Illuminati Agenda 21

(Excerpted from Chapter 9: Agenda 21: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan To Destroy Creation)

In 1992, just as the US Democratic Party was being hijacked by the Illuminati Presidency of Bill Clinton, and just as the UK Labor Party was about to be surrendered to Illuminati Prime Minister Tony Blair, there was a meeting in Rio de Janeiro that would, under the soft fuzzy guise of “sustainability”, implement the Luciferian plan to the end of humanity.

With anything resembling organized left wing political opposition to their global fascist plan knocked out via the rise of the right-leaning Clinton and Blair and the subsequent surrender of these historically workers’ parties to the bankers, the Satanists would now use the constituents of these two parties to help
manufacture a crisis out of which they could justify total control over the planet.

The Order Ab Chao pretext was environmental cataclysm and global warming. Both Democrats and Labor took the bait, as did many well-meaning people around the world who knew through observation that there was something seriously wrong with the weather, but could never imagine it being used to further the agenda of the Illuminati.

With Occidental Petroleum billionaire owner Armand Hammer’s protege Al Gore as it’s spokesman, the Luciferians would now promote their myth of scarcity which assigns blame to humanity instead of to themselves. From their Babylonian pulpit they preached misanthropy, carbon footprints, carbon taxes, tiny houses, a contraction in living standards and general austerity.

All the while, Illuminati puppets Clinton and Blair were busy deregulating the banks of Glass-Steagall, merging corporations, privatizing education, increasing killer vaccinations, rolling out glycophosphates and GMO foods, launching a low-frequency weapons war via the introduction of the Internet and polluting
entire ecosystems with their Eight Families cartels.

But we were not to blame the elites. We were to blame ourselves and our fellow humans. In fact, we were to think that “humans” had screwed up the planet so badly that the world would be better off without us. The ultimate self-hatred was becoming a normalized plank in their perception management offensive.
Environmental groups led the charge, their boards filled with Crown agents, bankers and corporate oil, mining and chemical CEOs. Prince Charles spearheaded much of the public relations, Prince Albert led the anti-human mantras.

In Rio de Janeiro it was the Honorable Maurice Strong pulling the anti-humanity bandwagon. Strong is a Canadian oil and mining billionaire who once stated, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about.”

Out of this June 1992 Rio Earth Summit came a human control plan which came to be known as Agenda 21. Some of it’s goals include an end to national sovereignty, the restructuring of the family unit, the assignment of certain jobs for certain people, restrictions of people’s movements, an increase in the role of the state in raising children, the creation of densely populated human settlement zones accompanied by an emptying out of rural areas, a dumbing down of education via testing rather than learning, the abolition of private property, and at it’s core a massive reduction in the population of Planet Earth.

Under the guise of a front called Local Governments for Sustainability, the elitist polluters have set out to push this antihuman agenda into every corner of the planet. The word “sustainability” is their Trojan Horse. Wherever you see it used, know that it has nothing to do with protecting the earth, and everything to do with destroying it and you.

Using the typical inverted morality of Lucifer, these pigs who have trashed this planet, now seek to make us feel culpable for their crimes via the guilt and shame-ridden “environmental movement”. It’s the perfect cover for the evil agenda they have planned for us.

The key to their plan is depopulation. The Georgia Guide Stones, which no one seems to know who built, call for the population of earth to be maintained under 500,000 million. The stones are astrologically aligned and the writing is in several languages, some of them ancient.

A separate draft copy of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment calls for a population of 1 billion. This would also be a massive cull since the current world population is around 7.6 billion.

Using 911 as yet another pretext, the Illuminati have embarked on a plan of permanent war economy, first justified by the fake war on terror. While their Crown Agent companies and banks get the arms, oil, aid and rebuilding contracts, they are also using this model to achieve their goal of global depopulation.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


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  2. New York City is the fourth sovereign city-state besides the Vatican, City of London, and DC. NYC has entirely been taken over by the United Nations. It is the City-State of Nations. The treaty that put the UN in NYC allowed the UN to expand -widen- their territory to Manhattan, NYC, and even the State of New York!

    It came to be so important because Italy got official recognition as a Nation by the Vatican in the Lateran Treaty, and when Italy joined the UN, that details of what ITALY actually was under the Lateran Treaty changed into the “ITALY OF THE UNITED NATIONS”. exact words.

