Ditch The Saudis

The disappearance and apparent assassination last week of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul, Turkey provides the US with the perfect opportunity to cut ties once and for all with the despotic House of Saud.

Installed by the British to protect the Crown’s Royal Dutch Shell & British Petroleum oil interests via the 1927 Treaty of Jeddah, the Saud dynasty has left a trail of bloodshed both domestically and internationally since its inception, serving the City of London bankers in its role as paymaster for their global counterinsurgency operations.

The latest royal butcher is Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, who came to power promising token reforms. Instead, these empty words provided cover for a purge of domestic opposition, an escalation of Saudi regional aggression as in Yemen and an increased willingness to cooperate with the other Crown-installed Zionist entity known as Israel.

In a Sunday op-ed the Saudi mouthpiece Al Arabiya threatened that if the US sanctioned the country for the Khashoggi hit, it would, “stab its own economy to death”. The column also said the Saudis may start trading oil in Chinese yuan, become friends with Iran and invite the Russian military into the Kingdom via a new base at Tabuk in the strategic northwest of the country near the Red Sea.

Al Arabiya General Manager Turki Aldakhil said the Saudis were considering thirty different moves if the US acts, many involving the oil markets. Aldakhil, in the typical bellicose Saudi tone, stated, “If the price of oil reaching $80 angered President Trump, no one should rule out the price jumping to $100, or $200, or even double that figure”.

The US defense and oil industries have indeed become dependent on Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are by far the biggest foreign buyer of US armaments, and the Four Horsemen remain hooked on Saudi oil exports. Saudi investments in 30-year Treasury bonds and US money center banks are also significant.

There is no doubt that doing the right thing and cutting all ties to Saudi Arabia would be a shock to Wall Street and initially to the US dollar. But this is precisely what the US should do. And the Khashoggi incident provides just the outrageous event to demand this action.

In doing so the US would have to change its entire foreign policy in one fell swoop. We would need to mend fences and become allies with Iran, Hezbollah, and the Syria of Bashar al-Assad. We would need to back the Palestineans and cut ties with the Israeli entity. Above all, we would need to end our historical Anglophile subservience to the British Crown and develop strong relations with Russia and Germany instead.

Domestically, we would need to embark on an infrastructure spending program featuring alternative energy as its centerpiece, while scrapping the current focus on the build-out of the 5G full spectrum dominance control grid. This stimulus would cushion the blow, as we escape the grip of the Crown-controlled military-industrial complex.

The days of petulent Saudi threats need to be numbered. It is unconscionable that the US puts up with it, especially considering the Saudi role in the 911 terror attacks. It may be a Herculean task after decades of cavorting with these devils, but America is up for it. This is our chance to turn the page and provide an increasingly dark world with the moral leadership it so desperately needs.

You’ve been telling us all about your big balls Trump, so now’s your chance to let us Show Me State folk know if you actually have a pair.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

16 responses to “Ditch The Saudis

  1. motorheadgeardude

    Hi Dean,

       Hopefully this will end our perverted relationship once and for all.

    We’re doing GREAT! Never been happier.

    I miss doing Far Out Radio, but it was very time consuming and we weren’t making any $$$ for all the effort. But my nearly 500 shows are still on YouTube and being listened to. LOTS of them were de-monitized because YouTube said they could be “possibly offensive”. HA! PC Police!

    To keep in the radio game, I co-host with Robert Morningstar on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I don’t make any money at it, but I have very little prep time.

    Best to you and Jill. – Scott

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  3. You have it summarized succinctly . The U.S. intelligence agencies had to know in advance this was a trap. Why couldn’t he acquire the paper work at an embassy here ? Of course, this Saudi doesn’t have a background to admire when you consider his role in promoting Wahhabi terrorist cells in the past. Selling weapons to people who would not hesitate to use against us again is pure treason.

    • Thanks Henry. Treason indeed!

    • The World intelligence apparatus knew long ago about EMF, how to militarize it, that the big boys, their Scientist, their CDC medical gang, had to get the Lead Paint off the houses so the EMF would work, would give us a more intense kind of cancer, would put us in the ground sooner than later.
      Yeah, they know, so we don’t know, what is coming next, I shudder to think.
      A person with a store that sells lead paint, maybe in Mexico, will make a bundle, the word will get out, 5G will expose itself to be exactly what it is, weaponized Wi-Fi, so Hollywood can kill us in more ways than one.
      At least, turn the darn thing off at night while you sleep, give your body and your brain some time to heal.

