Leaving The Garden Of Eden

(Excerpted from Chapter 1: Leaving the Garden of Eden: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation)

In the Book of Genesis Adam and Eve – certainly a metaphor for humanity – landed in the Garden of Eden, a paradise of abundance that only required the acceptance, contentment, and gratitude of the humans to remain intact and fertile.

Despite God’s warning and tempted by the serpent – a metaphor for Lucifer and the Anunnaki, whose Nephilim hybrid offspring are also mentioned in the Book of Genesis – the first humans ate the apple from the tree of knowledge and were cast out of the Garden of Eden.

Rather than being content with being human, with seeing themselves as connected to the entirety of God’s creation, Adam and Eve began a process of intellectual self-worship, which today has supplanted all holy books to become the religion of the emerging Luciferian New World Order.

As humanity was forced away from nature by an emerging Babylonian priesthood of Satanists – first, via agriculture as per the story of Cain and Abel and later, via industrialization and capitalism – we lost our God-given abilities to heal ourselves, create free energy, find food in Creator’s wild garden and connect telepathically with other beings.

We went from having seven senses to believing we only have five. We were intentionally crippled by the Luciferians. We fell out of love with Mother Earth.

The universe is 93% energy and 7% matter. With this understanding we should remember the Lakota saying, “We are not much, but we are a whole lot more than nothing”. Our bodies are just a shell containing our soul, our vital energy, which is free in the knowledge that we are all actually One.

A priesthood of secret societies emerged who were obsessed with the Luciferian idea that man is smarter than the Creator. They prided themselves on being fallen angels. The ancient cities of Ur and Babylon were ruled by these Luciferians, who justified their deceptions using evil texts like the Talmud and Cabala. They eventually coalesced around the pyramids of Giza, enslaving the Israelites to cover up the real reason that ancient people – probably black African Moors – built the pyramids.

As researcher Michael Tellinger and others are finding out, the pyramids were an important part of a free energy grid spanning the planet, a grid that includes all the ancient ruins from Machu Picchu to Angkor Wat to Ayers Rock. From the air, many of these ruins look like computer circuit boards. It’s all about silicon and water. Human beings are 75% water and if tuned in, are excellent conductors.

The Luciferian brain worshipers literally covered up this fact by topping-off the structures, then from their Grand Lodge of Cairo headquarters, created an Egyptian Triad as a template for the establishment of a pyramid-shaped economic, social and religious system that they have used to enslave the rest of humanity.

They called themselves the Brotherhood of the Snake, again a metaphor for the snake that tempted humanity away from their hunting and gathering existence in the Garden of Eden.

In fact, these Luciferians looted and pillaged all the wealth and resources from this Garden of Eden, and usurped the ancient wisdom. They then hid this wisdom from the masses and slaughtered aboriginal people around the globe who were content in the garden and lived harmoniously in the knowledge that they were just a part of God’s creation.

They stole the seven-sense knowledge of the indigenous people and hid it from humanity within their secret societies where they lorded over it and called it the Ancient Mysteries, though there was nothing mysterious about it. It was simply reality.

The Luciferian philosophy is one of division, individualism, conquest and the atomization of the whole. They reject the reality of nature, which is that we are all One.

Where the ancient ones knew that Mother Earth was a whole living breathing organism called Gaia, the worshipers of the fallen angel saw it as a resource to be owned and plundered for personal financial gain. Materialism is the their religion.

As their wealth has accumulated, so has their bad karma. Instead of facing it, they remain in denial and burrow deeper into their Luciferian delusion as to the nature of reality.

As a result of this lack of understanding of the nature of reality, they live in ignorance and bondage. And so they work tirelessly to make sure we also dwell in this same fourth dimension of bondage, chasing money and fame instead of embracing reality and being happy.

The New Science renaissance being led by quantum physics is exposing the lies that these physical, intellectual and emotional hoarder pirates have enslaved us in, proving that science itself has a spiritual, rather than an objectified basis.

The Luciferians know this, so an epic battle between Good and Evil is entering a critical phase. While truth lies in unity and wholeness, they seek to divide, disrupt and obfuscate.

Whether their deliberate attempt to destroy humanity and this planet is a result of sheer ignorance, or terraforming for a coming return of their Anunnaki lizard cousins doesn’t really matter.

These most misguided, miserable and dense humans on the planet – these baby sacrificing, depopulation-obsessed war-mongering vampire inbreds – are so deranged that they think they are smarter than us. Thus, they pompously call themselves the Illuminati.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


12 responses to “Leaving The Garden Of Eden

  1. Sounds about right. zachariah Setchin was one of them. one thing though. These scumbags, when they carry out their satanic rituals, they get to touch the energy of creation with their souls. Thus they call themselves Zionists, as if they too walk on holy Mt ZION like God. Except that they have done the opposite of what God asks for in order to reach holy Mt ZION (sacrifice yourself -like Jesus PBUH- as opposed to sacrificing others for yourself). This hidden knowledge of the amazing spiritual aspects of mankind really is mind blowing and it is a crime that such knowledge of God and the devil is hidden to mankind but revealed to these filthy bastards. Which is why I will spend the rest of my life spreading the good news of the hidden truth behind the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  3. Nice work Dean. My question is what are they really hiding, Let’s look at the people who understood their free will (natural law) and rejected Satan’s system of governments and corporations…..the Hopi say when evil takes nature out of balance God’s solution is the Purifier (blue & red star kachina) a plasma catastrophe that will eviserate metal & technology (beast system) and take us back to the beginning (a reset) “to every beginning their is an end and to every end is a new beginning” God fearing people need to seek the truth and get to the other side (knowledge of how to survive plasma catastrophe) the satanist elites are distracting us from this truth of what the sun actually is, so must of us die and the satanist elites can have their depopulation by simply hiding knowledge. (my people will fail for lack of knowledge)

  4. Dean, Nick. Well done.

  5. And yea, it was decreed “good” that man should bear a multi-generational curse for the failings of the creator. So a Semitic, Caucasian, Indian, Asiatic, and Black “Adam and Eve” all messed up and made the same mistake? Quite a failed creation, wouldn’t you say? And you worship a “god” who gave man a faulty operating system yet who blames man at the same time.
    Tell me, if the “devil” can cite scripture for his own purpose, could he not also write It?

  6. Excellent article, Dean, thank you for posting it.

  7. Laura Marian

    if there is God somewhere, of it he is the universe itself, I wonder how long is He willing to tolerate all this evil on this earth. This has to change but when?
    Awesome article Dean thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi,
    Loved this article especially point about leaving the garden of eden
    sharing this on facebook and pinterest

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