Assad’s Syrian Checkmate

Yesterday reports abounded that US-backed YPG Kurdish forces in Afrin had reached a deal with the Syrian government.  Damascus was to ostensibly rush in and save the Kurds from an encirclement of their enclave by Turkish troops.

Today both the Turks and the Kurds are denying the existence of such a deal.

Syrian forces are indeed headed to Afrin, but it now appears they will be helping the Turkish army mop up the City of London’s latest lackeys.  The announcement last month that the US would arm the YPG in Syria’s northwest represented one final desperate act to secure the nation’s oil and gas resources concentrated in that region.  (

Seven years of Illuminati attempts to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have failed.   ISIL, Al-Nusra and an alphabet of MI6-manufactured jihadis have been crushed by an alliance of forces from Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and now Turkey.

Syria’s infrastructure has been decimated, it’s people forced into refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and now all across Europe.  But the bad guys are now backed into the far NW corner of the still-intact Syrian Arab Republic.

The Syrian conflict may have netted the banksters some lucrative arms, oil and drug deals.  But in the end, it served as the focal point for a political realignment which the region hasn’t seen since Sykes-Picot, which will give the demons heartburn for decades to come.

Did the Syrian and Turkish governments pull a fast one on the corporate media by floating the fairy tale that Damascus was coming to save Langley’s boys from the evil Turks?

We’ll probably never know.

One thing’s for sure.  The West’s attack on Syria was turned back by a coalition of nations working together.  Just like in Iraq.  This makes oil barons, investment bankers, monarchs and the illegal Israeli entity very nervous.

At the weekend Munich Security Conference both Saudi and Israeli dogs could be heard barking in the direction of Tehran.  Its revolutionary example is a dangerous precedent for these regional surrogates for the City of London.

Whilst the Bilderbergers wrung their hands in Munich, recently united Yemeni rebel forces were busy picking off Saudi and UAE intruders as their offensive continues to gain strength.

Chatham House best busy itself protecting its own queen as the board clears and the Anglo-American Empire finds itself facing checkmate in Afrin.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

5 responses to “Assad’s Syrian Checkmate

  1. Thank you, Dean Henderson. In the midst of lies and distractions, you are a welcome voice of TRUTH…

  2. Whenever there is Relativity, or Pro vs Con, etc., then there is NO Reality. Without being able to realise this Reality, there is ONLY Relativism. This reality eludes The Vast Majority of “Gamblers”/Futuristic-Thinkers/Ownership-Issuances/Human-Intellect.

    The Vast Majority will Blindly-Accept [which is also Blindly-Rejecting] that being Materialised is to deny “Spirituality”- but not when The Spiritual is also “Divinity’s Patch”. That of The Realm of Divinity.

    Non-Futuristic-Thinkers like Human Infants, Animals, & Vegetation are not only The-Innocents, they are also super sensitive to Reality whereas Thinkers are merely sensitive to “Frivolity & Nonsense”. You know, that of trying to 2nd-Guess/”Own-via-Judgemental-Issues”. That of “Gambling 101”.

    When will The Vast Majority be able to realise this reality? For said Vast Majority, perhaps NEVER. Without being able to, “Liberate The Love/Benevolence/UnConditionality Innately-Provisioned Within”, the individual Human will NOT be able to realise his own reality/”self” – before being able to realise Reality/The-Self. When The Journey seemed so distant, there is only The “Journey”/Relativism and not The “Destination”/Reality.

    If the above is True [and it is The Truth], how will ANY individual be able to know so, let alone realising so. By “switching-on” his non-Thinking mode. But what or who is this “non-Thinking” mode?

    ALL, without one single exception, are [at least] Dual Natured. More so when ALL, without one single exception, were born as The-Feminine before some physically became The-Masculine. This Duality-of-Nature are within ALL Humans/”Higher-Beings”. When a Human, who is the ONLY Living & Breathing Entity who is able to “Futurise-Thought” [FT], was “Born”, he [The-Masculine is used ONLY for the sake of convenience-of-description] lacks the ability to FT. Then, The Soft-Tissue at the top of his Skull, which has yet to hardened/”ossify”, called The Fontanale Bone Area [FBA], could be seen by some to pulsate-in-sync with HeartBeat. This state is one’s State-of-Innocence if only because Innocence could only exists when one’s Thinking is limited to The-Past/”Instinct”. When The-Future had yet to be realised/realisable.

    And what is this FT business? The-Past is that which is dead and gone whereas The-Future is yet to-be. BOTH are imaginary states and has NO Reality. For Humans, Thinking is the individual’s Duality-of-Nature. One’s separated/”divided” Opposites which has ONLY one aim and that is make The-Imaginary Real. When so-divided, Cycling-Infintely-between-The-Opposites is then The Reality. Like it or not, that is Relativity/”Materialism” posing/”masquerading” as Reality/”Spirituality”.

