Plasma Physics, Saturn & Energy Vampires

While completing my MS I rather ironically developed an instinctive disdain for pretty much all that was passing for “science”. It wasn’t that I hated science. It was that most “scientists” were drunk with arrogance or simply wanted to coast along with the smug majority, which meant regularly mistaking theory for proven fact while ostracizing pioneer scientists who dared to put those tenuous theories through rigorous academic tests.

The Big Bang theory of cosmology seemed to me to be at the root of what then became a cascade of misperceptions down through all other sciences from chemistry to physics to biology.

Recently some revolutionary physicists led by David Talbot have coalesced around the Thunderbolt Project. Their findings challenge Einstein’s theories of relativity and gravity and, if true, shake the very core of our understanding of all the above-mentioned sciences while turning the Big Bang theory on its head.

Simply put, the Thunderbolt scientists are finding that the universe is electric, plasma-based and thus ever-changing in form. Most of what happens in space are not collision-based explosions but electricity constantly modifying our universe.

Talbot studied cave drawings from only a few thousand years ago from around the world which indicate that indigenous peoples everywhere used to see the same amazing sky, one totally different from the one we see now.

Saturn seems to have been the sun at the time. Venus was a negatively-charged ever-changing dancing comet in front of it. Mars was a fiery dragon, a positively-charged red pupil at the center of this dynamic cosmic wheel depicted universally on the cave drawings during this Golden Age.

Then something happened which changed the sky. A Golden Age of tribal harmony and abundance gave way to warmongering Black Nobility bloodlines who quickly placed themselves atop a new class system, looted the wealth of the aforementioned tribes including their esoteric knowledge as to the nature of reality and concealed this knowledge from humanity via a network of secret societies, organized religions and pseudo-scientific front organizations.

These elites still worshipped Saturn (Satan), the “better sun”, but it was now strangely far away from earth, and sported a ring of electricity which it did not have previously have. Recent NASA probes have shown extraterrestrial vehicles flying into this ring. What are they doing?

The despotic Roman Empire where these bloodlines settled was established as Saturnia and images of the newly-ringed Saturn are everywhere on the emblems of the corporations and banks of the elite.

Did the Annunaki or some other evil alien race cause an electric plasma charge which changed our sky, knocking the badly electrically-scarred warrior Mars (positive) to the other side of earth’s orbit, rendering the the aurora-like comet mother Venus (negative) an inert planet and usurping the original sun Saturn as a low-frequency energy producing tool for the enslavement of planet earth?

It is clear that the elite have known the true nature of an electrical universe for quite some time. Thus the Philadelphia experiment, the stolen Tesla files and the ongoing plasma-based space fence project of the madman Elon Musk and his Rothschild Space X financiers.

What if the Black Nobility bloodline elites are working with the Annunaki to dumb down this planet via a Saturn-based low-frequency mind control project which uses our highly mysterious non-spinning moon as a sort of transmitter to beam “bad vibes” being produced in Saturn’s relatively new outer ring down upon humanity, as the brilliant researcher David Icke has suggested?

What if, as ex-Illuminati insider turned whistleblower Ronald Bernard has told us, the Freemason project is to turn all humans into “batteries” which will energetically feed the despotic and lazy elite families?

If electricity is the basis of reality then this type of enslavement is entirely possible. With the Pentagon’s Internet age upon us and 5G connectivity now happening, it becomes more crucial than ever for the masses of humanity to understand the true electrical nature of reality.

If understood, one can learn to recharge the batteries of only those who charge their batteries rewarding “good vibes” with the same in mutually beneficial and healthy relationships.  Conversely, one needs to master the art of not allowing the energy vampire elites or their growing hoard of AI-addicted trolls, minions and yes men to feed off one’s energy, while giving nothing back to charge your batteries. To do so is to become a battery for this Masonic project.

These are the moral lessons we all need to learn anyway but if the universe truly is based on electrical energy, it becomes paramount that we reject and not reward the low-frequency dominance paradigm Saturn (Satan) vibe, instead embracing and rewarding the energy of kindness, compassion, and empathy (Mother Earth, Father Sun, Creator, God).

If we practice these natural law-based ethics in our everyday lives, we can return to the Garden of Eden and live in another Golden Age. But if we are cowards who simply want to go along with the smug majority, constantly rewarding the false authority and hierarchy our society tells us to worship as a false idol, our enslavement will soon be complete. The choice is yours to make.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


26 responses to “Plasma Physics, Saturn & Energy Vampires

  1. As David Icke said there is definitely something coming out of the Saturn’s rings, that’s a electromagnetic energy, it was recorded by NASA Voyager, very strong sound; so who knows what effect it has upon us here on Earth. David Icke also says that the Bloodlines are vehicles of Anunaki or some bad entities that feed upon our energy. I believe him and I agree with David 100% the elite are psychopaths, lack 100% empathy, compassion, and torture the society. I believe what he says that these people run NATO, EU, countries, together with the Royals. It is a clear global campaign to delete empathy and promote violence.

