Crown Scuttles Iran Deal, Killed Kennedy & Did 911

Yesterday’s announcement by Crown agent Donald Trump that the US would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is a disappointment for Iranian & American people alike, who share a strong historical and cultural affinity.  Both of these revolutionary nations have been targeted by the medieval City of London cult for destruction.

The pullout is a victory for the City of London, its Israeli & Saudi surrogates and their Crown agents who have seized control of the US government – also known as neo-cons.  Their Chatham House Project for a New American Century (PNAC) blueprint marches on, nourished by the steady loss of US blood, treasure and credibility.

Post-911 the US has been pulled into a series of unwinnable wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya & Yemen by presidential advisors loyal to the Crown.  America has gained nothing.  But the City of London has in each case fed at the trough of  war-related government contracts financed by American debt to that same Crown.

Through its Crown agent SERCO, the City has obtained billions in US government contracts from USAID and other State & Defense Department entities.  These contracts are only available in war zones.  SERCO is able to do this because of Crown agents operating inside of the US government through a City of London program known as Senior Executive Services (SES).

SERCO used to be known as Radio Corporation of America or RCA.  RCA had assumed control of the assets of the Marconi Wireless Corporation, which developed the first trans-Atlantic communications in 1897.  RCA then exclusively developed this technology for the US Air Force.

(What follows is excerpted from my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In a 1973 interview published in the Atlantic Monthly, ex-President Lyndon Johnson hinted at a conspiracy behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, pointing to a “Murder Incorporated” which operated out of the Caribbean.  Johnson was referring to Permindex (Permanent Industrial Exhibitions), an assassination bureau run by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) of the City of London’s MI6 intelligence service.

Permindex was funded by the Canadian Bronfman family and the wealthy Polish Solidarist Radziwill family.  Permindex leader, MI6 SOE Colonel Sir William “Intrepid” Stephenson, had earlier deployed the Meyer Lansky syndicate and helped rehabilitate Lucky Luciano.  SOE Colonel Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was an OSS veteran and Bronfman liaison who chaired Permindex since its 1958 founding in Montreal and Geneva.  SOE and Permindex insider General Julius Klein ran guns to the murderous Haganah when the Zionists seized Israel from the Palestinians.  He now “handles” Buffalo mob boss Max Fischer and Carl Lindner at United Brands.

Other SOE members included David Sarnoff, whose RCA conglomerate at that time formed the core of the US National Security Agency; and Walter Sheridan, who provided intelligence to Resorts International and fugitive financier Robert Vesco.  Donald Trump bought Resorts International from the Crosby family for $79 million in 1987, then sold it to Merv Griffin a year later in a very curious arrangement.  This marks the time when Donald Trump became a Crown agent.

General Electric later bought RCA and SERCO was spun off to two British Knights (Crown agents).  Crown-controlled GE owns a big chunk of Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest defense contractor, which operates American’s largest intelligence network on behalf of the City of London.  GE built nearly every nuclear power plant in the world.

The most familiar member of the Crown’s SOE was Colonel Clay Shaw- whose son of same name later became a Florida Congressman serving on a House Narcotics Task force.  Shaw was an OSS veteran who later became Director of the New Orleans International Trade Mart, the US subsidiary of Permindex.   The World Trade Center was likely also a Permindex asset.  Shaw was indicted in 1969 for his role in the Kennedy assassination by New Orleans attorney Jim Garrison.  During the trial seventeen key prosecution witnesses died and Garrison became the target of a smear campaign.

According to Dope Inc., Shaw served under Crown agent Stephenson for twenty years starting in WWII, where he had been OSS liaison to Winston Churchill.  SOE operatives infiltrated the FBI and formed Division Five, a British intelligence Fifth Column which was headed by Bloomfield.  Both Bloomfield and Shaw were present at a series of meetings in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1963.  The meetings were held at the Tyndall Compound, built by Sir William Stephenson to serve British intelligence interests in the Caribbean after WWII.

Stephenson had launched BRINCO, an energy exploration firm financed Crown-controlled Rio Tinto.  Currently the Crown has set up URENCO to smuggle US-mined uranium out of the US.

