911 Beneficiaries

(Excerpted from Chapter 20: 911: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

While much of the Arab world’s mainstream media echoed Atta’s father’s viewpoint, all US media- corporate and progressive alike- dismissed these claims as “outrageous conspiracy theories”.

Yet no one could deny that Israel gained a great deal from the 911 attacks.  Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon- wanted in Belgium for war crimes- began targeting Palestinian leaders for assassination as soon as Bush took office, causing US public support for Israel to wane.  Sharon used 911 to turn the tide, labeling all Palestinians, “bin Laden terrorists”, and occupying yet more Palestinian territory.  Bush sent General Anthony Zinni to Tel Aviv as Middle East envoy to lend legitimacy to Sharon’s aggression. Bush refused to deal with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.  The Samuel Huntington CFR Clash of Civilizations crowd had their pretext for a global war against Arabs and Muslims.

US defense giants reaped the 911 harvest.  In October 2001 Lockheed Martin led a consortium of corporations awarded the largest single defense contract ever- a $200 billion deal to build an F-35 joint strike fighter.  The Lockheed-led group included Northrup Grumman and several British companies including British Aerospace and Rolls Royce. [905]  Amidst the post-911 flag-waving frenzy, the all-American bidder McDonnell Douglas would have seemed a more discretionary choice.  Defense stocks surged. Raytheon stock was up 36% in the month following 911 while the rest of the stock market crashed.  The hawks and their generals pushed for huge Pentagon budget increases, some advocating a $500 billion defense budget by 2005.  In January 2002, President Bush approved a defense budget of $317 billion. Three weeks later he increased it to $379 billion, while setting a marker for a $471 billion defense budget by 2007.

The money will line the pockets of the Eight Families who own the defense companies, pockets already deepened by the Bush tax cut and a huge increase in US debt- which the international bankers make a healthy living financing.  Their point man Bush- cousin to the House of Windsor- saw his dismal approval ratings skyrocket to over 80% as a fear-driven US public rallied around the Four Horsemen President.  The Rockefeller-controlled airlines, near bankruptcy before 911, glad-handed their way to a $15 billion taxpayer bailout.  The insurance industry, railroads and travel industry soon got in line at the government trough; their anti-government venom temporarily muted.

The CIA was a major 911 beneficiary, marching out an array of “old hands” like Richard Armitage, General Barry McCafferty and United Brands grant recipient Major Andy Messing to extol the virtues of dealing with unsavory underworld characters when gathering intelligence.  The Clinton Administration had clamped down on this common CIA practice after revelations of CIA involvement in the Guatemalan death squad murders of American citizens.  CIA torture chambers were once again open for business.

Global civil liberties were a major casualty of 911.  Within a week of the attacks Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft announced plans to unleash the CIA and FBI, expanding and combining their already sweeping powers.  With no public debate and near unanimous Congressional approval- despite the fact that not one Congress member read it- Bush gleefully signed the ironically-titled USA Patriot Act into law, suspending big chunks of the US Constitution and bringing the nation a step closer to outright martial law.  Similar legislation was passed in numerous other countries.

Section 802 of the Patriot Act designated a federal crime broadly defined as “domestic terrorism”, which cast a broad net over political dissidents, and seemed especially targeted at the growing ranks of WTO/IMF protestors who have taken a frontal assault on the Eight Families.  Section 411 posed an ideological litmus test for foreigners wishing to come to the US in a direct affront to the First Amendment.  Section 215 obliterated the Fourth Amendment, allowing the FBI to obtain a court order to seize a person’s “tangible things”, including books, documents and computer disks; without suspecting that person of wrongdoing and without informing that person of the seizure until well after the fact.  Section 218 gave the FBI a green light to spy on domestic “enemies” and threatened to return the US to the dark days of J. Edgar Hoover. [906]

Later Ashcroft marched out his new TIPS program- which encouraged mailmen, utility workers and neighbors to spy on their fellow citizens.  In November 2002 the Bush Administration pushed through the new Homeland Security Act- whose name conjures memories of Hitler’s Office of Fatherland Security, which he established within one month of the staged Reichstag fire, and which later became the SS. [907]

One provision of the act created an Information Awareness Office, which would compile a computer database on every American.  The office emerged from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency- a JASON Society affiliate- which earlier spawned both the Internet and stealth technology.  Heading the office was Admiral John Poindexter, the five-count convicted felon of Iran/Contra fame.

The Center for Public Integrity revealed an even more draconian version of the Patriot Act being drafted at Georgetown University.  Dubbed the Domestic Security Enhancement Act the draft called for secret arrests-never before allowed US history- and carte blanche deportation of legal immigrants.  Another provision allowed chemical companies to quit disclosing toxic emissions to the communities in which they operate.