    • Among the sounds recorded by various spacecraft passing Saturn are those that sound like some sort of speech…

      And remember the B.G. ceremony that’s called “The Cremation of Care.”

  2. Definitely Dean, I agree with you 100% as well not to give in and never let ourselves to be chipped, give up the cell phone, internet if necessary and fight till death. Great article Dean!

  3. To better understand the electrical nature of the universe and it’s function, one must understand the duality of creation: material and the etherial, which not only energizes the material but provides full programing of purpose and completeness. The preceeding demands intelligent design. Big Bang or not, for sure it’s no big and wonderful accident.

  4. My theory:
    The universe started out as a “black hole”. Over the course of eons the singularity shed electrons by quantum tunneling, leaving the universe with a net positive charge. After enough electrons were shed the singularity had enough positive charge to overcome the gravitational force holding it together and the big bang happened.
    two things that support this theory are no antimatter was formed, the matter was just decompressed, and the fact that the expansion of the universe is accelerating (due to the net positive charge).

  5. We’ve all seen them in the shadows
    As children we see them as monsters
    They feed on our essence, our innocence
    Hideous, they play us like puppets, creating
    havoc, desperation, despair
    All to eat a human happy meal of our pure energy
    They are our masters
    They are our manipulators
    I want my grandchildren to know
    So they can raise their light
    And use discipline to be in awe, aware, able, free.
    (from my new book Mental Midgets)

  6. The Electric Universe Theory is the attempt to correct the pathetic Particle Science Theories that brought you the theory that the Sun is some Hydrogen bomb controlled reaction dating from an age where Atom Bomb Fusion was the Hottest thing around.
    The EU people exist only to give Wall Thornhill and Talbot a Nobel prize to update this outdated concept. I have written extensively on the thunderbolts forum trying to correct their STILL false theories of the electron being the source of energy and bonds between imaginary marbled nuclei the source of ‘gravity’.
    There is a Standing Invitation for these two guys to come to Australia and witness water being turned into Oil and burnt with just DC added to the water from a car battery. Duplicating the Earths magnetic fields upon underground water is not on their agenda. Yes its an Electric Universe, but not as they know it. if you want to see water into oil on video go to type in the password wizzzard777 and watch several water experiments. Do remember that no words and no videos will change anyone’s mind, Its called Dissociative Cognizance. literally 1000’s have seen these experiments in person but the process is totally non reverse-engineerable.
    I posted on thunderbolts forum so all this new Theory of Field Science is Time Stamped. They dont want to know as there’s no glory in promoting some one else’s Theory that opens up million of new inventions as can be read about on the video site. Its published so it cant be stolen like Einstein did for his “silly equation” to quote Tesla.
    The EU people havent a clue about any planetary rings or suns energies if they dont know one iota of what water is. Water as H2O is the theory based upon using just 2 electrodes in water. If one adds several more electrodes and Neutral Plates in a Format (pre calculated positioning) water can be turned into oil and if left to dry out becomes coal. It also ‘turns’ fresh raw runny concrete into potable water ( and any other liquid like sewerage, acid mine waste or even salt water) if the electrode polarity is reversed. joecell at bigpond dot com for the independent reports and Lab results to begin the Upwising of Science.

    • Interesting info. “Upwising of Science” is good.

    • oh yes. i have always had trouble with the idea of nuclear bombs exploding by the millions none-stop for billions of years with out running out of fuel or blowing up all at once. another is a neutron star. science tells us it’s gravity is a million times that of our sun and as it spins puts out x-rays, microwaves, energy, ect now it would seem it is getting energy from somewhere. how can anything just throw off massive amounts of energy for billions of years without a fill-up so to speak. i remember at 25 i was thinking you know i bet a black hole is some kind of doorway to another universe or some such. i am not a really smart person. genitics or vaccines at 5 i believe, anyway i try. check out my reply below.

