Royal Parasites & Black Magicians

Queen, Figure, Wave, England, Blue, Elizabeth(Excerpted from Chapter 40: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

We live in a world where reality has been subjugated and inverted. The laws of nature have been trampled upon by a clique of parasitic hoarders who have hoodwinked the vast majority of people into accepting a life of hardship and bondage as a result on an inter-generational reign of terror meted out by these well-dressed entitlement-demanding bloodsuckers.

Surrounded by a cast of uniformed magicians in fuzzy hats who march around reinforcing the terror trance, these “royal” family welfare cases depend on humanity remaining under the illusion that people who live in castles should be respected rather than reviled. This illusion is etched ever deeper into the human psyche via assassinations, terror attacks, coups and the occasional world war.

The court magician Freemasons are instructed by the Privy Council to obfuscate, confuse, divide and indoctrinate society. Their job is to create an artificial reality which perpetuates the medieval story line that these royal thieves and pirates are justified in their history of barbarism to the point that they should be the most respected and deferred to members of society. If you rob a liquor store they call you a thief. But if you rob a nation they call you a king.

So long as the black magicians can keep this fake reality going, the royals and their coterie can continue along their bloody path, concentrating all the wealth of the planet in their undetectable offshore coffers. This while the peasants fight one another, always pointing the finger at some black magician-concocted villain.

A good example of this was seen recently when the lower-case villain Trump visited the UK. To the Privy Council’s delight, the confused peasants busied themselves readying their placards to denounce the assigned villain, whilst completely ignoring his royal parasite hosts who, via Cambridge Analytica, put him in charge of their United States Corporation colony to play the necessary villain role.

Here the parasites use Trump as a shield who can like a magnet attract all the negative energy and attention away from the perps. The black magicians use their media (medium) to gin up this negativity. Finally, the parasites harvest this negativity and feast on it, having put another one over on the sheeple.

This methodology is used over and over in society by the Luciferians. Create chaos, anger, resentment, envy and outright war between and among the masses; then harvest the negativity and bloodshed to reinforce the mass-terror simulation grid which keeps the sub-consciously cued peasants cowed towards the royal perpetrators of the terror.

All the while kings and queens remain in the eyes of most water-treading suckers, something to strive to become. Just look at any deck of cards. Or at the popularity of Game of Thrones. Or at bed sizes. Or at who runs a beehive. This black magic inversion of language is everywhere and in our faces. They even call it “the Queen’s English” for Christ’s sake.

If we are to reclaim this world and revert back to the paradise that it once was, we must reject the spells of the Privy Council’s black magicians and begin to think and talk like real human beings again. Black must be black and a tree a tree.

Human nature is good, just like nature itself. This is the biggest of all magician lies. It is this royal parasite-created artificial reality which shields evil behind mesmerizing pomp and circumstance which must be shouted down, mocked and completely rejected if we are to revive paradise under natural law.

Paramount to this is breaking out of their mass terror simulation, which with the advent of artificial intelligence will become more pervasive and sophisticated. There is nothing to fear and no reason to fight one another, divide into camps, or jump on the latest outrage/negativity bandwagon.

Parasites are most easily killed by cutting off their food supply.

Dean Henderson is the author of six books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve CartelIlluminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation & Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

49 responses to “Royal Parasites & Black Magicians

  1. Laura Marian

    In order to cut the parasites’ food supply humanity must stop worshiping , bowing, cheering royals; humanity must stop using casinos, feeding the banking system, must stop consumerism, only then the parasitic inbred royals will be killed. Unfortunately humans don’t understand that.
    Awesome article straight to the point Dean!