  4. Laura Marian

    Your right Dean, the Saudis and the UAE have the most oppressive regimes with a lot of bloodshed and murder. These two countries copied the bloodshed and murderous attitude from the Black nobility. If you read that link I sent the European royal families and the Saudi royal families together with the Black nobility are all the same, corrupt, evil psycho killers.

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  6. Neil Sutherland

    the universe is dynamic, a dynamo, with positive and negative energies, in this case, oil is a double-edged sword. oil has made modern civilization possible, that should be self-evident. on the other hand, alberta was a ‘have not’ province, receiving monthly payments from its wealthier fellow provinces… until it found oil, and immediately wanted to separate (see biafra, scotland, etc.). in the case of the Gulf, its oil has corrupted ‘western nations’, but in the Gulf itself, oil has destroyed the professed religion, and people’s character soft as butter.

  7. Should The Energy Creator exists, then Reaching/Searching for HIM [the masculine is used ONLY for ease of description and NOTHING else] is NOT The-Point other than HIM being able to Reach little-ole-you. You know, when Effort is NOT the reality but Effortlessness is whenever The Energy-Transformer [ET] tries to “contact” The Energy Creator.

    This fact eludes The Vast Majority [TVM] to The-Point that said Vast Majority are “Reaching-Out” for Divinity. Via Efforts [Of Duality] like “Religion-Religiosity”. As if that is possible. Whenever such an impossiblity is tried, perhaps it is because said ET is under the “guidance” of some Ownership/Judgemental [O/J] Issue. You know, when the O/J Issue is “Thought-Processing” Running-Amok, just like those Lacking Innocence try to regain their Innocence via Buy, Buy, & Buy.

    No wonder another name for “The Devil” is The Joker and no wonder TVM are actually The Mesmerised/”Stoned” whenever they, for example, perennially “Queue Around The Block”, in Rain & in Shine, in order to be able to own “A Slice of Their Saviour”. At ANY Cost, much like those who are actually The Hard-to-Comeby act like they are “The Privileged of The Easy-Come/Easy-Go”. Something “Accumulators” Running-Amok are “stunned-by”.

    And no wonder one’s Saviourship-Issue is “Soo Riche/Successful” as to require “Dat-Riche-Thang” to stash The Loot im Dem Karib. Go on, haff zer Laugh if only because that is as far as The Laughing goes. Und how velly hee-hee, haw-haw of The Joker. Ja?

    ALL are Innately-Provisioned-Within with Divinity as “The-Subtle-System” but Few [currently] are able to “access”/perceive said Subtle-System because their “Perceptive-Perceptivity” is limited to The Materialised only, Tangibility being Reality. Like it or not, whenever Effort is used to perceive/”gauge” Effortlessness, ZERO/Nada/”Invisibility” will be The-Result. When Reality became “Truth”/Absolute-Masculinity & “Love”/Absolute-Femininity/The-Empowerment-of-Truth, the next Aspect “created” was Innocence/”Vibrations” in order “to-mark” everything for The Born-Again/”Innocent” Human to perceive. Just because Dem Psykotics are able to “persuade” those Lacking Confidence that, “Eet Must be Hallucination”, does not mean that InSanity Running-Amok as Sanity will last forever.

    In order to be able to gauge What Is Real and What Is UnReal/”Relative”, The Aspirant must become Real first. For this simple reason, The “Relativised”/InSane-of-Materialism/”Blind-Blinded” should NOT be used to determine “Spirituality”/Reality/”Vision”. This is why Mohammed said that “Islam”/Surrender is The Path to Reality and that At the Time of “Kiyama”/Resurrection/The-self-Realisation/”Effortlessness”, “Your Hands Will Speak”.

    “Wahabism” is The-Darkness Dem-Saudi-Leadership used to [mis]lead The-Blind-Blinded. You know, when The Blind leads The Blinded. “Islam” was fragmented into “Sunnis” & “Shiites” when Mohammed, His Son-in-Law, and His Grandsons [who were ALL Of-Divinity] were murdered. Mohammed was “Illiterate” and DID NOT wrote “The Koran”. How come “Sunnis” came to challenge The Founder of Islam? As it stands, now, there is literally NO difference between a corrupted Sunni and a corrupted Shiite. BOTH are corrupted-by power, be said power Of Finance, “Mah Oiled Muskles”, or whatever. Hands up those who would like to Disagree. That “ambitious”, eh? But NOT when BOTH denied their women by completely Darken-ing them. You know, as if ONLY women are Licentious/Abandoned when BOTH Men & Women are as “gross”/materialised as ever.

