The Four Horsemen President

(Excerpted from Chapter 20: 911: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton became the nation’s 42nd President in 1993.  Clinton was well-groomed by the Eight Families.  He was a Rhodes Scholar to the Rothschilds’ Cambridge University and attended Bilderberger meetings.

There were rumors in some circles that this man who was born to a single mother in Hope, AR was fathered by Winthrop Rockefeller- main financial backer of the University of Arkansas who holds much sway over the state’s political and economic landscape Winthrop was recently Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.  It was the Rockefeller-controlled International Paper which sold Clinton the land involved in the Whitewater scandal.  The banker’s wanted to make sure Clinton had his panama should he ever veer from their agenda.

Clinton played ball during his first term. He passed the Welfare to Work program that enriched defense giant Lockheed Martin, which was put in charge of administering new food stamp card programs in dozens of states.  He allowed insurance HMO’s to derail meaningful health care reform.  He came to aid of the Four Horsemen when he repeatedly bombed Iraq.  He intervened in oil-rich Somalia, oversaw the dismantling of Yugoslavia and sent boatloads of aid Central Asia to ensure Big Oil control of Caspian Sea crude.  His Democrat Leadership Council faction continued its move to the right.

Globalization was at the center of their agenda.  Clinton implemented NAFTA and appointed Exxon Mobil director Carla Hills as trade negotiator in talks that transformed GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade) into the WTO- current Eight Families’ vehicle of choice in their endless quest to conquer the world’s resources.  As political observer Jerome Binfet noted, “Clinton is the best Republican President we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt.”

As Clinton became a lame duck late in his second term, he took a left turn.  He designated millions of acres of land National Parks and Monuments.  In Utah the Escalante Grand Staircase National Park was created, infringing upon Conoco plans to drill for oil.  Clinton refused to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Big Oil, angering BP Amoco- which owns the Alaskan Pipeline.  He talked of raising the minimum wage and announced a crack-down on off-shore Eurodollar tax havens.  The anti-trust division of his Justice Department, under fiery new Federal Trade Commission chief Michael Kinnear, suddenly cracked down on the merger mania which Clinton earlier oversaw.  Kinnear, harkening the days of trust-buster Teddy Roosevelt, targeted the Microsoft monopoly for break up.

Clinton took a more even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ending decades of overt US bias towards the Rothschild/British Empire surrogate Israel.  Most significantly, Clinton balanced the US budget, erasing a long-time deficit. He even began to pay down the country’s $2 trillion debt to the Eight Families, which had been mounting ever since Old Hickory balanced the books 150 years earlier.  The bankers were restless.

Enter Monica Lewinsky and her handler Linda Tripp.  Tripp worked at the Pentagon, while Lewinsky’s father worked for the CIA and Mossad in Central America.  Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) presided over the political lynching of Clinton which nearly resulted in his impeachment.  Hyde was on the board at Clyde S&L, the Chicago-based laundry for Mena-bound contra cocaine.  He oversaw the CIA’s black budget as leader of the House Intelligence Committee and was involved in the cover-up surrounding Banca Nacionale de Lavoro. [886]  The Jekyl Island bankers had their Mr. Hyde.  Clinton’s Presidency was weakened and his increasingly populist agenda was stopped dead in its tracks.

The election of 2000 pitted Clinton Vice-President and CFR member Al Gore against Texas Governor and Enron favorite George W. Bush.  The Gore family had been catapulted into a Tennessee political dynasty by Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum.  But the Eight Families preferred Bush, whose grandfather Prescott’s Brown Brothers Harriman had financed Adolf Hitler and appeared on Nicaragua’s currency during the 1930’s.

George Sr. founded Zapata Oil, which used its offshore oil platforms to get the CIA into the Columbian cocaine business. [887]  “Poppy” was in Dallas during the JFK hit, became CIA Director after the Nixon coup, owned property in Panama and was now a director at bin Laden family investment adviser Carlyle Group.  Brother Jeb worked at Texas Commerce Bank and was Secretary of Commerce, then Governor, of the cocaine-infested state of Florida.  His real estate firm sold houses for drug traffickers and he flew on a coke dealer’s plane to a Costa Rican inauguration.  Brother Neil dined with John Hinckley Jr.’s brother the night before Hinckley shot President Reagan, looted Silverado S&L for the Canadian Bronfman family and lobbied the government of Argentina for Enron.  Brother Marvin joined Neil in lobbying the Kuwaiti government for rebuilding contracts and was now on the board of directors at Securacom, which had the security contract for the World Trade Center.

