, we have Israel allied with the Saudis and Muslims praying in Catholic churches. Go figure.

        The Catholic Church is a mixture of christian theology and paganism. It rightly should be known as a christian cult. Islam also has roots in the pagan theology of the Middle East before Muhammad’s time. Allah is not the God of Abraham. Allah is the title, aka The God, of the Moon-god Sin. Judaism is fragmented into many factions. Many embrace Jewish Cabalism.

        United Religions Back in the Spotlight: Pope Picked to Lead One-World Church

        How the Vatican created Islam

        The Wars of Antichrist and the Messiah Ben Joseph Connection by Chris White

        ALLAH – the Moon God

        ( has a lot of good information if you overlook William Branham as being a prophet of the last days. He was a controversial figure at best.)

  5. Wow Deano

  6. Rhonda Khoury

    Thank you Dean for all your information. I follow it closely these (scary) days. I have always been looking for the truth about this world and it’s inhabitants as always felt that we are not all the same simply by the difference in the behaviours. The gap from good to bad is so wide. I just this very evening heard for the first time about the Nohahide Laws that have been signed into law, this time by the President. Now they are really scary. Do you have a comment about them? Kind regards. Rhonda Khoury (Australia)

  7. @Wheelsafire18 your 100% right on this the Catholic church is the most filthy religion of all. Worse than the protestant, their popes, bishops are all puppets of the black nobility, they have always been Medici, Farnese and so on.. the pedophilia is rampant in the Catholic church, and people as idiots are praying and bowing to the pope, what a bunch of lunatics, kissing the pope’s hand. The doctrine of good acts has long gone from the catholic church. As Jordan Maxwell says the Catholic church is the most corrupt and filthy organization in this world working with the Mafia and the black nobility.
    There is a brothel going on inside, nuns sleeping with priests, disgusting, everything is paganism upside down. I have nothing but contempt for the Catholic church.

    • Wheelsafire18

      I believe that all the corruption in this world will collapse upon itself. We are now witnessing the last gasps of a dying empire of lies. The truth will set us free as more people are waking up globally to what’s going on behind the Great Oz curtain. I have a lot of respect for Dean and the work he has done over the years to expose the “powers that shouldn’t be.” Keep fighting the good fight with random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

      Peace and blessings! :- )

  8. hi Dean, i have a question. all those people in intelligent agencies like CIA MI 6 MOSSAD, GCHQ, I dont understand 1 thing, in the end of the day, everybody who works there, is human being, they have families, and they know that they are part of a nation, and part of the human race. so in your opinnion, why do they continue to commit crimes against humanity ? they are realize the dark force that they are working for, so why they dont stop to work there ? its like…. they see that the ones who they are working for, are very evil psychopaphs , but they are still work for them, i dont understand why ? there are alot of other jobs to make money and feed their famalies, so money is not an excuse. it seems like , if somebody wants to work in CIA or mossad or MI6 or gchq, needs to pass some phsychology exams, to confirm that he is clearly a phsychopath and a human being without any empathy to others.

    • I think you answered your own question in the last sentence Mike. I am coming to understand that this lack of empathy and subservience to false authority means “possessed”, however you wish to define that term…

  9. Wheelsafire18

    If I may, I would like to add mind control to the list. I look back at my life and can clearly see the deeply ingrained mental conditioning that was brought on by the constant barrage of propaganda that we all have been immersed in over the years. I would postulate that many of these people joined the ranks of their intelligence communities thinking that they were actually going to serve their countries. Of course, once enlisted the individual is set to undergo further mind control training to make them better operatives.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

  10. Well done Dean.

  11. Great article.

    There appears to have been Nephilim imperialist operations in America before the European colonizers, though. What of the murderous Aztec empire, for example?

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