Rense Interview: Trump’s Handlers & Nibiru Madness

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


8 responses to “Rense Interview: Trump’s Handlers & Nibiru Madness

  1. i am french and i can read your paper but when you speak it s more difficult for me to understand , what about NIBIRU ? when do you think she will arrive 🙂 sincerely jean pierre

  2. thanks 😉

  3. There’s a spiritual component to man. It is our soul, our energy guided by our will and powered by our emotion, which can operate in the magnetic aether. I told you the story of the guy who stole $10 from me in jail, no? It’s not the measley $10 that pissed me off but his trying to treat me as a punk (no respect) that got me hot under the collar. A guard had been stabbed and anybody whomfought got sent to the worst prison. So two days after he stole my money, I’m dreaming that I’m on top of this guy and I’m strangling him to death in an all out rage. That’s one emotion that can trigger the “out of body experience”: rage. So i wake up because of the adrenaline and my heart pounding and I’m like, WOW…what a vivid experience when suddenly the guy I was strangling and who was sleeping no more than 10 feet away from me, passes by me like sleep walking to the bathroom and and says, “if we were out on the street I’d assassinate you”. So what was going on in my dream continued into the awake state. I have since then been able to make love to women spiritually just by imagining it and all it requires is that there be a mutual attraction. I’ve gotten caught doing this because i did during here awake time and apparently it triggers a sexual reaction of her body and with her awake it causes confusion. So…this proves we have a “spirit or soul” which can touch others. I remember emailing you my encounters with the devik worshippers while they were doing witchcraft on me after exposing them in federal court in miami. I don’t understand why the things i tell you aren’t taken seriously when they are first hand experiences from a reliable witness. Nstead you’re like, the annunaki made us!!! Even after the stanic rituals used by the illuminati WHICH CONSISTS OF DOING THE MOST EVIL TO THE MOST INNOCENT, you’re still like… yeah, man… ET rocks… WTF.

    I know that evil racist scumbags like mike harris and jeff rense don’t want to hear this true understanding of the Creator and his plan for us because it exposes their stupidity and evil nature. But in your case, you’re not evil and you’re actually pretty well grounded on how we are all men around here and you don’t treat people without respect. Or wage racist war by deception like the rethuglicans and their fake war on drugs.

    When i decided to go to war against the illuminati which have destroyed so many and so much because i have love fornthe people being hurt and was willing to sacrifice myself for them as a Christian just like Jesus, that’s when God intervened. Which is why Jesus said, only through me may you reach the father. Just like the devil worshippers become vessels for the putrid evil demons that give them power, I became a vessel for God’s holy spirit and it was about being nice to people. Being charitable. HAVING LOVE FOR PEOPLE.

    My reaching holy Mt ZION where i found my soul, meaning I will have eternal life after the body passes, was witnessed by Duff, Preston James, Fetzer, Stew Webb. Duffs worldwide spy network friends spent months spying on me while i was at ZION acting like tourists. The pope’s argentinan people were there too. I swear this is all true, Dean. My website has my detailed Christian testimony of what it feels like to be touched by God.

    Please read the intro, which is like 5 paragraphs. How is it possible that even whwen you have detailed first hand accounts that god is real and that this world is a test to see who will be good and who will be evil, how is it possible that somebody with whom I’ve shared my experiences can go on about the annunaki and aliens. Yes, the satanists might have something to do with off world creatures but not only i have proven that it really is about good and evil, there’s literally mountains of evidence of their evil crimes against children and babies. WTF

    You see Putin? Man who has more real info on whats really going than billions and what? HE’S A CHRISTIAN.

  4. By the way, Zachariah Sitchin was illuminati. Research it.

  5. This song was awaiting me at ZION. I had never heard of it or its author, Alborosie before. This is how God speaks, through your intuition.

    Alborosie, Holy Mt ZION. Listen to the lyrics….

    Listen to his full throated wailing. This is what God wants from us, virility and strength like He made us, tempered by Christian values. Real Christian values, not “american christian values”.

  6. It doesn’t matter if you dontanswer me. If you’re pissed at me for callingbthem evil rednecks, too bad, that’s what they are. They indulged their racist evil in this war by way of deception created by people who are vessels for demons. It is absolutely unacceptable that white people create an artificial situation that ends up with millions in jail, non-white neighborhoods in the us and throughout latin america turned into war zones and the whites profiting f4om it. Its war. Their racust war stole evrything from me, my family, the multimillion dollar business we built over 50 years and left us penniless and our name besmirched falsely just so they could cover up the us customs agents that stole the cocaine which my father ended up paying for at gunpoint and then tried to murder my dad. The one who’s doing the slapping forgets butbthe one slapped never forgets and these scu,bags are going to pay for what they’ve done notbjust to my family but to all ofmlatin america. The drug war funds all the violence, from neighborhood gangs to paramilitary armies and civil wars. I’ve met the people traumatized bybthis war and heard their accounts. Your brethren are guilty as sin and will pay for it. They’re so stupid that they deinduatrialized this country just because of their racist war and the ephemeral, evil gain of imperialism. I offered to forgive them if they repented. Their stupidity and arrogance is too thick for them to understand that they are losing their shot at eternal life and the glory of God by sacrificing others formtheir own evil gain. Its why i haven’t gone mad and murdered a dozen of these rethuglican, raciat, fake drug warrior filth. If it wasn’t becuase of God, that’s exactly what i would have done. Chopped their heads off. You wanna get mad at me for being pissed at some fukin terorists, thats just too fukin bad.

    Anyway, one thing inwanted to point out. You said that we’re not from this planet. You’re absolutely wrong. Spend a few weeks or months in nature. Take your shoes off and ground yourself. Literally, electrically ground yourself by walking barefoot. If you’re a spiritual person, you will feel the connection with nature. You once mentioned liking the animist spirituality of the native populations of north america. That’s how you reach the God of Nature. I sundanced just like an indian at ZION. I have no idea where that came from, it was natural. Christ was just a refinement by God as what He wants us to understand. That having love for people, SACRIFICING YOURSELF FOR OTHERS, is the only way He’ll help you. Do you not see His goodness???!!!

    • On the contrary Nick, I’m with you on all of it, just don’t often respond due to time constraints. Keep fighting the bastards. I’ll do the same

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