George W. headed Harken Energy with help from George Soros, the Filipino Nugan Hand Quash family and Bahraini bank looters.  Harken was cut into a sweetheart deal off Bahrain with help from Mobil just before the Gulf War.  Bush bailed out, Harken stock crashed and he violated SEC law by not reporting the sale promptly.  Bush got his Arbusto Energy start in the oil business with a $50,000 from James Bath, who likely procured the “loan” from Saudi Sheik Mohammed bin Laden- father of Osama.

Bush lost the national popular vote.  But because his brother’s Florida police force blocked minorities from polling stations and Democratic ballots were tossed out at will, the decisive Florida race was too close to call.  The Florida Supreme Court ordered all ballots counted.  But the US Supreme Court, stacked with Republican appointees awaiting the rapture, ordered the Florida decision overturned.  In the biggest election fraud in US history Bush was anointed 43rd President.

His appointed Vice-President was Dick Cheney, his old Arbusto partner, later his father’s Defense Secretary and Chairman/CEO of Halliburton- the now Dubai-based parent of Brown & Root and Dresser Industries.  These three firms received the bulk of Pentagon rebuilding contracts throughout the 1990’s, cozying up to Russian mobsters and Nigerian dictators alike.  The Bush Cabinet would be a “Who’s Who” of the military/industrial Establishment.

Secretary of State and CFR member Colin Powell prosecuted the Gulf War and was accused by Ross Perot of involvement in the SE Asian heroin trade.  Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill was chairman of ALCOA and owned a $65 million stock portfolio. [888]  O’Neill was succeeded by John Snow, then Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs.  Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans chaired Tom Brown- a major Texas natural gas company.  National Security Adviser and second term Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, a Central Asian expert, was a director at Chevron, where she had an oil tanker named after her.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld served in the Nixon Administration, becoming Ford White House Chief of Staff and later Defense Secretary following the Nixon coup.  It was Rumsfeld who in 1983 as Reagan Special Envoy to Iraq had met with Saddam Hussein to pitch an Iraq to Jordan oil pipeline to be built by Bechtel.  According to Jim Vallette of the Institute for Policy Studies, Rumsfeld met with Hussein a second time in 1987 on the very day the UN confirmed that Saddam had gassed the Kurds. Rumsfeld was also CEO at GV Searle, a major drug company now owned by Monsanto.

Secretary of Transportation Norman Minetta was Vice-President at defense giant Lockheed Martin.  Budget Director Mitch Daniels was an executive at Quayle family pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.  EPA Director Christine Todd Whitman had much of her healthy nest egg invested in a Cayman Islands firm known as Israel Industrial Resources LLC.  US Trade Representative and now World Bank President Robert Zoellick was on the board at Said Holdings of Bermuda, where chairman Wafic Said brokered arms between Britain and Saudi Arabia.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was a Reagan arms negotiator who helped pass out arms to the Ayatollah.  He was recently forced out as head of the World Bank following charges of cronyism.  Undersecretary of Commerce Katherine Cooper was Exxon Mobil’s Chief Economist.  Deputy Secretary of Energy Francis Blake was Senior Vice-President at General Electric.  Deputy Secretary of Transportation Michael Jackson followed his boss Norman Minetta from Lockheed Martin. Colin Powell’s son Michael headed the Federal Trade Commission. Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage ran Far East Trading in Bangkok, fingered by both H. Ross Perot and Colonel James Bo Gritz as a SE Asian heroin front.  It was Armitage who outed CIA agent Valerie Plame when she began nosing around ARAMCO headquarters in Saudi Arabia.  According to Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, it was Armitage who threatened to bomb his country, “back to the Stone Age”, if he did not cooperate with the US after 911. [889]

According to the Center for Public Integrity the net worth of Bush’s Cabinet ranged from $9.3 million to $27.3 million, nearly ten times the net worth of the Clinton Cabinet.  The Eight Families now had, for the first time in US history, an Administrative branch in Washington whose unprecedented wealth ensured complete loyalty to the global financial oligarchy.

Bush immediately pushed through a massive tax cut for the richest Americans.  The wealthiest 1% received 44% of the benefits. The US debt jumped $8 trillion.  Payments on the debt ground to a halt.  Cabinet members O’Neill, Evans and Cheney met regularly with executives from Enron to craft a national energy policy based on increased oil and gas exploration and the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Bush nixed Clinton’s clean air initiatives, eliminated Clinton controls on arsenic in drinking water and opposed Kyoto global warming protocols.  US voters were not impressed.  Bush approval ratings slid dramatically.  His sponsors panicked and dialed 911.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


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