Crown agent Stephenson moved to Jamaica in 1949 and set up the British-American-Canadian Corporation with financing from UK merchant banking giant Hambros.  It was Stephenson who helped Allen Dulles stash the Hitler and Goebell trusts in Swiss bank accounts after WWII.  Now he presided over the Montego Bay meetings where, according to many Kennedy assassination researchers, the JFK hit was planned.

Those present at the meetings included Ferenc Nagy, a WWII cabinet minister in the pro-Hitler Horthy government of Hungary, who later became Hungarian Prime Minister; Georgio Mantello, a Romanian emigre who served as Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s Trade Minister; Paul Raigoradsky, a Russian Solidarity leader; and Jean de Menil, an old money European aristocrat and Russian president of Schlumberger, the giant oil industry service provider and frequent CIA arms conduit based in Houma, LA. [382]

All present at Tyndall were executives of Permindex, whose board members included Roy Cohn, former general counsel to Sen. Joe McCarthy; Montreal crime boss Joe Bonnano; Mussolini Agriculture Minister Count Guitierez de Spadafora of the Italian House of Savoy; Hapsburg and Wittelsbach family banker Hans Seligman of Basel; Carlo d’Amelio, Rome attorney for the Houses of Savoy and Pallavicini; King Farouk of Egypt’s uncle Munir Chourbagi; and Guiseppe Zigiotti, head of the Italian Fascist Association for Militia Arms.  Permindex was a front for Nazi International.

In the weeks before the 911 attacks on America, certain floors of the the World Trade Center towers were systematically closed door for “maintenance”, centered around the elevators.  The security firm “protecting” the Twin Towers was Securacom, which has since changed its name to Stratesec.  Securacom was run by Marvin Bush, then-President George W. Bush’s younger brother.

Marvin Bush also sat on the board at HCC Insurance Holdings until
November 2002. That company carried some of the insurance on the WTC.
Brother Jeb – Governor of Florida – had declared a state of emergency in his state one week prior to 911. He personally escorted the alleged hijackers’ flight
school documents to Washington, DC very shortly after the attacks.

It seems obvious that Securacom had shut down those WTC floors, so that the buildings’ elevator shafts could be wired up with thermite explosives, residue of which was found all around the crime scene after the perfectly controlled demolitions has been accomplished.

Securacom also had security contracts for United Airlines and Dulles International Airport, and for Los Alamos Laboratories, when there had been a number of security breaches, likely connected to URENCO uranium smuggling. The firm is financially backed by a Kuwaiti-American investment firm known as KuwAm.

Current Stratesec clients include the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and Department of Justice.  They carry a Blanket Purchase Agreement with the GSA- meaning no other company can compete for these security contracts.

According to David Icke’s bombshell book Children of the Matrix,
Securacom is a subsidiary of Crown Agency- a British Crown entity which
Icke says also owns the Agha Khan Foundation. Khan founded the modern
Muslim Brotherhood and is spiritual torch-bearer for political Islam – from which groups like ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban take their cues.

This important fact means the Crown was behind the 911 attacks.  It also means our military is being “secured” by the City of London.

The withdrawal from JCPOA by Crown Agent Trump paves the way for the next domino in the PNAC Chatham House-generated blueprint to be attacked – namely Iran.  Americans, Iranians and all citizens of the world must become aware of the real force behind this steady stream of insanity before we will be able to stop it.  And that force is Freemason-lodged in the City of London.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

15 responses to “Crown Scuttles Iran Deal, Killed Kennedy & Did 911

  1. Laura Marian

    Great article Dean, great connections, nothing is separate all things are connected. Sadly this lovely planet is governed by sick and evil people as the Crown City of London Corp including bankers royalties. Most of the people are unaware, others are ignorant, greedy and self serving, so are very easily controllable … they live in fear of losing their comfortable lifestyles … it does not matter that half the world lives in poverty or that someone else’s country is being bombed because it does not effect them they do not give a toss, they do not care if people are struggling to live on benefits or are homeless as long as it does not affect them. Yes Dean, the people must become aware of this evil force behind things, but how as many of them don’t even believe it. As far as things unfold, Iran is a target and this could trigger WW3.