  8. Christophe Kamdem

    Black nobility
    Please explain, what is that?

    • These are the old royal families whose bloodlines go back to the Roman Empire, Egypt and Sumeria. Many were Venitian and Genoese bankers. If you check the achives or my books, there is much more. These people (or whatever they are) are not nice.

  9. Ditch The Saudis
    Can’t do that Dean, even if we want to, the Saudis are Rothschild’s, as in, the Jews cousins, old man Rothschild said so, besides, Rothschild, the old man, has all that oil, that replenishes itself, forever, there, in Saud Arabia, so we can’t get away from it; all that oil, to sell, to us goys. And, a Carbon Tax, to pay off the sell-out white Leadership we are made to endure, no way the Rothschild’s will foot that bill, for much longer.
    I think, it is time for white people to understand, none of us are going to get out of this mess, the Leadership, over the centuries, have put us in, without, a bloody fight. The white boy’s better put that ice cream and cake away, start working out, teach their children how to fight with their fists, and oil up whatever they have for weapons, keep them close, the attack could come at any time, even in the middle of the night.
    Dean, your subscribers must know, what is written here is exactly what is coming, maybe not written so well, but, white people better get the message, our civilization is upside down, our future looks really grim, war, is all that can free us from -them. Them, who are the historical, enemies, of ‘peace on Earth’ ie the Greedy Rich, the Royalty of which the Rothschild Family is the Royal-ist.
    Because of, the endless, limitless wealth, the Rothschild Family has stolen from all of us, White, Black, Brown, Asian, Indian, Muslim, Christian, the haters of humanity are enabled, will not, let us live much longer, except, we fight for our every breath, except, we fight each other; look around, is this the world you were born to? I, don’t think so.
    The Media, the Government Schools, the Religions, Christian and Muslims alike, all of them have all of us so afraid of the future, so afraid of starving to death, so afraid of dying of thirst, so afraid the electric will go out. Afraid of, the tough guys out there on the streets, plenty of diversity there. So afraid, insanity prevails, fear dominates, so people cry, anything, just don’t hurt me. This, must change.
    All of us people not part of the Rothschild’s Chosen Ones, all of us, no color barrier here, all of us are programmed so we hate each other and so we are afraid of each other, fear, Paranoia, the worst insanity of all.
    We, are there, the Governments fooling around with the Sun, the Weather, the survivability of the Earth; from our youth, in the Churches, the Preacher crying: the end of the world, get ready, the School Teachers telling us about wars, endless wars, people starving all over the world, monstrous catastrophes that have, they say, happened before, often, in the past, coming soon to us, so, we are scared out of our wits, almost from the womb. Waiting for the loud boom, that’s means curtains for us, as we wait we watch the Movies and the Television, shows, about the people long dead, how they hacked each other to death, the early wars with guns, wounds, gangrene, horrible, yes, Paranoia, is a tactic of war, and, we are victims of it, so much, we cannot even relax for a minute.
    Today, the rich man’s gambit must have that Saudi aspect to it, the Middle East, OIL, Israel and the Saudis, Syria and the Russians, the show won’t work without the Jews cousins in on it. Not in our life time will we ever see the end of it, the end of the wars, the end of the using of oil, the end of the Rothschild’s domination over all life on Earth.
    It will have to happen, someday, but we will never see it. The Indians the Africans, the Chinese, the most populous of all peoples on Earth, just how long will they allow the white Jews, the white Western World’s white Leadership, the Rothschild’s cousins, the Arabs, the Middle Eastern Aspect, keep their lives in a constant torment? One economic crash too many, one man awakening the others, one day, it will have to end, this terror, humanity, at the hands of the Rothschild’s and their Chosen Ones, suffer; one day, too many, and the fight might turn on the masters.
    For this reason it is imperative the Earth’s human population be reduced to a few hundred millions of Jews and their Sabbath Goys, with the Rothschild Family, still, running the show, and for them all will be so good, golly, gees, this was the plan all along.
    We live on a Flat Earth under a protective Dome, except, the Scientist figure out a way to mess it all up we have only ourselves to fear and boy, do we do that soo good…

  10. My guess is that the Saudis will end up ditching the US. Looks to me like the US is going to be isolated after the reset so we can kill each other off. The empty husk will be discarded once it has completed its objective of Middle East destabilization. As the US empire collapses, the Israeli empire is meant to expand.

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