Federal Reserve Talk: Fairfield, IA

Click Link Below Photo to Watch. Must sign in to Google:

Dean Henderson Federal Reserve Presentation Farifield, Iowa


4 responses to “Federal Reserve Talk: Fairfield, IA

  1. Laura Marian

    You are a good speaker Dean, congratulations! I agree with you about the bitcoin, (even though I have debates with people who buy ) that this is a block chain that collects a person’s identity , as it’s digital, and this block-chain will prepare the chip. The best way is to buy gold and silver coins “Louis d’or” old coins that have value in your own hand. Every fiat currency the world has ever known ended in collapse along history. Some currencies just lasted longer than others, once this happens the gold and silver will skyrocket, even though now it is manipulated. But my feeling is that once the fiat currency disappear the digital cashless society will be implemented. That is a huge problem. Many countries in the west as Sweden have negative interest rates now and went cashless already, you barely find stores that take cash.The 500 euro was taken out of the market, cashless society is coming in smalls steps.
    We must prepare before this economic crash will be with food, water and shelter to survive, that is the most important.

  2. knswartz@aol.com

    Hi Dean: Google Drive video will not play. Sits there trying to load. Don’t think they like what you have to say.



  3. Love ya brother, keep up the great work, thinking of relocating to the Ozarks, let’s party when I get up there :))

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