Upcoming Deep Truth Conference

Deep Truth:  Visionaries Speak Out
Live Video-Streamed Conference
June 8-10, 2018

Coming to you online live from
all across the U.S., plus
Spain, Scotland, and England



Like last year, the Left Forum Conference in New York City has once again banned our panels (see details here). But our speakers will not be silenced. This year we are holding an alternative conference online livestreamed.  Please join us.

Friday, June 8, 8:00-10:30pm EST
Mockingbird 2.0:  Propaganda, Fake News, Fake History, and Outright Censorship

Saturday, June 9, 11:00-1:30 EST
Confronting Oligarchy: Resisting Full Spectrum Dominance

Saturday, June 9, 2:30-5:00 EST
False Flags: Mass Psy-Op Events as Pretext for Wars and a Surveillance State

Sunday, June 10, 11:00-1:30 EST
Dark Technology:  GeoEngineering, 5G, Vaccines, and other Faustian Bargains

Sunday, June 10, 2:30-5:00 EST  
Understanding Zionism: Deconstructing the Power Paradigm 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERThe opinions expressed by the Deep Truth conference speakers are theirs alone, and can not be presumed to be the opinions of any other conference speaker, the conference organizers, our livestreamer, or anyone who helps publicize this event.
Support free speech and full open inquiry!
We the people will not be silenced!



4 responses to “Upcoming Deep Truth Conference

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  2. Katharine Corp

    I wish so much I could attend this conference. It is my daughter’s Birthday weekend… Tyou for the great work you do. So much ugly truth behind our existence,that is left to uncover,so to engage in our true,collective potential. Here’s to finding our footing… Tyou for shining the light.

  3. This is great, and I will share the news far and wide.

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