Poisoning the Elixir Part I – Water


Guest post by Jill Henderson – Show Me Oz

Excerpted in-part from our new book: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

Water has been sacred to mankind since the dawn of time, as is proven by the respect and even worship given to it by every religious philosophy and text in the world. The human body is made up of 75-85% water and without it, life on earth as we know it would end. We are only alive because water is alive. Yet, water all over the world – including the water we drink every single day – is being mindlessly polluted and willfully poisoned. Will this nightmare be the true downfall of mankind? Continue reading at Jill’s blog, Show Me Oz.


7 responses to “Poisoning the Elixir Part I – Water

  1. The comments on Jill’s blog are off… So I leave here mine!

    One of the funniest forms of pollution of the water is the “female hormones”!

    Since the use of the PILL to avoid non-desired pregnancies aka “fornicate without stress” the levels of female hormones release via urine and that end up in the water is a truly achievement of Womankind!

  2. Dean & Jill,

    You both did excellent on this book, thanks a ton! It is exactly what I was missing in my search for truth~ Thank you and keep it up. Please keep doing what you are doing Dean, you inspire – Ruben

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  4. Easier to kill all the people if you make water hard to come by, if you poison the water, that’s all it is, a gambit. Test project, Africa, a land that should be overflowing in water, nope, dry as a bone, the children, bones, with very little skin on it.
    Most people don’t take the David Rockefeller’s, the Ted Turner’s, etc., seriously, but I do, and, these, filthy rich jokers have all they need to make their dream come true.
    If people should be anything they should be afraid.
    The Government employees, the people on the dole, these are the majority, we, should be very afraid.
    Thanks Dean for being Dean and here, for us.

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