Illuminati Usurpation Of The Yang

(Excerpted from Chapter 10: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

I had already decided to write this column this morning when a friend of mine from San Francisco called. He told me that in his illustrious city it is quite common to hear the term “toxic masculinity”. Thankfully sheltered by the backward Ozarks hills, I had never heard of this particular brand of hate speech. But I was not surprised that it was acceptable in “tolerant” San Francisco.

An essential component of the full-spectrum dominance attack on humanity a usurpation of the yang. The yang is the fire which has historically been a masculine trait.  The yin is the water which has been historically a feminine trait. Ancient knowledge dictates that for a culture to function properly, these forces must be in balance.

In indigenous cultures these roles were quite well balanced. In Lakota culture for example, there was a mutual respect for both the patient, steadfast women who sewed clothing and moccasins from buffalo hide, butchered and dried meat, and tended to the temporary gardens of their semi-nomadic tribe; and for the brave, strong men who risked their lives hunting buffalo, fended off territorial interlopers by counting coup (acts of non-violent bravery such as stealing horses), and scouted for the next hunting ground, water source or sheltered winter respite.

The rise of European industrial capitalism promoted by the Black Nobility elite denigrated both sexes of the serf classes, while further enriching both sexes of the Eight Family banking cartel.

So the wisest of the cannon fodder jumped on ships and came to America. The Illuminati overlords were temporarily defeated via the Revolutionary War, but with the founding of the Rothschild-controlled Bank of the United States in 1791, the serf’s jail-brake was thwarted. Valiant efforts by Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln temporarily freed us again with Jackson repealing the Bank’s charter and Lincoln campaigning against the Rothschild’s Second Bank of the United States just before he was assassinated.

Throughout this period issues of class took precedence over issues of gender. Race became an issue thanks to the Southern British planters penchant for slavery, but in reality this too was a larger class issue.

With the passage of the Illuminati’s 1913 Federal Reserve Act came a new phase in the banker strategy of divide and conquer. The women’s suffrage movement was launched by wealthy Anglo women living well in East Coast cities. They led the prohibition movement on behalf of their wealthy husbands who didn’t want any of their Irish, Slav or German serfs missing time at their slave-wage posts due to drunkenness. They also received support from 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike’s Ku Klux Klan, whose ranks were also filled with Anglophile minions.

Still, most of America remained rural and isolated from the banksters Anglo mind-control divide and conquer schemes being hatched on the East Coast. But soon there was radio, then came television. Men were told to leave their farms and join the war effort by working in the weapons factories of the Anglo-industrialists. Many complied and while the rural population declined, the land of those former farmers fell to the bankers.

In the late 1960’s the Crown’s Tavistock Institute, rightfully worried about the prospect of genuine class upheaval in America and around the world, launched the New Age Movement and its offshoot hippy and wiccan mind control programs. Cloaked in warm fuzzy language, these promoted inverted Luciferian morality steeped in matriarchy.

In the 1970’s Zionist CIA agent Gloria Steinem took center stage to promote “women’s liberation”, not in solidarity with exploited black, brown or white men against the capitalist system – as the genuine early 1960’s movements of AIM, Black Panthers or Free Speech Movement promoted – but against men in general.

The Illuminati usurpation of the masculine yang was now well underway.

Women were now told they should also abandon their homes and join the Illuminati slave force too. This was their path to “liberation”. Many did so because of the mind control. Many more did so out of necessity, as the 1973 banker-orchestrated oil shock dramatically increased the cost of living.

Extended families had already been broken up. Now the bankers had to target the nuclear family itself for destruction. They succeeded under the banner of “women’s liberation”. It was all part of their ultimate agenda of drastically depopulating the planet.

With the rollout of the their psychotronic weapon known as the Internet, the Illuminati usurpation of the yang has intensified. The promotion of transgenderism is just one prong in their assault on male masculinity. More insidious is the constant messaging on the Internet and TV that men are bumbling expendable idiots accompanied by extremely patronizing but highly complimentary portrayals of woman as highly intellectual or as bionic Amazon superheroes.

Women should be insulted by these portrayals, but sadly many take the adrenaline hit and run with it instead. Through this constant false flattery, women are implicitly being instructed by the purveyors of this garbage to never attack the source of these perverse and unjust anti-social messages.

The source is the Illuminati-controlled media which wishes to usurp the collective yang from all males of this earth and hoard it for themselves. Women are being assigned a mission by the Luciferians that involves tearing down the masculine in their husbands, fathers and brothers, while going out of their way to not only protect the usurpers but to bow down to their self-proclaimed authority ironically based in masculinity.

Outspoken men who attack the Babylon system are to be especially targeted, ridiculed and ostracized. Above all they are to be stripped of their masculinity. Bravery is to be mocked. The idea of a man protecting his wife must become antiquated. Her only “legitimate” protector is to be “The Man”. “The Man” lives inside a computer and a TV and gives daily instructions.

The 2016 Presidential election gave the Illuminati a quantum leap in their desired divide and conquer gender war. Trump’s election can be seen as a backlash to against Hillary Clinton’s not–so-subtle embrace of matriarchy in much the same way Nixon’s election was a backlash to the Tavistock’s counter-culture operation. The latest incendiary blast in the oligarchy’s ongoing and well-planned gender war were the vile and repulsive Kavanaugh hearings.

