Connecting The Dots: The Cosmic Battleground

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

25 responses to “Connecting The Dots: The Cosmic Battleground

  1. Laura Marian

    Great interview Dean, and you are right Jesus is a man of high morals he fought against the system and the moment he threw out the commerce traders from the church they killed him. The same bloodlines of the Roman Empire killed him, and he knew that we are ruled by Luciferians he calls it the a synagogue of Satan in Revelations 2:9. The secret societies infiltrated in the Vatican that is corrupt nowadays and created the Jesuits, who destroyed the Bible that is mistranslated nowadays. Jesus together with John the Baptist are my strong pillars, strong courageous men, fighting against money that is the devil’s eye.

  2. Top interview, thanks Dean.
    Your book is on my list.
    What do you you think of Jim Marrs & a hollow spaceship Moon?
    John Doran.

  3. Dean again very informative and inspiring podcast. Usually my comments are additional info that’s interesting to you and your other readers. But this time it’s something personal because it’s just too weird.
    When I started listening, in the background, I had a playlist of some old tunes from an 80’s new wave band called “The Police” ( yes I know about the drummer’s family history) here’s the song that was playing:
    “Synchronicity I”
    Followed by “Too Much Information”
    And then “Spirits In The Material World”

    To boot when I noticed this and looked at the clock it was 11:11:11pm
    [Cue Twilight Zone Music] How do you spell the Israeli dude’s name Psy? Like in Psychic 😉

    Great Minds Think Alike & Fools Never Differ!

  4. Xavier Corday

    Hello Dean
    Many thanks for your work

    This website goes way back in time:

  5. I am very grateful you do these shows, Dean.

  6. John Woodhead

    Great interview but at the end it starts getting into stuff that quite frankly can’t be discussing in my opinion without looking at the work of a American called John lamb lash

  7. You, Dean, always try to include everyone, love everyone and seek truth and justice for all. These are Christ-like attributes 🙂

  8. Hi Dean,

    thank you for all the insights.

    In this video you are referring to a researcher who had been researching into the English language. i tried searching for him on the web, could not identify. Could u kindly highlight his correct name pls. tks

  9. On the video at 10.55, you speak about him – ‘Dr. len horwich’ ?

  10. thank you. You have brought great rest to my heart.

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