As of February 2003 there had been over 300 rollbacks of the Freedom of Information Act. [908]  In 2004 Patriot Act II passed. Provisions included a National ID. In 2003 the General Accounting Office dropped its lawsuit against Vice President Cheney, which would have forced him to reveal which energy executives he met with secretly to craft the Bush Energy policy.  The right of US citizens to acquire information by which they could hold their government accountable was seriously eroded by the events of 911 and the culture of secrecy which emerged in its aftermath.

But it was the Eight Families who had the most to gain from dialing 911.  The day of the terror attacks there was an unusually heavy volume of financial transactions being handled at the WTC.  The bulk of investment bankers killed in the WTC worked for competitors of the Big Six old money investment banks.  Cantor Fitzgerald was particularly hard hit.  Merrill Lynch had its own building nearby, as did Deutsche Bank.  Lehman Brothers moved from the WTC to a newly built headquarters just prior 911.  Only seven weeks before 911 a group of wealthy oligarch investors terminated their lease on the WTC.  Investor Larry Silverstein bought a 99-year lease on the property in July 2001, while the old money slid out from under it.  Silverstein filed a $7.2 billion insurance claim after the tragedy.  The Eight Families insurance companies involved offered only $3.6 billion.

The President’s brother Marvin was on the board of directors at Securacom- now Stratesec- from 1993-2000.  The company provided security for the WTC, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines.  It had the security contract at Los Alamos Laboratories, when there had been a number of security breaches at that facility.  The firm is backed by a Kuwaiti-American investment firm known as KuwAm.  Current clients include the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and Department of Justice.  They carry a Blanket Purchase Agreement with the GSA- meaning no other company can compete for these security contracts.

According to David Icke’s bombshell book Children of the Matrix, Securacom is a subsidiary of Crown Agency- a British Crown entity which Icke says also owns the Agha Khan Foundation. Khan founded the modern Muslim Brotherhood and is spiritual torch-bearer for Islamism- from which groups like al Qaeda and the Taliban take their cues. This important fact points to Buckingham Palace involvement in the prosecution of 911.

Marvin Bush also sat on the board at HCC Insurance Holdings until November 2002.  That company carried some of the insurance on the WTC.  Brother Jeb- Governor of Florida- declared a state of emergency in his state one week prior to 911. He personally escorted the alleged hijackers’ flight school documents to Washington, DC shortly after the attacks. [909]

New York Mayor Rudolf Guliani was portrayed as hero of 911.  Yet on November 2, 2001 Guliani ordered New York firefighters to thin their ranks at ground zero, as the WTC carnage became known.  The day before, 200 tons of gold buried in vaults beneath the WTC belonging to Silver Triangle gold kingpin Bank of Nova Scotia was recovered.  No one in the fawning corporate media bothered to ask Guliani about the callous timing of his decision.  Nor did they ask him why, according to Internet reports, he had ordered 6,000 gallons of fuel stored in WTC #7 to supply his personal bomb shelter. [910]

The explosion of this fuel may have caused WTC #7- which was clearly not hit by an airplane- to collapse, destroying sensitive Enron-related CIA and FBI documents stored there.  The CIA ran an undercover station on the 47th floor of #7.  The 23rd and 24th floors of the WTC North Tower housed FBI covert operations and boatloads of agency documents.

Louie Cacchioli, a firefighter with Engine 47 in Harlem said he was in an elevator to the spook-occupied 24th floor of the North Tower, when he heard explosions.  His crew- the first in that building- believes bombs were set off inside the towers.  In a statement to the Albuquerque Journal shortly after the disaster, Van Romero- Vice-President for Research at the renowned New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology- agreed.  Romero, one of the world’s foremost demolitions experts, stated, “My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse.”[911]

Numerous experts also agreed that jet fuel alone burns too fast to have melted the massive steel structure of the WTC on its own.  The orderly nature of the collapse of both towers also begged inquiry. The contractor awarded the $7 billion job of cleaning up the WTC rubble was eerily named Controlled Demolition- the same outfit that quickly disposed of the evidence of the Alfred T. Murrah Federal Building after the Oklahoma City bombing. WTC “scrap metal” was expeditiously shipped to China.  Brigham Young physics Professor Steven Jones, who studied the WTC rubble, says he found traces of thermite explosives all over the stuff.  In September 2006, Brigham Young placed Jones on paid leave for his efforts at seeking truth.

There is a persistent rumor that all Israelis working at the WTC were instructed not to report to work on 911.  Was Time’s 2001 Man of the Year Rudy Guliani part of a covert operation to consolidate British/Israeli/Rothschild control over Persian Gulf Oil?  If so, it was only fitting that Guliani was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in February 2002.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

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