While all of this goes on, the bankers and their cartels continue to strengthen, more wars for profit are being planned, children continue to be trafficked alongside drugs, arms, organs and prostitutes by the Crown’s intelligence agencies.

As if the prospect of a slow grinding depopulation via war, glyphosate, fluoride, vaccines, transhumanism and the psychotronic Internet were not enough, now we have the sad fact that there is less dating, marriage and even sex occurring than ever before due to the scrambling of gender roles by the Illuminati media. If people don’t breed, the human race dies off. And that’s the plan.

Numerous scientific studies show that men are being specifically targeted by both vaccinations and ELFs. Naturally more men die in war. In this epoch of post-industrial computerization, men become increasingly expendable. The heavy lifting that built the infrastructure is no longer required. What is required now are non-discerning workers who follow orders and never question “The Man”. Men in general will be increasingly targeted for war, prison and death.

Both men and women need to be aware of this evil and very calculated socially-engineered gender dynamic which the Crown has cooked up and which is now occurring because of a general lack of discernment in the populace.

Rather than patronize and flatter the women who had the temerity and courage to read this, I instead challenge you as my equal. You have a special responsibility to make your sisters, mothers and daughters aware of the sinister messaging being directed at you to be used as a weapon against men.

Be especially loving to the men in your life at this time, and be especially courageous when denouncing the constant attacks on males being delivered by the Illuminati media. Rather than fighting for equal CEO pay, fight your your CEO husband to quit his job and thus his aiding and abetting of the evil Illuminati system.

If you continue to go along with this divide and conquer end game, our very species will cease to exist. And the men in your life will be the first to go.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

16 responses to “Illuminati Usurpation Of The Yang

  1. Just to say love all your work – thank you !

  2. gavconnolly

    Great read Dean, thank you. If you haven’t come across this yet here’s a link to a dissection of satellite imagery showing 45 cloaked naval vessels off the Ven coast.

  3. And then on the other hand there’s the big globalist push for Islam
    (or something like it) importation into Western nations.
    But I wouldn’t trade the truth of Political Islam for all the Buddhists in Afghanistan!
    Ohhhhh riiiiight, there are no Buddhists in Afghanistan.
    Not anymore..

  4. Laura Marian

    You’re right Dean, this game of dividing and conquer has to stop. In their way of looking to destroy humanity, and replacing of entire human species by robots, the elite banking cartel forget one thing: they can’t play with God or Creation or Mother nature, the Universe works in harmony, and it will come back as a boomerang against them and they will be destroyed together with this planet.
    The problem for me is the masses of people who can’t see this and are not aware of this, together with the elite’s minions.
    True and good article Dean!

  5. Their plan is already working. At least for White Americans ( soon to be everyone else)

    Disclosure: I live in San Francisco and am considered a Very Toxic Male, simply by exhibiting strength & competency.

  6. Dean:100% corrrect. A fine printo for the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, itself another fine print for the Talmud. Worth to be included the devious Chomsky teachings of non reprimanding children that would later abhor their parents as it was announced by the Gosspel, Luke 12;53. Keep on Dean, enlight the Americans, that need to awake where they’re being herded.

  7. Well written. I consider this to be a core issue. There is a severe imbalance going on between the yin-yang. Much of these problems will be ironed out after collapse as the man in the role of protector will move to the forefront. No more paper tigers to fight against. This will be for real.

  8. Syed al-Mahdi


    As a young political activist imbued in religious philosophy and eschatology, i must say that everything your saying is in-line with Islamic prophecies.

    I dont think the masses of women will fight for the right for their men to assume their natural roles in this human experiment, the omnipotent force designed, but will fight to remain in this false pseudo bionic woman disney. 😫

    Ultimately the greatest war is internal, despite what we see with the naked eye, there is another reality beyond what the eyes can see that is actually the true vision we men should be keen to.

    Due to the campaign from the illuminati to give us fake food, medicine, elf waves, false propaganda etc all these things must be internalized or accepted in order for them to be realities.

    In other words, if more families clung to family traditions, then no matter how fast the world changes that aspect of what constitutes a strong family will always remain as time flows.

    Women bought into the illusion, and they love it. So this is an ego thing. This false sense of dignity these women dont want to loose, even if its at the cost of her husbands detriment .

    Power can be a temptation used for evil if one is not wise enough to see between the lines.

    The only way this campaign can be destroyed is with traditional revival. The new age movement is trying to combat against everything traditional hence the name ‘New Age.’

    They demonize everything traditional and promote their new tradition and use examples to relish the mouths of the poor and impoverished.

    So that falls under values and limitations…

    How much does a man or woman compromise of their self worth for the sake of money fortune and fame?

    All these things rest internally you see… 😐?

    So men must rise not women… Women don’t wanna give up this power thats why they will fight you, knowing that ‘The Man’ will fight for her.

    So men need to band together in a religious fashion in order to restore the natural order, even if it cost them their life.

  9. Leo Mcfadden

    Very relevant. Thanks.

  10. Pingback: The Illuminati’s “Toxic Masculinity” Salvo | Left Hook by Dean Henderson

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