British Intelligence Behind “Russiagate”

When President Donald Trump said in March 2017 that GCHQ  (Government Communications Headquarters) was monitoring Trump Tower, he was right.  The initial claim, made on Fox & Friends by senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, was ridiculed by Establishment media and Fox soon backed away from the story.

GCHQ officially works for “Her Majesty’s Government”, alongside the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and MI5.  In 2013 Edward Snowden revealed that GCHQ was behind Tempora, a program to monitor online & phone data in the UK.

GCHQ sits at the head of the Five Eyes Intelligence alliance, which includes agencies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.  All are members of the Crown, with the ostensible exception of the US.  Five Eyes also operates Project Echelon, which analyzes data from all communications worldwide.

Michael Wolff claims in his book Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House, that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Trump that there was a possibility, “that the British had had the Trump campaign staff under surveillance, monitoring its telephone calls and other communications and possibly even Trump himself”.  Blair, of course, denies this claim.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal reinforces the likelihood that GCHQ was not only monitoring Trump, but attempting to swing the election in his favor. (

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could very well be an MI6 operative.  Mueller has a history of covering up Crown crimes, including the BCCI and BNL scandals. (

The purpose of the probe is to pressure Trump to remain antagonistic towards Russia.  This serves Crown interests by keeping the US and Russia divided.  Thus the carefully-selected named “Russiagate”.

But while important actors in this propaganda drama are indeed Russian, a closer look reveals their animosity towards Putin and their allegiance to the Freemason Crown.  Nowhere is this more obvious that in the case of the much-ballyhooed but little-investigated Alfa Bank, which did indeed have servers communicating with those of the Trump campaign.

The implication in the Establishment media is that somehow Alfa Bank is a tool of Vladimir Putin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Though Putin long ago declared war on the Russian oligarchs who helped MI6 destroy his country in 1998, Illuminati media still conflates Putin with the oligarch for propaganda purposes.

In 1997 Putin launched an investigation into Alfa Bank.  His FSB found that Alfa was working with Chechen crime families to facilitate the drug trade in that region and later in Kosovo.  Alfa was also working with Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and its subsidiary Brown & Root in constructing pipelines through the disputed Chechnya/Dagestan region.  Both these actions were subversive to the Russian state.

In 1999 Alfa took over Marc Rich Holdings from the fugitive financier of same name.  Rich was convicted of tax evasion and had worked with Bruce Rappaport and Reagan CIA director Bill Casey in their project to undermine the Soviet Union.  Alfa was an important partner in those efforts.  President Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich just before leaving office.

Alfa Bank is owned by Alfa Group Consortium, which has interests in oil & gas among other things.  Owners Mikhael Fridman and German Khan both have extensive ties to Ukraine and likely had a hand in manipulating the rise of Petro Poroshenko to power in that the MI6 coup in that country.

Three more coincidences: (1 Cambridge Analytica bragged of using Ukrainian prostitutes to rig elections and organ trafficking has become an epidemic there.  (2 The European oil and commodity trading arm of Alfa Group is named Crown Resources.  (3 Alfa Group international trading director Alexei Kuzmichov founded the Babylon Project in 2002.  The group played a major role in “restoring” the National Museum of Iraq, which was conveniently looted of significant Sumerian/Annunaki artifacts one year later in 2003.

Fridman, Khan and the fourth Alfa insider Petr Aven are all Jewish.  Fridman and Khan are dual Israeli citizens, while Aven was appointed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin to make the ruble convertible.  Soon after Aven and the Goldman Sachs boys accomplished this, the ruble crashed.

A fire sale on formerly state-owned Russian assets followed, with Big Oil, Wall Street & their Russian oligarch partners all feeding heavily at the trough of privatization.  Since then, President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly gone after this Russia/Israeli mafia, jailing and deporting many of them.

Because of this, Alfa Bank now operates mostly from Ukraine.  Mikhail Fridman has virtually cut all ties with Russia and has applied for permanent residency in…wait for it…the UK.  Khan also holds a Ukrainian passport and is involved with TNK Oil, which in 2003 formed a 50-50 joint venture with…wait for it…British Petroleum, in what was the biggest foreign investment in Russia.  Putin has since kicked BP out of Russia.

It is obvious that the same devils who recently brought us the fake Skripal poisoning and the fake gas attacks in Syria, are also behind Russiagate.  British Intelligence, in service of the Rothschild City of London bankers and the Crown, will continue to sew mayhem and chaos around the world, as they have done for centuries, unless we decode the biggest lie of all.

The British Empire never died.  It just got very good at quietly sitting in the background while its surrogates do all the dirty work.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


27 responses to “British Intelligence Behind “Russiagate”

  1. Scottish John

    Wow Dean, that’s got me scratching my head.

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  4. Proves conclusively that the Britain is still a Rogue State.

  5. Dean: Another excellent rendering. That’s the true “democracy” practiced by jewish bosses with masonic pawns.

  6. Really good article Dean.

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  8. Brillant article Dean. You are so right. I recall Exxon’s plan to buy Yukos at a knockdown price from Khordosky was twarted by Putin just as the deal was about to be signed. Your articles are extremely revealing of what is really going on in the world.and the people behind it all .Who is going to stop them. thats my question. Russia/China might be able to do it but can it be achieved without a war. I doubt it.

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  10. Rick Morrow

    I’ve been thinking that there were British actors involved with this for some time. Nice research.

  11. Reblogged this on The 99% Blog and commented:
    If you’ve been wanting to know the real inside story regarding ‘Russiagate’ and the “Trump investigation”, this explains it all in just five minutes…..

  12. Every so called world leader is well aware of the gambit, ie, endless wars until the nations are all broke, dismal, and then the new New World Order, as if, the doctor, is in the house.
    Assad, has a guarantee, limitless wealth, his family taken good care of forever, a place in the pantheon of the gods. This is the sin not a chemical attack on his own people but a complete and utter sell out of his people and their nation to the Banker King in England.
    An empire on which the sun never sets, the empire of Rothschild, Mayer would be so proud of his boy’s.

  13. Herbert Dorsey

    The book “The Secret History of the Twentieth Century” mentions how the secretive British Roundtable had an agenda of “peacefully returning the American colonies (the U.S.) to British control.” After this Roundtable had set up the Federal Reserve Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations and the progressive income tax in the U.S., this Roundtable considered their mission accomplished.

  14. A remote taser, a lazy susan, and a list of questions. It could help these roundtable peeps find more pressing engagements.

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  17. The proof is, if it still is needed, that it is the City of London that is driving the government of the United States and not the other way around !

    Besides, our President of the French Republic, who was directly chipped by Rothschild, and who wants to be compared to anything less than Jupiter, has not trumped anyone, has he ?

    Did you know that some Native American Indians called Trump, Donald “quicksilver” Trump ? Which means Mercury in French … So Jupiter, Mercury, Obama was compared to Akenaton… Hum !

    Here is the Mohawk Nation in this August 2017 article that I translated who called it Trump like this ►

    Donald absolutely trump no one any more !

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