The Soros Psyop Against The Real Left

Wall Mural in Venezuela- 1993

(Excerpted from 15: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

The bifurcation of the global left has been an important strategy of the fascist Black Nobility bankers for centuries. Whenever peasant farmers, factory workers or anarchists have risen up to challenge the intentional underdevelopment of planet earth by these parasitic do-nothing middlemen and money changers, the Satanic Crown has marched out a long litany of “progressive” causes, which they use to derail any chance of oligarchy overthrow in favor of social engineering projects which only strengthen their global enslavement matrix.

In the past century and time after time, Rockefeller Foundation grant money has funded allegedly liberal causes which create cultural upheaval and destroy traditional values and morality, at the expense of movements which have targeted the heart of the economic beast – the real left.

Women’s suffrage and the subsequent march towards Prohibition was a project of the City of London’s Anglican Church. It’s real goal was to tamp down Eugene Debs’ socialist movement and the emerging Wobblies who threatened the very foundation of the oligarchy’s unfolding attempt to capture the American Revolution. Get a few beers in these unwashed farmers and you never know what might happen.

After two world wars had coaxed most “toxically masculine” farmers to leave their power bases in the country for city factory jobs, along came the Tavistock Institute’s “feminist” project. Now woman were told give up their important and historic roles as mothers and homemakers and join their husbands in peonage. Meanwhile the oligarchy stole the land of most Americans and urbanized them in prison cities full of shopping malls where they would be told to enjoy their new wage slavery/materialist predicament.

Television was rolled out in the 1950’s as a way to pacify the new urban slaves. In the 1960’s the Tavistock gave us the hippie movement and the subsequent New Age movement to derail the Berkeley Free Speech and anti-war movements. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Planned Parenthood, “environmentalists”, and gay rights organizations. The first, promoted by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger, would target primarily black neighborhoods for depopulation. The Crown’s development at Ft. Dietrick, MD of the AIDS virus would be used to target other “undesirable” populations.

So long as this feudalist oligarchy could keep potentially revolutionary people focused on cultural revolution and transformation which furthers their hegemony as opposed to the economic revolution which is necessary to liberate humanity from its plight, they could proceed undetected on their well-trodden path towards electronic feudalism, mass mind control and a New World Order 5G surveillance state.

Most importantly, the backlash created by such Hollywood-promoted cultural mayhem, could be used to set back the cause of the real left by equating these Tavistock-funded “liberal” pushers of cultural filth with the economic radicals who want to tear apart the oligarchy’s cartels and banks and return the wealth, long-since redistributed to the bankers, to its rightful owners. Socialism is a purely economic term and has nothing whatsoever to do with attacking traditional culture.

Fast forward to today and we find long-time Rothschild lieutenant George Soros surpassing even the Rockefeller’s control over the Crown’s eugenics mission. After funding a series of fake fifth-column colored revolutions from Ukraine to Georgia to Tunisia to Egypt, Soros turned his attention to the US, where in an attempt to shut down the growing global awareness of the City of London parasite banking monopoly, he began pouring money into the trans-gender movement, the climate change austerity program, the fake Russia-Gate probe, Black Lives Matter and most recently the Silicon Valley Thought Police.

All are portrayed as “progressive” causes and sadly many good people have taken the bait. Meanwhile Occupy Wall Street, the French Yellow Vests, the Venezuelan, Cuban and Syrian governments, and any number of other real left causes are pushed to the margins. Only two Democrats in the house have criticized the attempted US coup in Venezuela – Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI). Gabbard, for her part, has taken an extra dose of hate from the fakers for her stodgy cultural conservatism. That Omar wears a veil speaks volumes about her conservative social views as well.

In the current Internet purge, alt-right Messiahs like Alex Jones are served up as the persecuted and the “left” is portrayed as the crazed unhinged lot pushing against free speech. Though I work with and respect many in the alt-right, the feudalists know that their solutions are no threat to the global plantation matrix. Ayn Rand was a Satanist and Frederick Hayek a self-proclaimed fascist for God’s sake. Further privatization is a City of London “solution”.

Instead the crafty old Venetians now seek to turn the alt-right into martyrs after having hoodwinked them into getting their Trump card elected, while continuing their age-old tactic of hammering down the real left, using both the fake Clinton/Soros-funded “left” and the alt-right as two seemingly disparate bludgeoning tools, which are in fact controlled by the same oligarchs.

In the end, the only thing that has changed is the sophistication and refinement of the self-appointed Illuminati gods’ centuries-old psyop against economic revolutionaries, as well as the black magicians’ expanded reach through daily propaganda delivery to the masses via the Internet.

Things are not what they seem. Luciferian language/thought inversion is at an all-time high as the fraudulent Freemason feudalists feel their grip over humanity slipping through their un-calloused and well-manicured hands. To get to the right solutions, we must realize the depths of the lies. We must continue to focus of an economic revolution which undoes centuries of wealth redistribution and cartel formation in favor of a level playing field for all. This is the real left socialist solution which has haunted these inbred scumbags for centuries.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation.

24 responses to “The Soros Psyop Against The Real Left

  1. Quality, thanks Dean.
    John Doran.

  2. Laura Marian

    Soros is the devil himself, he funded many parties in the Eastern European countries, no matter left or right, and besides this he paid tuition for many of their members. He is constantly presence in the EU proves that the black nobility bankers are ruling things. It is sad that many people don’t see this divide and conquer strategy.
    Awesome detailed article Dean, always bring out the truth to the surface.

  3. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    In the past century and time after time, Rockefeller Foundation grant money has funded allegedly liberal causes which create cultural upheaval and destroy traditional values and morality, at the expense of movements which have targeted the heart of the economic beast – the real left.

      • The deck us stacked against us, but one day things may change. It will take a new kind of revolution, one that targets the bankers. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 put the US military at the disposal of the London Bankers. Since then for them it’s been gravy. We need our Chavez to rise from the ranks of our military. Where is he?

  4. Bruce Dickson

    The battery powering “their” dominance is the money system. Substitute that for a non-money-system, and their system winds up DOA.

    It CAN be done.

  5. Bravo Dean. Simply put the dis-franchised folks are not Hypnotized. The complex society has taken it hook, line and sinker. Living in The Alexa bubble and siri is their
    friend on The phone.

  6. Anybody who knows black nobility is not an. tinfoil hat scapegoat but the venetian banking empire preceded by the phoenician merchant empire who were israel’s northern neighbor invented the phonetic alphabet and post stone age merchant banking worshipped baal (satan)
    etc. all of which was blamed on the jews to their south (recall elijah vs jezebel) and can trace venetian oligarchy to templars and freemasons vs faux enemy vatican jesuits to faux protestant british v french v spanish empires. to faux usa independance to state corporate players rockefeller ford etc. pro ww2 germany fed and friends and the transhumanist finai solution is well educated.
    Most only know the slogans not the history.
    Exposing the borg seems futile but in the end. ‘The hearts of kings are in the hands of heaven,’

  7. Terry Adams

    Money equals power and power equals control. They have been using this formula against us for a very long time.. and they will continue to do so until WE stop them… Great work as always Dean – I will read it on the show tonight – (and suggest that listeners take notes!)

  8. We were blind but now we see.

  9. George soros is a convicted felon for investment fraud and his numerous appels were ALL REJECTED by the HIGHEST appeal court in Europe. Moreover he has married a women who is not in love with him (just for his money). What a divine punishment! 🙂


  10. Johnny LaRue

    Dean, you are the only author of whom I have all writings. I haven’t said hello in a long while, I hope you are well (outside the matrix).

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