    Unbelieveable as it may seemed, this Mode-of-Existence is how The Vast Majority [TVM] “Live & Breathe”. Without ever becoming real, there is only Relativism. This is why TVM are merely wandering in a dream-like state Worshipping or Saving. The Joke is when Worship/Saviourship is merely Saviourship/Worship in-progress, the aim of Opposites being to allow “The-Other-Half”, Its Moment-on-The-Stage. Its Moment-of-PrimeTime, so to speak. Its Moment of Relativism posing as Reality.

    And this is EXACTLY how Humanity will vacillate. It might seemed that Modernity is now swinging towards The “Feministic”/Depressive but that will swing again towards “Machoism”/Aggression in The-Future – should Events not change.

    Like it and believe it, or not, Truth, whose Empowerment is Love, being The [ONLY] Energy Creator [TEC] and who is verily The [ONLY] Energy Destroyer, has NO interest in Controlling Humans if only because Control within The Dual-Natured/”Swinger” is merely Abandonment. As such, Humans are Fully Freed to do as one pleases. ALL Nature/”Benevolence” will do is to counter “Malevolence” should said Kreature be able to “swing” Humanity “successfully” towards our Addiction to self-damage, TEC’s last Weapon-of-Choice being “Armageddon”. That of Destroying Everything Created.

    As such, those who are able to become “The-Example”/Real, need to do so, asap, instead of The Favourite of Malevolence, which is “Leadership”/Relativism. There is NO such thing as “Leadership” for the simple reason that NO one “Breathes for Another”. As such, “goddites” might want another to believe that, “Breathing for Another” exists, but that is merely Saviourship gathering its Worshippers/”Divisibles”, Saviourship-Worship being Opposites who are merely “The 2 Faces of The Same Coin”.

    No wonder BreExit is merely BreRemain. Witness, therefore, how BreRemain seemingly rules over BreExit. You know, when that Ogre, “United Zist, Zat, und zer-Other” is having another Joke. Using The-Dumbed-Down to counter The-Stupid will realise Nothing Real other than another “Ping-Pong” of “Musical-Charing”, aka Robbing Peter To Pay Paul. Seemingly unsavoury terms/words were used but when Aggression is merely one’s Egotism [with “Depression” being one’s Conditionings], perhaps that is what is required. But not when Love is The Concern for The Benevolence of Another.

    In other words, those who has Benevolence Innately-Provisioned Within and are able to Liberate said Benevolence as Love, need to be The Example instead of being tempted by Malevolence to “Lead”. DO NOT allow self to be so Addicted to one’s own damage, otherwise it might be Too Late after “Death” – if only because there is Life After Death. But how will ANYONE be able to know this fact, let alone realising so.

    We should NOT allow ourselves to be deluded by Materialism/”being-easily-divided-by-Malevolence”. You know, imagining/[religiously-]believing that The-Tangibility-of-The-Material is the Be-All, End-All. Something that TVM are “addicted-to”. This is because the ability to realise self is not for EVERYONE – if only because that Journey will lead to The Destination/Divine/Realisation-of-Reality for those whose Desire is to become “Pure”/Detached. Via the ability to Witness. The Problem with Humanity/Relativism-of-Past-vs-Future is not Malevolence other than being prone-to/”divisible-by” Malevolence. This could ONLY be avoided when the individual seeks to become Real. Without this very First-Step/”Desire”, there is NO Journey and without The-Journey, there could be NO Destination. For those who could only see Religion-Religiosity, vacillating between “Pros & Cons” is the ONLY Reality. Be conscious and be aware.

  3. I don’t quite get it. do you think the marxist – radical democratic non muslim YPG kurds are lackeys of the city of london (and wall street) because they accepted american support and weapons for fighting the IS? they fought the IS because it killed them as infidels, took their territory and sold their women on the slave market after “using” them itself. that’s why the YPG women brigades have been fighting as if there was no alternative and lost already up to 2000 of their sister comrades. they knew well that the IS was armed by the true lackeys of wall street too, as is turkey as a NATO member – but what could they do? they now have to stop turkish troops no matter how. the turks are not much more merciful to non muslim minorities in the region.

  4. All countries being attacked either have Oil or Pipelines.

    Russia’s two oil ports are in Ukraine & Syria.

    The whole purpose is to keep Oil Prices Sky High – Along with Gasoline Prices.!!!!!!!

    Follow The Money.!!!!!!

  5. Granted the YPG were heroic against ISIS at Kobane and generally, but the US has some convoluted use (pawn play) for them, considering we have backed ISIS all along while pretending to fight them.

    The Kurds are the Urvolk there, predating everybody else, and the Turks regard them as vermin for it, would be happy to redo the Armenian slaughter.

    As elsewhere, Russia is the benign force: “The Ministry said it does not plan on establishing any more bases in Syria. Their forces in Afrin were meant to help enforce the ceasefire and prevent clashes between the YPG and Turkish-backed Syrian rebels.”

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