    The Paris Peace Treaty officially ending World War two has many interesting aspects. Two of which are very important. Article 45 – the United Nations is referred to as a Government. not an inter-governmental agency. the UN is literally a government of governments. It is the Global One World Order and it started in 1945.

    Article 78 refers to a UNITED NATIONS NATIONAL as any national of any member-nation. So. After World War two there were only One World Global Citizenship under the United Nations. Unified.

    if you are supporting a United Nations country, then you are literally condoning, supporting, and even terraforming earth without your knowledge. you are working against humanity and working for slavery.

    the banks in NYC can only be fined by the United States because they aren’t US based, the banks are UN International jurisdiction banks… just like the banks in the City of London cannot be controlled by the UK-England.

    All courtrooms globally have been converted into UN Competent National Tribunals and no longer constitutional based. and all constitutions have been subverted by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I don’t want to end without providing remedies…
    1) Own your global citizenship by becoming a World Citizen with the World Government of World Citizens. It is a non-UN de jure government.
    2) expatriate to the World Government of World Citizens.
    3) if that seem like a bit much, get the birth certificate for your legal presence, get the state and then national certificate of authentication on it, and sign the Birth States General Durable Power of Attorney between “you” -as a strawman- and you -as a human-. Be sure to grant yourself all powers enumerated and unenumerated. If a World Citizen ID is too much, you’ll need to create a common law ID for yourself as the agent. File the Birth Certificate with Certificate of Authentications, the POA, and your private ID with the clerk of orphans in the probate court of the birth county.
    4) overstand the importance of “I am competent to handle my affairs and over the age of 21.” This phrase is the literal key phrase attorneys use to identify each other and their secret club. If you know the meaning of that phrase, you are able to take back possession of your legal presence from the government trying to operate it for you.

    The whole point of government is to operate the legal presences of those who don’t know how to operate it. the unfortunate aspect is that attorneys have also made it “illegal” for people to operate the legal presence….. at least without the proper documentation.

    The Power of Attorney (POA) is the document that separates you from the straw man within the system and allows us to force them to recognize us as separate “legally competent” entities. Even if the legal presence gets declared incompetent, that’s ok. it’s just a fiction of law. it’s not possible for a fiction to be “competent.” it doesn’t even have a brain, nor a mouth to speak, nor hands to sign.

    Once the POA (+ identity documents) is on record, if United Nations administrators -who call themselves “judges”- ignore the separation, then the issue is to be brought it in the State Bar Professional Standards Review Board. “judges” can be held accountable, but only with the proper documentation and before the proper “court.” Nothing in the system can hold administrators of the system accountable.

    Administrating the government system is beyond the government system… and reason why attorneys have their own actual “government” in-house. Attorney and legal complaints go to the Bar, not the state/federal courts.

    For more information on the United Nations and New York City:

  3. Dean : outstanding. Deserves to be included as a school mandatory learning
    and compulsory vaccine against media inoculated idiocy..

  4. Laura Marian

    Great article Dean, as usual. I listed to your interview with Richie Allen on you tube, very interesting things you mention there. You’re right, true knowledge has been hidden from humanity by the Illuminati to enslave us. You say that Vatican is fighting against Illuminati, but I question this, due to the fact that I have heard this present Pope calling for One world government to save humanity. That is why I don’t trust him and Catholic church right now. The pope who really went against Illuminati was John Paul II who faced various assassination attempts. I think the church is infiltrated with free masons, Illuminati whoever it may be, it can’t be trusted right now. The Bible is a great book but it was tampered, things have been taken out, then added things. The main thing is to fight against Illuminati, and expose them. I do believe good prevails evil, and God will put a stop to this evil.

  5. Laura Marian

    We are all one consciousness love, harmony unity.

  6. Death to the New world order

    They moved it to “Agenda 30” now. You might also be a little leary of Mr. Trump and his real motives.

  7. Laura Marian

    Vatican attending Elite Bilderberg meeting 2018

    this is why Vatican can’t be trusted anymore. A high Cardinal of Vatican for the first time at Bilderberg. Interesting….

  8. Anna Von Reitz has developed a “bank” of material germane to this topic. Returning to the land as an “American national” seems more appropriate than heading off to become a “world citizen”. Especially if citizen is slave, not sovereign. Some disinfo above in the comment thread, I do believe

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  10. Good stuff.keep up the agenda21 articles for all to read. This agenda must be curtailed.


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