Chinks in Oligarchy Armor

The streets of Paris have become a war zone, as militant yellow-vest protestors clash with police over austerity measures and a series of middle-class tax increases announced by the Rothschild-peony Macron government. Already Macron has had to call off a fuel tax increase, which the protestors know is an Agenda 21-inspired attempt to make working people pay for the oligarchy’s trashing of this planet.

Here in the US yesterday the Dow was down nearly 800 points.  Phantom tech profits continue to be exposed, a global trade war looms and the bond market yield curve inverted, indicating a looming recession in the US. Already most of the global economy is in tatters.

In Afghanistan, a series of Taliban offenses have put the US puppet government in Kabul on the ropes, as the Trump Administration scrambles to relocate the Crown/CIA  poppy empire to a different war zone in a new country.

Oil prices are crashing due to the announced exemption of eight countries who will be “allowed” to buy Iranian crude, despite the introduction of a new round of medieval sanctions on that country. Qatar has dropped out of OPEC, exacerbating the cracks in Saudi hegemony over world oil markets exposed by the Khashoggi butchery.

Worse yet for the London bankers who created and have backed the despotic Saudis, there is talk that oil will soon be obsolete, as alternative energy technologies continue to gain market share.

The housing market seems to be entering another rough stretch after Toll Brothers and other homebuilders announced weak demand and offered a bleak outlook going forward. Young people simply can’t afford to buy houses at these levels, so a long- protracted downtrend in housing prices seems inevitable.

As the nation virtually shuts down today to mourn possibly the worst President in US history, events seem to be spinning out of control for the global elite. The French have it right. It’s time to shut down the system, refuse to comply with its mandates and overthrow the existing order.

This time the Federal Reserve’s “put option” of lowering rates to stave off a stock/housing market crash may not work to prop up their death economy. But only if more people wake up and take a courageous, militant and revolutionary stand against the rigged system which enslaves us can we create a new just society to take its place.

Wake up Slaves. Ya Basta!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

16 responses to “Chinks in Oligarchy Armor

  1. You’re right Dean, more people need to go out on the streets, millions of people at the same time all around the globe and fight and overthrow this tyrannical system created by the bankers.
    The French keep their protests this coming Saturday, so should every nation join them!
    Your articles always great, full of truth Dean!

  2. Thanks Dean, brilliant as usual.

  3. The two thing that stood out for me was the nature of the Yellow Vest movement itself and their persistence. With no real leadership this seems to have been a genuinely viral movement which spread on social media. It’s lack of a centralised representative made it practically impossible for the State to negotiate with. This is undoubtedly why State’s are so worried about social media. Secondly, it was clear that the protests would not stop unless their demands were met. They simply kept protesting with each weekend seeing more and more protestors across France. Lessons I hope the UK people will learn when they are forced to stay in the EU against their will.

  4. I thought of sharing a video with everyone who read’s Dean’s articles; it is translated in English, this is the real reason why French people are protesting, taxes over taxes, they barely live from one month to the other just because of Macron’s policies , who is serving the bankers.

  5. Eileen Kuch

    The protests in France have been so successful that they spread to neighboring Belgium. Macron, at first, said he would temporarily remove the tax hike on petrol, but that didn’t satisfy the protesters, they wanted the tax hike permanently removed. Finally, Macron caved in, proving that persistence pays off.

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  8. Hello Dean !

    As usual I integrated your analysis of the situation in France in my publication of this day following the 4th Saturday of protest of Yellow Vests in Paris and in all France ►

    In comments section, I added the tweet of Trump and even the video of Erdogan who teach our President Macron De Rothschild !

    I chose for illustration this Mexican proverb ;

    They tried to bury us.
    They did not know we were seeds.

    We are here to sow the seeds of the future, HERE & NOW !

    To be continued ; Mrs. Jo Busta Lally, France

    • As always, thanks Jo!

      • Beyond the violence in Paris, but also in Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Marseille a turning point has just occurred.
        1) Macron of Rothschild is more and more contesting in his own camp, and appears incapable of anpathy (whereas that is why it was chosen by his Oligarches Masters) towards the people. (And for us this is not surprising).
        2) Marine Le Pen, just said it would fade before the best person, his Klan, who will lead his ideas to power.
        3) This is the Royal way open to Marion Maréchal Le Pen, which you must know well in the USA.

        Hope is in our ability to unite, out of state and its institutions.

        The editorials of the news channels are just beginning to point out the danger, admitting that the anarchist ideas were not dead.

        So, let’s not let go …

      • Thanks for the update. Never!

      • You’re welcome, Dean !

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