  2. Dean: Clever and a once in a while awakening reality sipping. Monarchies
    are revered as long as Media wants and Media wants as long as their jewish bosses want.
    European courts and kings are not just a paleo aftertaste but a symbol of
    conservative balance against progressive trends. Problem arises when people starts noticing royals live on overburdening taxes at the same time
    they cannot meet ends.
    To change this state of affairs, as parasitic as blue/blood specimens are banking system should be shaken to the foundations. Monarchies feed
    on banking stocks when budgetary provisions are not enough and banking
    rules under the king’s protection, so that closes the loop.
    Much as in Scripture times, royalties were always in cahoots with lenders and usurers. Today, Rothschild and Windsors cohabitate in worldwide off-shore banking.
    The problem with Talmudic antics lays in the fact that they always are in the asymmetric situation of having too much wealth but little physical strength
    to protect it and that’s the reason d’etre of parasitic nobility. To make it clear,
    the City of London needs the military power of the Crown to subsist.
    Dean, another marksmanship targetting.

  3. Brilliant piece of observations and overview as usual Dean…. always listen and watch you .
    How can I support your cause …

  4. Could not of stated it better myself

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  6. as always, magnificent and to the point

  7. James Morgan

    A student once asked me how do you became a queen? I told him all you had to do a thousand years ago was to kill off the competition. Instant king or queen!

  8. Great article Dean!!!

  9. Never seen any royals as anything but parasites. I don’t even look at them. Great piece Dean.

  10. Hi Dean,
    Nice article, heard you on Richie Allen – good interview too.
    I want to point you to my info/site, I come at all this stuff from sacred geometry and involve religion, mythology, crop circles etc, to articulate the control vectors.
    Cheers Ash

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  12. frances channon

    All I can say is – another brilliant post, thanks, Dean.

  13. “Parasites are most easily killed by cutting off their food supply.”

    Worked in Venezuela.

  14. Dean, very well-written and piercingly accurate thoughts here except for one detail. Your take on Trump. It’s… not exactly on target.
    The parasites and clowns who have this world imprisoned are fallen angels and their ET allies. They control humanity with a computer system called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You’ve probably heard about it. Seven massive computers buried underground. This system uses a synthetic, telepathic web which exists all around us and is created by satellites, cell towers, electronic devices, etc. Onto the web are broadcast commands and other information to millions of humans who’ve been micro-chipped, many of them since birth. (It’s estimated that 8 million people in the UK are chipped.) The human slaves do as they’re told by hidden handlers. This is how all the false-flag operations are carried out. By robot humans receiving voice to skull telepathic instructions. Countless hits (murders) of people are done by human robots. The leftist lunatics we now see raising hell everywhere are mind-controlled robots. Nasty ET races are to be thanked for bringing this technology to Earth. But it’s not them alone who comprise the parasites. It’s also the fallen angels. As difficult as it might be to believe, fallen angels are incarnated as humans on our planet and they’ve been incarnating here for thousands of years, just like we humans do. The fallen angels are the architects of the “new world order.” It’s their creation and they needed the help of ETs to make it happen. Trump is a fallen angel. So is Putin and Netanyahu and Erdogan and many others. Humanity is stuck in a “game” ruled over by these fallen angels. They’re playing “gods” on Earth and have been for a long, long time. Luckily for us, some of the fallen angels are attempting to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven and Trump is leading them. Some of the fallen angels have chosen to remain evil, like Soros. The hell we see today is a battle between fallen angels who wish to redeem themselves and those who don’t and murderous ET races. Trust me when I tell you, the good guys are gonna win.

    • “some of the fallen angels are attempting to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven and Trump is leading them.”

      Mikeov, is that why Trump is doing all he can to destroy the environment, kill off endangered species and serve Big Oil, corporations and the military-industrial complex killing machine?

      Maybe you are right that some of the fallen angels are trying to repent and be redeemed, but what has the Trump clown done to redeem himself?

  15. Anarch = No Archons!

    “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” – Denis Diderot.

  16. Oops!
    Anarchy = No Archons!

  17. You gave me a reason to hope this nightmare will eventually end.

  18. Prongo Prole

    It’s the big hats that their brood mares wear and the fact that whenever I see a video or photo of these parasites standing on a balcony waving at the peasants, it reminds me of a military dictatorship. “Prince” Philip with all his fake medals and Camilla with that ridiculous bucket-with-a-brim hat. I wish they would all fuck off to Mars in one of Elon Musk’s rockets.

  19. Reblogged this on Dreaming 🐦 Freedom and commented:
    Great Dean, thanks!

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