Chiquita Republic Of Honduras

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The CIA works hand in hand with United Brands (UB) throughout Central America.  In 1932 when Salvadoran peasants revolted against dismal working conditions on UB banana plantations, the company backed a military massacre which left 300,000 dead and is remembered as La Matanza.

In 1947 UB sponsored a CIA putsch which brought Robert Vesco buddy Jose “Pepe” Figueres to power in Costa Rica.  By 1954 the CIA attempted to overthrow the increasingly nationalist Figueres.  UB supported the Somozas in Nicaragua who helped organize the Arbenz coupHaganah gun-runner Yehuda Arazi became Israel’s Ambassador to Nicaragua on a recommendation from UB. [473]  UB executive Francisco Urcyo attempted to lead an interim government as Sandinistas marched into Managua.

But no Central American government has been more influenced by UB than Honduras, a country that truly exemplifies the term “banana republic”.  In 1975 UB chairman Eli Black plunged forty-four floors to his death after crashing through a window in his Pan Am office building in New York.  An SEC investigation that followed revealed that UB virtually ran the country of Honduras, bribing public officials and fixing elections.

In 1978 General Policarpo Paz, head of the Honduran Armed Forces, led a military coup supported by Tegucigalpa Police Chief Amilcar Zelaya.  Both were implicated by the Honduran press in drug trafficking and bribery scandals involving United Brands.  Paz Garcia was co-owner of a ranch near Tegucigalpa with Honduran mafia kingpin Ramon Matta Ballesteros. The head of Honduran Interpol Juan Barahona was arrested on slander charges when he accused top-ranking Honduran generals of connections to Ballesteros’ mob, which turned Honduras into a transshipment point for Columbian coke. [474]  Ballesteros delivered arms to the contras for the Enterprise. Later he was killed by Raphael Quintero to protect the Sicilia-Falcon CIA drug ring in Mexico.

In 1979 Vernon Walters organized Somocistas in Tegucigalpa into the contras.  The US built additional military bases in Honduras and the CIA launched, equipped and trained Battalion 316 of the Honduran Army, a death squad unleashed upon Hondurans who protested the US military buildup in their country.  Commander of the Honduran Armed Forces General Gustavo Alvarez led the Battalion 316 terror campaign.  Over 10,000 Hondurans were killed during the 1980’s. Thousands more were disappeared and tortured.  Victims were interrogated on US military bases. CIA agents assisted in Battalion 316 kidnappings.  Ines Murillo testified that a CIA agent was present when she was tortured using electrical shocks and water.

Alvarez was a close friend of CIA Honduran Station Chief Donald Winters and of former US Ambassador to Honduras John Negroponte.  Alvarez is godfather of Winters’ adopted daughter. In 1983 President Reagan presented Alvarez with a Medal of Honor. [475]  In November 2002 Negroponte had been US Ambassador to the United Nations, where he lobbied the Security Council unsuccessfully for passage of yet another resolution endorsing a US invasion of Iraq.  On April 21, 2005 Negroponte was sworn in as the first US Director of National Intelligence.

The US Embassy in Tegucigalpa is in the same building as the Murchsion family-owned and CIA-frequented Intercontinental Hotel. United Brands recently changed its name to Chiquita Brands International.  In March 2002, Carl Lindner’s ever-upstanding firm took even its shareholders for a ride when it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

2 responses to “Chiquita Republic Of Honduras

  1. It’s reprehensible how our government recycles these scumbags like Negroponte. Similarly, Geoffrey Pyatt, former US ambassador to the Ukraine, and of the infamous intercepted Nuland phone conversation (“f*ck the EU”), was more recently made US ambassador to Greece. As if the Greeks haven’t suffered enough… so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the Haganah-UB-CIA connection. And as I understand it, Israel is reasserting its presence aboard “the USS Honduras”—affectionately named after the civil war-era steamer—as we speak (drug wars and trafficking, bananas, gun runners, same old, same old…) and is still awaiting (I believe) for approval by Trump. Berta Caceras is murdered, Zelaya ousted, but still far too many American liberals were willing to vote for Hillary, who also had plans to give Nuland a promotion. As always, thanks for the report, Dean.

  2. From Klause
    The CIA works hand in hand with United Brands (UB) throughout Central America. In 1932 when Salvadoran peasants revolted against dismal working conditions on UB banana plantations, the company backed a military massacre which left 300,000 dead and is remembered as La Matanza.

    The CIA did not exist in 1932. The paragraph seems to tie the CIA with the 1932 revolt.

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