  2. I recall many years UK government minister Barbara Castle using parlimentary imunity to expose the Crown Agents and what they were up to.
    You tell a fascinating story and i agree with you about Freemasonry through which many of your disclousers are linked. Always thought it strange Trump pulling out of the global warming which i felt was because he was taking his lead from Rex Tillerson. Although Tillerson is no longer part of his team he seems to be following Tillerson’s wishes with regard to Iran and Syria. Iran may be the next country to be attacked but i think Russia will not be far behind. Putin pulled the rug from under Exxon just as it was about to take over Yukos. They will be out to get Putin for that. They did it to Gaddafi for nationalising their subsidery Esso Std Libya. They are the big player behind the scenes.

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  4. But let’s not leave out the most important discussion – Who is handling the day to day engineering –

  5. The bottom line of all these Crown Controlled Corporations is the Rothschild Family. There is a one, and only one, whose agents are running the show, not Royalty inherited but Royalty purchased with the peoples own wealth and then turned against the people. There is a King and that king is the eldest son of the Rothschild Family.
    All of these agency’s and controls are under the thumb of the Rothschild’s, to look anywhere else is exactly what the Family wants and gets. GE, if we could know is a Rothschild owned entity, every corporation of any worth is a Rothschild owned facility.
    Trying to locate the agents and assign to them parts and pieces of the mess we are in is exactly what the Rothschild’s want us to do, that way the Family stays above the fray and we like blind fools go groping around in the dark, hollering here it is and no, here it is, all the while it is in our faces and running our lives and nations into the round, ie, an early grave.
    Until the Laws are of the people, by the people, we can never know who is who and who owns what, it is not just the Federal Reserve that has never been audited, that has a hidden ownership and leadership, of course we all know who it is that owns the world, it is just a hard thing to come to terms with.
    On our side we have the Queens Lawyers telling us the law, telling us the truth they concoct, telling us what we must do to be law abiding, the punishments we get when we offend the ruling elite. Exactly as planned, exactly what the original thirteenth amendment intended to prevent, the real thirteenth amendment, the one that insisted Lawyers cannot be a part of National Leadership. The ratified and still the law thirteenth amendment, not that on the spur of the moment made-up crap about freeing the African slaves, what a crock that is.
    As long as the Lord God Rothschild writes and controls our Law, through the Queen and her Lawyers all of it owned by the King, ie, the eldest son, as long as the real ownership of the Nations and the people, even, the Bibles edited and printed for the Christians, a, Rothschild trick, as long as we have Leadership who are duel citizens, crypto Jews, Sabbath goys, sold out and paid for fronts, serving the Rothschild machine against we, the people.
    Soon, the trick will mature and we will be the target, even then we will find no helper, no safe refuge, looking the other way only works as long as the killers allow it to work. The Military and Police in the nations are all owned by the Rothschild Family, dictated to by the King through his agents, who are sworn to destroy the nations and the people by their religion which is tribal and shows no mercy are they bound, another trick of ancient Royalty acquired by the Family Rothschild.
    This generation I and Mr. Henderson, this generation today, the David Icke, Jordan maxwell generation, us old folks today, the baby boomer bunch, we are the ones responsible for all the murder in the world today, we sold our birthright like the Indians did for a few shiny beads and trinkets, today it is WiFi and Computers, sold the world out we did. Now we all have headaches, sleepless nights, the stuff we were bought with has fried our brain and internally mutilated our children and grandchildren. Cancer and autism rule the day, our children raped, beat and mutilated by foreigners, by people from the strange religions, there is nothing we can do, it seems. Insanity rules the day, there is no help in sight.
    It matter not if you see the wheels and the body of the machine, if you cannot see the engine and touch the ignition you cannot stop it. Humanity must show up at the gates of every Rothschild castle and tell them, the Rothschild’s, you’re rich enough, no more war, no more killing us, no more Queen’s Lawyers running our business, game is over.

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  8. onemeremember

    Great article, thanks Dean. Your work is supported by the work George Lees does eg.

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