    • i am back. wow it took me about five minutes then it came to me. what you describe is- ALCHEMY. i think you have found it’s key. changing one substance into another- right people

  7. Terry Adams

    I listened to a David Icke presentation on “Archons” last night .. What really hit home for me was the description of them as more like automatons (lacking the ability to create and having no imagination) than what we humans would normally think aliens would look (and be) like. If this is truly the case then the transhumanism agenda begins to make more and more sense… as does the incredible (and horrible) rise in autism. As someone who is fully infested with what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be call “morgellons”, I pay attention to this type of stuff..
    JMHO…. Great work as always – THANKS

  8. Hey Dean,
    You are such a good researcher, why did you cut it short, at David Icke, a crown agent, gatekeeper….he presents fake info to cul de sac, your enquiring mind. The moon is a Not a rock in space! It is not reflecting the suns light. Moonlight is colder then a shadow at night.
    If the earth is spinning a thousand miles an hour, then who spun it? Why is it still spinning, what keeps it spinning so perfectly? Wouldn’t there be friction on the earth to slow it down eventually?
    Anyway, jus sayin…I do enjoy your work and I bought your new book

    • Thanks Joel, but I disagree about Icke being a Crown Agent. Evidence?

      • My instincts first of all, but then I listened to an interview of Eustace Mullins and he speculated that he was a “crown agent” of some sort, But I’m not sure…

    • Following you Joel. Serious flat earth research is required and hardly anyone wants to go there. The mere though is now considered absurd and its thinkers the epitome of ignorant. It means “CREATION” and creation means ACCOUNTABILITY.

      grace and peace to all…

      (Dave, you’re funny…!)

  9. Dave Phillips

    I interpreted as saying “rosebud” over and over.

  10. Einstiens math, science, theory’s were very much flawed which was why he was picked. you know the saying- smart enough to ect, ect .. you see what better way to control science, math, ect and keep humanity dumbed down and from hiding the real truth.. find a vain scientist, ect, who had knowledge of science that could be passed off as true science on a stupid, controlled human race, and they control all information, knowledge at all university’s were massive brainwashing goes on and many dark agenda’s. control the youth control the future leaders, professers right, when asked how does it feel to be smartest man Einstien said, i do not know you need to ask tesla who was wiped from history, science, ect. and many others even today.

  11. Hey Dean, pretty heavy brainstormin going on round here! So I wanna keep you grounded. You know, the electricity alwaya wants to return to the ground. Btw, did younknow volcanoes spew electricty? So yes, everything including us is energy. Electricty, if you will. But, there’s a vast instelligence inside this electricty which has ordained certain human behaiviors as triggers for allowing human beings to touch this electricity out of which the spiritual realm is made of. Rememeber, it is child sexual turture, dismemeberment and sacrifice that allows these Baphomet worshippers to invoke these other dimension spiritual beings. These demons are after our souls as well as spitting in God’s face. How? Because by us not coming together as ONE LOVE which is the only way to God, they prove the devil right every day.

    My point is that these people have a long habit of trying to use ET as a cover. They are just men like you and me but they destroyed themselves morally, ethically, spirirtually…THEY SOLD THEIR SOULS…in order to come in touch with these ancient entities that know exactly how to oh ever so slyly compromise human beings’ morals. Never forget that we have a ton of info on the methods and goals of the most powerful baby eaters on earth: the council of 13. The twelve apostles of the devil and Baphomet as the 13th. You know….bush, rottenfeller, rottenchild, ex pope maledict, warburg, bronfman, a coupla aipac directors and voila! The modern day elders of zion. Actually, those are in odessa. Lets keep this discussion grounded. Roswell….area 51… blah blah blah… same council of 13. Hundreds of alien abductions halted immediately after invoking the holy name of Jesus. The devil worshippers behavior is what christianity defines as sin. Good and evil were created by this intelligence that rules through electricity….and it has magnificent, grandiose plans for those who give it their hearts. The good dead are coming back to life. This existence …. our existence…. really is at the center of the universe. Once your body dies, your soul becomes a part of this spiritual/electric grid…and man! Talk about floating on air! Pure bliss. How i was blessed like that by God Was because i was willing to die for my friends. Ain’t he beautiful?

  12. Interesting stuff here, Dean, thank you.
    We see plasma as fire & lightning: another state of matter like solid, liquid & gas.

    So the big ball of thermonuclear reactions we call the Sun is producing not only heat, light & a magnetic field/shield, but also electricity?
    Sounds very possible to me.

    We do know that electrically charged particles, which are called cosmic rays, are the basis of cloud formation, & a major climate driver.

    I’m sorry to be nit-picky, but I’m sure you meant our “non-spinning” moon, which always presents the same face to us, rather than “non orbiting”.

    Jim Marrs reckoned our Moon might be a hollowed out asteroid, used as a spaceship: its specific gravity is about 3.3 grams per cubic centimeter compared to Earth’s 5.5 grams. Also Moon rocks date older than Earth rocks, & the dust they sit in dates older still.
    I right enjoyed his book: Our Occulted History, Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?
    I’d appreciate any comments.

    Keep up the good work, Dean.
    Cheers, John Doran.

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