Kiss Ass

(Excerpted from Chapter 18: The International Banksters: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Kissinger Associates clients included the BCCI-owned National Bank of Georgia and BNL- which worked with the Iraqi Central Bank to arm Iraq through numbered accounts at Bank of America, Bank of New York, Chase Manhattan and Manufacturers Hanover Trust.

BNL’s clearing agent on these transactions was Morgan Guaranty Trust.  Chase Manhattan Bank’s Board of Directors mirrored BNL’s Consulting Board for International Policy.

Henry Kissinger is tight with both Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs, which helped the drug-infested Bank of New York and CS First Boston loot Russia’s Treasury.  When the CIA mob was done looting S&Ls, Goldman Sachs swooped up billions in assets for a song.  Chase Manhattan’s International Advisory Board includes Y. K. Pao of Hong Kong Worldwide Shipping, Ian Sinclair of the Canadian Pacific heroin express and G. A. Wagner of Royal Dutch/Shell. [779]  Pao is Vice-Chairman at HSBC.

Kissinger Associates’ board is even more shadowy and powerful, a Masonic Freudian slip since kiss ass is what they do when old money talks.  Co-founder Lord Carrington, board member at both Barclays and Hambros, chairs both the Bilderberger Group and the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  KissAss board member Mario d’Urso of the Kuhn Loeb banking dynasty, heads Jefferson Insurance, the US joint venture of Assicurazioni Generali (AG) and Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (RAS).

AG of Venice is keeper of the immense fortunes of the old Venetian banking families who funded the Crusades and the Holy Roman Empire.  Its board included Elie de Rothschild; Baron August Von Finck, the richest man in Germany; Baron Pierre Lambert, Rothschild cousin and the money behind Drexel Burnham Lambert; Jocelyn Hambro, whose family owns Hambros Bank- which owned half of Michelle Sindona’s Banca Privata; Pierpaolo Luzzatto Fequiz of the powerful Italian Luzzato family which had ties to Sindona’s Banco Amrosiano; and Frano Orsini Bonacossi of the powerful Orsini family whose members sat in the original Roman Empire Senate.  The biggest shareholders of AG are Lazard Freres and Banque Paribas. [780]

Paribas is controlled by the Warburg family, while Lazard is dominated by the Lazard and David-Weill families.  The British Lazards are now part of the Pearson conglomerate, which owns the Financial Times, the Economist, Penguin and Viking Books, Madame Tussaud’s and extensive US interests.  The French Lazard Freres is tucked under a holding company known as EuraFrance.  Lazard handles money for the global elite including the Italian Agnellis, the Belgian Boels, the British Pearsons and the American Kennedys.

RAS board members include members of the Giustiniani family, who descend from Roman Emperor Justinian; members of the Dora family, Genoese financiers of the Spanish Hapsburg monarchs; and the Duke of Alba, who descends from the Spanish Hapsburg monarchy.

Another powerhouse on the Kiss Ass board was Nathaniel Samuels, another Kuhn Loeb old hand from the Samuel clan that controls much of Royal Dutch/Shell and Rio Tinto.  Samuels was Chairman of the Paris-based Banque Louis-Dreyfus Holding Company, which descends from the Louis Dreyfus grain trading dynasty- one of the Four Horsemen of Grain.  Lord Eric Roll is another board member at KissAss.  Roll is chairman of the Warburg family investment bank S. G. Warburg.

The Kiss Ass Asian powerhouse board member is Sir Y. K. Kan of Hong Kong, who represents four old money Chinese families that control the Bank of East Asia.  Kiss Ass client BNL’s P-2 Freemason roots can be traced back to Banca Commerciale d‘Italia, where P-2 was founded.  The bank’s Swiss subsidiary Banca de la Svizzera bought 7% of Lehman Brothers in the mid-1970’s.  The Lehman family made their fortune running guns to Confederate forces while smuggling southern British opium family plantation cotton to the Union.  When Lehman Brothers client Enron collapsed, UBS Warburg swooped in to seize Enron OnLine for $0.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

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