Illuminati Agenda 21 Book Review From Denmark

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


12 responses to “Illuminati Agenda 21 Book Review From Denmark

  1. I just want to truly thank you so much for your research and work – from me – all the way in sunny south Africa … x

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  3. Danilel Wasserman

    I am fully aware of Agenda 21.

  4. good work dean. i have been following you for awhile.. you can check wordpress.. my life as been really bad but has stablized in the past few years. a lot of what i believed was true when i got my first computer at fifty in 2012 or so. but the things i have learned or suspected.. but finally it has happened- if meant to be- the event- or what- earth has been been under control since the days of ancient summeria and the elongated headed pharohs of egypt- ect- we are witness to something cosmic- i think- still after what has been going on and trump exposing them for the world to see.. he said if i would have told you before you would not have believed me- called me a nut- true- how true of humnan nature. the experiencer. if we do not experience it, see it and more we will not believe . holy is-be after all these years my brother- finally- will believe- the news is fake- but as for the rest damn humans are some really stupid fucks,, not all but most–hhmm could be well never mind…

  5. Laura Marian

    It is a concise book, showing a logical interconnection of things from various fields and revealing the evil agenda of the illuminati, it must have been great research. Thanks so much Dean and Jill.

  6. Daniel Silvan

    I agree with population reduction but in a slightly different way. When a small handful of people control the vast majority of resources, and when those same people are responsible for the pollution caused by their fleets of jets, their assorted mansions and their chauferred limousines, they are the ones using a vast majority of resources compared to their small number. Start the population reduction with them.

  7. It is said that, “The Devil Never Speaks Against His Own House”. If so, since said “Devil” [actually] owns The Human Universe [via “Who**s” like Propaganda and “The Minds”], why is He allowing publications like your “book”? Who knows, perhaps His Reach is “Overly Subscribed”. Or perhaps that since He owns the Delusion-Illusion “Advanced” Humans call “The-Mind”/Thought-Processing, He might as well, “Let Them Gallivant Into Their Oblivion”.

    Be conscious and be aware [but how?] that Malevolence is not Subtle for Nothing. More so when He actually “Operates and Functions” via Human “Thought-Processing”/Reactances. The Divine/ONLY-Energy-Creator/”Truth” is ONLY realisable via Love-The-Almighty. This, then, means that ALL Others were/are merely Energy-Transformers. If so, how could Creation be destroyed by mere Energy Transformers?

    Even if The Destruction of Creation by Energy-Transformers is, somehow but don’t how, possible, this then means that The Destruction of Creation is “Up For Grabs”, is it not? A Nuclear Holocaust is when Armageddon is forced-upon Humanity by MAD Humans. “Forced-Upon” being the operative here. It means that The Destruction of Creation is forced-upon Creation. By The ONLY Energy-Creator, no less. When ALL, be they The Good, The Bad, or The InDifferent, “Have to Go”. NOT when Creation took Eons to get to The Ultimate in Evolution. But then, perhaps it is possible because regardless of The Patience of Mother Earth, it took only several hundread years of “Advanced Human Activity” to Devolve Humans.

    No wonder, “The Devil Never Speaks Against His Own House” – because he does not need to. Much like the individual Victim never getting to speak to some “head-honcho” about The DisSatisfaction he had paid hard-earned money-for, other than speaking to some “Details of The Devil”/Fixed-Costs who couldn’t care less [and neither could any “On The Need To Know Basis” fronting for his organisation do anything other than collecting his renumeration – or else], The Devil do NOT need to do anything when Dem Bigge Boyz are concerned. This is because Selfishness is how The Human Universe “Spins-On”.

    Truth is NOT for “Knowing”/Owning/Moralising. Truth is for Becoming-Being. It is said that, “When You Speak The Truth, You Need To Become The Truth”, and, “When You Seek The Knowledge, You Need To Become The Knowledge”. That of “The “2nd Birth”/self-realisation. Without [Firstly & Lastly] Becoming real, there is NO such thing as Reality. Then, self-certifying Blind-Blindedness as “20-20 Vision” is the ONLY option. You know, calling Relativity/Materialism/Worship-Saviourship as Reality. Much like some entity self-certifying as Anti-Evil when Its Strange-Bedfellows are Evil Personified. One reason why Yore Personal Info Is Worth Mucho – Gracis. Und how velly hee-hee, haw-haw of Da Jokar.

    Be conscious and be aware [but how?] that Malevolence is not Subtle for Nothing.

  8. Laura Marian

    I should add to what the guy from Denmark said: there is another movie to watch with Justin Timberlake In Time 2011; this movie predicts the future, it is the mark of the beast, people have bar codes RFID chips on wrists, it’s all about the elite controlling the poor.

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